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Age of Empires cheats, Tips, and Codes for PC.

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Age of Empires Cheats

Cheat Codes
During gameplay press [Enter] and type one of following codes:

Kill everyone elsediediedie
Resign gameresign
Full mapreveal map
1000 foodpepperoni pizza
1000 goldcoinage
1000 woodwoodstock
1000 stonequarry
Remove Fog of Warno fog
Transform villagers¹medusa
Commit suicidehari kari
Laser gunner with 15 attack, 10 shots per second²photon man
Animal control, no human controlgaia
All Catapult Triremes and Juggernauts transformed into Flying Dutchmen that can travel over water and landflying dutchman
Instant building, research, creation, hunting for everyone until end of scenariosteroids
Win scenariohome run
Kill playerkill<player's position 1-8>
Rocket launcher car with 300 attack and good rangebigdaddy
Stone Trowers, all Catapult types upgraded to large damage areabig bertha
All Priests have 600 hit points, speed 6hoyohoyo
All Ballistas and Helipolises have 100 rangeicbm
Catapults fire cows and peasants³jack be nimble
Faster chariot archersupsidflintmobile
Upgrade all Bowmen types to Stealth Archer4dark rain
Turn any type Horse Archers into Black Riders5black rider
Nuclear missile trooper with 300 attack, long range, but one shot per 10 secondse=mc2 trooper

1. After enabling this cheat, move one of the villagers (not builders, farmers, etc.) into an opponent. Medusas will transform into Black Riders when killed. The Black Rider will transform into a Heavy Catapult after it dies.
2. Enable this code after establishing your Empire and clicking on the center of a town.
3. Enable this code after a catapult is selected.
4. Stealth Archers can walk on water and look as trees when stopped. They cannot be order to attack a specific unit. Move them close to the opponent and they may attack.
5. When Black Rider is killed, a Catapult will appear in its place


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Effective Empires
When building empires, make sure to build walls around your more important structures (Wonders, Seige Workshops) so the building will last longer. Make sure to build guard towers by the walls for maximum effect.
Priests with 1200HP
To get the priest with 1200HP, first you must have a temple with NO advancements. Press ENTER and then type in the code hoyohoyo. Your priests will move very fast and have 600HP! Now, start advancing everything. There should be an advancement that says "Double priests' hit points". Click it to advance, and your priests will have 1200HP!
Trapped Citizens
Remember when building walls to try and stay away from trees. To often will you see a villager who will construct itself into a corner because of the location of the wall.

Otherwise, it will be a long time, before the villager will be able to be used again, which is unfortunate.


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During gameplay press [Enter] and type the following code: COINAGE

A lot of gold:
Instant Unit
Type in steroids to instantly build or create unit. This also works for the enemies.
mech warrior
During gameplay press [Enter] and type the following code: stormbilly

for mech with good guns
New Priest Unit
During gameplay press [Enter] and type the following Code: convert this!
Make a new Priest that can fire lightning bolts

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No fog
Press <enter> then type either nofog or no fog
Nuke Gunner
During game play press enter and type in E=MC2 and you get a nuke gunner.

note: the word trooper may be needto be added to the end of the Cheat in order for it to work
Press [enter] and type in stormbilly to get a robot with powerful lasers.
Win the Scenario
To win the scenario hit ENTER and then type in HOME RUN