Disney's DuckTales Cheats

Disney's DuckTales cheats, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for NES.


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Bad Ending
Standing in contrast to the secret ending, you can view this particularly poor closure to your adventure by completing the main storyline with exactly ZERO dollars.
Finding Extre Hit Points
There are 2 extra Hit Points hidden in the game that add to your life gauge. The first is in the haunted castle stage. At the right extreme of the second floor, there is a large coffin which is marked "R-I-P". Cane jump on top of that coffin and you can walk through the right wall, which happens to be an illusionary wall. On the other side of this wall there is a chest, which contains the extra hit point.
The second is in the arctic stage. For the Hit Point, move right across the level, until you reach the first pit. Jump down this pit and keep falling until you reach the bottom floor. Just move left until you reach Bubba. To save Bubba just hit the block underneath him with your cane and cane jump from the block to above the ice, which traps him. He shows you a treasure chest, which contains the second extra hit point in the game.
Secret Ending!
You can see the alternate Ending of this game, by having accomplished the following...

* Have 10,000,000 dollars or more in cash overall total.

* Find both hidden treasures in the game.

Try doing the Gyro Mini game, that can help you get good money for getting your total.

The Ending is, that the newspaper says something different, and instead of Scrooge jumping in front of a small treasure chest, he will be sitting on top of a money pile with a crown on his head instead of a Top hat.


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Maximum timer bonus
Defeat a boss, but wait until the timer is just about to run out before grabbing the treasure to complete the stage; time it so you collect the treasure just as the timer hits zero. If performed properly, the timer should glitch and reward you with a time completion bonus of $325,000 instead.


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Bonus Stage
When your score has a 7 as the 10-thousands digit (for example 170,000), call Launchpad to take you back home; he will drop you off at a secret bonus stage.
Get Past Talking Statue Without Paying
In the Amazon level, when you will eventually get to a big gray statue that will offer you a way up if you pay a certain amount of money. Choose "No" and then make Scrooge turn around and walk a little to his left. You should see one of the enemies that throw plungers at you approaching. Place yourself right under the rope that is at the top of the screen. Now, dodge the plungers that the enemy throws at you, and then use Scrooge's cane to jump off the top of that enemy in order to reach the rope without paying the statue.