Banana Prince (Import) Cheats

Banana Prince (Import) cheats, Codes, Tips, and Codes for NES.

Banana Prince (Import) Command codes

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Debug Menu
Press and hold Left + A + Select + Start on the title screen, then press Reset. When the game reloads, it should start on the debug menu.
Submitted by: anonymous on June 19, 2013

Banana Prince (Import) Tips

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Hidden Ability
Anytime during the game press and hold down the B + D-pad Down buttons for 3 seconds, then immediately press Up + B. This will allow you to perform a hidden ability.
Submitted by: anonymous on June 19, 2013

Banana Prince (Import) Cheats

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Note: A = Bent Banana; B = Half Peeled Banana; C = Peeled Banana; D = Flat Banana

Password Effect
BAABAAAA Level 1-2
DAACAAAB Level 1-3
AAADBAAB Level 2-1
DABAAABB Level 2-2
CABBBCBB Level 2-3
DABCBCBB Level 3-1
BABDCCBC Level 3-2
DACABBBD Level 3-3
AACBCBBD Level 4-1
BACCCBBD Level 4-2
CACDCBBD Level 4-3
AADACBBD Level 5-1
CADBCCBD Level 5-2
AADCCCBA Level 5-3
BADDCCBA Level 6-1
DBAABDBC Level 6-2
BBABCDCC Level 6-3
CBACCDCC Level 7-1
DBADCDCC Level 7-2
CBBACDDC Level 7-3
Submitted by: XbOxGuru on September 29, 2006