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Disney's Tarzan Cheats

Disney's Tarzan cheats, Codes, and Codes for N64.

Older Cheats:

   (last update - Mar 14 2000)

Cheat mode:
press Left (x2), Right (x2), Up, Down, Left, Right, Up (x2), Down (x2) from the Main Menu. A cheats option will appear at the bottom of the menu.

Disney's Tarzan Command codes

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Have\Level & Tokens Completed 100%
800DD22F 0000
800DD230 0001
800DD231 0000
Submitted by: saurmani on August 12, 2010

Disney's Tarzan Cheats

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Collecting Coins
When you are on levels 5 and 7 and you have to do the VINE SURFING and collect the coins here are the ways that you need to lean to get them:

Key: S-straight, L-left, R-right.

Level 5- S L L R L S
Level 7- R L R R R L R L L
Submitted by: Chad on May 04, 2007