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These cheats are for the full version of the game (not the demo). During gameplay, press the tilde key (~) , then enter any of the following "Codes"

thetrooper God Mode
sunandsteel Reload Ammo
diewithyourbootson Unlimited Ammo
stilllife Invisibility
revelations 8 Artillery Shots




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100% Foolproof Multiplayer Sniper Tips
You can not kill what is not there. The importance of not being seen is fairly obvious. Here are some tips on how to best be stealthy.

Limit your fire. Whenever you fire, you are alerting everyone in sight and in hearing range of your presence and your location. Fire sparingly and only at targets that you're fairly certain of your ability to hit.

Remain on the move. It's easy to be glimpsed, or to have your tracers followed to your position. Be certain not to be there when someone comes looking. Never remain in one spot for too long, especially if you have just fired your weapon. Fire a few times, then move.

When you do choose a spot to hole up in, present as small a target as possible. Lay down, preferably between two mounds so that you can not be seen from the sides. If you are on high ground, try to choose a point with another, higher hill behind you so that you're not exposed as a dark spot against the sky. If you're on low ground, choose a ditch or other area with an easily accessible escape path.

When you are in a fixed location, the less you move and the slower, the more difficult it is to see you.

Always be certain that your backdrop and/or the ground that you are on is of complimentary color to your fatigues.

If possible, secret yourself near a tree or other obstacle. The enemy may overlook aberrations in pixelation in that area, attributing it to a tree or cactus.

When moving, especially when moving swiftly, choose areas that are low to the ground and that have the least number of viewing angles. Though you can not see out as well you will, more often than not, reach your destination safely.

100% Foolproof Way Of Surviveing A Sniper Attack
As an aggressive sniper on smaller size games (I use the SAW on Novaworld) I'm often amazed at how many times my victim or target could have lived if they used some basic Sniper Survival Tactics.

Prevention (before you are under attack)

Avoiding being in a snipers sights. Well this is obviously almost impossible. Know your map. Avoid open fields are where snipers can easily SEE and kill their targets. Keep moving. If you need to stop to chat go prone and get into a building or ditch. If you want to go prone and sneak around, always lay near a "escape ditch" area of lower ground you can quickly jump into.


You're laying prone, snug away. Think you are safe? Think again. Suddenly a bullet fly's over your head, or you see ricochets, and you can hear the luminous sound of a sniper rifle.

You're under attack! If the sniper did not kill the first shot then you have a good chance of survival. Here is why you have a chance:

The sniper is a poor shot The sniper is at a poor angle to make a solid shot The sniper is seriously out of range. Able to kill you but so far its really hard to get a good shot. Game bug: Some hillsides a sniper way be able to see you but physically you are behind a mound of dirt. You hear the bullets landing nearby. Are you safe? Are you going to take the chance? You are safe. But its hard to figure this out. A poor shot? Or a game bug?

Note: As a sniper I've had this problem. I can see my target but in fact because of a game bug they are behind a dirt mound. Technically I should not be able to see my target. So what do I do?

I continually fire in the area of my target. Often, scared, my victim

gets up and run for cover or concealment. At that point they really

do become a target I can hit. I call this flushing out the bird! You're under attack. Now what?

Move to your escape ditch! As soon as you hear the first shot, GET OUT OF THERE! The second shot is coming, and you only have seconds to get out of the kill zone. Run away from the snipers position. Not sure where he is? If tracers are on, take note of the direction of his fire. If tracers are off, take note of the angle of the richottes on the ground. If you have a good sound card and good speakers, listen to where the shots are coming from. Again, move AWAY from his relative position. NEVER CLOSE the distance between you and the sniper. The closer you are, the more accurate his shots will be. If you know his relative direction, move away from it. The exception to this would be its your only choice of finding cover. On a hillside when the attack starts?? Run down it. You move very quick this way. Zig zag down it! Once you're on foot, do not, repeat do not move in a straight line. Snipers, (good ones) will lead and guide their bullets into your path. Make it seem like you're on crack, just running any which way! Find a piece of cover. Even a 2 foot mount of dirt to lay next to can do the trick! Get down. If the shots stop or you're alive, chances are if you hold you position you will LIVE! Also on Tracers-ON games, the sniper will probably want to move, as their fire will drawn attention to themselves. When they are moving you will be safe. Stay put. Snipers (good ones) will quickly realize you're safe and start accessing for other targets, and avoid keeping their attention on you. Do not throw grenades. This only draws attention to your location to other players Be patient. If you've got voice communications with team members (team games) then advise them of the estimated coordinate or position of your assailant. Typing to them may be impossible in these frantic moments. I always like saying," SNIPER!!! I'm pinned. He's at such and such coordinates." Look around, find your next area of cover. When you feel safe, get up and run to the next ditch. Go prone. Repeat until you're SAFE!

Good luck! Surviving a sniper attack is possible. Often, however, you're dead before you can think twice in which case none of this is useful. As a sniper it should always be one kill. Nothing more.

100% Foolproof Way Of Water Tactics
While under water, you can be submerged and still shoot. Hover near the top of the water, and aim upwards, you'll see that tip of your weapon change color as the light hits it. Now you know the muzzle is clear of the water. This is particularly useful for sniping high targets (i.e. ridges, mountains, hillsides). Just beware of guys coming to knife you and realize that if Tracers are set to ON, the enemy cannow easily see your whereabouts.
100% Foolproof Way To Stay Alive While In Hideing
The most important and crucial aspect of Delta Force is finding your opponent before he finds you. Considering the vast distances that an engagement can take place at and the fact that it requires only a single shot, for the most part, to kill, it is vital that you spot your enemy before he spots you. Practice watching for color changes in the terrain around you. Usually, and especially from long distances, another player's form will be a single discolored pixel. If you learn to watch for these variations, it will alert you to a possible presence in time to avoid it.

Learn where to look. It's easiest to pick targets out on a ridge line against the sky, and it seems to be a place that's popular among snipers. Also, it's difficult to see people that are standing just inside windows and doors. Frequently use your scope to determine if there's anyone lurking in the shadows.

Even when you are standing still, the pixels on the screen will occasionally shift. However, there is an easily recognizable pattern to it. If you familiarize yourself with that pattern, any aberrant movement will be easier to detect.

Tracers and sounds are a dead giveaway. Utilize the superior directional sound in Delta Force to locate your enemy. Always turn the volume up, and where headphones when available. You can use them to determine the distance, direction, and weapon of your enemy. Also utilize the tracers to determine the same. Remember that the less you fire, the more time you have to observe.

Enemy Can't See You
Type in "StillLife" without the quotation marks and the enemies won't be able to see you.
Fall Through Roofs and Ceilings
First get ona roof or Ceiling, then push Page Down to go Prone. Now that you are laying down, push left or right and HOLD end. If your on a roof made of brick walls or whatever you should fall through. (may not work on buildings).
Get 8 Artillery Shots
Type in "Revelations" without the quotation marks and you'll get 8 Artillery Shots.
Have Teams Come And Help
Type in "havefun" without the quotation marks, and more teams will come to help you out.
Type in "TheTrooper" without the quotation marks and you'll have infinite life.
Reload All Weapons
Type in "SunAndSteel" without the quotation marks.
Unlimited Ammo
Type in "DieWithYourBootsOn" without the quotation marks and you'll have unlimited ammo.
Water Skimming
When on a "homemade" map that has had a water put in it, jump in the water after being on a land area. Then while your swimming through the water push and HOLD end. This should make u jump in and out of the water VERY fast and thus make u swim at an incredible rate. You can also hold left or right and then push END to do this sideways in the water. You can also should a land gun while performing this glitch.