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3D Pinball: Space Cadet cheats, Tips, and Codes for PC.


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Try and stop the ball in the flipper so that you can make your aim for where you would like the ball to go more easily.

The hyperspace bonus is what you should aim for. It is the easiest way, in my mind, to get points and extra balls. To get to it, either shoot the ball up from about 1/3 of the way down on the right flipper, or right above the very tip of the left flipper. Try to get the ball to go in the hyperspace section as many times as you can. The more times, the higher score, the more extra balls you'll get. My high score for pinball without cheats is 26,856,500. Every time I play, I am able to get up to right about in that range. The way I do that is to just keep aiming for extra balls, then once i have enough, I go for the tasks/missions. You can rack up points quickly and easily this way. If you practice aiming for the hyperspace, you'll end up getting really good at hitting it, until you can get to it almost every time.

Something else i have used before is: When you hit the ball up into the purple ramp, there is a white "bridge" that the ball will pass under. Try to get the ball to hang just before the white underpass as long as you can (without running out of fuel) before you move the screen with the tilt button. (only hit this button ONCE!)The longer you are able to hold the ball before releasing, the more points you will get. Doing this will give you MILLIONS of points! The scoring is so high becuase its extremely hard to do. Your best chance of getting the ball to that position would be to aim for the purple ramp, and release the ball off the flipper slowly. You have to time it exactly right, or it wont work out. The ball will either come rolling back,(sometimes resulting in a gutter ball that is unable to be retrieved, even if you try to with your flippers) or you will hit the ball too far. You have to pretty much get everything to work out perfect.
150,000 points per second
enter the "hidden test" cheat, type the letter "r" until you reach fleet admiral. click and move the ball up into the hyperspace tube and hold it there, you will gain over 100-200 points per second.
Big Scores
When you are about to start a game, type "hidden test." Then click with your mouse. You will be able to control where the ball goes and get as many points as you want.
computer player easier
An easier way to watch the computer play is to simply press "game" at the top of the screen, and then press "demo."
Easiest Points
This is probably the easiest way to get points. Use the hidden test cheat which is somewhere on this page. Then get your curser to where the flag is flippin rapidily. Then while your holding the ball there press m. The memory will come up but dont worry. let go of the mouse and press enter. The ball will still be on the flag but you wont have to hold the mouse. mute the computer shut off the screen and have lunch. Come back and see millions of points!
Extra Points
To obtain a small number of extra points before the start of a game, begin a game and hit the ball into a spinner (the hyperspace chute works well). When the spinner is still spinning, quickly press F2 to start a new game. The points will still be added from the spinner, but the game will be restarted, giving you extra points before you launch your new first ball.
This also works with tilting the machine and starting a new game while still holding the button to bump the table. However, this is of little value other than mild entertainment.
Hint: Cycling the hyperspace tube:
Regarding cycling the hyperspace tube for post up and extra balls, if you do not want to have to deal with the gravity well and dropping a ball down the side shoot to get a replay, wait for the post to drop down before getting it again. The third Hyperspace on a single ball triggers the Post-up. Once at this stage, if you wait for the post to drop before getting another Hyperspace. Each Hyperspace you get takes you back to Post-Up, as often as you can do it. Note: A much more controllable Hyperspace shot is from the tip of the left flipper.
Lots of points
Everyone says uses the the "hidden test" cheat then use the spinners to get a lot of points. If you put the multiplier up to 10x first (hit down the yellow tabs that are up the top 4 times in a row) then use the flipper it will go 10x as fast...
More extra balls
I find the best way to get a high score is to go for the Hyperspace Chute Shot up the right lane. If you get it 4 times you light extra ball on the outside lane. You have about a minute to get the extra ball. If you don't get the extra ball within a minute the extra ball light turns off if you shoot it up the Hyperspace Chute again just once within a minute of the extra ball light going off it lights up again but you only have about another minute to do it again. Alternatively if you do get the extra ball you can shoot it up the Hyperspace Chute again as long as it was after a minute since the extra ball light first went on. You can repeatedly do this process and get a stack of extra balls. Whether you get the extra ball or not you cannot enter Hyperspace Chute within a minute of the extra ball lighting as you will activeate the magnet in the centre of the table then you have to go through the whole process of getting it up the Hyperspace Chute 4 times again.

I also like going for the Yellow Wormhole Shot with the left flipper when it's lit which gives you an extra ball also. Though you can only get one of these extra balls per ball.
Once you open 3D Pinball Space Cadet, let a new game start on its own. Once the pinball falls into the place where you launch it from, hit F2 to start a new game. While this game is loading, type in 'hidden test' then repeatedly hit 'r' to advance your rank. Once you are promoted at least once, hit 'h'. This opens up the high score list and puts the 2nd place score at 1,000,000,000 (one billion). You can enter your name as you would when acheiving a regular high score. Keep doing this until high scores #2, #3, #4, and #5 are all at 1,000,000,000. I'm not quite sure why the first place score stays at whatever it was before, but it does.
Rapid Advancement
When you advance to a higher rank, let the ball drop or accept a mission while the blue lights are blinking. This allows you to advance with only one mission
Re-Deploy advantage
A nice tip for beginners: When starting the game with "re-entry training," if the ball drains and you CAN replay it, send it over the top and let it drain IF the re-deploy light is still on. You will automatically have another re-entry.
Very Rare Score Booster
When the ball goes up the short purple ramp, there is a silver bar it passes under. It is very hard to do so but if you can get the ball to just slowly inch under the bar, it will make a zipping sound and you will recieve tons of points!
Watch The Computer Play
This is a good cheat for when you just can't be bothered to play it instead you can watch the computer play it,

When you start the game type in bmax which will give you unlimited! balls then release the ball holding down the space bar then let go and it doesn't matter if the balls exit the area because another ball will shoot out of no where immediately! Then simpley watch the computer play


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100, 000 points per second
To get 100,000 points per second, you have to use the "hidden test" cheat. Left click on the ball and drag it to the flipper flags (near the hyperspace or the fuel ramp) then put the ball on the flipper flag and hold down the left mouse button.

If you did it properly the flipper flag should be flipping like crazy and your points should be flying up.
3 GLITCHES in 3D Pinball Space Cadet
1. 3D pinball goes "not responding" when time-warping forward at rank 9. (lAST oNE)
So use -ctrl- -alt- -delete-.

2. Sometimes the ball falles right through the flippers and drains.

3. You can't get on the high score list if you use cheat codes.
Beginner Bonus
When you first shoot the ball, do not use enough force to send the ball up to the top. Get it past the first light, and if done correctly, it should go back down and to the left on a little ramp for a "Skill Shot Bonus". How many points you get in the bonus depends on how far the ball went before dropping back. If you get the ball to light all the lights in the shoot-off ramp then make it drop back, you can get up to 75,000 bonus points. The lowest bonus is 7,500.
Cheats that work!
Right, you've looked at all the other cheats and you are fed up of finding them again? I've sorted all the cheats that work on XP and Vista and put them here.

1.) When the game begins type hidden test (In lower case) Then you click on the pinball screen and control the ball via the mouse.

2.) Before the game begins type:

a) Gmax -- gravity well
b) Rmax -- advance in rank
c) Bmax -- unlimited balls
d) Hmax -- Score of 1,000,000,000
e) Omax -- Play in red! (It does not always work)

Note:) Sometimes you can't go on the high-score board when using these.

When I did I got 28,987,098,900!

Submited by Ben G
Complete one mission for promotion:
Complete cadet with the science mission. Just as the mission lights are flashing, drain the ball as quickly as you can. If you do not want to lose a ball, make sure have an extra ball or replay. After the ball returns to the plunger, you will be on the next level with full mission lights. Now you only need complete one mission for each level. Make sure you get an extra ball or replay before repeating this trick otherwise you will not make it very far.


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Control The Ball
At the beginning type "hidden test" and you will be able to control the ball with the mouse.


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Earning High Scores 8% Of The Time
You will only NOT get on the high scores list if you entered "hidden <space> test" if that was the game you entered the test cheat. The <space> is not in the code. So enter the code, press -F2-, and start cheat-playing. If you don't want to cheat to get on the high scores list, keep practicing to shoot the hyperspace ramp or the yellow wormhole. When shooting the hyperspace ramp, DO NOT SHOOT WHEN ALL 4 HYPERSPACE LIGHTS ARE ON, BECAUSE ALL LIGHTS ARE RESET, NOT LETTING YOU EARN ANOTHER EXTRA BALL UNTIL ALL LIGHTS ARE TURNED BACK ON. Shoot the hyperspace ramp to activate hyperspace bonus. Second, shoot the hyperspace ramp again to award jackpot. Third, shoot it again! This will activate the center post, almost always stopping the ball from draining. Fourth, Shoot it one more time, activating extra ball. Fifth, shoot the bottom rebound bumpers or the black hole, which may send the ball into the out lane. MAKE SURE THE OUT LANE GATE IS OPEN FIRST. This awards an extra ball, giving another chance to stay at ball 1. When ball 1 could switch to 2, the number will stay at 1 and you won't hear the "end of ball", or "crash-bonus" sound. Sixth, shoot the correct hazard bank and light up all the lights to open the gate that was closed--THE OTHER COMPUTER WAS IN DEMO MODE WITH A CENTER POST AND STILL LOST THE BALL DOWN THE DRAIN! So it still can happen sometimes! After opening the closed gate, activate the center post and extra ball again. Also complete some missions while doing this. The highest rank I have gotten to without cheats is Commodore, and with cheats is Fleet Admiral. I mostly use the "hidden test" cheat but the others I sometimes use. They are:
1. gmax -- gravity well
2. rmax -- advance in rank
3. bmax -- unlimited balls
4. 1max -- extra ball
My highest score I know about without cheating is 27,088,500 but I may have scored higher. Beat that! About 8% of the time, with practice, you can get scores up to 10,000,000 and sometimes even higher.
If you want something better than extra balls, shoot the yellow wormhole when the light in front of it is yellow. This will earn you a replay, and when the ball drains, nothing on the table resets. Shoot the ball at the tip of the flipper. 18% of the time this works, more with practice. A red light at the left out lane will turn on, which means you have a replay. Replays can only be scored one at a time, so go for missions and extra balls when you have a replay. With good luck with the attack bumpers you can get a replay out of one of the other wormholes.
To earn a high score, you need to know how to shoot the ball correctly. Don't try for extra balls from the "center-table" drop targets as much because they are hard to get. When shooting the ball from a flipper, target for the yellow wormhole (left), the hyperspace ramp (left), the launch ramp (left or right), the fuel chute (right), the "right-table" drop targets (left), or something that a mission needs you to do.
There are some missions that are just too hard. Accept the ones you can complete only, while leaving the others. Here are some I don't like:
1. Re-entry training -- Shoot the entry lanes three times.
2. Alien Menace -- Upgrade the attack bumpers, then shoot the attack bumpers 8 times.
3. Secret -- Shoot each wormhole once, starting with the Y (yellow) wormhole, then the R wormhole, then the G wormhole.
4. Space radiation -- fill left hazard bank, then shoot a wormhole.
5. Stray Comet -- Fill right hazard bank, then shoot the hyperspace ramp.
Gravity Well
When the game begins, type gmax and the gravity well will start

NOTE: This only works with Windows XP
Hidden Test Glitch
If you are using the Hidden Test Cheat, Get the amount of points you want on balls 1 and 2 and play normally on ball 3 so it will deffinitly save your score.
High Score of 1 billion
Before the game starts type "<Shift> H" and you will get 1 billion points on the highsocre
High scores
It is almost pointless to pursue the specific mission targets of the current mission. Rather, since the inevitable end of your game is the final draining of the third ball, changing the focus of your games to always having a center post in place and always having an extra ball or a number of extra balls available to greatly increase the number of fairly high score games. The key to both these goals is the Hyper Space ramp. By directing the ball from the right flipper (contain the ball with the flipper held stationary, let it drop, then direct the ball into the chute. With a little practice you should be able to do this 95% of the time) into the launch ramp. The next shot from the left flipper into the Hyper Space ramp is a little more difficult but you should be able to master a 75% success rate for this one. The ball must go right to the end of the ramp. As you continue to make this sequence of shots over and over, you will activate the center post and also have an extra ball available. When this is the case, then go after the specific mission of the moment. By always doing this before pursuing specific targets, your games should be greatly extended.

When using the Hyper Space routine for gaining a center post and extra balls, it is only necessary to start the sequence from the right flipper to the launch ramp and then off the left flipper into the Hyper Space chute. Once the ball has gone to the end of the Hyper Space chute and awarded whatever is appropriate for that play, it will kick back down and it is very often possible to send it right back up into the same spot where it just came from -- namely right back up into the Hyper Space chute. The goal is to send it up the chute as many times as possible. When you finally miss, the ball will start to move around the table and the actual mission of the moment can be pursued. Also, quite often the ball will kick out of the Hyper Space chute and off the left flipper into the launch ramp which you then use the left flipper again to direct the ball right back into the Hyper Space chute.

When you do not have an extra ball available and the ball in play has ended up in the Black Hole and it is likely to kick out into the right hand drain chute (thus costing you a ball), at the very moment it is about to leave the Black Hole, use your left table shift key to move the table and usually you will avoid the ball draining. Only hit it once otherwise it will tilt. Another note, this same Black Hole kick out will often put the ball right into the extra ball spot when same is still available.

The white bar across the Launch Ramp that registers the points awarded, if and when the ball has stopped just before it. Let it sit there for as long as possible before shifting the table to move in on through. The slower the ball goes under this bar the more points you will receive (usually about two to three million points, but can be as high as 15 million points. Note: Watch your fuel level so that the mission is not aborted.

You can also experience very substantial run ups by slowly turning the flags.
Infinite Points
When you use the "Hidden Test" code, click and drag the ball into the wormhole that is next to the beginning tube (I think it is the yellow one). When you drag it to the top it will say "Jackpot awarded" or "reflex shot" or some other things. If you keep forcing the ball up when you get to the top it will rapidly give you points.
Left flipper shots
Left flipper shots are usually best done by catching the ball first, then releasing it and shooting. A quick shot goes up the Launch Ramp, a shot toward the flipper's end is a Hyperspace shot, and a shot from the very tip can hit the flags on the right or the worm hole on the lower right area.
Play while game is in tilt
This trick requires extremely good timing. While the game is playing the new game music, press [F2] then press all of the bump table buttons simultaneously a couple of times. The box will say "TILT!", but you can still launch, use the flippers, and get points. If you are unsuccessful, close the game, open it again, and start over.
Rapid level advancement
Once you have attained the level of Commander (level 6) you can select the Time Warp mission by lighting all three mission lights. This is an easy mission to complete. You need only hit the various rebound bumpers 25 times, followed by a launch chute. This sends you "forward in time" and will usually advance you to Admiral l(level 8) instantly.
Re-fuel ship
There are two ways to refuel your ship. The first is to pass the ball through the slot above the left hand flipper (under the launch ramp hole). The easiest way to do this, obviously, is to go through the launch ramp. For the second method, there is a bridge where the launch ramp is located. It has colored lights through it. Shoot the ball all the way through and spin the flag, and your ship will be refueled.
Reflex shot award bonus
Shoot the ball up the launch ramp (the purple ramp to the left of the screen) and let it drop through the hole. When the ball gets to the middle of the left flipper, shoot the ball. It should go up the launch ramp again and you get a Reflex Shot Award. Note: This can be done as many times as you want, but requires precise timing.
Replay function
The replay function is the red light next to the left flipper. If you lose your ball and the red light is on, you will get another ball. The replay action is better than an extra ball because when you lose, you do not abort your missions and do not have to start all over again. To get the replay function light on, you have to open the wormholes by hitting the Space Warp target (the small red button near the entrance of the Hyperspace chute). The wormhole lights will then light up to a color (red, yellow, or green). You now have to get the ball in the wormhole of that color to turn on the replay function.
Right flipper shots
Right flipper shots include a possible Hyperspace from the tight early area of the flipper, the far right wormhole or upper bumpers from about one third of the way down, a shot at the enter flags from the mid area, a Launch shot from about four-fifths of the way down, or a re-fuel tube and upper/re-entry shot from the tip.
Unlimited Lives
When the game begins, type bmax and when you lose a ball a new one will shoot out from the yellow wormhole

NOTE: This only works with Windows XP
First type up "hidden test" cheat then press F2. You shoould now be able to control the ball. type up "rmax" now. bring the ball up to the HYPERSPACE BONUS and then wave the mouse outside the box (Screen of the pinball game).
Using time wisely
Until you reach about 40 million points with several levels of play achieved, it takes two minutes to gain each one million points. The arithmetic is fairly simple -- to get to 30 million takes about an hour of continuous play. A game that results in 86 million points will take almost two hours. A 70 million point game takes just a little over an hour and a half. If you do not have at least 5 million points when the ball number changes from one to two, press [F2] and start over. There is virtually no point in trying to achieve a high score if that is only where you are at when the number two ball shows on the board.
Weapon/Engine Upgrade
To upgrade weapons or engine, you need to light up all three lights up the very top of the table (where you do re-entry training) for weapons, or in the lanes in the launch ramp for engine upgrade. This is very hard to control until you realise that you can change which lights are lit up with your flippers. The left flipper moves lights to the left, and right to the right.