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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cheats, Tips, and Codes for NES.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tips

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Easy Route To Defeating Rocksteady
The best way to defeat Rocksteady the creature at the top of the last warehouse in Area 1 isn't to just duel with him on the ground. Don't even think about it, instead. Jump on top of the tall crate stack at the right hand side of the screen, now, make sure you have Dontello or this trick won't work. Rocksteady will follow you and just walk into the crates. RIGHT before Rocksteady makes a tiny hop, give him a taste of Dontello's wooden stick and he should get hurt. Repeat until the boss is dead. Remember to do this, you MUST have Dontello as a playable turtle and you just can't go nuts doing down attacks, it MUST be right before Rocksteady hops.
Submitted by: Diddykong96 on September 02, 2006
Restored your health
How do you restore your health if it is low?

Simple, when you see pizza and entry or exit such as doors or ladder, pizza to restore your health and come back, the pizza will appears. You can fill your 4 turtles' healths up as much you want.
Submitted by: MotorexSkyline on December 16, 2006
Restores your boomerangs
Once you recieve boomerangs, that will be 20 boomerangs.

You can throw boomerangs twice and then switch any turtles you want. A turtle will recieve boomerangs from another turtle that already has boomerangs.

Note: It wont work on any weapons except Boomerangs.
Submitted by: MotorexSkyline on December 17, 2006