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   (last update - Sep 24 2000)

Cheat Codes
Select the "Secrets" option from the main menu or pause screen. Enter one of the following codes at the "Enter New Secret" screen. Select the "Secrets" option and set each enabled code as desired.

Invincibility[Raven] [Salmon] [Eagle] [Bear] [Lizard] [Rabbit]
All weapons[Owl] [Bear] [Owl] [Insect] [Hawk] [Owl]
Infinite ammunition[Salmon] [Elk] [Bull] [Snake] [Eagle] [Salmon]
All keys[Lizard] [Dragonfly] [Bull] [Bear] [Wolf] [Eagle]
Warp level 1[Frog] [Elk] [Horse] [Dragonfly] [Wolf] [Rabbit]
Warp level 2[Owl] [Owl] [Horse] [Elk] [Elk] [Elk]
Warp level 3[Owl] [Rabbit] [Bear] [Insect] [Frog] [Cougar]
Warp level 4[Bear] [Horse] [Raven] [Eagle] [Horse] [Coyote]
Warp level 5[Bear] [Dragonfly] [Horse] [Bear] [Frog] [Elk]
Headless mode[Lizard] [Elk] [Eagle] [Owl] [Salmon] [Horse]
Big head mode[Cougar] [Wolf] [Snake] [Rabbit] [Lizard] [Coyote]
Big hands and feet[Lizard] [Lizard] [Dragonfly] [Horse] [Lizard] [Coyote]
Stick man mode[Horse] [Eagle] [Snake] [Cougar] [Insect] [Salmon]
Tiny mode[Frog] [Frog] [Salmon] [Insect] [Wolf] [Cougar]
Mannequin mode[Snake] [Bull] [Snake] [Frog] [Bear] [Elk]
Pen and ink mode[Jaguar] [Horse] [Elk] [Fish] [Jaguar] [Hawk]
Gasping mode[Dragonfly] [Bull] [Rabbit] [Salmon] [Eagle] [Raven]
Gouraud shaded graphics[Lizard] [Salmon] [Insect] [Salmon] [Wolf] [Dragonfly]
Menu madness[Rabbit] [Owl] [Horse] [Insect] [Bear] [Bear]
Full pause screen[Rabbit] [Owl] [Lizard] [Elk] [Salmon] [Rabbit]
View credits[Elk] [Elk] [Elk] [Elk] [Elk] [Elk]


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elevator power button

On the first level, go to the elevator power generator, and shoot it before turning it on. Blood should splatter on the wall
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: ethan ross on October 02, 2008


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The Super Cheat

[Elk] [Lizard] [Dragonfly] [Lizard] [Hawk] [Owl] as a password at the New secret screen.
The enter [Horse] [Bull] [Wolf] [Raven] [Eagle] [Rabbit], almost all cheats will be unlocked.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Primagen on January 29, 2003