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Star Wars: Rogue Squadron Cheats

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Bonus Passwords

Entering these at the password entry screen will open extras or provide some interesting effects
PasswordWhat it does
DIRECTOREnables the option to watch all ingame cutscenes
HARDROCKChange the title screen image.
BLAMEUSSee a picture of the design team.
CHICKENDrops the player into a bonus level controlling an AT-ST taking on a rebel base.
MAESTROEnables the player to viev all craft in the game and listen to all the music used in Rogue Squadron.
Verified by: Insanity Prevails Submitted by: sarpadon, Tyler on June 04, 2003

Missions Effect Passwords

Enter these at the password screen to alter mission conditions
PasswordWhat it does
TOUGHGUYGives all powerups for every ship
IGIVEUPThis gives you unlimited lives unless you fail a mission.
DEADDACKUnlocks all levels
ACEIncrease difficulty
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: sarpadon, sarpadon, Georgie Porgie, sarpadon on June 04, 2003

Playable Ship Passwords

Entering these passwords at the password entry screen will let you use various non-standard ships.
PasswordShip It Unlocks
FARMBOYMillenium Falcon
TIEDUPTIE Interceptor (Enter the FARMBOY password too, as you need to press up in the hangar while highlighting the Millenium Falcon to find this ship).
HALIFAX?, then !YNGWIE!Naboo Starfighter
KOELSCHTurns the V-Wing into a flying cadillac.
Verified by: hollandmiles, Capn Droid Submitted by: sarpadon, sarpadon on June 04, 2003