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Cheap players and good players
Hi everyone I recomend you to search over Sweden league more exactly in times like Malmo and Djugarden there you buy more players and lose less money. You can get a good player using 300m. I also recomend the best striker of the game he score 30-50 goals for season. His names Maxim Tsigalko and plays on Dinamo Minsk.
Good luck!!
Formation To Win
This formation is used by most of us at eidos who test the game. 4-3-3 with ur two full backs attackin to the halfway line and your two outside midfielders attacking up a bit aswell.

Also two good cheap strikers Micheal Dunwell and Kabba Samura(Maximum Database Needed) Shane Tolley and Arjen Robben Midfielders and Gabriel Milito, Christian Chivu, Javier Zannetti, Luciano Zauri and Fabio Cannavaro. Buy these players with a few other top class players i.e saviola and zidane. An you will have a champions league winnig side.
Good Player
Lee Chun-Soo Is good.He scores 20-35 a season.He normally costs 210k-500k
He starts off at a small club called Ulsan....

Tell me what You think!!!!
Good Player
Whenever I've played this game I always buy a guy called Scott Huckerby from Woking Town. You can get him for as little as 25,000 towards the back end of the first season.
He is an attacking midfielder R & L. I always play him on the left, with an arrow up. He has good pace, dribbling, flair and finishing and always scores 15+ goals a season until he retires.

EG I have just bought him for Southampton for 23K and he's played 22 games and scored 15 goals.
Good Players for league 1 sides!
I am Sheff Wed and i just bought a player from Bolton who has scored 3goals in 2games.
You can buy him for £400,000.
His name is Olafur Snorrason
How to become ultimate player
How to buy any player in the game for any team - Give them large sign on fee, reduce wage to what you want to pay him while he is at the club and put contract length to month to month.Once player arrives offer him new contract and they will be happy to do so on the same wage you already offered him.

Make millions on first season in Scottish 3rd division(for example)-
Sell all players, consistently renegotiate all offers on your players to higher amounts, but remember to change transfer value back down to 100k to attract as many clubs as possible to bid. Once you have say a million simpley offer every decent looking player in leagues such as Sweden, Denmark, any small nation where player values are smaller. Offer to buy players for 10k with 990k after 10 international apps (values are examples), Once all bids have been received continue and lots of clubs will accept your bids. Follow the guide above to sign them all and once that's done simply put them back on the transfer list for small sums , once again renegotiating for higher amounts. Using this you will be buying players for next to no money at all and selling them for big buck. Also its worth noting that once you sell a player you no longer have to pay the amount you stated (i.e after 10 international caps well give them 5million) Meaning say you bought a player for 10k with a view of 5 million after 10 caps sell him before he earns the 10 caps and youll be quids in .
Michael Dunwell - Championship manager 01/02
Michael Dunwell is the best striker in championship manager and has never played a bad game for me, his stats do not look much but he can become worth as much as 19mill, he is guarenteed to score a goal a game.
Sweden players are cheap
when you are any club go to sweden and get players from any team in Sweden there is a lot of talented players aswell. A lot of the players have over 15 tackiling, stenght and pace if a defender. The midfielders have over 15 at passing creativity, crossing, and dribbling and the attackers have over 15 finishing, long shot, pace and strengh.
these teams have cheap players
these are the tams that have cheap players

aek athens
swedish teams
dinamo kiev
asian teams
boca juniors
river plate

Tonton Zola Moukoko
Tonton Moukoko. Buy this 17 year old player from Derby for varying prices (if they'll let you have him!) or sign him at the end of the season for around 200k. His stats don't look that brill, but if you play him as an attacking midfielder he scores over 30 goals a season guaranteed (skins the whole field ect ect. Easily rises to the challenge of performiong in the Premiership and the Champions League. My favourite player ever.
World Class Cheap Player
At the very start of the first season, buy an English, 17 year old forward called Shane Tolley from Peterborough. Leave him in the reserves till he is 22/23, with a top club and he can be worth up to £19 million. Don't be put off by his starting attributes and make sure you buy him instantly before anyone else buys him.
Young Hidden Gem
When you start a season on CM01/02 go to a club called lyn and there should be a 16 year old player called Eldar Hadzimehmedovic. (BUY THIS PLAYER) He is extremly consistant. I play him in an AMC position just behind my two forwards. For me i have had him for 4 seasons now and he is already worth 20mln and scores 25-30 goals a season. And by the way he is not a work permit.


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National Treasure
By far the easiest way to get lots and lots of money is to buy players that you know who plays or will play in the national team. Then when you sell one of your players you simply just ask for an amount between 0-100 mill.£ depending on how prestigius the player is...It is very simple...ofcourse the clubs sometimes turns down your suggestion, but then try again....good luck


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Amusing Coach Report
Click on the Action - Set Nickname - enter one of the following names:

Oliver Collyer
Paul Collyer
Paul Norman
Kevin Turner
Marc Duffy
Svein Kvernoey
Mark Woodger

After setting the nickname ask for a coachreport!
Easy pie
If you wish to get good players from other clubs ( Del Piero/Juventus ; Totti/Roma, etc, go to game options the add manager and take control club(s)'s player (s) set transter status as listed then lower his (their) price as low as possible. This will make the player angry or shocked for being listed, then from the club you wish to manage buy them. You can geet so many good players, such as Vieri, Del Piero, Totti, Owen etc, at lowest price. Don't set them free, since you can't rejedt other bid.
Editor Mini-FAQ
Stage One:

      Finding a Player:

On the long White box on the left of the editor is a long list of EVERY PLAYER in the game. I however find that browsing for a certain individual is frustrating. An easier way to do this is by pressing Ctrl+F, or Find on the search menu. However, beware when looking for a not well-known player - take Alex of Cruzeiro for example. A fantastic player in his own right, but not well known - if you browse the left hand column there will be about twenty-five Alexes. If having trouble in this area, try the advanced search on the search menu (or Ctrl+A) this will come up with a number of boxes to fill in. these are:

      First Name
      Second Name
      Common Name*
      D.O.B (Date Of Birth)
      Year of birth
      Second Nation
      Int Apps**
      Int Goals**

*= These two, if searching for Alex, or any nicknamed player MUST be filled in.
**= These will be very handy if you just write them down from the game, as it will filter It down and make it easier to find the player you are looking for.

      Finding clubs to find the players

So you don't know the details on a player, except for his club? No problem. Next to the staff option above the player list switch to clubs (Ctrl+Shift+2) this will make it easier to find the selected player. Make sure you use the find option and type in the club. However, if you don't know the details and the club - Ctrl+Alt+3 will give you a list if the nations all over the globe.

Stage Two:

Great. You have access to any player in the games database, but would you like to edit you club in someway? Well you can EDIT the club. Change the name, short name, nation, division, CASH (Smilie) professional status, stadium, Rival and favourite staff the team colours, the board, the manager, assistant, coaches, scouts and physios along with squad (squad relates back to stage one)

Stage Three:

The following things are also available to edit, but really hold no relevance:

Stadiums make Highbury the stadium of The Afghan nation team!
Cities. This is a bit pointless. Change a city's name and where it is on Earth
Continent. Like the City one, change a continents name and football association. Pointless.
Staff competition Change a staff competition, although you can only change the colours and history.
Club competition Same as staff option, except for clubs. Same exclusions as to what you can change
International competition The same as above two, bust with international competitions
Referees (officials) Change the profile of the refs; make them pay for sending off you players!
Colours Change the intensity of the colours for the kits
First name if a player Change a player's first name
Second name if a player Change a player's second name
Common name if a player Change a player's nickname
Staff configuration This is a great option if one of your players in injured at the beginning of a game. Example, Lee Dixon of Arsenal is injured for three months in the beginning of the game, alter this to make him 100% fit for the start of the season
And weather of a time of year Slightly pointless, but make it more likely to be a weather that you want in a game by highering/lowering the attributes
Free Players
To get free players (as long as you can afford to pay the wages)add a new manager and select the team you want then once you are in controll of the team click on the player you want to buy and click on the action button at the top right hand corner of the screen and select set transfer status. Then put him on the market for £0. then go to disciplin player and fine him 2 weeks wages for no reason the player should want to leave the club. then select the team you are at the start and put in an offer of £0 for him go to change manager and with you being the other manager accept your offer and on your next turn you will offer him a contract . Once you have the player retire as the other teams manager and the player should be able to play in your next League match.
Get Free players and money
If you want a really good player say Figo/Real Madrid, take over Madrid with another manager, Fine Figo, put his value down to zero then find one of your worst players [that has all stats revealed] and approach to buy in exchange for Figo plus around 90 million. As you first team accept the bid, offer Figo a contract, then as Real offer a contract to your player. If all goes well you should end up with Figo and 90million + extra!
Get Money
If you are a div1 club or a low premiership team, arrange a friendly against a really big top club and then loads of fans will wanna see you play. So you should get a little bit more money. Be careful though it is quite hard to get a mgood team down to your ground.
Great Cheap Striker
There is a striker called Michael Dunwell when you start the game he plays for non league side Bishop Auckland and you can get him for £500,000 leave him in your reserves untill he is 25 then play him he will score at least 30 goals a season. It works my bro who tested the game told me.
Lower player's status without lowering morale
If you want to lower a player's Squad Status, but don't want him to get angry/unhappy with you, do the following:

Firstly, Put him on the Transfer Market.
After this, change his squad status to ''Backup'' or ''Hot Prospect'' (while still Transfer listed)
Wait 2 or 3 days. Come back and remove him from the transfer market. You can then give him a new status if you like, and he will be still Happy with his Role at the Club.

Note: This works with all players, even Superstars like Figo, Zidane.
Manager International Team
If you want to manage an international team without earning it, go to Add Manager. Then choose a club to manage, click on Competitions from the menu bar at the left of the screen and go to International - World Rankings. Choose the nation, and then click on Take Control of Team.
Sell players for more money
When someone comes in with a bid for one of your players, Choose 'Exchange Player' and choose to exchange a player who is alot more expensive than your player. Then negotiate the deal. The other team will come back in about 2/3 days with a much higher offer which you can gladly accept.