Super Smash Bros. Cheats

Super Smash Bros. cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for N64. Also see GameShark Codes for more Super Smash Bros. cheat codes.


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Unlock Stage
Meet the condition to unlock the stage
UnlockableHow to unlock
Mushroom KingdomTo unlock Mushroom Kingdom in Vs. Mode, You must clear 1P Mode with all 8 Starter Characters on any difficulty with any lives without using a Continue.
BattlefieldAll characters 12 starter 1 lives
Unlockables Characters, etc.
UnlockableHow to unlock
JigglypuffFinish one player mode on any difficulty with any amount of lives and defeat him when challenged
Captain FalconFinish one player mode in 20 minutes and defeat him when challenged
NessFinish one player mode on Normal with 3 lives and no continues, and defeat him when challenged
LuigiFinish the target tests for all of the first 8 characters, unlockable characters don't count and defeat him when challenged


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%999 easy
Go to practice mode with either Samus, Luigi, or mario then choose any stage(i prefer Yoshi's Island) When you start, press start and choose as many green shells you can get.(shells has to be near cpu) Then with either samus, luigi, or mario you do a move list below

Mario-mario tornado
Luigi-luigi tornado
samus- ball spin attack

Note:with samus u hav to be under them for it to work
1 hit KO
an easy way to kill your opponent in 1 hit, is by getting a homerun bat, and using a smash attack
1,000,000 points easily!
Beat the enemy under 20 seconds and do Fighter Stance(L) and that will get you 100 extra bonus points. Then you will get over 20,000 points when you beat the enemy. Then when yoy beat the Master Hand you will have over 1,000,000 points
25,000 Points
Defeat all the Kirbys in the correct order in 1 player game - usually Mario, then DK...etc.
3-6 hit KO
Lead your opponet to the edge and keep pressing the A-button punch.The opponet will most likely use all his jumps, along with his B+UP jump( If he has them), and he will idiotically fall off.
1: Doing this against Jigglypuff and Kirby will take more jumps because They can float. Kirby's B+UP move is hard to fight off.
2:Speaking of B+UP, Some fighters' B+UP are hard to fight off or gets them up high enough to save them, like Mario's (and Luigi's of course. How else do I win with him?) Vice-versa, they are easy to blow a hole through or They Don't jump with it at all, like Yoshi's or Jigglypuff's.
Well' bye! ("Finally! *groan* How darn long does it take to make one stinkin' tip?!?"
5 hit ko
Get Luigi, during gameplay shoot fire and then straight after do a coin tornado and it should make that smashing sound and this will send them flying after about 4 or 5 hits.
50,000 Points
Defeat each Yoshi in 1 player mode in the correct order for 50,000 points!
8**% damage FAST in Training Mode
Go to Yoshi's Island on training mode, your opponet can be any one and you must be Mario or Samus, Go to the top and get 3-4 red shells right next to them, then do the Samus UP-B attack or a mario tornado (This will not work with a Luigi Cyclone ) and in 4-5 seconds, you will both have 8**% damage, I use * to represent randomness, you never know what * is gonna be
999% All Around
On 1-player, go to training mode. Choose mario (it has to be mario for the cheat to work) and any opponent. Choose any flat arena and press start when the game starts. From the start menu go to red shell and take 4 red shells. Then have mario do B-down (tornado punch) next to the red shells and the opponent. It will be very quick and it works occasionally, but keep trying if it doesn't work. It's not helpful but it's funny if the computer attacks you!
A few fun multiplayer games
So I've been playing SSB since it came out. These are a few fun game modes I've made up. Most of them need the item switch.

1: Hammerfest-Hyrule Castle, any characters. Set the damage to 200%, and change the items so only Hammers appear, Very High rate. Get 99 lives, or a bunch of time, and have fun smashing. This works great for racking up stats for characters. Play against anything below lvl 5 for a beat down, and 6 and up for a challenge. Works best with four characters.

2: Tag Team tournament. Any level, any characters, any type of match. The way this works is, get the SSB "Teams." The rules for a team are, the characters must be within from the same franchise, or have the same "Homeworld." Game franchises are Mario-DK, Mario-Luigi, Mario-Yoshi, Luigi-Yoshi, etc. Jigglypuff and pikachu,etc. Homeworld teams include Ness-Kirby, Samus-Falcon, etc. Just battle the teams elimination style. 2 on 2 till one team remains.

3: Get you @$$ kicked. Be any character, set the damage to 50%, set your handicap to 1, and face three lvl 9 opponents all on the same team. Turn off all items, and get only ONE life. Good luck!

4: Star Wars- This is just fun. Damage at 50%, and the only items allowed are blasters, and swords. At sector Z. You can be any character with a space affiliation, or psychic abilities. Samus, Ness, Falcon, Fox, Kirby (Maybe?). Let em fight it it star wars style.
A few tips for characters
ok, i got a few tips I'd like to add for some characters...

Ness: Ness's jump-down-A move is very useful, but it's ever more useful when you can do a super short jump. To do this you must do a double jump FAST, then do your attack RIGHT AFTER. this will make him attack at a super short hop.
Fox: this is my favorite... SHINE CANCELLING... What you have to do is do a jump, then if at right timing use his deflector and if successful... you will do a counter attack without that afterlag.
C.F.: Lots know this, but when CF is knocked off the edge and is high off ground... use falcon punch because tha'll advance him a little further. Another things is than when you hit an enemy thats close to an edge, you his spike attack with a short hop, only at right timing though.
Pikachu: this is also one of my favs. When someone is literally off the stage.... KO THEM! pikachus up-B ability is long distant and can giv him the best survival rate, so knock opponents further with pika, his jump reverse A attack is the best use.
A few tips for characters 2
Link: A lot of people think they are good with link when they actually aren't... OVER HALF CANNOT EVEN Z-CANCEL! He is the character that needs the most Z-Cancelling, especially for his down A meteor attack and his up A aerial stab. If you don't Z-Cancel that'll leave you right open for an attack. also when hanging, its best to drop down then immediately up-B, your opponent won't be able to back fire.
Kirby: Yes...I'm doing tips for Kirby...the most cheapest character in the whole game... His jump down A spike is very useful, in both spike attack and for comboing, when comboing you have ti do a short jump or you won't inflict as much damage, also when you use that attack Z-CANCEL then use your super up A attack, not smash, and use it about 1 or 2 times, then create your combo from there. his best edgegaurd technique is his up-B AND HAS TO BE USED AT THE RIGHT TIME OR ELSE YOU MIGHT KO YOURSELF or fail to spike your opponent down.
Samus: I'm not much of a Samus user so don't expect much. A good combo is to meteor smash an opponent while on ground and at 120+%, then jump and do a reverse A attack, this should be able to KO them...possible they could survive. Also another tip for Samus's survival is to use her Down-B move, which will give a small hightened boost, only use when you are higher than the platform you can get on.

That's all for now... I did fight Malva(Isai)...and got 4 stocked...
An Easier Way to get 1,000,000 points or more.
I think the easiest way to get 1,000,000 points or more in 1-player mode is by getting the Yoshi Rainbow (5,0000 points)and the Kirby Ranks (25,000) bonus and never getting Cheap Shot (-99 points). 3 more things. One is on bonus games get all 10 Targets/Platforms and finishing as quickly as possible in Race to the finish. Second is by always getting Fighter Stance (100 points. And last but not least, (drumroll please) by getting Tornado Clear (when you're against Link), Arwing Clear when (you're against Fox), and Acid Clear (when you're agaisnt Samus). Although I forgot how much points you get. You also get an "Incredible" at the end instead of a "Congratulations".

P.S. I've gotten Incredible 4 times. 1 time with Mario. 1 time with Kirby. And 2 times with Ness.
another boom for pokemon!
boom. go to pokemon city and in training mode. spawn a bomb, then throw it in the pokemon door. stand on the roof above it and you will still get hurt!
Anti-Hammer Bombs
Here's a trick to defeat hammer users at any time. Be Link and spawn bombs when the opponent has a hammer. Throw bombs at them and then attack them when they're on the ground (especially smash attacks or when they're near the edge). Tip: don't attack them if their hp% is still low, or they will recover and annihilate you.
batter up
first go to training dk and go to any place with a large drop off(ship,konga jungle,ect).go next to the drop off were your enemy right next to the ledge.go next to the enemy and press down+b.he should be airborn.about a second later press left+a or right+a(depends on were the enemy is).if you did it right,the enemy will go flying
Set your handicap to 1, oppent cpus to 3. Set team battle mode, you vs, 3 lvl 9 cpus with lvl 9 handicap.
Set your damage ratio to 50%
No items.

bouncing on pokemon
if you jump in front of the door when a pokemon comes out, you can bounce on it. this will not work if out comes voltorb. if charazard does, you are lucky because you avoid his flames and anyone who wants to attack you will be burned or will have to wait!
Break enemies defense shield easier.
Now this will work with anyone by the way. First make it one on one any character. (practice btw) Make sure you have the item choice on fan. Now when you're in the battle make a fan appear, and hit the enemy until it uses its shield and if you're quick enough, hit the the enemie's shield with the fan. It should either break it or make it weaken quicker.
bumper bounce
when there is a bumper between you and someone near the edge,run into the bumper continuosly(although you bounce off it)then it will hit the player and knock him/er off the edge.
Captin Falcon Tips
Any charactor can be great if you know how to use them, so here are some tips for Falcon.

-In a one-on-one fight, wait for your opponant to strike, dodge, and give a few quick hits. Then get back and repeat.

-When your opponant has 150-200%, string your forward smash (the fiery kick) into the combo to knock them off.

-In a multi-man brawl, just sneak in and strike anybody who is of guard.
Chansey The Helper
When playing in Saffron City, when Chansey pops out of the building quickly run into her and she will heal you a little, a bit like a maximum tomato or heart container does.
Cheap Kills
There are a few ways to get easy kills in Super Smash Bros:

- Play as Yoshi. Go near the edge of any level and wait for an opponent to confront you. Press B--> or B<-- (depending on where you are standing) and turn the opponent into an egg. The egg will fall off screen and kill your opponent before they have time to break out of the egg.

- Play as any character. When a homerun bat appears, grab it. Turn away from the opponent you want to kill. When they are close, hold A--> or A<-- (depending on where your opponent is standing) and they will automatically get KOed.

- Play as Jigglypuff or Kirby. When you have knocked an opponent off screen, wait until they have jumped twice and pressed B. Hit them before they can grab onto a ledge and they will fall and be unable to jump anymore.

- Play as Donkey Kong. When your opponent his high damage (more than 65%) pick them up and walk off an edge. Wait for a second or two and throw them. They will be too far away to jump back onto a platform.
this will only work in vs.mode once you have gotten to the menu where you choose guys activate all of the other guys push them to the same character and choose what color you like best and then drag them to a diffrent guy but your color will still be there! Have Fun!
Easier way to change opponent's colors: Mouse over them, and instead of pressing A, press C to change the color.
When choosing your character, press c to change your character's color
Comparing Characters Weight
Go to the Mushroom Kingdom stage with any 2 characters (you unlock Mushroom Kingdom by beating single player mode with all characters). In the center of the stage you should see 2 platforms seemingly connected. Next make one player jump on the left platform and have the other player jump on the right platform. Whichever character weighs more will be lowered (kinda like an old fashion scale)

NOTES: Results of this trick will vary depending on characters. One fun way to experiment with this (this only works with 4 people) is try having 2 players on each side or 2 players on 1 side and 1 player on the other side (only requiring 3 players}. To do this trick you need AT LEAST 2 players.
DK's Tempertantrum in Mushroom Kingdom
Make yourself DK and select the mushroom kingdom as the stage. Go to the lower left corner and when a player comes in keep on pressing Down B the player will get trapped between the roof and the ground.
Double Reflector With Fox
As fox play on mushroom kingdom and pick an opponent as u please, perferably samus, as the match starts make sure samus is a hmn player, take the controler for samus and place her in the middle of the map, grab the controler that controls fox and get in range for the deflector to push samus away, as samus is flying to the opposite direction of u press z and the direction towards samus then deflector again keep doin this for 3-4 times and there should be a deflector permanently on the other side of samus and u, the deflector affect will still work. Make sure damage percentage is 50% so samus wont move as much.

Ive been playing smash bros since it came out and since then ive played 3 hrs a day to master each character that is y i call myself the king, i have never been beaten and people still try, the only person who has beat me is my friend and that is because hes more nerd than i am.
Easier way to kill Metal Mario
Are you getting tired of having to spend tons of minutes trying to take down Metal Mario?Well I got a solution!Select DK as your character for 1P mode.When you get to Metal Mario grab him with R,walk off the edge and throw him with R again.Then do a mid air jump and then up+B to save yourself.Metal Mario should be lead to his death.

Note:It doesn't always work.Metal Mario Might save himself with up+B.So keep an eye on him.
Easier way to KO an opponent with low percentage
Are you bored of trying to KO an opponent when he/she has a HIGH percentage. Well I'm not because of this cheat I found. When you go to versus mode, pick Ness as your character and any CPU (excluding Kirby or Jigglypuff since they have more than 2 jumps) when the battle starts, use PK Fire like 2 times but make sure your opponent doesn't sheild. Then throw them and before they get back, jump off the stage and while in the air do your Down+A attack. Then quickly get back to safety and your opponent should be KOed.

P.S. I've tried this in 3 minute time matches and get like 15-20 KOs.
Easy Way to hit opponents with a Home Run Bat
Are you having problems hitting people with Home Run Bats when using a smash attack? Well I've got a solution! Play as Jigglypuff on any stage. Get a Home Run Bat and do Jigglypuff's Sing. If you put the opponent to sleep, smash them with the Home Run Bat!
Easy Win
You already have unlocked the Item Switch Menu in the options menu of the VS. Mode. Then go into the Item Switch Menu turn of all the items except the hammer and then turn the appearance % up to very high. And then go into a battle and every time an item appears it will be a hammer. When you get the item. Use it to hit all three of your opponents and it will take about three hits of the hammer for each player and they will go flying. Repeat this again and again until every opponent is defeated.
Easy Yoshi Team/Kirby Team/Polygon team win
Use Donkey Kong in 1-P mode. Once the fight starts, go to your desired area to fight. Then hold the joystick down and press B repeatedly. Once the enemies come close enough, they will go flying away!
Falcon killer combo, by master player: me
When you are falcon, against any player, falcon is the best. What you do is throw them in his slam-dunk move or up and A them to start the combo. They are stunned, so jump, use your upward kick to them (up and A in the air), about 3 times quickly while they are continually are stunned, and use your up and B move to finish them to about 70%. This is the basic combo, so i left out the extras(i do 124%) so no one is better than me. Oh, i beat 3 lvl 9's on any level without losing ever on stock or time.What can i say. i'm a champion.
Fan Smashing
If one is simply to face Jigglypuff in any multi-player mode, one need only acquire a fan and no fear of hitting the "A" button. This cheat requires no codes or nerdy genius; for all one needs to do after picking up the fan is to do a smash attack towards jiggly puff, while one is still holding the fan. If said balloon pocket monster is using its shield, then the shield will break and it will be knocked into the highest zenith, regardless of whether or not it has been affected adversely by other players' attacks.
Faster Kill
This is an easy way to kill anybody nomatter who they are. First, you have to choose either DK or Yoshi. Grab your opponent and lead them to the edge of any stage. When they try to come back to the stage, jump at them and press side A(depending which side they are on) this will work perfectly if they have over 20% damage. They will not come back.
Fight Fun!
When you fight, if you have unlocked the item switch, turn it on high al bombs and have an explosive time!
Fox's 100% Damage Move
Go into Training mode... Get up really dlose to the opponent. Now spawn three or four green shells and do his Reflect back move. If done correctly It'll do anywhere between 70 and 110% damage
Give the crowd some excitement!
On Starfox's level you can accumulate decent damage by performing this move. I'd recommend using Pikachu and Jigglypuff. You should practice this in training mode before actually performing this in one player mode. Alright, once you've started the training mode and your standing around on the spaceship, start accumulating damage and make sure you are hitting your opponent towards the right. Once you get on the lower level of the ship where the flames exhaust out of the pipe, get in a position and start tailwhipping your opponent towards the wall. Remember the more damage you cause to your opponent the less gravity your opponent will have meaning your enemy will start flying faster and faster after every hit they receive. So if your enemy flies past you after hitting the wall, reposition your enemy and yourself until you get a good series of hits going. Doing this will make the crowd cheer and you will accumulate at least up to 250% before being KOed. To get the crowd to start cheering you need at least 140% damage given to your opponent.

Hopefully this will keep you from getting bored. Its really hilarious so you should try it. Most series of tailwhipps I got was 17.
good game in multiplayer
if your bored of playing the same thing over and over, try this:

pick any charecter you want give yourself one life and set all the cpu's to 9 and cancel all items. then set it to team battle and make them all go against you.
Have fun.

Tip. Wait For Them To Come To You.
Hammering Fun! Plus rides on Arwings!
This is a really fun thing to do! First, go to the item switch and turn everything off except for Hammer and put it on Very High. Next pick any character you want and any CPUs (I usually use Yoshi CPUs because they do a lot of double jump canceling) that MUST be all at level 9. Then go to Sector Z and if a CPU grabs a hammer, run away! And what's really fun is that Arwings come sometime and you can get rides to avoid the hammer dude/girl easier! Well, jump if the Arwing low because the hammer dude/girl could jump and hit you. This is really fun! You should try it!
Never trust foriegn foods, especialy the tomatoes at hyrule castle. Go to the vs. mode, set item switch on very high, max. tomatoes. Chose any charactor, then select hyrule castle. EVERY BOX, BARREL, AND CAPLE WILL EXPLODE, DEALING UP TO OVER 45%.This cheat really confuses computer players, that have a habit of throwing capsules at their feet. I think the hyrule gardener uses gunpowder instead of fertalizer.
how to beet pirana plants
At the mushroom kingdom stage,get a hammer and wait next to a warp tube and wait for a piranah plant to come up.Hit him several times and you'll see it pop off.

Note: Do this to all of them
How to get 1000,000 points in an easy way
I think the easiest way to get 1000,000 points in 1P mode is to get the Yoshi Rainbow and the Kirby Ranks and No miss clear. Next, Get tornado clear, ARWING clear and Acid clear, Lastly, get the Perfect award for each bonus stage and race to the finish as soon as possible. Combine these all together and there, you have 1000,000 points at the end!

P.S. I got incredible 7 times, 1 for Mario, DK, Ness, Captain Falcon, and three for Pikachu.
Everyone knows a power hit from a bat is an instant kill as well as a hammer but if you're ever playing Jigglypuff and you have a fan do a power A attack on her and if she happens to shield, she will fly off the screen regardless of how high or low her health percentage. I believe any other character will simply be dazed as the fan is generally used as a shield breaker but jigglypuff flies straight up and off the map. This is great to use on one of your friends, come at them with the fan, power hit, and watch their face as they fly off the screen. What's odd is I have tried this on a few characters and pikachu is one who makes a noise as if he's flying off the screen but he doesn't. He always stays grounded.. weird glitch.
Jigglypuff Tip
Go to Training Mode and pick Jigglypuff. Then pick Luigi as your opponent. pick stage Hyrule Castle. Then push Luigi to a block on the castle on the edge.Then jump up and immediately push Down+A. This technique is good for building up damage. Finish off with either a Up+A or Rest.
Kamikaze Kirby
When playing against Kirby as any character, stand near the edge of the platform and get your opponent to swallow you. If you are close enough to the edge, you can tap the joystick repeatedly in that direction to send both you and Kirby plummeting to your simultaneous deaths. Make sure he doesn't spit you out first!
kick em when hes down!
if your opponent is hanging off a ledge, do a down A attack near the edge to get him off it. it wont work if the opponent is "blinking" though. wait till he/she is completely "non blinking" <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Kill Charmander at Saffron City
These are 3 ways I found how to kill Charmander when he pops out of the door in Saffron City. First of all, when Charmander pops out, throw bob-ombs at him. Second if you're Kirby, turn to rock form and Charmander should fly away. Last but not least is if you're Pikachu (I'm not really sure if this works because it happened to me just today which is 4/22/07) rush to the door, and hope Charmander pops out. When you're near the door while still dashing, press A to do a dash attack and Charmander should fly away. If you know more ways, pad yourself on the back.
Kill Charmander in Saffron City
when pops out and you get a hammer use the hammer and hit him and he will fly away and is just the same exact thing with Chansey
Kirby Domination
Kirby can beat anyone and everyone very easily if you follow these tips:

Beat three lvl. 9's.
When playing any computer players at any lvl. start off each round of multiplayer by flying up high over their heads. They will jump straight up every time. As soon as they start to jump use your Down-B move and block all of them. This works with 3 lvl. 9 enemies of any kind, although it is more difficult against people like fox and captain falcon since they can jump and up-kick very fast. It works great when you have all three lined up underneath you and WAM!

Level advantages:
Every level presents an advantage for Kirby. DK's level isn't the best but heres some things you can do: when coming back after dying you are straight above the two moving platforms. If someone is on the ground in the very middle crease of the platforms go into a block and you'll go straight between the platforms and hit them. They never see it coming. Also, a good way to tick someone off is to float over a barrel and right when someones going to fall into it, go in. they fall down and miss the barrel. Another easy kill is staying above someone underneath the ground level. Since they can jump through the floor just stay above them and hit them preferably with the down A move while on the ground as they try to jump through the floor and they will die.

Mario Air Kingdom:
Kirby has great advantages on mario kingdom. First off, he's the only character who can move straight through the bumper without being affected. So, if someone is directly underneath the bumper and kirby is directly above, they can't jump to hit him for fear of hitting the bumper. Hence, Kirby can easily go into block form with down B and go straight through the bumper and down on the opponent. Another good move is when on the moving platforms get someone just inside of the slanted floating columns. Then grab them push back, meaning the backward slam throw and they should go backward, hit the bottom of the column and go down to their death. (this works better when their health is fairly low.)

Kirby's Dreamland:
It's Kirby's dreamland! of course he has advantages. The best would be to wait by the edge and when someone gets close enough, jump up so you're far enough from the edge, suck them in, and as you sink below shoot them out so they are underneath the platform. Usually an instant kill. Another awesome kill method which is hard to come by is to plant three mines in certain locations. Similar to a game of pool, when one mine is just left of the the right platform on ground level and another mine is on the left side of the right platform and yet another is on the right side of the top platform something incredible happens. If an approaching enemy hits the ground level mine from the right side he should shoot up and hit the mine on the right platform and then hit the mine on the top platform and usually blasts off the map. More fun then a game of pinball.

Sektor Z:
Get close to either edge and jump off, just like on kirby's dreamland and suck someone in and shoot 'em underneath. Works like a charm.

Link's high tower:
Not a lot here but if someone gets sucked into the tornado, float above it and do your down-A move and it will shoot them down right back into the tornado. another good move is when your on either end and if your close to the two higher ledges that lead to the main long strip of walkway, hit an opponent against that wall and they will bounce off and allow you to continuously hit them.

Samus' place:
Not a lot here, same effects as DK's and such. Careful though. If you go into block form and you're above the plasma stuff you'll go straight through it and die.

Safron City: sword move on Helicopter platform.. Nuff said.

Yoshi's place:
Suck guys in beside ledge, shoot em underneath platform.
kirby:super smash bros:swalow'n leunch
if you swalow a enumy and if you don't feel like copying the enumy attack or whatever,leunch's easy,press b,then,press a and him or her get luenched like a,isn't it?
KO Kirby Team
Pick Mario for the 1-P Game. When you get to vs. Kirby Team, Use Mario's Up+B attack on a Kirby. It will be KOed.
ko to bottom
u must do this with a character tat can do u knock ur opponet off the stadium regulaly,then u do down+a on top of them.if u accomplished,good job u just pwned them really good.
ko to the bottom
ok,this cheat will kill ur opponet no matter wat[umless u hack]this is best with u first do forward+a to ur opponet repeatly untill u knock him/her off the stage.then u get ur character and do down+a at top of him/her then its a ko.u must do this correctly!
Okay, guys, honestly I don't think that any of you out there have half of the talent that you THINK you do. "I'm the best" and "No you're not" people, just put your heads back into your shells. They're liable to get ripped off by actual game hawks.

That said, here's an undyingly helpful tip, with a scenario!

Have you been knocked around by Kirby without ever being able to recuperate before he starts beating you again? I have the solution!

L-Cancelling! When you're in a freefall (falling after you've been hit), hold Z and tap left or right before you hit the ground. You'll roll and recover immediately.
Link is awesome
So i hope i'm not the only one who knows about this: When you're link if you throw your boomerange like you would try to do a hard smash your boomerange goes twice as far. At hyrule castle it almost covers the map. try it. <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Link,mario and donkey konng combos
Links combo is, have a bomb in your hand(b+down)then throw a boomerang(b)when the boomerang is coming back to you,throw the bomb for a effective double attack.
Mario's combo is, tornado(b+down)then press up to get to the ground(dont jump high for it to work)then before he or she lands use a coin toss(b+up) for another effective double attack

Donkey kong's combo is, use a floor slam(b+down),have your sonic punch(b)at its full power then when the guys high enough wait till he or she gets really close to the ground then use the sonic punch.
luigi twin.
luigi can also do the 999 percent thing like mario. the c buttons change your colour in character they can be more alike!
Luigi's fire uppercut
To do a fire uppercut with Luigi simply get right next to them or under them, and give them an Up Smash. It's more powerful than a reuglar Up Smash. You know you've done it correctly if you hear a loud ping sound.
Luigi's Kick
(Note: This is very hard to attempt against moving characters... it is recommended to be in practice mode to make the opponent stand still.)

When you have the chance be Luigi and get as close to an opponent as you can... Do his pose which is a bashful little-kick on the ground. If done when close enough it should kick the opponent and do 1% damage... Not that useful but a funny tip!
Luigi's kick taunt.
When someone is on the edge of a stage,get near him/her and do Luigi's taunt.Him or her should automatically fall into the abyss :]
Luigi,, a lean mean KOin machine
How to KO your opponent:

With Luigi and fight anyone at any stage.
Do down-B several times.
Do up-B after 80% to KO.
Taunt/Mock/Brag/Gloat if wanted.
Mario & Luigi's extra jump
A thing that many haven't noticed, is that Mario Bros. has an extra jump. When you do the Mario Tornado/Luigi Cyclone, start tapping B repeatedly. He will hover in the air.

NOTE: You can't do the attack two times before touching the ground. If you could, Mario Bros. would have the best awesome infinite recovery attack.
Mario takes heavy damage
Go to training mode and choose Mario as you and anyone as a CPU. Make sure your CPU is on stand. Get close to him and put down 4 red shells. Use your Down+B attack. This brings Mario from 0% to 400%-500%!!!
Marios Ultimate Super Tornado
You can use this move in Training Mode or in any mode if you happen to find 3 Green Shells lying around. Place 3 Green Shells then but Mario and the opponent between them. Then use Mario's "Mario Tornado" attack by pressing Down-B. A glitch will occur and mario and the opponent and the shells will freeze. By the time the opponents damage is %999 the shells will disapear and the glitch will stop. Then one attack can send the opponent flying. Try using the item options on vs. mode and make Shell's the only item.
Metal Mario Easy Kill
Be Yoshi and stand on the edge of the map. when metal Mario comes along turn him into an egg and he will fall off the edge as the egg. You will get 1 hit kill award if you do this right.
More points in Single Player
When you face master hand, Only use your air attacks. When you defeat him, you wont get a -99 point. Instead, you will get an additional 18000 points.
More Points on Master Hand with Yoshi
If you want more points on master hand, listen closely. Jump right above master Hand only like an inch away and press a and down at the same exact time and Yoshi will do a really good combo that can kill him fast. You can get speed king if ur above a minute when u kill him. Thats 40,000 points. TRY IT AND HAVE FUN
Mushroom Kingdom
To unlock the Mushroom Kingdom, you must first beat the 1p game on normal difficulty with the original 8 characters (Mario, DK, Link, Samus, Yoshi, Pikachu, Fox, and Kirby) in any order. Once you do that you must then have a VS match on each of the arenas. After you do the last match, there will be a message telling you that a new area has been added.

Easy way to Win with DK:
Pick DK as your character and go to the mushroom kingdom. Lure your opponent under the brick platform to the left of the screen. Continuously do down+B and you can easily do 999% of damage because your opponent will be trapped between the ground and the bricks

So have fun owning your friends with this handy tip!
- Smash Guru
Mushroom Kingdom Safety
You know in Mushroom Kingdom (the stage you have to unlock) when you warp in a pipe but an opponent or Piranha Plant is on the other one, you warp on the pipe down from the left Orange thing that balances with the other one when someone is standing on it. Well I found a way to get back to safety. If your character has a big double jump (like Yoshi, Ness, and maybe more) than when you warp to the unsafe pipe, quickly jump to the other platform that has a Warp Pipe in the middle.
ness blast
-go to training mode.
( it dosn't work as well in v.s )
-get ness for your guy.
-use pk fire 14 times
-use pk thunder and hit ness
(be close to the enimie)
-ness will fly back and cause the enimie to
fly high!!!
Ness Help
Choose Ness on Versus Mode. Set it to 200 %. Wait patiently for the other three players to line up evenly on a flat surface. Use PK Thunder and attack them. A domino effect will occurr. It's pretty sweet.
Ness is A Weapon
Need: Ness, Other Player
Use PK (PSI) Thunder, hit yourself in the OPPOSITE direction of the enemy. It should do more damage than using PK Thunder normally.
Ness recovery
first try in training mode in 14 speed, double jump over the arena, at the peak of your jump use up-B(PK thunder) and control the thunder to hit ness toward the arena. if done correctly you should fall towards the arena.

PS: try to hit opponent while falling
Ness Tip
Pick ness as your character and go to a place that is flat like mute cite or the battlefield. While your there use the attack P.K thunder {UP and B} while you use it control it in a circle and hit Ness. Ness will go flying but it will give Ness no damage.
Ness's electro-tacle
This works best on a flat surface. You need to be Ness, and use PK Thunder standing in line with an opponent. Use PK Thunder and turn it around so it hits Ness in the back. He should be shot forward (without sustaining damadge) and hit your opponent. This can do upwards of 30 damadge, it is a good way to knock them off the arena too!
Ness's PK thunder KO
You're in a battle agaisnt Ness, are you not? In Training Mode or Multiplayer, Ness may get from a fall. Stop him by risking your life to make contact with his electric-missle-type thingy and Ness is unable to move. Now jump up and Ness get KO'd! You won't get a point, but this is helpful!
Pacifist - 60,000 points
To get 60,000 points don't hit an opponent during each 1P battle. For some levels, its impossible, but I have sucessfully done it against Link (he fell in the tornados about 10 times), against kirbys (they killed each other), and against Samus (ah yes, that beautiful lava) --------------------------------------------
Side Note: characters are generally killed by the lava when they have 100% or more damage. --------------------------------------------
Pikachu is the easiest to kill without directly damaging him, even on the very hard difficulty. Go to the hospital on the right and make your character randomly jump around. Pikachu will try to follow you and soon will fall down a gap between buildings.
Paliadin match (paladin healers)
set to 50% all 4 be link then choose links all items to heart and have fun.
pokemon double BOOM
in training mode be anyone and go to saffron city(pokemon) then spawn a land mine and throw it on the door.when the door opens it will fall inside.
now whack the cp into the door right when a pokemon comes and BOOM,WHACK! this is best when the eletric ball voltorb comes out!
pokemon terminator!!!!!!!
go to saffron city,then make sure in item switch you have hammers (best if only hammers)
then when pokemon come out, get a hammer and wack 'em!
save your partners lfe
they must be both human players to do this/they have to be mario or luigi.on vs mode if you and your partner fall off 1st player uses the up b attack then 2p does the same reapet it. if done right you shall make it up. tip make sure team attack is on
slap your opponent to doom
first select dk and go to any place.then go next to your opponent and press down+b.this should send your opponent into when the enemy comes close(above you)press up+a very fast.keep doing this and your enemy should die!
Smash Advanced Techniques 1
Short hop - pressing the jump button for a short amount of time results in a much shorter jump than usual.

Teching - Pressing Z just before you land from getting hit to make you character get up. Holding left or right will make your character roll along the ground.

Z-cancel - Pressing Z as you hit the ground after an aerial attack to cancel landing lag. Most noticeable with Link's sword plant.

Nair, Fair, Uair, Dair, Bair - refers to neutral, forward, up, down, and back air. Also used to reference tilts (strong attacks), smashes, and throws (irrelevent in SSB).

ANA, AFA, AUA, ADA, ABA - Aerial Neutral A, Aerial Forward A, etc.

Edgehog - Holding onto an edge so an enemy cannot grab it to recover. Unlike in SSBM, rolling does no edgehog. However, at damage percents above 100, it takes your character longer to roll back onto the stage, edgehogging for longer than normal.

Ledgehop - falling from the ledge and jumping immediately. Looks like you jumped from the ledge.

Edgeguard - Attacking your opponent as they are coming back.

Spike/Meteor - an attack that makes the opponent fly straight down. Example - Ness Dair.
Smash Advanced Techniques 2
Fastfall - Pressing down after the apex of your jump to fall much faster than normal. Unlike SSBM, you cannot fast fall in the middle of a move.

Shine - Fox's reflector. Because of it's set knockback, it is often used for low percentage KOs, called shine spikes. In SSB, shines aren't cancelled by jumping, but by touching the ground.

(So, to shine cancel, press jump then immediately down-B. Button-sliding is a good way to do this.)

Shield Grabbing:
Holding you shield with Z, and grabbing by pressing A. Used against people who spam dash attacks and other ground attacks. Does half the damage of a regular grab.

Crouch Cancel:
Crouching to cancel some of the knockback getting hit by an attack generates.

Double Jump Cancel (DJC):
Ness and Yoshi can cancel their double jump with an attack. Gets off aerial attacks even faster then short hopping and fastfalling. Yoshi has the added advantage of having resistance during his double jump.

Initial Dash:
After the initial dash, it takes time for a chracter to stop the dash and turn around. However, during the initial dash, you can immediately turn around and dash in the opposite direction.

Smash Advanced Techniques 3
Attack out of Shield:
You can Up-B or Usmash directly out of your shield. Most useful for characters without fast shield grabs, like Samus and Link.

Attack on the run:
You can Up-B or Usmash in the middle of a dash.

Jigglypuff's Rising Pound:
By holding up after the B input for pound, you can make Jigglypuff rise. This gives Jigglypuff substantial horizontal recovery.

Samus's Bomb Jump:
Samus can increase her horizontal recovery slightly by using her bomb in midair.
*Note* If Samus hasn't used her second jump, it is erased after using a bomb.

Mario and Luigi's Tornado Recovery:
Mashing B during their tornado moves (down-b) allows Mario and Luigi to gain height. Holding a direction will also cause them to move a bit diagonally. Improves vertical recovery and also horizontal recovery to some extent.

Changing direction in midair:
Some characters cannot turn around in midair with their up-b, like Samus. However, she can use her charge shot instead to turn around.

Pikachu's Extended Vertical Up-b:
Pikachu can extend his up-b : This variant allows Pikachu to do the extended up-b twice vertically.

Jab Cancel:
Pikachu, Mario, Ness, and Luigi can cancel their jabs using a throw. Useful for throw setups.



Captain Falcon




*Sometimes placed in high tier because of his easiest to intercept when coming back to the stage.
Super Incredible Bumper Attack
They way to do is like this. What you have to do is be fox and only fox. This is easier with 2 ppl. Now, change the item setings so that you get bumpers easily. Then, throw the bumper near a ledge, so that the bumper doesn't fall off the ledge when you get hit by it. get fox right beside the bumper, and use down B. You'll keep hitting it, and no damage. Shortly after, you fly up and fall asleep. Then, get the other person and run into the bumper. Instead of getting hit and flying away, you get sucked in and you don't fly away, and your health will go down in 111% intervals. soon enough, he will have 999%. If you don't believe me, then ask my cousin. He showed me!
Super kill and other stuff
For the super kill be on Hyrule castle and throw a mine against the towers left side. Fall of the ledge and throw one aganst the wall to your left. When an enemy hits the bottom one it will cause an auto kill. Easy to set up.

Other Stuff:
Go to Safferon city with captain falcon and when charazard or chancy appears do the super punch. It will send them flying. FUN!

On the lava place be kirby and when it rises turn into a rock and wait untill you get to the bottom of the screen (almost gone) and change back. Somtimes it will launch you out of the lava!
Super Moves for all 8 Original Characters
Hey guys, do you know when you do a strong attack but it dosent do alot a damage to the opponent?! Well heres a couple attacks with nearly double the original power(without using cheat devices). These moves depend on your speed and luck so practice in Practice Mode before trying this on Com, Real-player or Story Mode(do not do the on the Master hand they will not work).

1.Mario-First, use the Tornado Attack(B+Down)(the opponent has to be in mid-air while you are done with the attack and you on the ground, use it on th ground). While on the ground use Coin Toss(or whatever it is called)(B+Up)to do nearly up to double the damage thrown(for more damage, use the Tornado Attack from start to finish on the opponenet)

2.Pikachu-First, use the Smash Attack in the upwards position(A+Up)(while he has about 20 or more damage on him)then use ThunderBolt(B+Down)to fling him higher into the air(make sure he/she is in your alignment to get him/her, not to far).

3.Link-First, get Link to hold his bomb using B+Down. Get your opponent infront of you while holding the bomb then press B to throw your boomerang at him/her. When the boomerang hits he/she, throw your bomb to inflict extra damage.

4.Kirby-Land a Brick Transformation(B+Down)on an opponent to hurl them in to the air(only do this move if your oponent has damage under 70% because they will fly to high into the air to reach them)then use your Sword Attack(B+Up)to give the opponent about over 40% atleast but it depends on how you use it.

5.Fox-First, get your opponents Damage Counter to atleast 40% then knock him/her in mid-air(A+Up) then kick him/her to the right or left(A+Left or A+Right)then use Fire Fox(B+Up) in the direction he/she is in then once you hit him he should be up to 65-90% damage and again it depends on how you use it.

6.Donkey Kong-Charge his Fist Attack to full power using the B button then use the Tornado Attack(B+Up)on the ground then use his Fist Attack against your oppenent to send him flying.

7.Yoshi-Get your opponents Damage Counter to 40% first. Then use Bodyslam(B+Down)to get your opponent in mid-air then use Egg Toss(B+Up) to get his Damage Counter to 60-85%.

8.Samus-Charge your Cannon to full power then get your opponents Damage Counter to 40-50%. Then use the Smash Attack Up(A+Up) then use her B+Up attack while he/she is in mid-air then use the Cannon while he/she is next to you.

Ok, thats all 8 characters with 8 powerful combo attacks and if you want more just message me, i have about anothe 1-3 moves for each character shown here. Seeya <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Super-Easy KO's
Set the Character you want to get KO's to level 9 and 3 other characters to level 1 in team time. Have the 3 level 1 characters on a team have the level 9 character on their own team. Set the time to infinite. Go to school, work, sleep, etc. When you get back, you could have lots of KO's, depending on how long you leave it.
Taunts get you points
Use the L key to taunt your opponent right before they've been KO'ed. If you taunt while the camera is zooming in you will get a 100 point bonus.
Tip for beating 3 Lvl. 9s in Team Battle
If you play against 3 level 9 CPUs in team battle and they're all against you, I got a tip. It's easy to win on the stage Saffron City because CPUs are horrible on that stage. (Try not to play as Ness on Saffron City because that's his worst stage)
When you are fighting use your sheild alot, not to block to roll from side to side. Jump lots to confuse your enemy then quickly attack and jump back.
Tips for beating Ness and Luigi
Captain Falcon and Jigglypuff won't be on here because I haven't gotten Jigglypuff and I forgot how to get C. Falcon.
LUIGI-Beat Break the Targets with all 8 main characters. The last main character you beat break the Targets with you battle Luigi. I used Yoshi. With Yoshi use smash attacks and do dodges. If your damage gets to high then Luigi does Up+B you will lose. Battle takes place at Peach's Castle.
NESS-Only use Captain Falcon because I tried with Luigi and was smothered. On the platform you start on go down. Wait for Ness to come to you. He will probably use his Yo-Yo. Quickly grab him and do a back throw. Run to the edge and wait for him to come back. Before he grabs the ledge use Falcon Punch (B). Also make sure he doesn't use PK Thunder. Battle takes place at Kirby's Dreamland.
Tips for beating Secret Characters
I'm going to give tips on beating the 4 secret characters. Not tips on how to unlock them but how to beat them when they challenge you.

Luigi: I think Yoshi is best for this. Make him be at the top (arena is Peach's Castle) and go down. If he's up, jump and do Down+B in the air to do lots of damage. When his damage is high, a smash attack or ground pound should finish him. Just watch out for the bumper if you use a ground pound.

Captain Falcon: I think a character with a good throw is the best one for this challenger. At first give him some damage, then keep throwing him until he cannot recover and falls into the acid (arena is Planet Zebes) and he should be dead.

Ness: Yoshi again. Keep jumping and using ground pounds (I don't think doing what I said to do to Luigi is the best way) until his damage is high. A good smash attack or ground pound (I would prefer the ground pound since Ness is a good fighter when he challenges you) and he should get KOed. Arena is Dream Land.

Jigglypuff: Easiest out of all 4 secret characters. I think another character with a good throw should be the best for this balloon Pokèmon. At first give her some damage and start throwing her off the stage and she should get KOed. The arena is Saffron City so watch out for the incoming Pokèmon.

Well, that's all the tips I can give! Although I didn't use Yoshi when I was fighting Luigi. I actually used Ness but Yoshi is still a good character to use against Luigi. Hope this helps!
To above ^^^
I came across the publishing above and was startled to here than someone says they are the best. As well, myself and three other friends have spent many hours competing in N64 Smash Bro's with each other. A way to compare our experience is that three lvl9 comps on a team against one of us, we can defeat individually. Also, to confirm the "cheat" above, it is very accurate and very effective, except you do not need to throw them off, actually a kick or punch attack is much more affective in that it keeps the opposing player on a lower plane. Other hints would be, while using Luigi, grab a fan and trap someone in fan attack by quickly hitting them untill reaching 74%, then fire punch them and they will die. For kirby, with a bomb-omb, grab the bomb and run to a character, throw the bomb upwards, making sure that the bomb is above you two, grab the character and if you are familiar with his grab, he shoots upwards. When the two characters reach the top, the character kirby grabbed and kirby reaches the bomb that you threw up, it explodes, killing the opposing character but not damaging kirby. This will kill anyone at 0%. More to come. But as well ^^^^, we are always looking for a good challenge if you feel up for it, for now we consider ourselves the best. So cal area
Tornado jump
ok go to vs.mode and choose any guy and once you start wait till the tornado comes then go in it and hold down the analog stick and then you wont go far up
Tricks With D.K

1.Ok when playing with some friends chose to be D.K. In any level (except mushroom kindom) grab an oppnent(R button), pick them up, walk over to the edge and throw them off. They will jump to try and get back on but when they do meet them in the air and press over and the R button. This will send them shooting downwards off the edge and will be an easy knockout no matter how much damage they have.

2. If your in mushroom kingdom where there is no edge thats even better stand closer to the edge of the screen if you can and wait for and opponent to come to you. When they do, grab them (R button again) and start walking off the screen. Get as far as you can (3 or 4 steps before they break out of the grab) and throw them. Instant knockout. Ive done it 4 times in a row before haha lol

3. If you are facing an oppenent with less lives than you and you are D.K stand near the egde and wait for them to get close. when the do, grab them and jump off. Press the down button to speed up the falling. Its a suicide kill but if you have more lives and high damage then it can be helpful.
This is not a cheat or tip but still.You got to go to Training mode,then choose Kirby as you and JigglyPuff as the CPU.Then go to Saffron City(it makes it more real)and press B to suck in JigglyPuff.Then push the joystick down to swallow her.Have a friend who is famillier with pokemon and hide there precentige.They should think that there are 2 JigglyPuff!After you show them the Jigglypuff "twins",press L to get rid of kirbys abilitie and they should be puzzled.
Useful strategy!
want to know how to defeat players quickly?well heres the answer!In 1 player mode(or any other mode)choose capt.falcon and start out whith falcon kick then get there life down to about 150% then get to a ledge and either throw them off or falcon punch them and it should send them flying!(If U pause while falcon punching the flames are in the shape of a falcon!By the way this takes away about 25%.)A tip on beating metal mario is to get his life down until a wepon appears then smack him off!
On the Mushroom kingdom stage(the one that you have to unlock). When you stand on a warp pipe and press down, you will warp to another pipe on the stage unless someone is standing on that pipe or a pirahna plant comes out of that pipe,then if that happens you will warp to a pipe that is under the elevator and you will fall if your not paying attention.
we invented the coop...
The gaming world is lucky that i am releasing such a valuable fact upon it. My friends and myself have played thousands of hours of supersmash bros, and feel confident that we are the best players in the world. The most valuable information i can give you is to throw someone off the edge of any map, then with samus, falcon, kirby, DK, or ness get over them and press D-down and the A-button. This will send them quickly to their grave as long as they are over about 40%. We are always looking for a challenge... The roughneck crew
When playing with Yoshi on adventure mode on Master Hand jump in the air and when ur right above him press a and down at the same time to do massive amount of damage!!! It is a very very great combo. It is a quicker and easier way to kill master hand.I got him in 25 seconds! Try IT!!
Yoshi's kicking combo
Use Yoshi as your character(DUH).The opponents can be any.Choose a map with a ground floor and other higher platforms.(I prefer Yoshi's Island)Stay on the ground floor,and jump when an opponent is above you.The moment you reach the bottom of your opponent,press down and a.You should do the multiple kick right on the opponent.PRACTICE FIRST before playing this combo on other modes or get yourself pwned!Just joking.This is a cool combo which I found out recently and it's pretty useful to dish out some damage.I call this combo the "Smell-my-feet combo".Yes I know it's lame.
Yoshi's Target Smash
To get to the target under the lump on the far right of Yoshi's target course, you have to tap A and <- on the thumbstick at the same time, while standing right next to the wall.


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999% easily
Go to training mode and pick either Mario, Luigi or Samus and choose any opponent and choose Peaches castle as the map. Go to the menu screen and get 4 green shells next to the enemy. Then use the following moves for each character:

Mario: Mario Tornado
Luigi: Luigi Cyclone
Samus: Screw attack

P.S. For Samus you have to be under them to work
coin blast
be luigi at dream land on traning mode make cpu anyone make 4 green shells
under the cpu theu up B him/her then you will see what happens <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /><img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Every Item container is a bomb
Go into item switch if you have it unlocked (you unlock item switch by playing 200 vs. games) and turn off all items. Next in any vs. mode, go to any level. Every item container like boxes, barrels, etc will explode when thrown.
Fox's 200% Move
Go to practice mode, and then choose Fox. Select any other character to fight. The best stage for me is Yoshi's Island. Stand close to your enemy,and choose a red shell. Choose as many as you can. Then do fox's barrier move. It might damage you too, but it's fun.
With Mario go to Yoshi story select any CPU charater keep the CPU charater on Stand then go into the sky don't go onto the first cloud you might be able to skip that one so jump once then jump in the air then Press A then put the stick up and then Press B hile holding it up then you might of got there for my next one this is for going down a Warp Pipe in the Mushroom Kingdom when your in trouble in the Mushroom Kingdom Tilt the. Controll stick Down if you don't wanna get hurt by an oponent and you'll go down the pipe but you have to stand on one next this is for beating Strong player easily Giant DK when you have no partners left it will be hardas you can see Giant DK is 66 or more taller than Mario or the other players so use fireballs only until he has 280% then press Z and hold it then Press A then tilt left or right to throw him off the edge this one is. For Metal Mario well you know that Metal Mario battles are hard sometime and you allways get game overs and you are sick of it so keep hitting him until Metal Mario have 380% then throw. Him off the edge and then the Boss Master hand that Master hand is storg and has 300 HP doge his attacks just use strong attacks that your player can do. Next this is for making a poke'mon come out early just run up to it then it will come out this is simple this glitch is used in safforon city now this is the way to get the Mushroom Kingdom level if you want the mushroom Kingdom level go to story mode and use the characters you have now if your sick of been plain kirby you can turn into ????? Kirby just suck a player then you'll play as that player but you still have Kirby's body and the finalest glitch is to get Mario's Brother Luigi it will be very hard to get Luigi all you have to do is to get all targets in target test Practising Bounus 1 Well Thats all of my Glitches Subbmitted by Nicholas

note: Some of them are made for Training mode and some may need practissing.
High CPU damage Glitch
Go to training Mode (oh my gosh how much more glitches are there going to be from training mode?) and pick Ness as your character and any character as a CPU. Go to any arena as long as it has at least 1 straight platform (like Hyrule Castle). Go stand right next to the CPU and get 4 Red Shells. Next go right next to the Red Shells and use PK Thunder. Make it hit Ness and send Ness to the direction the CPU and Red Shells are. If you did it correctly the CPU's damage will go to 9??. The only reason it's 9?? is because the ones and tens digits from the CPU's damage is random. The hundreds digits will always be 9. This doesn't damage you as long as the shells hit you when they're moving.
Invincible glitch
be fox and go to training mode. first face a wall and take out 1 green shell.then throw it towards da wall. press down+ b to deflect the shell towards the wall. it should now be spinning beside da wall. now run towards it.
U dun get hurt!!!!! also works in vs mode but its harder.
Kirby stone-bomb glitch
Go to Training mode and get any character for your opponent, but you MUST be kirby. Go to any stage and go right up to the opponent. Spawn as many bob-ombs as you can and QUICKLY jump and use down-b. If you thought you were invincible during this, think again!
Mario and Luigi: Superstar Smashers (Fun with the Marios)
Mario: Be Mario and any character as Cpu on training or vs. If ur going on vs, make only mushrooms. Make Mario grab a mushroom then use his taunt. He. Will. Turn. GIANT!!!!!!!!!
Luigi: Be Luigi and any character as Cpu on training. Make 3 red and 3 green shells in this order: (Red shells are R green shells are G Luigi is L and Cpu is C) GRGLCRGR. Then make Luigi use his Cyclone attack and then use his down taunt to kick Cpu in the air then get close and use Super Jump (with kreeng sound and flames) to send him TO THE OBLIVION!
Bros.: 1. Go to Dreamland with 2 players, who are Mario and Luigi. Go to one of the platforms and make Luigi stand under it and Mario on it, make sure Luigi can jump and be where Mario is/was because him or you will be pushed. Make both of them do their Cyclones but make only Luigi (lower) elevate by pressing B more then once like Mario (higher) Luigi and Mario should look like Luigi is holding Marios legs and doing a Spin Jump from Superstar Saga. (hence the name.) 2. Go to Dreamland with 2 players, who are Mario and Luigi. Go to one of the platforms and make Luigi stand under it and Mario on it, make sure Luigi can jump and be where Mario is/was because him or you will be pushed. Make Mario (higher) use a hammer and then make Luigi (lower) jump so the hammer hits his head when the hammer hits the ground. Pause at the right time and make it so you get a little of a airel view. It will look like Mario is whamming Luigi into the ground like in Superstar Saga (the black hole thing is there, too!)
Mushroom kingdom glitch
If you are playing against a cp in the mushroom kingdom, there is a brick platform on the left. If you get the cp close to you on the ground below the platform near where the platform ends, and then quickly jump onto it and go to the left, the cp will get confused and jump up and go from side to side on its way down. It will stay like this as long as you are on the platform.

This is nifty if you are playing with a friend because he/she can kill the enemy while it is in the glitch.
Ness/Fox cheat glitch apocalipse (lol)really, look
This is complicated, so listen up. Get Ness and Fox. You need flat ground to do this. Have Ness do his p.k. thunder and aim it down until it's near the ground, then make it hover parallel with the ground. Make fox have his deflector shield on,(make sure it's a direct hit into the side of his deflector so it is knocked directly back at Ness),and when it bounces back at Ness, have Ness hit his thunder back again with his bat(if you did not know already, Ness's bat deflects most anything)and time this part perfectly so when the bat deflects the p.k. thunder back again at Fox, but it gets wierd here. The thunder now has two tails on its beams like this: -0- instead of like this -0 Then when anything gets in the way of this messed up thing, the game freezes. That's it. don't believe me? Try it for yourself.

Easter eggs

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Different Congrats Message
If you get 1,000,000 points or more in 1-P mode, instead of the announcer saying congratulations at the end, he will say "Incredible!"
Extra Recover with Mario Tornado
When doing the Mario Tornado(Mario's down b move) press the B button reapetedly to rise up in the air
Note1:The faster u press the B button the higher u rise
Note2:This can only be done on ground,after the 1st jump before the double jump,or when u get knocked over a stage and didn't jump
fast music
When playing a time battle, go and play in the musroom kingdom. When the time stands on 30 or lower seconds, the music is playing the sound when the times almost run out in the normal mario games.
Hit pokemon with hammer
In Saffron City and that certain place where pokemon just randomly come out and try to attack the players. If you have a hammer and one of those pokemon peek out just hit them with a hammer and they will go flying.

This is just weird.
Kirby's invicible bomb throw!
Be kirby. Place a motion sensor bomb on a platform above you. Grab the foe while right under the bomb. Do the normal throw and kirby will jump, the bomb will explode, and the foe but not Kirby will be hurt! It is done after the bomb has been activated
makeing pokemon come
go to safron cidy,with any charektr. when the pocemon door opins insted of wating for a pokemon to come use any attack aslong as you are toching the door and a pokemon will pop out


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2 Kirby cheats, from HydroKirby
1. Kirby is invulnerable in rock form. Yet, if he is grabbed, he will revert his form. In other words, Kirby gives you a clean shot at himself for throw moves whenever he uses this move.

2. An interesting tip for fighting battles against AI/CPU in Fox's area. Stand near the edge of the back thruster as Kirby. face toward the whole ship and hold B. When an enemy gets too close, they get sucked in. Because Kirby is pushed backwards when he has someone in him, he will drop off of the ship. Shoot the enemy out of Kirby (press A) right under the thruster. Get yourself up to safety while the enemy idiotically tries to go through the thruster, onto the ship. Not the most effective strategy against human players.
2 Ness Combos
Here's 2 Ness Combos that I've done. To do them, you'll need to go to VS Mode and set the damage to 50% so that you and your opponent are heavy weight.

Ness Combo #1: You know that Ness can double jump cancel? Well, you could do some great combos by using Ness's DJC. Like say, at first using Ness's Down+A a lot, then normal A air attack to send the enemy flying, and if they are above their doom, use the Down+A Air attack to finish them.

Ness Combo #2: The 2nd combo is by going to Peach's Castle, Congo Jungle, Planet Zebes, Yoshi's Island, Dream Land, or Sector Z. Next, keep grabbing and throwing your opponent. And since you don't send the opponent flying that far (because the damage is at 50%), you can actually run to them and quickly grab to do another throw! Keep using the forward throw until you get to an edge and use a Down+A to finish them. Although watch out for the barrel at Congo Jungle.

Well, that's the 2 Ness Combos. The Ness Double Jump Cancel Combo does not only do a great combo, but it can also do a Sheild Breaker if the Double Jump Cancels are done fast enough and correctly.
This is a cool cheat to use. First you need to go to "training mode" & have whatever character as the CP. your character has to be MARIO or it won't work. Then go to any area & go to the flattest spot on it. Now is real close to the CP while still being on the flat spot. Don't be too close that you are touching them. Press start. Get 4 GREEN SHELLS & place them close to you & your CP. then press down B & MARIO will do a tornado spin right? If you did it correctly, everything is frozen except for the CP's percentage, which is climbing up FAST!!! Don't push anything while this is happening. It will cancel this affect. This is really cool! I'm not sure if you can do this with 1 green shell but it works. You can only do third with MARIO. Don't try it with LUIGI. It won't work. I HOPE YOU HAVE FUN WITH THIS!!!

Also, you can also use RED shells and Ness' smash attack. ANd when you do that, if you reach 999%, you won't fly as far as your opponent.
A cool Ness trick!
Ok. First of all, go to training mode. Your character has to be Ness and any character as a CPU. Choose an arena (I would prefer Sector Z) and go to a flat spot. Get 4 Red Shells and get far from them (not too far). Turn around and use PK Fire. If you hit them and have done it correctly and the shells look like just one shell, when you get hit, you're percentage should rise up to like 420%. Try it. Sometimes, some shells even disappear.
Additional points in single player.
When you fight the yoshi team, kill them in thier color order. You will get 50000 points.
Same with the kirby team. You will get 25000 points.

Note: Does not work with the polygon team
Another 999% Glitch
Other than getting Green Shells and make Mario do his Mario Tornado to get the CPU's damage to 999%, here's a different Glitch. Go to training mode. Pick Samus Aran as your character and anybody as a CPU. For the arena pick Peach's Castle (this is the stage I played on to do this glitch). Make the CPU be at the top on the bridge and get near him and get 4 Green Shells. Go down and do Samus's Up+B attack. If you hit both the opponent and the Green Shells, the game will be frozen until the CPU's damage reaches 999%. It may take a little more for the game to unfreeze.
Another test of your skills!
If you want to try taking on 3 level 9's.If you beat them you can call yourself pro pro!I tried 10 times in a row but only won 3 times.Oh and if you try this when you put your handicap on 1 and put it on 200% its literlly IMPOSSIBLE!
Beat Yoshi Team easily
Do the UP B attack on all the yoshi's
Beserk Yoshi
It is pretty simple actually. What you have to do is pick all four yoshis you have to play as one. You play in vs.mode have stock on with maybe around 50 lives don't have to play all of it though. They should be at least Lv.9. Go to DreamLand and when a hammer appears use it and when you do underneath the highest platform and if some Yoshis are up there they will go berserk like to half land and jump but it's werid.
Colorful Characters
Press in any direction on the C stick to change the color of your characteer. It automatically gives you different colors in muliplayer if more than one player is the same character.
custom battle
When you go to the versus match you can change the first player into a CPU player. Do this by pressing the button on the top right of the character window.Now you press it again and viola, instant custom battle! They fight while you watch.
Donkey Kong Tip
If you are this large ape in a Stock battle, here is a cool way to get some kills.

Go to the Star Fox stage and go near either far side. When someone comes near you, preferably with high damage on them, pick them up on your back and jump off the edge. Let go of them when you are good enough down to still recover and survive. Pretty fun!
Escaping from the battle
On Yoshi's Island, if every opponent is a CPU, go to any side and jump onto the clouds and keep on hopping. Your opponents will try to get you and fall off. The right side is better. If you're playing with a friend, this won't work because he'll go after you. It also won't work with the CPU in Super Smash Bros. Melee.
Every Character that can taunt cancel
About the taunt canceling cheat I submited days ago, not every character can do it. Here are the characters that CAN Taunt Cancel:
Mario: Grow Noise
DK: Growl
Yoshi: Yoshi! (Very difficult to taunt cancel with)
Pikachu: Pika, Pika!
Captain Falcon: Show me your moves.
Ness: Ok!
Jigglypuff: Jigglypuff!

If you do it over and over without messing up, you will keep hearing Mario's Grow Noise, DK's Growl, Yoshi saying Yoshi, Pikachu saying Pika, Pika, Captain Falcon saying Show me your moves, Ness saying Ok, or Jigglypuff saying Jigglypuff! Another way to do it is by going on the green arch from Hyrule Castle and go to the direction you start and press L while letting go of the control stick and if you did it right, go the opposite way and do the same thing going back and forth on the arch. If you do this way with Captain Falcon, you may need a long platform (like the 3 upper platforms in Dream Land stage)since he's so fast. If you do this way with Yoshi, use the smallest platform becuase it is very hard to taunt cancel with him.
Evil Kirby
when you're in team battle choose kirby (make sure he's on green team) as your character you can choose any opponent and go to any stage and get a homerunbat. when you send your opponent flying quickly pause the screen if you did it at the right time kirby's eyes should be red!
Extra points in Yoshi Team and Kirby Team in 1P Game
When you are on Yoshi Team, beat them in their color order (which can be seen at the upper left corner of the screen) to get 50,000 points. The bonus is called Yoshi Rainbow. The Kirbys don't have color but beat them in the order they appear (Mario, DK, Link, Samus, Yoshi, Fox, Pikachu and Random Kirby) to get 25,000 points. The bonus is called Kirby Ranks. The hard part is that there is 18 Yoshis and they jump around alot. There's 8 Kirbys but they play harder than the Yoshis and sometimes kill each other which could ruin your order.

Note: This does not work with the Polygon Team. I could tell because one time I got them in the correct order with Mario but I couldn't find a bonus like this. Try to use these extra points to get 1,000,000 points or more!
flying shell
go to link's place and be ness.go on the straight path and make a green shell appear.walk away a bit,then make a bob-omb appear.jump onto the second platform(just for saftey)then watch the shell fly!
Fox and Ness Freeze the Game Glitch 2
You know the cheat that you need Fox and Ness (both Human Players) and you use make Ness use his PK Thunder and aim it parrallel (or however you spell it) to Fox while Fox uses his reflector to deflect it back at Ness. Then use Ness to use his baseball bat to reflect it and it gets two tails and the game freezes when Fox, Ness, a wall, the side of the screen, or Ness's Down+B Sheild touch the two-tailed PK Thunder? Well here's an easier way. Have 1 HMN player be Ness while 2 HMN players are Fox. Go to an arena with a flat spot. Have both Foxes use their reflector while Ness uses his PK Thunder and aims it at one of the Foxes. Make sure the other Fox could also reflect it. If the PK Thunder misses Fox's Deflecter and goes off-screen, the game freezes (only if it has two tails and you can also hear the song of the arena) Oh and if both Foxes are really close to each other when reflecting Ness's PK Thunder, one of them will surely get zapped and freeze the game.
Fox Stage Combo
All you have to do is get a character that can throw rapidly (Pick them up and whip them in seconds), take an opponent that has 40% damage and take him to the end of the ship and whip them against the wall and repeatidly do it until you can't catch them anymore.

P.S: I am the best at Smash Bros because me and my dad play a hour and a half everyday and know more combo's then anyone could imagine
Get all hammers
In multiplayer mode go to Item Switch in VS Options turn off everything except Hammer then start a game and you'll get nothin but hammers.
get speed demon bonus on master hand=40,000 points
the goal of the game is to rack up
go to 1 player mode and select kirby,yoshi,or works best with kirby.jump in the air
and press down+a while your above your opponent.
this will result in high damage.because the hit the opponent repeatedly.use this on any other 1
player match to get speedster=10,points.
NOTEexcluding the master hand)must beat opponent in unde 30 seconds to obtain speedster.
how to knock opponents off easily
Get real close and hold R to grab them. then tilt the analog stick and let go of R. the opponent will fly off the screen!!!
How to set a Cpu's handicap
You need at least two controllers.

If you have four, follow these steps:
1. put everyone to human
2. set your desired handicap number for all the players
3. start the game
4. press the 4 buttons to reset start the match
5. Set the other three players into cpu.

If done correctly, the cpu's will get the handicap whatever you chose!

For 3 and under controllers, just do the same except switch controllers everytime. (takes a lot longer)

Items do insane ammounts of damage
When playing Super Smash Bros in any mode or level, choose Fox. This works best on the Castle level. Make sure you have a green shell, and place it close to, but not directly beside the wall. Walk over to the shell and use the Deflector (Down + B) and the shell should start moving. It will bounce off of the wall and hit the Deflector. This will happen about 4 or 5 times before Fox's Deflector breaks like a normal shield. The shell may disappear during this time, but if it didn't, pick it up. If you hit another character with the shell, it should cause a large ammount of damage and launch the opposing character out of the arena. This can be done with any item if you are playing with a friend. Both of you be Fox.
Kill Charmander at Saffron City
Here are 3 ways you can kill Charmander at Saffron City when he pops out of the door. First when Charmander pops out, throw Bob-oms at him. Second if you're Kirby, turn to rock form (while being above Charmander) and Charmander should fly away. Last is go to vs. options (which I forgot to mention on this same cheat the last time I wrote it). Set Damage to 200%. Pick Pikachu as your character (any CPU) and Saffron City. When the door lights up, dash to it and when you're really close, press A to do a dash attack (but hopefully Charmander pops out since it doesn't work on the others excluding Chansey) and Charmander should also fly away. It's funny seeing him fly away since I usually say "and bye bye!" to Charmander. If you have more, pad yourself on the back.
Mario & Luigi Colors
If you press C Down on Mario, you can get our favourite plumber to look like Wario.

And C Right on Luigi shall get his prototype costume.
Mew in a Pokèball
Many people say Mew can come out of a Pokèball when all 4 players are unlocked. Not true! A long time ago when I used to have this game (but then I lost it and in 2 more years I bought it again) I didn't have Luigi and Ness and I've still seen Mew.
Ness's Baseball Game
This isn't really a cheat or an actual baseball game. To do this, you need 3 human players. Change the rule to be time and set it to 00 (as in infinite time). Have 1 player be Samus and the other 2 be Ness. Go to a stage with a flat spot (I prefer Mushroom Kingdom and you might want to ask 2 friends who have good reflexes to play it with you). If you're in Mushroom Kingdom, then you must follow these directions. Have Samus be on the right platform (that has a Warp Pipe in the middle) and have her be on the bottom of the 2 upper platforms. Have 1 Ness be on the bottom left platform and the other be behind the Warp Pipe on the platform that Samus is on. Have Samus be facing the Ness on the bottom left platform and charge her B attack. Then press B to throw it and jump on the upper platforms to be out of the way. Then have Ness (who is the bottom left platform) deflect it with his bat so it will be heading towards the other Ness. Have the other Ness deflect it with his baseball bat. Then keep deflecting it until one of them gets hit. By the way, I didn't invent this. I actually got this from 4 videos I saw from YouTube and decided to try it. I can't wait until Philip and David (my 2 friends) come to my house and play more baseball!
Samus out of costume and No face!!!
For the Samus one all you do is be Samus in vs.mode and only have Pikachu on level 1 so he isn't hard pick any level and wait for him to shock you if you pause at right time you'll see her out of costumer!!

For No face it's only Kirby and Jigglypuff this happens. Pick either one and get shock by Pikachu if you pause once you'll see them toasted then unpause and quickly unpause and you should see them with no face.

Samus Without Her Suit
Go to 2-p mode (not training)and if you have it, go to item select, choose only the raygun, and put it on very high. If yo don't have it, you'll have to wait or don't do it. Make Samus your cp. Make her lv.1. Then choose any character. Wait till you get a raygun, and shoot Samus (make sure you're near her) pause the game exacly when you shoot her, and a crappy image of Samus without her suit will show.
Sound Test
To get the sound test you must complete bonuses 1 and 2 with all 12 characters.
Steal a Life
In a team stock battle that you die in, you are able to take a life from your partner so that you can come back in the game if you press start.
Sweet Cheet on Fox's Area - KO Without Doing Anything
On Fox's area (Sector Z), jump onto a ship and lure your opponent onto it. When the ship gets pretty high, quickly jump off and your opponent will get so high that he will turn into one of those stars and die. I rock at Super Smash Bros! I couldn't believe I was able to think of that... whatever.
Taunt Canceling
I found this cheat a long time ago (like in the beginning of 2004), but finally I found a place to submit this cheat. If you KO an opponent, instead of taunting once, here's a cool way to taunt cancel (which you can do over and over unless you don't do it right and you will taunt). Run to an edge, and before you fall off, press L (while still running) and stop. You're character will say whatever he/she says when he/she taunts but won't do the taunt. This doesn't work with Luigi since his taunt is a kick. To do this more times, keep running back and forth while pressing L before you fall off. It's really fun! Since Ness is my favorite character, I always like to do it with him and always like hearing him keep on going like Ok! Ok! Ok! Ok! Ok! Ok! Ok! Ok! Etc. Have fun taunt canceling!
Test how good you are!
Try one player one very hard 3 x's and if you do not get KO'd once you can call yourself pro. P.S I did this 7 times in a row!
the bomb ob blast
if you want to blast your opponent sky high without doing anything then listern to me. first if ur in training mode than use the bomb ob as may times as it says you can.... then move (or lure) the opponent to the bombs they should be blasted out of the areana in notime at all. unfortuneatly if ur in multy player you will have to get bomb obs as ur only item and hope that all bombs land in the same place 6 times.
Using Super Hit
Each character has a special very hard attack.
Ness: Baseball bat. Cap.F: Fire kick. Mario: super glove. Each you first turn on your N64 After they say all the character if you don't press anything it will say How to play.

(there it says how to make super hit work)