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Super Mario Bros. (NES) Cheats

Super Mario Bros. cheats, Codes, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for NES.

Command codes

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Access another Level Quickly
First, when you are about to select how many players, click the left button or A and you will see the level changes in the top right of the screen. If you click the top button or B the area will change.

You need to beat the game for this to work.
Continue After Death
At the "Game Over" screen, hold A. When the "1 Player/2 Player" screen appears, press START.


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hidden place
in level 1-2 kill the 2 blue guys, then keep going, and there should be 2 turtles waiting, kill them, then there should be 2 big blocks stuck together. Next break them so you can get on the first one. Then get space to go on the second one. Then you should see blocks in a line, break some of them. go up there, then travel along your way!
1 up world 1-2
In the second levil of world 1 there will be a hole, on the other side of the hole hill be some floating conected bricks. go to the end and jump and hit the cealing. if you are big than instantly jump up and hit the brick next to it than jump down to collect it.
If you are small DO NOT HIT THE BRICK NEXT TO IT the mushroom will change and make it impossible instead fallow it intell it falls threw a crack in the cealing.

p.s. i am not sure it will work on a game boy. i have only tried it on a NES.,
8-4 Warp Pipe Pattern
Theses are the warp pipe pattern for 8-4. When you start out jump over the lava and skip the first 2 warp pipes. Then the thing above the lava and take the warp pipe when you jump over the lava. You will come out near 4 warp pipes jump over the helmets and then the warp pipe and the koopa. Jump over the warp pipe and the lava. Hit the hidden block next to the warp pipe in the air. Go down that warp pipe. You will come out near 3 warp pipes and jump over the 1st 2 and down the 3rd one and avoiding the flying fish and the lava. You should be in an underwater level. Just avoid the fireballs and bloopers. Head forweard and enter the pipe leaving the underwater level.Jump over the 2 warp pipes avoiding the hammer bro,paraboo,and lava. Bowser will throw hammers and fire. Eather dodge him,run under him,shot him with fireballs,or have a big power run through him,or a fire power and run through him. You will win and select a level with the B button. Hope tis helps King Boo
Hold A then press start. Note: You can only continue on the -1 part of the level.
Extra Life
If you get 100 coins, then you will receive an extra life.
Extra Lives
When you stomp on a turtle, kick it to the right and follow it. If it hits eight other turtles then you'll win an extra life.
Extra Lives on World 3
At the end of the third world you will see two turtles coming down. Let the first turtle go then jump lightly on the second turtle so that it is standing still on the steps (this will take practice.)
Jump on the turtle again, if you do this right it will keep bouncing into the other turtle and give you points. After a while it will give you free men. Get as many as you wish, but be careful not to get more than 100 men because if you do when you die the game is over.
Extra Points
When you touch the flag pole, take note of what the time left is. If you touch the flag pole when the time left has the last digit 1,3,6, then you will get 1, 3 or 6 fireworks. every firework will give you more points
Fire Power Skate
You must have firepower to make this work. Anytime you exit a pipe or start a level through a doorway, hold B and A. You should automatically jump, and if done right, you'll be able to skate on one foot for a little while, as long as you hold down B.
Fire Power While Small
To do this you need to be big or have fire power. First you must be in the last level of any world except for 8. Then you must jump on the little koopa and the hammer that retracts the bridge. You have to touch the hammer and koopa at the same time for it to work. You will start flashing like you have been hit but you will stay big. When you get a mushroom in the next world it wil make you small now go find a flower and you'll have Small Fire Power untill you die.
hidden 1up location
On the first level, jump over the 4 pipes at the beginning of the level. After doing that you will come across a hole, do NOT jump over it. Stand just above the base of the green hill and jump up until a 1up appears.
Hidden Life world 2
On world 2 level 3, at the start its at those 2 palm trees get up to the first tree and jump to the one at the left side of your screen jump and the little mushy room will pop up and catch it because he disappears quick!!!!

there you go all you low lifers on mario, this was webkinzcheekymonkey11 bringing you a cheatson cheat head to the site 4 more!!!
Ice-Skating Mario
If you have fire-power, hold down A and B while come out of a pipe -- you will jump and fire as you exit, but will then appear to be ice-skating for about 5 seconds if you try to walk around (as long as you keep holding the buttons).
Level 3-1 1up
To get a 1up on level 3-1, go to the bridge that has water under it right before you get to the two things that look like Ninja Turtles, position yourself about in the middle of the bridge, jump, and a green 1up mushroom will appear. This tip does not always work.
little big head
on any castle level (1-4, 3-4) scene when you fight any of the koopa's be a big mario with out the fireballs and touch the koopa and the golden axe at the same time with each foot causing you to blink rapidly, you will enter the next level
as a big mario, but as soon as you grab another power up it will be a mushroom that turns you into a small mario! Now grab another power up this will be a flower one,and there you are! small with fireballs and everytime you shoot one mario get big again. good luck!!
Minus World
To get to the never ending water level go to world 1-2. At the part at the end where there's a pipe going to the next level. Break two blocks so there's one at the end touching the pipe.
Now duck and jump backward toward the brick (don't break it!) If you did this right you should go through the wall and pipe into a warp zone. Jump down the 1st pipe you see and you will be in the Negative World (-1)
Moon Walk
On level 4-2 at he begining you have to jump two things. One is big, the other is narrow. On the narrow one jump and hold down. (If you did this right you should be under some bricks.) Let go of down and keep holding left. Mario then will moon walk.
In any level of the game press both left and right buttons on the d-pad at the same time and mario should walk backwards slowly.
Roof topping
Get on top of any level. Break blocks above your head, then walk to the right so there is only a little space between the edge of the screen and the blocks you just broke. If you do it right you can actually lodge yourself between the edge of the game screen and the blocks and jump your way to the top of the board.

try it!
Secret 1up location
For the first one in world 1-2 scroll all the way until u get to a huge block that is over a drop space. Then go to the very end of the block jump up and a 1up life should come out then hit the block next to it so the 1up will fall down and u will get an extra life!
turtle tipping
This can only be done on level 3-1, at the end of the level the 2 turtles will come down the stairs you must take to get to the flag. First of all you must be big to do this trick. let the first turtle go by and jump on the second turtle, if you do this right you can keep bouncing on the turtle and you will start earing 1 ups until you decide to stop. Be carefull though if you get to many lives (over 300) then when you die the game will be over. Have fun good luck!
Underground fungus, flowers, &stars
In the underground level 1-2 beat the first two goobmas and continue on until you see two koopas walking underneath a floating pile of blocks with coins on it. Kill them, then go to the very last column of the foating block formation and break the blocks. The very top one has a star in it. Keep going until you see a backwards "J" with a coin in the middle. Break the end blocks and you will get a flower (unless you're small, then you'll get a mushroom). Right there you may have already killed the three goombas. jump onto the platform that had two of the goombas on it and then jump onto the platform with coins on it. Go to the far right of the platform and hit the cieling, there should be a green mushroom in the block.
Walking Pipe
If you jump to the left-right while going down an
opened Pipe. Mario will still be walking, But He
will go down the pipe!
Warp to World 2, 3 or 4
On World 1-2 toward the end of the board start running and jump on the moving platform. Keep running and jump on the next platform. Again keep running and jump up on the top level of blocks (Caution! Do not fall off!) Keep running and you will see three pipes with snapping plants coming out of them fall down through the open area the plants will turn into numbers 2, 3, or 4 those stand for levels jump down a pipe and go to that level!
Warp to World 5
Make your way to the end of World 1-2 at the place where there's a pipe going to the next level. Break two blocks so there's one at the end touching the pipe.
Now duck and jump backward toward the brick (don't break it!) If you did this right you should go through the wall and pipe into a warp zone. Ignore the first pipe, then jump down the second pipe and you warp to World 5-1.
Warp to World 6, 7 or 8
When you get to world 4-2, go past the first set of ? blocks and the elevator. Jump the hole and you will see a small staircase made of bricks. Break the brick underneath the top-left brick, then hit the top-left brick and a beanstalk will appear. Climb it to reach a special area where you can warp to worlds 6, 7 or 8.
warp zone
In world 1-2, go to where the platforms are going down. Go past them, and where there going up, get on it, and jump off at the highest spot. run over the end of the level and you can warp to world 2-1, 3-1, or 4-1, and in world 4-2 you can do the same thing to get to world 5-1
World -1 glitch
First finish world 1-1. Then on world 1-2, go to the pipe that leads to the next level. Break the 2 blocks so that one is touching the pipe. Now backjump to the brick (don't break it!) and if you did it right, you will get lodged into the wall. Then you will be in the warp zone. Go to the first pipe you see when you get out of the wall, but don't go too far in the warp zone, or the pipe will lead to world 4-1. If you want, try to get to the middle pipe (which leads to world 3-1) and if done at a good spot, it will lead to world 5-1.
World -1 is an endless water level!
World 5 Extra Lives Trick
In world 5-1 you stomp on the first turtle and kick the shell, killing the 2 sets of Goombas,and the final 2 turtles receiving the 1up, then if you jump on the shell as it bounces back off the pipe you get a 1up every time you jump on the shell


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Blue Bowser
To do this glitch, you need to go to any castle level, and go to the end, but don't walk onto the bridge where you fight the boss. You must go to the middle of the platform that leads to the bridge and wait for Bowser to appear. He'll look the same colour as a Gloomba (Goombas that appear underground).
Die Twice
In World 5-2, when you get to the midpoint of the level you will jump over a little tunnel then end under two long parallel (FLYING) blocks with two hammer dudes throwing hammers at you. If you walk(or run) past that you will see a little fall......jump in while the Hammers are getting thrown at you. You will hear two Death effects. It works for me if you moved around after the first death effect.
Grabbing a Mushroom out of thin air
This glitch only works in World 1-1. To do it, you need to be Small Mario, so either ignore the first block containing a Mushroom, or get the Mushroom and hurt yourself on an enemy. Go to the second block that contains a Mushroom, hit it, and then ensure the Mushroom moves towards the hole. Run to the blocks at the top of the level, line yourself up with the hole, and as soon as the Mushroom falls into the hole, jump straight up. It is quite hard to get the timing and positioning right, but if done correctly you'll end up collecting the Mushroom even though it's fallen through the hole!


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Go To World 8 Quickly!
Okay, First make it to world 1-2 run over the last ceiling to make it to world 4-1.
Beating the Lakitu is easy: just keep walking or running. Go through the 3rd Pipe to make it have way through the course! Make it to world
4-2, and after the long thing of bricks you will see Griders, after that you will se 3 bricks, hit
the 1st one. A Vine will come out, Hit below it to reveal steping stones(or, in other words INVISIBLE COIN BLOCKS!)Climb up the vine...You will Be in a warp zone With A Pipe to world 8!
Level Select
Do the hidden place cheat. You can go to the 2nd world to the 4th World.
Mario 1/2 and 1/2?
Ok this cheat makes mario split in 2 and each half is on each side of the screen

1. find a brick in the air
2. keep walking to the right until there is only space for half of marios body

3. go back to the far left and jump

4. if you look closely half of mario appears on the other side

5. if there are bricks making a line going up and down you can use this to go up it

6.WARNING!!! in some areas like 1-2 if there is a block clump that has a partat the top like an I you can get stuck

Mario Teleport
When mario is on level 2-1, 3-1, 4-2 etc. jumps on the veinstalk (tree).Press all cursor UP+DOWN+LEFT+RIGHT to do teleport.Mario will teleport on the screen.
Minus World!
*You'll need a game genie.

First off, using your Game Genie, type in the code EATSSY. This allows you to walk/run through blocks, pipes, etc. Next, at the end of world 1-2 to make this work.

NOTE: this is the most important part of the cheat!

Run and jump through the 2nd to top layer of bricks. You should go right through to the warp zone area. Enter the first pipe and the first pipe only.

There you go! You're in Minus World.
Run Over Dungeon Levels
Every dungeon level (for example, level 1-2) can be "skipped" for a certain distance. Simply make your way up to a high ledge or or platform when you're big Mario, bash a hole in the highest level of bricks, jump through the hole, and run above the rest. You can avoid many dangers this way, as well as take less than half the time you normally would to beat the level.
Start On Any World
I discovered that you can actually choose which world to start on. I was at the start screen and I happened to press a few buttons and when I pressed start I began on a different world. After a few minute of trial and error, I discovered that for each time you press B before you press start you will advance 1 world. For example if you press it once you will begin on 2-1. If you press it 7 times you will begin on 8-1. I'm not sure if you have to beat the game first to do this, but I had beaten it twice and whenever I played the goombas were replaced by beatles. I was playing on the Virtual Console of the Wii and I was trying to get back to the original gameplay. I tried resetting the game, but this didn't bring me back to the original, nor disable this cheat.
Toad's Talking To Himself!
When you get to any Boss except 8, small jump over the Boss stand next to the axe. When he gets close, jump on the axe and his head at the same time, as if you were trying to get fire power while small. If you land correctly, you should die but will not lose a life. The screen will show Toad saying "Sorry Mario,but our princess is in another castle" will appear,but he will be standing alone and it appears as if he is talking to himself. You will then move on to the next stage.