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Yoshi's Story Cheats

Yoshi's Story cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for N64. Also see Gameshark Codes, Codebreaker Codes for more Yoshi's Story cheat codes.

Yoshi's Story Unlockables

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Unlockable Characters
UnlockableHow to unlock
Rainbow YoshiFinish All Levels in Story and trial mode, and then collect all coins in trail mode and story mode.
Purple YoshiCollect Coins in all levels in trial mode.
Submitted by: PinkyTheCat on August 09, 2011

Yoshi's Story Tips

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Backfire Bombs
Use this tip when you fight Baby Bowser. When you get Baby Bowser on the ground and off the flying green ghosts wait until he jumps in the air. then fire a bomb to the wall opposite you. If done correctly, Bowser will land and will be hit by the bomb.
Submitted by: Kimiyoshi on June 26, 2004
Bubble Breaking' Without Eggs
Ever run out of eggs at the worst times? Just run into the bubbles multiple times, and eventually they'll break!
Submitted by: Satokasu Suki on May 25, 2004
Different coloured Yoshi's
Here is the locations of some different Yoshi's to find:

Black Yoshi: In story mode, on world 2, level 1, go past the two bone-dragons, past Lakitu, through the pot, through the rocks, go up the floating thing, jump down BUT when you do, don't bother to go left about halfway down, just keep falling. Then go left, to find some more pillars. Make sure through all this, you haven't got all the fruit you need or it won't work. Now jump to the floor and go left. Try to get up. Shoot the thing there and a large black egg will appear. Collect it and finish the level.

White Yoshi: In story mode, on world 3, on level 2, go past all the springs, go through the pot and I think there should be a leaf. Anyway, when you get up to this leaf don't surf on it coz there should be a path going south-east. Follow it, and then go to the left. You will find the mystery bubble again. Shoot it, and out comes the white egg. Get it, and eat enough fruit to leave the level. You now have both Yoshi's! But what's so special you ask? Well each time you shoot an egg with them it makes a big explosion and a lot more things open.

Remember to not eat all the fruit before collecting the egg or it doesn't work. And if you die when you have the egg I think you lose it, so be careful. And if you die as one of those Yoshi's you'll have to get them again.

I know I said 'I think' a few times but that's coz I haven't played it in a while.

Submitted by: Razzy (Rhys Jackson) on January 21, 2007
Go Under Rolling Barrels
Go to page 6-1 Mecha Castle. Go to the first rolling barrel and instead of going straight across, walk down until you reach the bottem of the barrel. Go to the right and you will find a melon. Then go back up the way you came.
Then DONT go under the second barrel, but go under the third one - you will fall until you get to another barrel. quickly get off the barrel to your right. keep going right and you will find miss warp 2. then keep going right and you will see a gap in the floor. jump over it. then just keep going right still and you see a gap in the roof - stay there for a while and and you will see a platform going up and down then jump on THAT. it will take you up and you will see a heart then grab it and jump to the top!
Submitted by: kimiyoshi on March 13, 2004
Suicidal Freak
By pressing A+B+L+Z you can kill your yoshi
Doing this in Tall Tall Tower just right on a spring can make yoshi fly up up up never to return until caught in mid death flight by fly-guys.
Submitted by: Mario Menace on January 09, 2006
Unlock gold yoshi!
One of my friends told em that once you've unlocked all the levels in trial, and then, in time trial mode, get all coins and place first in top five, with all levels, complete story mode without dying and find black and white Yoshi.that you will get a golden yoshi! I went to his house to verify this!
Submitted by: eddierocks2000 on June 19, 2009

Yoshi's Story Cheats

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Adjust stage select display
Press C-Left or C-Right to turn the display, or press R or Z to adjust the zoom.
Submitted by: Dynamite on December 26, 2002
Black and white yoshi
To get black yoshi in Page 2 pick the level BONE DRAGON PIT. When you get to the vase go in it.
When you spot a orange tulip lick it and shoot up
by holding the control stick down until you shoot up and you might find a huge egg with black spots. Then win the level when you pick it up.
[Not in trail mode]

To get white yoshi in Page 3 pick the level TALL TOWER. When you get to find a vaze next to a shyguy holding a pepper go in the vaze.
Then you will see some gap in the side of a floor
below the one you were walking on. Go through the gap and you should find a white egg.
When you pick it up win the level with it.
[Not in trail mode]
Submitted by: Ryan Turcot on April 21, 2002
If you eat a Power Bee (the butterflies) the same time you hit an enemy, if you're lucky, it'll not damage you. A great example is in Bone Dragon Pit. There is a Power Bee next to a Bone Dragon's head.
Submitted by: Andrew on September 04, 2007
Mario Paint theme song
Enter the "Time Trial" menu and listed to the game theme eight times.
Submitted by: Dynamite on December 26, 2002
Shrink in "Piranha Groove" (level 4-4). Hit an egg block while shrunk to create a very small egg. Take it while still shrunk. The egg will remain small as you return to normal size. Note: The mini-egg is still as powerful as the full-size version.
Submitted by: Dynamite on December 26, 2002
Purple Yoshi
The purple Yoshi is EXTREMELY hard to get. You must get all the coins in every level without losing a Yoshi. I had it, but my data got deleted . The hardest ones in this case are Ghost Castle and Magma Castle.
Submitted by: Andrew on September 09, 2007
Restore Yoshi
Locate and get a white Shy Guy. Complete the current level and enter the character selection screen for the next level. Select the Shy Guy to restore one of the dead Yoshis. Note: If no Yoshis have been lost, the white Shy Guy will not appear.
Submitted by: Dynamite on December 26, 2002
Select Yoshi's color in practice mode
Select any course under "Trial" mode. Select the desired Yoshi and press Start, then press Start + Z. Press B and being practice mode with that color Yoshi.
Submitted by: Dynamite on December 26, 2002
Special message
Collect six melons in a row during a mini-game to get a heart fruit. Eat the fruit to create a letter made from coins at the end of the mini-game. If you use the letters in the order of appearance by level, they spell the following phrase: "YOU ARE YOSHI'S GREAT PARTNER".
Submitted by: Dynamite on December 26, 2002
Press Z + L + A + B.
Submitted by: Dynamite on December 26, 2002
Walk on lava
Begin game play on "Blarg's Pit" (level 2-2) and reach the first heart. Jump.
Submitted by: Dynamite on December 26, 2002