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Destroy enemy vs all other tribes.
When you start a game choose your leader as the americans then build a city with a funny name and give it to the oponent. If you done it properly the person you gave the city should be gracious with you. Then turn to war with them and ask all the other tribes to help you for nothing and somehow they will accept.

Here are some of the names i used.

Getting rich fast
To get rich fast, try to research technologies as fast as possible and before everyone else researches them. Then, sell the technologies to the other civilizations. When the trade screen pops up, offer the technology but don't ask for anything yet. Then ask them what they are willing to offer for the technology. Finally, accept the trade and you get almost all of their money!
How to conquer another Civ around 250 AD!
Choose a Tiny-Small Pangea, and play as the Persians. Now put 100% Scientific Funding ASAP. Don't worry, nothing bad will happen. You should have Iron Working by about 1000 BC, and, if you have a ready source of Iron, Immortals by 750 BC. Now, between things like temples and aqueducts, make walls, spearmen, and Immortals. A TON of Immortals. You should have found the other Civ LONG ago. Now, ATTACK! Aim for the capital first. That one always has more spearmen (or Impi, in my case). Once you take the capital, all the other cities will be easier to take.

NOTE: This will NOT workIf you choose Greece as your enemy. The Greek Hoplites have 3 Defence, so you should aim for Greece by the time you have Cavalry. If you dare, you can attack with knights, but you'll lose 3 Knights to 1 Hoplite.

Happy conquering!
Lots of money
First go to trade with somebody then trade them a map, some technology or a resource. Then ask 2 {with as many 0's you can fit} gold per turn stangely they will accept
Trading Tip
When another civilization gives you a trade offer, make a counter-proposal.
On the counter-proposal screen, delete what the other civilization is offering to you. Then ask them what they would give you for what you are offering. The other civilization will normally give you more than what they offered before!


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Efficient Trading
When another tribe ask you to trade something with them, they will often try and cheat you. Instead of accepting straigh away, propose a counter offer. Once the counter offer screen comes up, click the items they are offering so that the 'What will you give me for this' option comes up, then click that. Now they will offer a list of things that (very often) weren't there in the initial trade.
Lots Of Money
For This, You Need To Make A Town That You'll Not Want, and You'll Have To Pick Another Person That Your Stronger Than, Cause This Cheat Will Cause You To Go To War! First, Make a town. Then, pick a person (aka- French, Russians, etc.), and give them your town, and like... 999999Gold Per Turn, even if you don't have that much. Then, when you give it to them, go to it, and steal it! Then, you'll have stolen with it much gold! ~~ WaRnInG ~ This Cheat Does Not Work EVERY Time! (It Has Worked Many Times For Me)
First go to war with someone. Then when you sign a peace treaty add all cities availible and as many 9's you can fit in the gold per turn box.So you get all of that enimies cities (besides the capital) and a large amount of money. But after you get money from this,go to war with same person again and just ask for a peace treaty so you can keep the money.
Reveal Map:
When you save your game, include the word multi in the name of your saved game. Now reload that save. This allows you to see the map and you can change what other civs are producing, among other things.

This does not work if you have patch 1.20 or above.
Unlimited Gold
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Note: This only works in versions earlier than v1.16f. Use a text editor to edit the "script.slc" file in the "\ctp_data\default\gamedata" folder. Add the following lines to the file.

trigger 'DOR_T_Give_Gold' when (IsHumanPlayer(g.player) && (player.1.gold<=200000))
Win in One Turn
To win in one turn, simply turn all enemy tribes to NONE. After taking one turn you win. Then you can do whatever (get resources, etc.) and all you'll fight are Barbarians.