Baldur's Gate (PC) Cheats

Baldur's Gate cheats, Tips, and Codes for PC.


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Change Paper Doll in Inventory
Enter the console by pressing the tilde key (~), then type:


Once you return to the game, enter the inventory and press Ctrl+6 and Ctrl+7 to edit the Paper Doll representing your character.


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Sleep free in Beregost, free potions and a reputation increase.
Across the street from the Red Sheaf Inn, NW of the smithy is a man in the house with a wagon out front. Introduce yourself and ask his name. he says don't abuse my trust and you can come and go as you like. Then you can sleep in his house for free and store you loot in his drawer.

I also had a happy accident that gave me 65,555 potions of healing! I was in the Ankheg hole with 6 people in my party and only 5 potions. We all needed one and the 5 were in one stack. I started with the leader and quickly drank one and passed them on. When I got to the last party member there was still a potion so I drank it. After I took a step and was encumbered. I looked to see the problem and found the potion I drank that shouldn't have existed was now 65,555 potions. I hauled out all I could and put them in Joias chest in friendly arms.Went back and loaded up for my journey.

I went back to the man north of the Ankheg hole (the one who lost his son) after I went to baulders gate. He said it was hard going without his son. The dialog choices allowed me to tell him I had too much money and carrying it was a burden. I gave him 100gp and thanked him for his help and I got a reputation increase.
the pausing the game cheat
if you pause the game you can can make commands for your people for what to do next then when you unpause they will do whatever you told them to do