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Championship Manager 4 cheats, Tips, and Codes for PC.


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Buy unhappy players
start a new game as man united and then buy louis saha from fulham for about 8 million. Play him for a season with van nistelrooy up front and bellion, and then he should be voted players player of the year. If possible, by an unhappy player from Fulham that used to be a team mate of Saha. I bought Boa Morte and now i'm in 2005 and he gives saha loads of assists.then saha will be worth about 30 million
Drastic Improvement & Fantastic Players
When a player get's injured assign him the "None"" schedule. Even if he's out for a week. when the player fully recovers from his injury assign him the schedule that u are using because, not everybody is using the same training schedule. Anyway, U will now see that your player improved. Do this everytime your player get injured and your player's attributes will reach the 20 in no time however, don't you ever mess with the "None" schedule, becuase if you do then the cheat won't work.

Here are the best and cheap youngsters that are or will turn into Wonderkids:
Diego (Santos)
Robinho (Santos)
Fernando Covenaghi (River)
Dagoberto (Atletico Paranaense)
Freddy Adu (Free Transfer) The next Maradonna!

And players:
Tinga (gremio) DM
Anderson Polga (gremio) DM
Mancini (Athletico Mineiro) D/AM
Alex (Cruzeiro) AM/F
Cris (Cruzeiro) D
Marinho (Ponte Preta) D
Silvio Luiz (Sao Cataeno) GK
and of course there are more..
Just get good scouts with the attributes Judging Player Potential and Abilty and Determination at 20.
Easy money!
Start a new game as a conference(or low division side) choose your most rubbish player. fine him and dont play him in games and put him in your reserve team. take control of man utd,barcelona or real madrid and make an offer for him of as much money as they own.also add a 50% of next sale clause and add extras like 20 million every 6 months etc.add a minimum fee release cause of 100m.accept with your team and offer a contract with the rich team. the player will accept because he hates the manager of the team.Do not retire as the manager as the rich team until the transfer is completed. Now youve got rid of your rubbish player and rich. the rich team will now become bankrupt because they are paying you millions every month and will hav to sell the player but if youve put the min fee release cause up they wont be able to so you will carry on getting money! if they do get rid of him for that money you will get 50% of it because that was in the offer and your team will now be able to buy lots of players and will get promoted and your stats will go up and you can move to another club and steal the money from your old club by doing the same thing!
Get any player, expensive or cheap, for free
If you would like to buy a player and your a bit short on cash offer 50 million to the club.
As the accept it it comes up, offer contract to player, as this happens click on it and u shud see the contract screen.
Go onto manager's name, Club name squad and go onto transfers, go onto future transfers and click on the player you want for free, withdraw the offer and make another offer straight away use the arrows in the top-left corner to go back and offer a contract, if the player accepts the contract you will have him for free!

Tip: Alan Smith is a great buy,in one season he scored 33 goals in the league, Ebbe Sand is also a great buy, get him to mark the goalkeeper and he will score at least twice a game, with Alan Smith and Ebbe Sand upfront you'll never lose, unless you're Birmingham City


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Free transfers
1. Offer as much as possible for a player.
2. Wait until the club accepts your offer.
3. Click on offer contract.
4. On the contract negotiaton page, click on left hand menu and then on news (under managers name)
5. Click on the player and withdraw bid, then immediatley reoffer £0
6. Using the back button, go back to contract negotiation screen.
7. Offer contract and if player accepts, hes yours for free.
Glitch: Free Players
Exploit this glitch to recruit any player free of charge. Save your game first.

Get the target recruit's club to accept your bid.
When the target's club allows negotiation on the contract, click to offer the target a contract.
While on the contract screen, click the NEWS on the left navbar. Avoid the BACK ARROW at all costs.

Click on the recruit's name and withdraw the bid.
Now put up any amount you want. If you click the BACK ARROW now, you'll go back to the screen discussing the recruit's contract details. Offer the recruit a reasonable contract and when that player accepts, he will join your club for the amount you put up after you clicked NEWS.
Relegation is the key!
1. Make a career and go to Derby County.
2. Put on the worse eleven players and no subs. Put a very attacking team on
3. Go on holiday till the end of the season and say to keep current squad.
4. You will be relegated.
5. Repeat steps 1-4 next season. You still will not be sacked.
6. Keep repeating until eventually you are in the conference. Then buy loads of players with the money and you will win 90% of games from then. Soon you will be winning matches in every keague and get up to the premier!
Trainning Cheat
Go to your data/training folder and you can edit the files which contain the attributes for each training element like shooting etc. You can set all the attributes to 8 [maximum] for shooting for example, and then go to your training in the game and just put loads of shooting practises into your schedule.

Just use open with notepad and edit away.

Win Every Game
In England conference division pick Nuneaton Borough to manage then go to the player/staff search screen and scroll right down to the bottom of the staff one and there should be a couple of managers with 20's for everything in their attributes. Sign one of them. Then go on holiday for the whole season and you will win the division . (this cheat probably works with other teams)
Win Every Game
Before you're next game, when the screen comes up that tells you all the fixture for that day, save the game. Then, play the match. If you win, great! If you lose, draw, or aren't happy with the result, then quit the game and load it again, then you get another chance! Doing this, I won the treble with Switzerland team FC Basle!