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Red Faction Cheats

Red Faction cheats, and Codes for NGAGE.


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Misc Cheats
100% health - #24559#
All Weapons - #37427#
Ammo - #53787#
Everything - #76676#
Full Health - #85526#
100% armor - #86642#
Secret Rooms
Go through the level and collect the Remote Mines.
Once you witness the "Ultor Guard", kill the miner,
go over to him, and kill him. After you kill him, go right instead
of left. There is another guard watching over some health and
Go through the level until you reach the first wall to your right
that says "FOS Rules". Toss a Remote Mine near it and
back up. Press the switch to explode the mine. It will open up
a passage with lots of health in it.