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Castle Crashers (PC) Cheats

Castle Crashers cheats, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PC.


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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () is the points given for each achievement.
Traditional(: -)Complete the game using any character. 20G
Treasure Hunter(: -)Find and dig up ten buried items. 20G
Deer Trainer(: -)Navigate the Abandoned Mill without hitting any obstacles. 20G
Maximum Firepower(: -)Using a catapult, fling a knight with maximum power. 10G
Melee Is Best(: -)Defeat any boss without using any magic. 15G
Animal Handler(: -)Collect all the animals. 20G
The Traitor(: -)Defeat any boss by playing one of his own minions. 20G
Kay Eye Ess Ess(: -)Collect all 4 princesses' kisses in a multiplayer game. 15G
Conscientious Objector(: -)Complete the Home Castle through Barbarian Boss areas without attacking any foes. 20G
Arena Master(: -)Win 40 Arena Ranked Matches. 15G
Glork(: -)Win 20 All You Can Quaff Ranked Matches. 15G
Medic!(: -)In a 4 player game, resuscitate each of your fallen comrades at least once. 10G
That's an eye for you!! (: -)defeat the cyclops
UnlockableHow to unlock
The Final CountdownSurvive until 2:30 in a Back Off Barbarian match. PC only
Animal Orbs
The animal orbs help you out throughout the game with your abilities, finding food for you, and even helping you find more items. Here's a list on where to get them.
UnlockableHow to unlock
BeholderFull Moon/Animal Ark (Requires the Key Sword). Play Through Full Moon with the Cardinal. Eventually, he will bring you a golden sword in the shape of a key. Equip that key when you go into the Animal Ark and you can open the door to the far left, where you will find the Beholder.
BiPolarSnow World (Requires the Horn). In the same area as Yeti, before you enter the cave with the falling icicles, use the horn near the cave door to call out BiPolar. There should be a Horn sign in the area.
Bitey BatPipistrello's Cave. Defeat the Giant Bat. The large bat will turn into Bitey Bat.
Burly BearTall Grass Field (Requires 1 Sandwich and at least 3 Bombs)
CardinalIndustrial Fortress. Defeat the enemy with the Cardinal hovering around it to unlock the Cardinal.
ChickenFlooded Temple. Dig this Animal Orb up in the first dry land section. There is a faint X that marks the spot, but Pazzo can help to locate the spot.
FroggletMarsh (Pazzo is reccomended). After the first graveyard fight, there should be a second fight, followed by the character going through a gate and into a cut scene. In the area of the second graveyard fight, there should be an X on the ground behind the first row of headstones. Pazzo can help you find this. Dig in this spot to get Frogglet.
GiraffeyDesert (Requires the Shovel, Pazzo is highly reccomended). Continue through the level digging up every X in the sand. Giraffey is towards the end of the level, hidden underground. Pazzo will help locate every underground item (and Giraffey).
HawksterTall Grass Field (Requires the Horn). After fighting the first group of enemies, look for the hut with a Horn sign in front of it. Blow the horn in front of the hut to make Hawkster come out.
Install BallAlien Ship. After the big alien starts the countdown, blow up the energy beam console and go up to the top of the screen. There should a be a fairly hard to see doorway with Install Ball to the right once you enter the door. Do not worry if you don't make it out of the ship on time, you won't lose Install Ball.
MeowburtParade. After you hit your head on the top of the cave at the end of the chase scene, go into the cave. Come back out, and Meowburt should be right there.
MonkeyfaceChurch Store. Purchased for 750 Gold.
Mr. BuddyHome Castle (Requires the Shovel). In the very first room of the game, with the three tutorial characters, locate the one in medical clothing. There should be an X in the ground. Pazzo can help to locate this. Dig to reveal Mr. Buddy.
OwletForest Entrance. Before you actually enter the forest, in the section where you have the opportunity to ride the crocodile, look for musical notes coming from behind a group of bushes at the end of the area. Walk around the bushes to find Owlet. Do not walk into the forest, if you see the Owl that poops you have gone too far.
PazzoSnow Store. Purchased for 750 Gold.
PiggySwamp Village Store. Purchased for 585 Gold.
RammyTall Grass Field. Defeat the bear with the banner on it's back. Rammy should be floating around the bear, and will attack you until you defeat the bear.
ScratchpawSandcastle Interior (Requires 3 Bombs). Bomb the cracked area in the wall at the beginning of the level to open up a small path to Scratchpaw.
SeahorseThieves Forest. A fairly easy-to-find animal orb, Seahorse is floating over the small stream after the "deer pooping rocket" cenematic.
SherbertAnimal Ark. Floating above the door in the Animal Ark.
SnailburtMarsh. Near the end of the level. This Animal Orb is fairly out in the open, and easy to locate.
SnootCyclops' Fortress (Requires 3 Bombs). Bomb the first crack in the wall near the beginning of the level.
SpinyVolcano Store. Purchased for 680 gold.
TrollThieves Forest (Requires Bombs). In the ruins, when the black furry monsters attak you, you should see a pair of eyes in a slit in the far wall. Bomb that wall to free Troll.
YetiSnow World. Before the "Icicles Falling from the roof scene, there should be a group of huts. Check behind the leftmost hut to find Yeti.
ZebraDesert Chase (Requires Bow and Arrows). During a cenematic, you will see Zebra floating around a man on a camel. He will run. If you chase him down (you must be on a camel to catch him) and knock him off the camel. Defeat him to get Zebra.
snakeythieves forest
alien hominid little red alien [i dont know his name }alien ship
snakeystrikes{and poisons} nearby enimies with his fangs
alien hominid little red alien [i dont know his name }makes enimies attacks weaker
badgergo to the blacksmif and have pazo to find him
badgergo to the blacksmif and have pozo to find him
Golden WhaleMust have had Level 256 (If you did then you'll find it in your Blacksmith near your Castle.If you don't then forget about it.)
Animal Orbs pt2.
This list is what the Animal Orb does to you rather than where to find them.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Beholder+2 Magic
BiPolarAttacks enemies (and allies) with low health.
Bitey BatLaches on to the head of an enemy randomly and holds him in place.
Burly Bear+2 Strength
CardinalFinds secret items hidden throughout the game.
Chicken+1 Strength +1 Defense +1 Agility
FroggletPicks up items with his tongue.
GiraffeyIncreases XP gain (supposedly by 10%)
HawksterAttacks downed enemies and will occasionally recover a food item from defeated enemies.
Install BallShoots enemies with it's laser beam.
Meowburt+3 Agility
MonkeyfaceIncreases chance of finding items.
Mr. BuddyAllows you to dig faster.
OwletFinds food hidden in trees.
PazzoWhen a buried item is onscreen, Pazzo will hover over above the item. Dig with your shovel to recover the item.
PiggyMakes food you eat give you more health.
RammyAttacks and knocks down enemies randomly.
Scratchpaw+1 Strength +2 Agility
SeahorseAllows you to move through water faster.
SherbertAllows you to jump higher.
Snailburt+5 Defense -5 Agility
Snoot+2 Strength
Spiny+2 Defense
TrollSlowly regenerates health.
YetiProtects you from being frozen.
ZebraFinds food hidden in grass.
Unlockable Characters
Complete the tasks to unlock a new character.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Grey KnightDefeat the Barbarian Boss.
BarbarianComplete the King's Arena.
ThiefComplete the Thieve's Arena.
PeasantComplete the Peasant Arena.
Periwinkle KnightComplete the Volcano Arena.
EskimoComplete the Icy Arena offline.
BruteBeat the game with Eskimo.
SkeletonBeat the game with Red Knight.
BearBeat the game with Skeleton.
Black KnightBeat the game with Grey Knight.
Royal GuardBeat the game with Green Knight.
SaracenBeat the game with Royal Guard.
MechanicBeat the game with Blue Knight.
FencerBeat the game with Mechanic.
Forest KnightBeat the game with Thief.
Red Dragon KnightBeat the game with Orange Knight.
NinjaBeat the game with Red Dragon Knight.
CommonerBeat the game with Peasant Knight.
BeekeeperBeat the game with Barbarian.
CivilianBeat the game with Peasant.
Alien HominidHave the full game of Alien Hominid HD on your Xbox 360's HDD and get at least one achievement in it.
bearbeat the game with the red knight
pink knightdlc
unmask grey knightwith king dlc
NecromancerBeat the Industrial Castle in insane mode!
Unlockable Weapons
This is going to tell you weapons and how to unlock for the Xbox 360 castle crashers
UnlockableHow to unlock
Necromancer swordBeat Necromancer or buy Necromancer Pack
King weapontry to make the king die in flowery feilds and collect his weapon or buy King Pack (about a 20% chance the king will die or just wait a long time without attacking anyone)
golden tubeGet it from a cult minion or buy Necromancer Pack( about a 30% chance to get it from the cult minion)
Golden Sword, Mace, ChainsawBuy every Pack
Dragon SwordGet It when you defeat the Cult Boss with the Dragon Sword
KnifeGo to Industrial Castle and go behind the bush
Barbarian axbeat a barbarian with it (about a 70% chance)
LollipopGet the Pink Knight Pack
Purple HammerGet the Blacksmith Pack
big swordbuy it in the swamp village store
bombsbuy them in the theif's store or volcano store
Ice swordBring Pazzo to the Ice castle by the wooden door
Alien GunBuy Alien Hominid HD and complete the first level
WrenchGet it in the tall grass fields by going behind the grey knight fixing a catapult with a wrench
fishGet it by defeating a bear in tall grass fields (about a 49% chance)
2nd fishget it by going to tall grass fields, then eating a PB&J and removing a boulder to the left side of a huge mountain of boulders and in a chest inside the mountain of boulders has a fish
2nd wrenchBring Pazzo to Industrial castle, Inside it there is a X that has a different wrench
Point sworddefeat a Industrial Guard that holds a Point sword (about a 45% chance)
Ninja KnifeUnlock the ninja, or defeat a ninja on pirate ship (about a 30% chance to get it from the Ninja's)
broken lampget it by unlocking the skeleton or defeating a skeleton( about a 35% chance you will get it from a skeleton)
lighting lampunlock snakey or get it from snakey (about a 30% chance you will get it from snakey)
lighting green square swordget it by defeating medusa or defeating a snakey who has it (about a 45% chance you will get it from snakey)
golden sworddig it up in the marsh it will be behind a couple of houses (It still will be really hard even with Pazzo) or defeat a skeleton who has it( about an 20-30% chance to get it with a skeleton)
Wood spoonComplete peasant arena/unlock peasant
2nd wood spoongo to Wizard castle interior and go to the zombie cone head and zombie cyclops and you will see a X made out of bones
Black maceget it from defeating a fire demon knight with a 20-37% chance or unlocking the fire demon knight


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Level 256 glitch
(You need xbox live to do this!)
When you are playing a multiplayer game on xbox live, before the countdown shows 2 when you are selecting your character, press B fast and then you will exit then go to another xbox live or a local game and it should say:
Green Knight lv.256
Red Knight lv.256
orange knight lv.256
Royal Guard lv.256
Industrialist lv.256
Skeleton lv.256
Peasant lv.256
civilian lv.256
cone head lv.256
snakey lv.256
thief lv.256
icekimo lv.256
fire demon knight lv.256
Ninja lv.256
and so on.
(PS: it only works with the characters you have)


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Catfish / Barbarian Boss Glitch
<font size=1>These are glitches you can exploit to get experience much easier. Although, you WILL need 1 thing first:

01 Boomerang (Obtained in the forest. Its in the bush where the Owl is crapping himself)

Once you've gotten your Boomerang, you head back to the Catfish or Barbarian Boss battle's and start trying this trick out. The steps to do this trick are:

01 Throw the boomerang behind the boss.
02 Align yourself with the boss.
03 Shield so you do not get hit.

For the Barbarian; You'll only need to be worried about his attack where he grabs the large piece of metal from his back and slam it onto the ground. That is the only move that will damage you when using your shield. He also uses a drink and burps after you've taken him down to half life. Those are the only 2 you'll have to dodge and re-throw your boomerang.

For the Catfish; You need to be a bit more accurate in your throwing with this boss. You first have to get on a log, Alligator, or thief and position yourself "above" the boat. You'll bring out your boomerang and let it get to max power. Once the Catfish has started throwing up the hairball, you may throw the boomerang. You next need to get in front of the boat and shield. Make sure you attack the hairball before it rolls into the boat.

Color Glitch; This happens while doing the trick to the Catfish most (The Barbarian one is random and hasn't been able to "stop" ). The problem is when your boomerang is back behind the Catfish, the Catfish may die just before the cannon is fired. Which will cause the cat to be hit as it's sinking and cause the game to have a "color" glitch. The only way to fix the glitch is not let the cannon fire before the cat dies. If you experience the glitch, head to the dashboard after you hear the Overworld music. You'll still have your experience you gained from that Catfish EXP Glitch run.</font>
The Compass Glitch
When you are fighting the Giant Red Dragon at the end of "Lava World", Use your magic jump by the Giant Red Dragon and keep pressing X and Y repeatedly and soon you will be right next to the compass on the cliff!
(PS: Make sure the Giant Red Dragon is nowhere near Dead when using the Glitch!)