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Cheat Tip

NEVER use a game trainer. The game has been set up to ignore the altered number displays.

Warp Without a Teleport Matrix
When you start, build your Nerve Center. Then walk to the very edge of your boundry. The green teleport light should light up. When you get to the edge, press backspace. This will warp you to an adamin where you can teleport for free to anywhere on planet visitor!

10six Cheats

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Time Travel
Go to the main menu and type in Hasbro50 then you can travel back and forward in time!
Submitted by: Eagle Eye on January 16, 2004
Use exchange rates to your advantage.
In 10six, your TU and V$ amounts never record decimal values, and your exchage rate will round off to the 1st place. For example, if you have an exchange rate of .51, and you sell 1 TU, you will get 1 V$ instead of .51 V$. This is a 100% exchage work, but that is too much work to click, type one, and click "exchange" so often. But, it also can work to your advantage with larger amounts, just not at a 100% exchange rate, it might be more like 80%, depending on which number you enter. Be careful though, since it can also hinder you from gaining as much as you should.
Submitted by: commandur on December 01, 2001