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Championship Manager 00/01 cheats, Tips, and Codes for PC.

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Championship Manager 00/01 Cheats

Get a referee sacked
Complain to the FA about a previous ref five times in a row (without looking at news page). After which you will find that there is only one message and that is that the ref is SACKED!.
submitted by Paul Pinkerton (mistikalh20@homestead.com)

Free playerssubmitted by Allan Carson
  • First you have to manage the club that the player you want to buy is currently playing for
  • Go to the players information screen and release him on a free
  • immediately retire from the club and the next day the player will be available for free
This will work for any player in the game.

Unlimited moneysubmitted by Adam - adam61@yahoo.com
  1. Put your worst players transfer fee too £35 million.
  2. Go in charge of the worst team in the country.
  3. Put a bid in for that player of £35 million.

When he signs it will say in your funds that you have unlimited money

Hint: Signing a playersubmitted by Sven
We've all experienced the frustration when you've just made a bid for Zidane,and Juve accept it. Getting ready to offer him a contract, you're in a good mood. Then it comes up that he isn't even interested in discussing terms!
Well, keep making bids for him and the club will always accept the bid. The player then looses faith in is club because they constantly accept your bids! So if you go to player stats, on the player it will start on "happy at club" and in the end after several bids it'll be "unhappy at club".
The player will then be willing to negotiate terms with you if you have the money.

Free Loan
Try and sign a player on loan and when they accept it click back onto the loan menu bar and bid £o for the player. You will get him for free!


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Edit the Game to your Needs
Once you have installed the game you should be able to click start, programs and find Championship Manager 2000 - 2001. Then go to where it says editor. Click there and you should see a box come up about players injures. Click okay at the bottom and then you should be able to get into the database of the game. Here you can do whatever you wish. Change players, clubs, teams in the premiership and also make up your own players as well as your own league. The possibility's are endless.
Exit without saving
Exit without saving
You could not exit without saving until now. If you press asterix (*) on the numeric pad the game will exit safely, thus giving you another chance to win that all important game!
Fast matches
Bored of waiting? Only have a limited amount of time to play? Well, here's how to speed up your game. Press the space bar at any time during the game, as long as there isn't any commentry on the screen at the time. You will need to do this at the start of the second half as well.
Free Players
To get a player to volunteer, place an outrageous bid for him ? twice his market value. Then, after his team has accepted, change your offer to zilch (o) and select Cancel on the Adjust Offer screen!
Free Players
You have to have two players, yourself and a false player. The false player has to be a good team and give all their players free transfers. Before continuing, retire and the next day offer all the players a contract. Seven out of ten players join you, as long as you have given them a good contract.
Get a great English player for an Itailian or other non english team
First add England and any other Non English. Then chose a Non English GOOD team. (eg: Lazio, Milan, Inter) Then add manager and look in the corner (well its kinda in the corner) it will have this thing, click it and change it to England. Then chose a good team (eg: Manchester United). Then tranfer list the best player. A lot of teams should become intrested. On the other team bid for him for like...100. Then on the other team accept the offer and reject all the others. Then you get a great player for a bargin
Get World Class Players For A Cheap Price
Add manager and take control of the team who the player you want plays for e.g (lazio if you want Veron) Go to Set transfer status put Value=0 and is transfer listed and is not needed by the club make an offer for the player with your team and you are most likely to get him
Getting Players for Cheap
This is one method of getting cheap players that you want, but it is a bit more risky.

One way is to add the manager of the club that the player is at. Then you can release the player you want and resign as manager that day. The very next day you will see that the player is freelance and plays for number one. You can then attempt to sign the player on at a cheap price.

2. The other option is to add the manager then just make a bid of about a million or so, so that it isn't to unrealistic. You are manager of the club that you want the player from so you accept and reject any other bids from other clubs and let the player go to your club for a very small amount.
Increase Money Profits
Go on too editor and find your town/city and put it's attraction up to 20. Then find your teams stadium and set your max attendance to the highest number you wish. The higher the number the better as you will now get a full stadium all the time and within weeks you will become the richest team in the world.
Win EVERY match (Apart from European)
Find the add manager button and add a second manager, make him manage the team you are playing next. Change it so all their players are in a completely rubbish formation like 2 lines on either side, you could even promote some youths. Face them and enjoy. Then get the second manager to leave and do the same for the next club you're facing.

NOTE: Doesn't work in Champions League or UEFA matches (unless the team is in your league) as you can only add a manager to a team in your league.


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Receive £1,000,000 a Week
When you start a new game or add a manager, instead of writing your name for the manager name, write (exactly how it is written here)

First name: MoneyGrabber
Second name: Extramoney

You should then get one million pounds every week for ever, until you get sacked or bored of that team.