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Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES) Cheats

Super Mario Bros. 3 cheats, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for NES.


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1 Hidden Exrta LIfe
In world 1 level 2 after the T shaped pipes there is one pipe in the air you can either fly up or you can us the Pow(P) button with is in one of the boxes below jst simply go up go to the right side of it and jump then there will be an extra life you can only do this once
2-3 hidden coins and extra life mushroom
In world 2-3 you must have the tail to fly. On the 3rd pyramid stay on the bottom and run so you can fly in to the sky there will be some blocks you can land on . One of them is a P button push it and fly back to the ground there you will see the Brick Pyramids now turned to coins try to get as many as you can in the 1st one, cause there is a x-life in the one.
Behind The Background
This can be done in any level with a white block. For example, 1-1 has one right after the fire plant. Stand on the block, and hold down. After holding it down for long enough, Mario will fall through. Now, for a short amount of time, Mario will be behind any background objects! (E.G., bushes, plants) Have fun!
Blue mushroom house
In world 3, level 8, collect 44 coins and the house will appear.
Bunch of Extra Lives
In World 8, there are numerous levels that have a whole bunch of Bomb-ombs and cannonballs. If you continuously stomp on these, then soon you'll start receiving extra lives for each one you stomp. Using this method, you will have max lives in no time.
Easy Way to get Lives!
In World 7, Pipe Land, go to the fortress level. The one that has a lot of blocks in the start. If you are big Mario or any suited Mario, jump at the fourth column of blocks. (the blocks that are at the bottom middle) And hit the highest one which will have a P-Switch. Hit it and all the blocks turn into coins! You can get up to 2 lives on this! Once the effect is finished, go to the door at the bottom and then return. All the blocks will return! Repeat this over and over and you can get infinite lives! My tip is to not beat this level at all. You don't need an item to start out for you can go to the door at the very right from the second room and get a Mushroom from one of the blocks there.
Extra Coins
In world 2 level 6, right before the castle, Play through and at the end, when you come out of the hole, you are at the other side of the pyramid. Go up the other side and you will see a blue button, jump on it. Blue coins will appear and U should gather them! Have fun!
Extra lives
in 1-1 after the third tunnel(that you can go down) there is a small hill in the backround stand right before it and jump and you will get and extra life. Also in land 1-2 the tunnel in the sky with a flower that comes out of it, once you get on top of it get a little to the right and jump and you'll get an extra life. Also in liand 1-4 after the long line of vertical coins with a flying turtle theres a box with two openings in the sides one of the top boxes is an extra life
Fly Through The Stage
Whenever you get a "P" (on most levels),just keep pressing A and you will fly through the stage. This works well on most of the World 8 levels.
Get a star at the end of the levels
To do this, you can be big or small Mario. Whenever you get close to the end of the game, start running and jump at the block at the end and you will get a star!
Get a Warp Whistle On World 1-Level 3
Near the end of the third level in the first world, there will be a white block where two enemies start out on. Stand on it, hold down, and you will fall through and be in the background. Run to the end of the level as fast as you can and you will be with Toad with a box. Open the box and a whistle will come out.
Lakitu gives extra guy
In level 5-4, or any level where Lakitu is hovering around the end flashing card box, wait until he has thrown out 5 spineys and then hit the bax. You will get an extra guy due to the point graduation between each individual baddie.
More white mushroom houses!
The White mushroom houses are in all worlds, not including World 8.

World 1: Level 4, collect 44 coins.
World 2: Level 2, collect 20-something coins(every coin in the level, including the converted bricks)
World 3: Level 8, I haven't counted this one up. Make sure you begin and end this level with a Racoon tail(a "P" wing works better).

When I find the rest out for sure I'll post them.

Also with the White mushroom homes the item you get is depending on the World you are in. Worlds with odd numbers (1, 3, 5, 7) give a "P" wing. Even numbered worlds give an anchor. These get used on the end of world castle. It stops the ship from moving all over the map if you die in the level.
Running Behind the Background
If there is a white square, like on the first world, you can hold down on the D-pad. If you hold it for about five or more seconds then Mario/Luigi will go behind the background, you can run around but still get hit, This effect only lasts for a little bit. so HURRY
skip a level
This cheat is in level 3 of world1.Go to the where the stone blocks are together with the turtle on top.hit the turtle and make his shell go to the left.When this is done go to the space between the remains of the block.Jump in a few spots and a pink "jumping note" will appear.(like the white one except this one is pink).Jump on it walk through it and you get to the end of the level.
Star card every time
Hit the flashing box at the lower left corner and you get a star every time, 3 stars = 5 extra lives.
Star card everytime
Everytime you jump into the box at the end of the level with the flashing star, flower and mushroom, start your run up at a time that you here the ringing sound before you can see the flashing box. When you hit the box you will get a star everytime. When you have 3 star cards in a row you will get 5 lives
Start with an inventory full of p-wings!
If you complete the game once, start another again without turning the power off and your inventory will be filled with p-wings! (Will not work if you turn the power off)
Swim under Ships
On the ship level in the 8th world that's actually in water, inbetween ships you can jump into the water and swim. If you let yourself sink just under a ship, but not low enough to die, you can swim under that ship instaed of having to jump over it and risk getting killed.
Warp Zone Whistles
There are three whistles that I know of
1.In world 1 on level three if you hold down on the white block you will go behind the scenery, but be careful YOU CAN STILL GET HIT, make to the end of the level while still behind the scenery.
2.In the fortress level in world 1 before going through the first door, be sure you have a tail, run towards the lava untill the game starts making a ringing noise then rapidly tap a untill you can go to the right go as far as you can and press up.
3.In world 2 on the map screen go to the far right and use the hammer on the block.defeat the hammer brother there to get the third whistle.
also if you use a whistle to go to the warp zone then use another while in the warp zone you get to go to world 8.
white mushroom house
I only know of one but there is one in every world but 8. If you get 44 coins in w1 l4 a white mushroom house will appear containing P wings.
White Mushroom Houses
Here are the locations to the white mushroom houses:

World/level...coins needed...reward

World 1-1 Secret Room
In World 1-1, right before the end of the level, there is a big pipe that goes up really high. Fly up to the top of it using Raccoon Mario, and go down the pipe. You will be in an underground room where there are coins in the shape of a 3!
World 1-5 Music Box
In World 1-5, there is a music box that can take you up into the sky! All you have to do is go passed the first pipe with the fire plant. Then there are two levels, a top level and a bottom level. go to the top level. Go on the left wall and jump right below the top level. There is a pink music box that will appear. Jump on it and go to the sky!


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Continuous sound from ? Blocks
This glitch continues to play a sound, even after you die. To perform it, go to an area with a ? block that contains an item and an enemy in the same area (works best in world 5's fortress, where two ? blocks lie next to a Thwomp. Then, providing you're Small Mario, basically hit the block, and, at the same time, die. The death theme will be accompanied by an extended note that plays at the start of the item block theme. As soon as the death theme finishes, you'll hear the rest of the item block theme.
Flutter Jump
This is a very cool glitch that makes it look like you are Luigi, flutter jumping. To do it, you need to be either Raccoon or Tanooki Mario. Now go to a level that contains quicksand, and fill up the P-meter. Now touch the quicksand, then jump straight out. You'll flutter jump while flying up and coming back down.
Frozen Tail
if u duck as raccoon or tanooki mario, when you tap A repeatedly while ducking, mario's taill won't move.
Glitched world, infinite 1-ups and glitched level (requires GameGenie code required but still a mess
Use a warp whistle to go to World 9. Make sure you have the GameGenie codes APKSALAZ and OXKIPZOS on. Keep going left, until the numbers are on a black and blue screen. Make Mario go to no. 5 and click it. It should come up: WORLD 0 MARIO X (lives you have got). You cannot access any levels that actually work.

Glitched level:
Do the same as above, but instead of using the warp whistle, go left from the start panel of world 1, and when the screen starts flickering, you know you're on the level. Press A. You're in a glitched World 1 map. If you go right, then you should fall and then hit a white floor (This is the floor in the world map near level 2). Jump somewhere close to where the Level 2 box is (it's not the Level 2 Action scene, but it's replaced by a weird thing.) The area you jumped should go black, and you get a 1-up. Once the 1-up message has gone, do it again. Go left, and die. You don't know how many lives you got. When you get back to the World 1 map, you should be going past the World 1 start panel, then the screen should go black, then you should have returned to the World 1 Start Panel.
Ice Block Duplication
When you're in a level with the blocks you can pick up (Ice Blocks) and Buster Beetles, pick up 1 Ice Block at the exact time the Buster Beetle picks it up. The Ice Block will now be TWO! It's a very hard glitch to pull off though. Happy duplicating!
More items
On world one complete 1-3 to get to the house where you get the three chests. Choose an item the n go to the next level. Lose all your lives and get game over. Hit continue and the house should reappear. Go back to the house and choose an item. Repeat to get a ton of items!!!!
Pipe Glitch
You need to go to World 3-9 to perform the glitch. At the end of the first area, there is a pipe surrounded by Ice Blocks. Get rid of the ones on the left to gain access to the pipe, and then get rid of the bottom three Ice Blocks on the right-hand side of the pipe, leaving the one on the top. Now stand where the blocks used to be, and duck, then jump. You'll go down a black and red object on the side of the pipe and won't be able to get out of the pipe. If you are Fire Mario, you can still shoot fireballs, but the only way to get out of the pipe is to wait 5 minutes after the timer runs out.
room behind a wall
note: this will not work if you do not have game genie. using AOSUZI, literally pull the moving wall (connected to ceiling) apart in the mini fortress (world 1) and duck in the small hole. release down, walk forward and you will be in a secret room.


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99 lives. =]
In World 3, level 9, there is only ONE turtle. Whatever you do, DO NOT kill it. It's the only turtle in the whole level. Stomp on it once, and pick it up. Run through until you get to a bullet bill on the ground. It's not very far. Stand on top of the bullet bill and let the turtle shell go. The second you let it go (this has to be done very quickly, or else the shell gets out of the screen and disappears), jump on top of the blocks above. Be sure not to jump too far to the left to get up there because like I said if the shell gets out of view, it's gone and you'll have to start all over. When you jump up top, stand precisely in the middle inbetween the two bullet bills that are below you. The shell will kill a bomb-omb, and bounce off of the block wall in the middle. It then hits the first bullet bill and bounces back to hit the second. Keep standing where you are in the middle to keep the bullet bills firing back and forth towards eachother. The shell keeps bouncing back and forth killing one bullet bill after another. Shortly after, you get a 1 up. Keep standing there and after the first 1 up you get, each bullet bill it kills after that will give you 1 up after 1 up.
Warp-Flute locations
The First flute is located in the 3rd level in World One, to get it stand on the white block towards the end of the level until you drop down behind, then run behind the black at the end, you will get it then.

The Second is in the fortress in World One, obtain the leaf and then towards the end of the first part fly up above the block where you get the leaf and to the right, then run down and you'll appear in a room where the second flute waits for you in a chest.

The 3rd is in the second world, get a hammer and then break the stone at the end of the screen in the upper right corner, move past the towrd and then kill the two lava brothers, a chest will appear with the 3rd flute in it.
white mushroom house 2
I have only tried this in the snes version, but if you manage to get all the coins in the second level of the second world, including those coins that are usually bricks unless the powerblock is hit, a strange mushroom house that provides rare items will appear and provide you with an anchor that will keep the ships from moving when you're going to fight the koopa offspring.
World 3, Level 8 Cheat
When you get to the first section with two orange blocks and a turtle between them, jump on the turtle twice to send it spinning and break the blocks. When it breaks the one on the left, a vine will appear. Clib up the vine and you will see a music note block. Wait to jump on it until the section that had the turtle has risen up out of the water, because when you jump on it, something will pop out that might run away. You can get a mushroom or a fire flower.