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Spider-Man (N64) Cheats

Spider-Man cheats, and Codes for N64. Also see GameShark Codes for more Spider-Man cheat codes.

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Spider-Man Cheats

Cheat Codes
Select the "Special" option from the main menu, then choose the "Cheats" selection and enter any of the following codes:

Unlock everythingTRUBLEVR
Level select*LVLSKIPPER
Unlimited webbingSTICKYSTUF
Unlock all comic booksCLTTHMALL
unlock all game coversCOV VIEW
Unlock all characters in galleryWHOSINTGM
Storyboard viewerSMESTORY
unlock Symbiote Spidey costumeSYMBSPID
unlock Captain Universe costume**POWCOSMIC
unlock Spidey Unlimited costume***LIMITED ED
unlock Scarlet Spider costumeSPID INRED
unlock Peter Parker costume****MISTERMJ
unlock Ben Reilly costumeDA CLONE
Quick Change Spidey costume****GTATNKFST
unlock Spidey 2099 costume*****SPTWOKNN
Full healthHELP ME
Sound testLISTEN

Notes: * Level select is found under the "Special" menu. You cannot unlock any new costumes once this code is enabled.
** This costume allows Spider-Man to have double damage, unlimited webbing, and invincibility.
*** Spidey Unlimited costume allows Spider-Man to have stealth mode by pressing L2. **** This costume only allows two webbring cartridges.
***** This costume allows Spider-Man to do double damage.
****** This costume allows Spider-Man to have unlimited webbing.


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These cheats are entered in the cheat menu Note: '_' represents a space in the code.

TRUBLEVR-Unlock Everything


DA_CLONE-Ben Reilly Costume
POWCOSMIC-Captain Universe
SPID_INRED-Scarlet Spider
SPTWOKNN-Spiderman 2099
SMESTORY-Storyboard Viewer
GTATNKFST-Quick Change
LIMITED_ED-Spiderman Unlimited
SYMBSPID-Black Costume Spidey
MISTERMJ-Peter Parker Costume


MESTORY-All Slide Shows
WHOSINTGM-All Characters in Viewer
CLTTHMALL-Complete Comic Collection
COV_VIEW-All Game Covers

In Game

STICKYSTUF-Unlimited webbing
HELP_ME-Full Health