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no traffic

click, options, then graphics, & slide the traffic slider as low as you want
Verified by: peque_-04 Submitted by: John C on February 09, 2012

No Traffic!!!

Tired of being held up or being hassled by the fuzz? Go to "documents" and open up the "18 WoS Across America" folder. Go to config.cfg and open it with notepad. Go to the line that says uset g_traffic "1" and change the "1" to a "0". Then you can run lights, skip weight stations, drive on the wrong side and do what ever you want.
Verified by: peque_-04 Submitted by: joepod389 on July 02, 2009


since the steering is done with the arrows, it's much easier, to use the number pad, make sure the num lock is on I shift & chage views without, taking my had away from steering, my little finger ueses the 0 on the number pad to view the maps without tahing my had away from steering
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: John on February 25, 2012


to get the truck you eventually want to buy, on the main menu click showroom, then find the one you want, or else every dealer will have the same tucks. for sale my fav. is the K9K, it's fast, doesn't jump all over the road, never runs out of fuel, until you can afford a better truck, take a bank loan & buy a bigger motor & more gears for the starter truck see yall on the road I am Tex
Verified by: nicknickusor Submitted by: Tex on February 25, 2012


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Truck Dealer with a big selection of trucks ! Oh yeah !

If you're looking to buy a new truck then you should go to the truck dealer at San Francisco. To get to it, you need to go into San Francisco city and drive round the semi-circle bit of road on the west side of the city. The truck dealer is about half way round. This truck dealer has a big selection of trucks and sells the most expensive ones too. Hope this helps any of yo virtual truckers out there who can't find those darned truck dealers.
Verified by: ranjan, sasabeslin Submitted by: DHZ Wanzer Pilot on March 08, 2006

Your own music

Copy your Wave music (if converted to Wave) into the any of the folder in the music folder in the 18 WoS Across America folder located in the My Documents folder in Windows Explorer. During gameplay, press J for the Jukebox and your music will be there.
Verified by: jeffreytitus007 Submitted by: DHZ Wanzer Pilot on March 08, 2006