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Batman Returns (NES) Cheats

Batman Returns cheats, Codes, Passwords, Easter Eggs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for NES.

Command codes

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Get extra Batarangs
During cutscenes between stages (after the first one), while holding down Start on Controller 1 and A+B on Controller 2, press Select on Controller 1. This allows players to start the next stage with 10 extra Batarangs.
Replay game ending
After beating the game and watching the ending, while the copyright screen appears, press Left, A, and B on Player 2's controller to see the ending a second time.

Press Left, A, B on Controller 2 on the copyright screen after viewing the ending to replay it.


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Level Passwords
PasswordLevel (w/ Bonus)
Y433 43 53B3 731-1
1111-11-1111-1*31-1, w/ an extra life bar.
1995 14 BBBB 5131-1, w/ Invincibility
D957 65 849B 5532-1
5958 65 8Y1B Z932-2
ZD7! 87 XX9X 2832-2
X95! 65 BB51 6633-1
199! 14 BBBB 1833-1, w/ Invincibility
2D7D XZ Y76B 9!33-2
8117 61 77D3 2333-2
1D7Z X7 Y!52 X934-1
2D7* X7 Y966 *934-2
199* 14 BBBB 8935-1, w/ Invincibility
1992 14 BBBB 2136-1, w/ Invincibility
1993 14 BBBB 6436-2, w/ Invincibility


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Ending requirements
The game has a hidden points counter to determine the ending the player receives when completing the game. This tally increases every time the player is hit during gameplay, and every time they lose a life. Dying ingame increases the tally signifigantly faster and thus is an easier metric to determine what ending the player will earn when they complete the game.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Worst EndingLose ~15 lives
Bad EndingLose ~10-14 lives
Good EndingLose ~6-9 lives
Best EndingLose no more than 5 lives


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Stage Select
Enter Y*31 21 3191 11 in the password menu. You can then use controller 2 to select a stage to start a new game on.

Easter eggs

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Ending Credits Easter Egg
Hold START during the credits to see the strongman boss spin across the bottom of the screen.