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   (last update - Mar 02 2001)

Cheat Codes
Display the console window during a game by pressing the tilde (~) key. In the console, type thingamabob to enable cheats. You can then enter any of the following codes (each will be confirmed with a message):

display a list of console commandshelp
All mission map objects in inventorylootall
Money **give 0 money [NUM]
Experience **give 0 exp [NUM]
Display framerates on and offfps 0 or fps 1
Show local ratelocalrate
Show net raterate
Disconnect from serverdisconnect
Quit gameexit or quit
Debug infomemusage
Show DebugPrintout debuginfo

** when using these codes, replace [NUM] with a number indicating how much money or experience you want.


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Invincible, no stamina loss, one hit kills

After typing in thingamabob at the (~) screen type in:


for invincibiliy, one hit kills and no loss of stamina.
Verified by: Dark Reaper Submitted by: Dark Reaper on May 12, 2002