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Zelda II: The Adventure of Link Cheats

Zelda II: The Adventure of Link cheats, Tips, and Codes for NES.

Zelda II: The Adventure of Link Tips

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1 Up Link Doll
There is a 1 Up Link doll just west of the cave and practically directly north of the "Old Kasuto Town" in the swamp area. If using the cave as the starting point it would be 3 squares south and 5 squares west.
Submitted by: anonymous on December 11, 2011
Easy EXP.
When you have beat most of the castles, have the downslash, and are fairly strong, go to the graveyard that has King's Tomb. Wander around until you see the enemy icons. Make sure you run into the monster icon, not the blob icon. The blob contains nothing but ghosts, which take away 20 EXP with every hit and only give 10 EXP.

When you are in the battle screen, run to the side and fight the red axe weilding monster there. Jump on him and use downslah and hold it. You will get 100 EXP. Now go to the opposite side and kill the other one the same way. Sometimes you get a bag of 200 EXP. If you run low on health, just go to the town above you and refill. After a few minutes you should have gained at least 3 level ups.
Submitted by: MegaMan on November 01, 2004
Easy Exp. Later in Game
An easy way to gain exp. just before the last two palaces in the game is to go to where the Hidden Kasuto village is and fight in the forests but only the blobs, in there you will fight two orange dinosaur knights for 150 each and two red tree spiders for 5 each, all together thats 310. If need of health go to Hidden Kastuo village. Do this multiple time for fast exp.
Submitted by: anonymous on March 06, 2006
Easy kill for Shadow Link
When shadow Link appears onscreen run to the far left, kneel down, and start swinging away as fast as you can... he will jump into your sword again and again until his life is depleted, if all goes well he will only hit you one time!
Submitted by: muriel on January 23, 2005
Extra lives!
extra lives in this game seem rare right? well once you reach level 8 in each statistic, if you continue to accumulate exp, every 9000 exp will give you an extra life! the best place to farm exp for extra lives is the forest around new kasuto, the orange lizafos encounters there give 300 exp per pair you kill.
Submitted by: supertom236 on January 17, 2012
lots of free exp
In the 5th castle there is a room where blocks fall on you and there is a ledge. There is also one of those orange eyes. destroy enough blocks so you are on the same level as the orange eye. now line the left side of the blocks with the edge of the screen. If you do it right the orange eye guy keeps comming back again and again and you can quickly rack up the exp. He gives you 50 each time!
Submitted by: anonymous on May 11, 2006
to pass the river
go to the northern forests then there will be a house go in it then the guy will give u a note thake the note and head back to the water town and go to the bridge dude and u can use note over and over again but if u get hammer you dont need to
Submitted by: mohaha on April 21, 2007
Turn Link Blue!
I've only tried this in towns and with the Shield spell. Test the other spells and out of towns if you wanna kill time. To turn Link blue, set your spell to the Shield spell. Go up to a person in a town. Cast the Shield spell and quickly talk to the person. If done right, Link will be stuck in that Blue form that happens when you cast the Shield spell. When you leave the scene of that part of town you will go back to nomal. But the blue is pretty cool.
Submitted by: EvilKitsune on December 27, 2005

Zelda II: The Adventure of Link Cheats

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Avoid Forced Battle Scenes

To avoid forced battles (battles by stepping on a certain tile on the field) simply wait in front of it until monsters appear and when one steps on the tile, move onto the tile and you'll go into a battle scene from the monster, not the tile. Most monster battle scenes are much easier than the tile's. Extremely useful when going to the Great Palace.
Submitted by: Sintaku on September 06, 2004
Special save screen

Make sure you have two controllers in. Now on controller 1 pause the game, on controller 2 press up and A at the same time. You will be taken to a menu where you can save or continue.
Submitted by: Sintaku on September 06, 2004
Warp Hole

In some castles and action screens it is possible to jump higher than the stats at the top of the screen. If the spell Fairy is used when Link is above the stats and you try to move to a side, he will fall through a warp hole. In the action screens Link will simply reappear on the same action screen. While, in the castles, he will end up on top of or in another room, on top of the castle entrance, or in an elevator below the castles entrance and stuck. If he gets stuck below the castle, you will need to reset the game. Also, the spell Jump can help with this glitch.
Submitted by: Sintaku on September 06, 2004