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   (last update - May 09 2000)

Various Passwords
To access the Password screen, go to the Options menu, highlight "Game Status and press L1 + R1.

All charactersLLA_KCOLNU
All characters have maximum statsLLA_DORTOH
Can Pick the Same Car in MultiplayerMIXED_CARS
Disable all CodesNO_CODE
Disables Wheel Attachment IconsDRIVE_ONLY
Enemies Attack SimultaneouslyUNDER_FIRE
Higher SuspensionsJACK_IT_UP
Increases Car's Weight & Ramming AbilityGO_RAMMING
InvincibilityEnter ELBICNIVNI
Instant ActionQUICK_PLAY
Lighter CarsHI_CEILING
Reduced GravityNO_GRAVITY
Slow MotionGO_SLOW_MO
Stronger MissilesBLAST_FIRE
View all Ending SequencesLONG_MOVIE

Bonus Characters
Complete all objectives in Quest Mode with the stated characters to obtain the corresponding bonus character:


Obtain...Beat with...
Lord ClydeNina Loco, Molo, & Dallas 13
ObakeLord Clyde


Obtain...Beat with...
HoustonSheila, John Torque, & the Flying All-Star Trio
Dave's Cultsmen*Convoy


Obtain...Beat with...
Chassey BlueAstronaunt Bob O, Garbage Man, & Agent R. Chase
Padre DestinoChassey Blue
Dusty Earth*Padre Destino

* You cannot play Quest Mode with these characters.

Special attacks

Interceptor Missiles
Attack 1: Up, Up, Down, Machine Gun
Attack 2: Up, Up, Up, Machine Gun
Attack 3: Up, Up, Right, Machine Gun

Bull's Eye Rockets
Attack 1: Up, Down, Down, Machine Gun
Attack 2: Up, Down, Up, Machine Gun
Attack 3: Up, Down, Right, Machine Gun

Sky Hammer Mortar
Attack 1: Down, Down, Down, Machine Gun
Attack 2: Down, Down, Up, Machine Gun
Attack 3: Down, Down, Right, Machine Gun

Brusier Cannon
Attack 1: Down, Up, Down, Machine Gun
Attack 2: Down, Up, Up, Machine Gun
Attack 3: Down, Up, Right, Machine Gun

Roadkill Mines
Attack 1: Left, Right, Down, Machine Gun
Attack 2: Left, Right, Up, Machine Gun
Attack 3: Right, Left, Right, Machine Gun

Brimstone Burner
Attack 1: Right, Left, Up, Machine Gun
Attack 2: Right, Left, Down, Machine Gun
Attack 3: Right, Left, Right, Machine Gun


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Code screen:
Enter the options screen, highlight "Game Status" then press L1 + R1.

Enter ELBICNIVNI as a code.

All characters
Enter LLA_KCOLNU as a code.

All characters have max stats
Enter LLA_DORTOH as a code.

Rapid fire mode
Enter RAPID_FIRE as a code.

Heavier cars
Enter GO_RAMMING as a code.

Lighter cars
Enter HI_CEILING as a code.

No gravity
Enter NO_GRAVITY as a code.

Big wheels
Enter GO_MONSTER as a code.

View all ending sequences
Enter LONG_MOVIE as a code.

Same cars in multiplayer mode
Enter MIXED_CARS as a code.

Super missiles
Enter BLAST_FIRE as a code.

Attract enemies
Enter UNDER_FIRE as a code.

Slow motion mode
Enter GO_SLOW_MO as a code.

Faster cars
Enter MORE_SPEED as a code.

Faster action
Enter QUICK_PLAY as a code.

Higher suspension
Enter JACK_IT_UP as a code.

Disable codes
Enter any invalid code three consecutive times.

Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Master of the VG on August 10, 2005