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Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel Cheats

Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel cheats, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for PC.

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   (last update - Apr 06 2001)

Development Team Messages Easter Egg
In the third BoS Bunker {Gamma) the locker right next to the mechanic is locked. If you can unlock it, you will find strange papers. These are what appears to be logs of instant meassages from the development team to each other!
submitted by Hammer of Thor (thor-1234@msn.com)

Tip: Easy supermutants kill
For those hard to kill supermutants, try sneaking a guy in close to lay some heavy mines. Then retreat, and shoot or throw a grenade to set off the mine(s). Tada instant purree ala super mutants. This can work on multiple supermutants at a time.
submitted by Hammer of Thor (thor-1234@msn.com)

More money from quarter master in bunkers
This works especially with the third bunker.

First, after you get back to the bunker after the first mission, you will be able to recruit new squad members. If your character had low charisma you can either rely on Farsight to sell your items for more money, or better yet, go check the new squad members. Usually you will find one with high charisma/gambling. In this case you gamble using this character again everyone in the bunker and then return the characters to the recruits master for a better fighting character. So then you come out with more weapons for yourself and money to spend on your new characters.
submitted by Breath Stealer (dnbaumbach@jps.net)

SUPER Armor Cheat/Hack
Many of you already know that you can pick up recruits, take their leather armor and sell it, return the recruit to the pool and then leave and return to the BOS Bunker, and the armor has been magically replenished.

This cheat allows you to make a potentially infinite money by repeatedly selling off your armor, but the problem is at $300 bucks a pop or so, this can take forever.

To do the SUPER armor cheat:

  1. Using a zip tool, extract the contents of your "entities_0.bos" (located in the "core" directory of the game) file to a new empty directory (as you would any other .zip file).
  2. Of the two folders created from extracting this file, enter the folder called "entities".
  3. Now enter the folder called "items".
  4. Now enter the folder called "armor".
  5. Inside this folder are two files "bosPower.ent" and "bosLeather.ent".
  6. Swap the file names of these two files using your windows renaming key (F2, or right click and select rename).
  7. Recompile the entities_0.bos file making sure to include both folders "tables" and entities" and the "key.cfg" file that sits at the root, and make sure your zip is set to create relative paths (IMPORTANT!).
  8. Replace the old "entities_0.bos" file with your newly created "entities_0.bos" (I recommend backing up your original first)
  9. Restart the game.
  10. Start a new game. You should notice all your squad starts now with Power armor. In addition, anywhere in the game where you would either barter/loot/ or steal leather armor, you will find Power armor instead.
  11. This means that every new recruit you hire will have Power Armor.
  12. You can now sell their Power armor for substantially MORE money than the leather armor.
  1. This trick works with most weapons/drugs/ammo/armor in the game. It does not seem to work with recruit swapping though.
  2. There are easter eggs (hidden items) that you will see in these folders, including "diabloPlate.ent" in the armor folder. Although this armor cannot be worn, and does not occur naturally (to my knowledge) in the game, it can be sold for upward of $20,000 making it a very useful hacking swap.
  3. This trick should work with Advanved Power Armor as well, but I haven't tested it. Advanced Power Armor is listed in the armor folder as "bosPower2.ent"
  4. If you switch weapons, be sure to switch ammos also, otherwise the AI is SEVERELY impacted. (For example: I replace the "huntingRifle.ent" with gaussRifle.ent", but I don't switch the ammo. Now all the raiders who used to carry Hunting Rifles can no longer fire.
  5. Keep in mind switching weapons across classes hurts the AI. (i.e. most of the raiders have a small gun skill, so switching the items from Hunting Rifle to Plasma Rifle or Rocket Launcher, forces the AI to use the energy weapons or big guns skill which are much lower than small guns).
  6. Switiching items effects SAVE GAMES normally, but WILL not effect your characters inventory, as this is stored within the save file. It will effect barter/loot/steal opportunities from then on.
  7. YOU CAN SWITCH BACK. Given that the save game stores the items with your character, you can use your own "entities_0.bos" file to get all the items you want, and then save and exit the game, and then restore the original "entities_0.bos" file and restart the game. You character will retain any inventory you hacked in, but the game will be restored to normal parameters.
P.S. This trick also works with the gui_0.bos file (which will allow you to redesign the interface), and likely any other .bos file in the core.
submitted by -->Rascilon<-- (rascilon@cyberdude.com)

Use this to open doors when you don't know what may be lurking behind them. Make sure you pick the lock or use a key on the door first if you have to. Lay one guy down, and move him right up to the door. Put another guy in the kneeling position, and move him behind the guy laying down. Stand a guy up and move him behind the guy kneeling down. Now you have three guys ready to fire through the doorway once you open it. Put everybody on "agressive" mode, your guns on burst, and use the guy laying down to open the door. anything in the immediate line of sight turns into a bloody mess. Raider bosses die quick this way.
submitted by shivernshake_mi

Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel Tips

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easy money
ok, its simple. Everyone knows about the doubling cheat (where you leave items at random event areas like the traders and that dude with the cows ) yeah anyway. just leave all your money on the ground before you leave. then return and pick it up. then leave and return again and voila, free money. do this as many times as you want and watch the money pile up. this is also useful with ammo too. but try and watch the weight carried lvls.
Submitted by: rich on August 31, 2004
How to get the coolest ammo in the game! and vast of exp!
On the mission in St Luis there are 2 super mutants guarding the entrance of their base.
their both armed with browning M2 and AP Bullets
that does 300-500 damage per shoot!!!

To take them off easily without getting yourself killed or spending their ammo (so you can take it) all you need to do is this:

1. put a character on scout position so you can determine the HP and position of each one of them.

2. Arm a character with good Throwing skill with around 60-70 grenades and sneak it while crawling below the 2 terraces.

3. Throw grenades all over the terraces (5-7 for each is quite enough) to take of the hard-to-detect mines that are placed there.

4. bring the thrower to grenade range below your targets.
WARNING: do not have line of sight with them! you need to see X while trying to target them.

5. throw your grenades NEAR the mutants and see how the area effect damage them till they die.
each one would give you around 2000 exp!

6. If the mutants get away of your range on process, wait until they get back to their positions.
do not attempt to crawl farther.

7. once they are dead, you'll have 180 crazy Armor Piercing 0.5 cal for yourself.
WARNING: there is another mutant with M2 and normal ammo right behind them.
try to find a fit position and return on the process.
Submitted by: Nir Harpaz on September 11, 2007

Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel Glitches

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improve ammo for free
You can convert any junk ammo into a better kind of the same caliber if you just have a sample of a better one. Take several guns of the same kind (i.e. 5-6 brownings M2), give it to someone who can't really use it (Deathclaw is the best because it can't use almost any weapon), wield the weapon (it should be red), load first you best ammo (i.e. Depleted Uranium 0.50Cal), wield the next weapon of the same kind and load any ammo (i.e. normal 0.50Cal) (exactly the same amount should be loaded - if it's full it's Ok, if not - load a smaller portions - it should match the first one). Repeat loading as many times as you want (or have weapons/junk ammo). Give all loaded guns to someone who can really use it, and wield-remove them - you best ammo will be unloaded from all the guns. This way you can turn any junk ammo into the best kind of ammo. Works with the latest patch.
Submitted by: Den of Evil on May 11, 2013
Infinite XP!!!! Unlocking and Relocking Doors and Chests.
As the description suggests with a high enough Lockpick skill your characters can repeatedly relock doors or chests they unlock repeatedly and it will continue to give you experience.

(Note: Doors and some other objects do not allow you to relock them, but there are at least 2-3 per mission that will.)

The first door that you open in Brahmin Wood can be done as such. Set Lockpick as a tag skill and wait until you find the lockpick set later on in the mission. Before you exit the mission or at anytime you skill is high enough you may go do this process. I leveled up to 4 before leaving the first mission so that my combat skills being increased so drastically in combination with a high perception and agility made killing the raiders a piece of cake. Also note a high starting agility is key (around 8 or higher) for your character to have the ability to pick the locks in this mission. You may experience a run of Failure before it locks and unlocks each go, but as long as it does not say (This Looks Too Difficult, or This Looks Difficult) youre good to go.
Submitted by: Kenners on October 26, 2013
trap of DOOM
When you finish your first quest, go to the brotherhood of steels shop and buy a bull horn trap. Equip it in your second weapon slot and your stats should be 12 strength, 78251 (or 7825183, can't see) in small guns and 7825183 health.

Do note however that you will suddenly die whenever you level up in future.
Submitted by: bob de scary on December 08, 2008

Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel Cheats

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Editing items/entities
Download the Fallout Tactics patch 1.27 which comes with the Fallout Tactics Editor. You can use this to edit entities such as armour , weapons, etc.

Follow the "super armour cheat" by unzipping "entities_0.bos" file in your Fallout Tactics game directory.

you may then use the editor to edit the items you want. E.g. if you want your hunting rifle to shoot and look and sound like a gauss rifle, copy all the entries from the gauss rifle such as weapon type, mode, sprite images, sound fx, etc. into the hunting rifle entity.

Then zip those file back into entities_0.bos and replace the original entities file with your edited version.

Start the game again and all the items that you edited which you find, from the quatermaster for example will change to your edited version.

Be careful to copy back the original entities_0.bos file back into your fallout tactics directory once you collect all your super
items. Make sure your opponents don't get the super items.
Submitted by: anonymous on January 03, 2002
get the ian form fallout 1 and 2 in recruiting list
start a new game with a female character named "tandi"
Submitted by: John williams on December 26, 2002
Golden cheat
At the character menu name your character HIGHWAYMEN then on optional character skill choose Doctor, First Aid, and Small Guns At the first level not only will you have a first aid doctors kit and extra stimpacks . But you will have a Scout Car Waiting for you at the bridge.
Submitted by: bushkin on March 24, 2002
How to get a Avenger Minigun in the beggining?
Ass a akill you should have STEAL as one. After the first mission put all your skill points to STEAL. Go to the alpha bunker. Go the the general dude who gives orders. Go behind him QUICK SAVE and steal. You can steal more from other bunkers too.
Submitted by: ; ) on November 11, 2002
Infinite Cash
OK, all you need is a really good gambling skill and you can score yourself some infinite cash. The quartermaster in the third bunker gives you the option to gamble with him. If you have an amazing gambling skill you can rob all his stuff off him and sell it back to him for crazy amounts of cash. Rinse & Repeat, voila infinite money
Submitted by: iCePiCk on August 15, 2004