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Super Monkey Ball (NGAGE) Cheats

Super Monkey Ball cheats, Tips, and Codes for NGAGE.


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Master Difficulty
To Unlock the Master difficulty level, beat the main game on all 3 difficulty levels
Super Power-Ups
You can combine the power ups to create combos:
Big Glove + Big Glove = Double Glove
Big Glove + Long = Big, Long Glove
Big Glove + Vortex = Big, Vortex Glove
Big Glove + Big Glove + Long = Super Big, Long Glove
Big Glove + Big Glove + Vortex = Super Big, Vortex Glove
Unlock Mini Games
Collect 2500 points in the main game, then choose a Mini Game. It will be unlocked. Collect a further 2500 to unlock another, and so on