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Home Alone (NES) Cheats

Home Alone cheats, and Codes for NES.


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Freeze A Bandit/Hide
Freeze A Bandit

Go On The 1ST Floor,And Move Kevin To The Far Left On The Stairs That Are Under The Gutter That You Can Climb On.Place A Trap And Stay There.If Done Right,A Bandit Will Fall In The Trap And Be Immobilized For A Few Seconds. Climb A Short Way Up While The Bandit Is Fallen.If He Follows You Up The Gutter Where He Can Move Again,He Will Stay There For The Rest Of The Game,With Only One Bandit To Avoid.

Once In The House, On The 1st Floor, Go All The Way To The Right.If You See The Tree,You're In The Right Place.Lay Some Traps Right Next To The Tree And Press Up To Remain Hidden For The Rest Of The Game With Only One Bandit To Avoid.