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   (last update - Feb 18 1999)

Duplicate items:
Drop any item on the ground and walk back about five spaces. Make sure you have room in your inventory for two of the items. Click on the item and right when you are picking it up click on any of the items in your belt (the belt is the area that has 8 spaces for potions and scrolls.) If you did it right the box where it names the thing your clicker is on should name the thing you are trying to duplicate. Press the hotkey for inventory (I) and put it in your inventory. The original item should already be in your inventory. Make sure your inventory is closed while duplicating until you put the item in.


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To defeat Diablo in his lair, don't take on Diablo until you have defeated all of his minions.
Verified by: kingdraconus Submitted by: Dark_One1013 on December 05, 2004

Dueling on battle.net

If you duel on battle.net, don't worry about losing your items. If you die you will only lose gold.
Verified by: kingdraconus Submitted by: Dark_One1013 on December 05, 2004

Duplicating items using a Town Portal.

Use a Town Portal and place an item in front of the portal. Click on the item with your mouse and enter the portal. When you will be on town the item will still exists in your inventory. Return to the portal and the item will be where you leave it.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Unforgiven on July 27, 2007

Easy Money

Instead of just searching for gold in the crypt, all you have to do is collect items and sell them back in town.
Verified by: HunterVampires Submitted by: Dark_One1013 on December 05, 2004

More Money Multi Player

If you have a network/Lan Pcs
Start a game with two players and have one player give all there stuff to the other and sell it you get over 300 gold.
so just keep exiting the game and start with a new person every time and give it to your buddy that your playing with but you have to really know & trust the person.

Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Mudboy13 on January 14, 2004

Survive easy

This will make it easy to survive. You have 8 slots in your belt, right? Well, for the first three slots, place two full health potions and a full Rejuvination potion. This is your health quick-select section, where you should place potions intended to be used for health purposes. The Last three slots should have three Full mana potions. This is your mana section. Put potions intended for mana restoration in these three slots. In the middle two (this is the fun one!), put to useful scrolls, such as a town portal scroll for quick escapes, and a powerful scroll, such as a scroll of stone curse, for an offensive advantage ( offensive means attacking). Keeping this up will help you survive, especially in level 10!
Verified by: rochaalucass Submitted by: anonymous on October 21, 2006

Teliport tip

befor you go into a big fight, with a boss, open a teliport back to town so when you die you dont have to walk all the way back to that boss.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: ryry on June 24, 2008


There are many place in the labyrinth that the character can
use to his advantage when in combat. Two basic examples of
these are barrels and doorways.

Barrels not only are sources of hidden treasures, but they
also provide excellent blocking terrain for ranged attacks.
Since barrels can be have spells or arrows fired over them,
a sorcerer or rogue properly positioned behind a cluster of
barrels can fight back a large group of oncoming creatures.

Doorways can also be used very effectively for singling out
monsters when encountered in large groups. If you are swarmed
by a large group of creatures in the labyrinth, an excellent
tactic is to position your character just on the other side
of a doorway and take them on one at a time as they enter
into the doorway.

There are numerous other areas within the labyrinth that can
be used as strong tactical positions by players who are
looking for them. Keep your eyes open and your weapons ready!
Verified by: kingdraconus Submitted by: TheGamerLink on June 08, 2005


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Duplicate Items

To duplicate an item you must have a belt item and the item you want to duplicate. First drop the item you want to duplicate and walk to the edge of the screen(so that you can still see the item). Then walk over to the item and at the exact same time you pick it up click on the belt item(like a potion or scroll). Then you should have the duplicated item in your hand and the actual item in your inventory.
Verified by: Coolteen, TheGamerLink Submitted by: Big M on May 16, 2004

Hacking Utilities + Dats

Using the Hacking Utilities to open the Dat (data) file, you can convert the diablo game to allow such things as God Mode, All Spells etc

Of Course, MultiPlayer gets into Crashes and so-on. I dont encourage this, though i leave u the option

Verified by: coolmansim, Dexterslab37 Submitted by: Skit(HF) on June 27, 2002

Indestructible weapons.

Hold ctrl , alt and shift and type win in order to get indestructible weapons.
Verified by: jonathanpharell Submitted by: Unforgiven on July 27, 2007