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The Legend of Zelda (NES) Cheats

The Legend of Zelda cheats, Passwords, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for NES.


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Game Genie Codes
If you have a Game Genie, you can hook it up to you copy of The Legend of Zelda and use these codes to make game play easier. If you don't have a Game Genie, these codes are of no use to you.
PasswordWhat it does
AVVLAUSZDon't take damage from anything
YYKPOYZZCreate character with 8 life hearts
NYKPOYZXCreate character with 16 life hearts
SZVXASVKDon't lose rubies when buying (Note, you must have enough rubies to buy whatever item you want with tis code, you just won't lose them)
SZVXASVK + AEVEVALGAll items for free
SZNZVOVKInfinite bombs
ESKUILTAWear a blue ring
OSKUILTAWear a red ring


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Fast money.
The fastest way to make money is going to the grave yard. Just keep track of the begining ghost and then spawn all the other ghosts by touching the graves(you can not kill these ghosts).
Kill the main ghost from the begining and then all of the others will die
Fast Save
To exit and save your game quickly, press Start on Controller 1 and Up+Start on Controller 2.
glitch: Link in a block
You need to be at level 9 to do this trick.
Go to the room that has the staircase to the silver arrow. Kill all the wizrobes. Then when you are going to move the block that opens a staircase, move the block and get hit by a ghost at the same time. Link should get knocked inside of the brick. Go left of down to get out of it.
Sword Beam when full hearts
You can shoot a powerful sword beam if you have all your hearts filled up.
The Case of the Missing Door
When you first enter Level 1 in the First Quest, immediately leave and re-enter. The locked door will be gone!


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0 hearts O.O
I'm not sure what this does or if it works, but start a new file and type ZELDA as a name. (That activates 2nd quest which is essential.) From there find the 4th and 7th dungeons (If your having trouble visit nesmaps.com.) and find the three "Life or Money" screens. Be sure to NOT get any hearts while doing this. I can think of three scenarios 1. Game over 2. Kill screen 3. 0 hearts!!!!!!!!


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Different dungeons
Enter the name "ZELDA" as the name of your character to change all dungeon layouts, as well as the location of all dungeons and other things.