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Episode I Racer cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for PC.

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Shift + F4 + 4 Extra $1000 at the Buy New Parts Screen
Ctrl + F4 + 4 Extra $3000 at the Buy New Parts Screen



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Ando Prime Shortcut
On any of the Ando Prime Snow levels, do one lap as usual. Then, when you come up to the starting line, veer off to the left and and you should see that one of the tents is open. If you manage to go through the shortcut unscathed, you should be comfortably ahead of everyone else. You can repeat this on lap three also.
Play as Sebulba
Beat Galactic circuit an Sebulba will be on the racer select screen.
Beat the first race in first place twice
Time Saver
DO NOT finish the Boonta Classic unless you are in first place. If you are in a different place you obviously won't get the favorite (Sebulba), and you will have to sit through the un-bypassable ten-minute credits. So if you want Sebulba quit before you are finished if you are not in first. It's a real time-saver!


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Blue haze
This is similar to a glitch on Executioner, in which turning around on the ramp can cause the sky to appear blue. To encounter this graphical glitch, choose Vengeance, choose any pod, and then play normally until you reach the area just before the anti-gravity tube (the area you enter through a door that turns). Once in that area, stop, turn around, and come back out. A really thick blue haze, somewhat reminiscent of the underground parts in Executioner, will cover the track, making it harder to navigate.
Getting over the fence
Yet another Executioner glitch, this requires you to use Mars Guo yet again. This is a very difficult glitch to perform, but to do it, play through normally until you're in the first anti-gravity tube. Towards the end, brake, and let the tube fly you out. Where you emerge is actually the same area with the bursts of fire coming out of the ground, but at the end. Now head for the left-hand corner between the tunnel entrance and the wall. Hold down the D button, and keep a finger on Enter. Keep on working your way up, and if you get over the tunnel, holding D will allow you to hug the wall. On the wall, work your way up, and you should be over the fence. Explore as much as you like, but if you keep going, you'll fall through into an abyss. While falling, you should see a messed up graphic.
Glitched sky
This is yet another glitch related to Executioner. Just about anyone can perform it. To do it, choose Executioner, and play through the course normally until you enter the narrow decline that leads right up to the sharp bend to the right. When you reach the bend, stop, turn around, and head back the way you originally came. When you emerge from the decline, the starry sky will be replaced by a solid blue sky, and all objects on the overworld will be silhouetted.
Glitching through a wall
There are two main sections in which you can glitch through a wall and fall to your death:

1. Choose any racer, and head onto Executioner. Play normally until you get to the area leading up to the first anti-gravity tube (not the tunnel after the sharp bend to the right, the bit afterwards). Hold down left or right, then press A or D respectively, until your pod is hugging the wall. Then, while still holding left or right, and A or D respectively, boost. If done correctly you'll glitch through the wall, land out of bounds, and fall to your doom. You'll be righted in the anti-gravity tube.

2. Choose Mars Guo, then head onto Abyss. Stay on the top level of the first tunnel until you hit the final straight that eventually leads out of the tunnel, then boost straight forward without tapping either left or right. Due to the wall's small size, you'll glitch over the wall, and once again, fall to your death.
Going out-of-bounds in Executioner
This is quite a cool way to get into an out-of-bounds area in Executioner. To do it, you need to choose Mars Guo, and then choose Executioner. Play through normally, but as soon as you reach the area leading up to the second anti-gravity tube, hold down A, and go as far right as possible. If done correctly you should be racing along the wall, and if you go high enough you can even access a hidden route at the top right. If you keep on this secret route you can go beyond the second anti-gravity tube and access an area behind it! However, you won't be able to go beyond the tunnel leading out of the area and you'll throw yourself into midair, and then crash. You'll then be righted in the anti-gravity tube.

Easter eggs

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Completing The Gauntlet in under 1:15
On The Gauntlet, it's possible to complete the course under 1:15 via a glitch. To do it, once again, you need Mars Guo, and then you have to upgrade him fully.
Now head onto The Gauntlet and play through normally until you get to the unshielded surface (the one with the fire coming out of the ground). Now head straight for the large rock wall, turn around, and hold D so that you are racing along the wall. Keep holding left to climb the wall, but don't launch yourself off the wall until it meets the fence that connects to this wall. If you do, you'll have to start again.
When you go beyond the fence, fly off and start heading right, and you'll see a straightaway below you. However, there is an invisible wall on the right. If you crash into it, you'll have to start all over again, so ensure you land on the left-hand side. Where you've actually landed is the tunnel that leads up to the anti-gravity tube. If you keep going, you'll find the graphics are messed up but ignore that and finish the lap to post a really impressive time of at least under 1:15.
Keep on repeating this, and you'll end up getting an overall time of at most 3:45.


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1000 dollars
On the screen you see after you choose a place to race in, go to buy parts. Select one of the items and hold Shift+F4+4. You should receive $1000.
Easy $3000
When you are in the place you buy parts, get to what you want and then(in this order)press "Ctrl"-"F4"-"4". note it looks like the other code but is not. So make sure you press Ctrl instead of Shift.
Hangar Taunts
Right before you go into the race, press spacebar when start race is selected.
High Floating
On any Oovo IV level just before exiting an anti-gravity tunnel pull up and keep pulling up away from the ground and if done right, after exiting you will keep floating in the air hugging the ceiling.