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Snowboard Kids 2 Cheats

Snowboard Kids 2 cheats, Codes, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for N64. Also see Code Breaker Codes for more Snowboard Kids 2 cheat codes.

Command codes

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Have all courses and all special boards
When the tile screen appears press Z, B, top C, down (control pad), left (stick), right (stick), up (control pad), R, Z, and A. If the code was done correctly Damien should laugh and then spin up into the air. The secret characters only appear in battle mode and you must start a new game to have all courses and all special boards.


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Special Boards
First unlock Expert mode. Now while playing in expert mode meet the following conditions:
UnlockableHow to unlock
Charm BoardClear Haunted House.
Dragon BoardClear the Dinosaur boss.
Feather BoardClear Turtle Island.
High-Tech BoardClear Mecha-Damien.
Ice BoardClear the Snowman boss.
Ninja BoardClear Starlight Highway.
Poverty BoardClear Sunny Mountain.
Rich BoardClear Linda's Castle.
Star BoardClear Wendy's House.
Unlock Difficulties
Meet the condition to unlock the difficulty. In expert mode you can earn boards with special powers.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Expert ModeComplete the story mode


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999 points
To do this, you need huge air! You need to rapid spin in all 8 directions non-stop. When you land, you should hear 'beautiful'! from the announcer. If you do this in trick attack, you will score 999 points.
Get a rocket start
When Mr. Dog says "GO" at the start of a race, hit the B button and you will get a rocket start.
Here is a list of every shortcut. Each will come with a brief description of how to get there and how to get around on it. I'll also make a difficulty scale, from 1 to 5.

Turtle Island

There is only one shortcut in this course. Right after going underwater, stick to the left wall and there will be a path leading to a pirate ship. Just look as far as you can, you'll need to. Not only are there several sharp turns in it, the ground you slide down has extremely large lumps too. Note: If you take the right path, you can spot the ship's mast stuck in the stone.
Time you'll cut off: 5-10 seconds
Difficulty: 2

Jingle Town

Upon entering the town itself (approx. 70% through the course) you'll find a split in the road. The left one is slightly longer and more dangerous, but you'll go a lot faster there. Also, you'll pass by the all-powerful Item Shop and you can take what's normally a right-angle turn almost a straight path.
Time you'll cut off: 4-6 seconds
Difficulty: 1

Wendy's House

After the sink, you'll enter the mouse hole. The overall shortest path is the left one. You'll pass by two Shot Shops. If you turn right, then left, you'll pass by one of each Shop. Take right, right and you'll pass by two Item Shops. The second choice is the best, but a little bit longer than the first one. The third is the longest, but handy when you're in last.
Time you'll cut off: .4-1 second
Difficulty: 1.5

Linda's Castle

This is for advanced players only! After the second jump in the castle, look for an opening to the right. Take a 90∞ turn there and you'll find a minor shortcut. It's not really worth it, but you can turn a lot easier once you're on that path.
Time you'll cut off: 0-1.5 seconds
Difficulty: 2

Crazy Jungle

This is for experts. I mean it. After the densely vegetated part after the waterfall, take the right path. Graze the right wall when it starts curving up to lose a bit of speed, then aim for the center of the course, or should I say, the rail. You don't need to jump to get on it. You should now be accelerating. Since there is no place to slow down, you'll have to aim a little bit towards the right to get on the second rail. What's worse is that there's a fairly sharp turn between the two rails! Once you're done, you would have cut off some major time. Oh, and if you mess up, retry the course again. It's really hard when you're first at it, but it gets easier later on.
Time you'll cut off: 10-15 seconds
Difficulty: 6

Starlight Highway

Just after the rings of Saturn, you'll be in some kind of space station tube. Look for a giant hole in the right wall and you'll realize it's actually a jump. take the almost straight path through the demolished part to save some time. Oh, and make sure you land on the zipper on the left to get a boost or chances are you won't make the huge jump.
Time you'll cut off: 5-8 seconds
Difficulty: 2.5

Haunted House

Right after entering the first house, take the left path. You should see the split just behind the Shops. You'll encounter a straight path with two gorges filled with molten lava. To get across, you must slide on the two (again) unevenly spaced rails. This is not like the Crazy Jungle shortcut, where the rails were directly on the center of the course and there was a path underneath. This is an advanced course with advanced shortcuts. Anyway, since this is a straightaway, aim yourself towards the front of the rail and hope you're lucky, then push gently to the left to get on the second rail. You'll then hit an Item Shop and go off a huge jump. It's not as big as the last one in this course, but it shows you how much time you have taken off.
Time you'll cut off: 8-13 seconds
Difficulty: 5

After you pass the gossip stones (You should be ashamed of yourself if you've never played Zelda 64) you'll enter a cave infested by a swarm of ghosts. Look closely to the left for two coins. Go between the two coins (I recommend you pick up a Speed Fan, choose Nancy, or both) and you'll go almost straight uphill. You'll lose almost all of your speed, but if you make it, you'll go down a narrow path with an Item Shop and an even bigger jump than before. This lets you miss entirely the lava lake and the LONG corridor and takes you straight to the ectoplasm mass!
Time you'll cut off: 7-10 seconds
Difficulty: 4

Note: Take these two shortcuts together and you will take off 15-23 seconds!

Ice Land

Remember that place where the snowballs rolled down the hill? Well, there's a Shot Shop right next to it. Just before you hit the Shot Shop, make a sharp right (not too sharp, use Linda or Jam) and you'll go uphill again, similar to the second Haunted House shortcut. Because you go so fast here, it might take you only a few seconds to go through this path, unlike the other one.
Time you'll cut off: 4-9 seconds
Difficulty: 3.5

Between this shortcut and the last one is a wide stretch of flat land. When you see the jump right at the end of the plains, look for an Item Shop. Head directly towards the middle of the shop and you'll be skidding down the last rail in the game. This actually takes off more time than it looks.
Time you'll cut off: 3-7 seconds
Difficulty: 3

Snowboard Street

Alright, here's the famous "Damien's house" shortcut! Just after the two purple boosters that rocket you into the stratosphere, look for a path at the top of your screen when you're in the air. Do you think you can't access it because the trees are in the way? Wrong! Keep an eye on which trees are right in front of the path, and head straight for them. Before you duck, I'll tell you that you go through the trees. In the paper route, Damien's mailbox is the ninth one you deliver to.
Time you'll cut off: 4-6 seconds
Difficulty: 2, but very hard to find.