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Ridge Racer 64 Cheats

Ridge Racer 64 cheats, Tips, and Codes for N64.

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Bonus Cars
Blinky Ghost Car - Drive 99 laps in free run in time attack mode on any track. Caddy Car - To get the super fast Caddy Car, start a normal game (without loading a saved game) and play the first Grand Prix race. Right at the start turn around, and drive into the brick wall until you pass through it. Win this reversed race to unlock the ultra fast Caddy Car.

Crazy Canuck Car - Select car attack mode and choose stage 8 in mirror mode. Defeat the car to unlock the Crazy Canuck car.

Galaga '88 Car -You must hit all 40 targets in the mini-game after you beat the final stage.

Pooka Car - Select time attack mode and choose stage 7 or 8. Select set record. Break the record to unlock the Pooka car.

Caddy Car - Start a normal game (without loading a saved game) and play the first Grand Prix race. Right at the start turn around, and drive into the brick wall until you pass through it. Win this reversed race to unlock the ultra fast Caddy Car.

Motion Blurring
During an instant replay, press C-Left to toggle a motion blur effect.

Reverse 360 Powerslide
One of the coolest, undocumented, features of RR64 is the Reverse 360 Powerslide.

To do this awesome move, you must first be in the RR64 Drift Mode. Then you must attempt to do a powerslide in the opposite direction of the turn that you are going into. For example, if the turn is going left do a powerslide to the right. You can now spin the car around completely without losing speed. Apart from looking really cool, it actually helps you get through very tight turns with the faster cars.
submitted by charlie 2 shoes

Car List
The following is a list of all the special cars found in the game. To unlock any of the cars above the Novice class, you have to race and beat them in the car duel mode:


F/A Racing
RT Ryukyu
Pac Racing
RT Solvalou
RT Pink Mappy
RT Blue Mappy
RT Xevious Red
RT Nebulasray
RT Bosconian
Galaga Prid's
Novice Extra
Galaga Carrot
RT Xevious Green
Dig Racing Team
Intermediate Extra
Micro Mouse Mappy
13th Racing Kid
White Angel
Expert Extra
Digipen Racing
Assoluto Infinito
Age Solo Supernova
Atomic Purple
Extreme Green
Terrazi Terrific
Speed Extra
Lizard Nightmare
Z Class
Screamin' Eagle

Ridge Racer 64 Tips

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Course Music
All the music in each couse plays this way:

Revolver:Revolution Novice,Ridge Racer Expert,
and the Galaga '88 Mini-Game.

Motion Blur:Ridge Racer Novice and Ridge Racer Intermediate

Evolution:Renegade Intermediate and Ridge Racer Extreme

Cruise Control:Renegade Novice and Renegade Expert

Ridge Racer Roots:Revolution Intermediate and Revolution Expert

Gun Runner:This drum music isn't played in any course but it fits perfectly with any course with the Ridge Racer Roots song(I think).

Speed Nation:Ridge Racer Extreme Extra and during a race replay

Manual Overrideuring the credits

Galaga Pac Jam:Unlock the Galaga '88 car to get this song. It plays on any course if you have one of the follwing cars... Galaga '88,Blinky,Pooka(all vehicles not cars)
Submitted by: Ultra 64 on March 30, 2006
Grand Prix Race Leaders
The race leaders who will try hardest to win are there so you can meet them before you attack them in Car Attack. Here they are:

Ridge Racer Noviceac Racing(You already have this one)

Revolution Novice:RT Nebulasray

Renegade Noviceig Racing Team

Ridge Racer Intermediate:Micro Mouse Mappy

Revolution Intermediate:Micro Mouse Mappy

Renegade Intermediate:13th Racing Kid

Ridge Racer Expert:White Angel

Revolution Expert:White Angel

Renegade Expertigipen Racing

Ridge Racer Novice Extra:Assoluto Infinito

Revolution Novice Extra:Assoluto Infinito

Renegade Novice Extra:Age Solo Supernova

Ridge Racer Intermediate Extra:Atomic Purple

Revolution Intermediate Extra:Atomic Purple

Renegade Intermediate Extra:Extreme Green

Ridge Racer Expert Extra:Terrazi Terrific

Revolution Expert Extra:Terrazi Terrific

Renegade Expert Extra:Lizard Nightmare

Ridge Racer Extreme:Screamin' Eagle

Ridge Racer Extreme Extra:Ultra 64

If your car is the same car as the Race Leader Car,another car will replace it. It will be just as fast and powerful as the original race leader.
Submitted by: Ultra 64 on March 29, 2006
How To Win Each Car
You start out with these cars:F/A Racing,RT Ryukyu,Pac Racing,RT Solvalou

The Unlockable Cars:

Car Attack Cars(Race them and beat them to earn them):

Stage 1:RT Pink Mappy,RT Blue Mappy,RT Xevious Red

Stage 2:RT Nebulasray,RT Bosconian,Galage RT Prid's

Stage 3:Galaga RT Carrot,RT Xevious Green,Dig Racing Team

Stage 4:Micro Mouse Mappy,13th Racing Kid,White Angel

Stage 5igipen Racing,Assoluto Infinito,Age Solo Supernova

Stage 6:Atomic Purple,Extreme Green,Terrazi Terrific

Stage 7:Lizard Nightmare(this can be challenging,Lizard Nightmare will let you go in front then catch up to you at the speed of light. Use you back to keep him there(He's usually all the way over on the left side) Then he'll go slowly and then catch up with you again withing 2-4 Laps. Use you back and keep him behind. If he passes you, you have to restart. If at first you fail to keep him behind,he'll give you another chance when he finishes a lap.Good Luck!)

Stage 8:Screamin' Eagle(Like Lizard Nightmare's race,but Screamin' Eagle will go faster. You can never keep him behind at first. After he goes to Lap 2,He'll stop. Then when you get ahead,he'll go slowly. Then speed up after a while. When he catches up to you,lean on the right side on the course. He'll bump into you. Try to keep him behind by staying on the right. Good Luck!)

Ultra 64:Collect all 16 Trophies. That includes the Z Class Platnium Trophies.

00-Agent:Get a friend. Get out your extra controller(included with the n64) and go to multiplayer. Play a 3-Team game in Stage 7 or 8. Have one of you finish 1st and the other 2nd. You should have the car.

Galaga '88:Beat Ridge Racer Extreme Extra in first. You should then play a Galaga '88 Mini-Game. Press A to shoot and Start to leave. There will be 10 ailiens at a time. Shoot all 40 to win. Shoot rapidly though,because if at least one leaves,you fail. Some in the last 10 require 2 hits. Good Luck! If you suceed,fireworks will sound and you should have the car along with the Galag Pac Jam song.

Blinkyrive 99 Laps in Freerun Practice. Pick a very fast car on a short course like Ridge Racer Extreme. It takes time,but by the 99th lap,you should have the car even though the announcer doesn't say you did.

Red Shirt Rage:It took me tries for this one. Go to Class Z,Pick Ridge Racer Novice,and pick Ultra 64,Screamin' Eagle,or Crazy Canuck. Your goal is to hit the chopper. It sounds impossible for all couse and all cars exept this. Drive all the way to the brown curve at the end of the beach and watch to the right as the chopper moves down and to the left. Pick up full speed at it and it will stand close to the road. If you're fast enough,you should drive into it. The game doesn't tell you if you did it,but if you hear a crashing sound,Good Job! Finish the race and you should have it.

Crazy Canuck:This car is like Screamin' Eagle but it's Canadian and not U.S. Go back to Screamin' Eagle's Car attack. Turn around and drive into the wall. The course should go reverse. Crazy Canuck will take Screamin' Eagles place. It will follow it's every move. Just keep him behind by leaning on the left and you should win.

Caddy Car:In any race,turn around and drive into the wall. The course will be reversed. Catch up with your enemies and come in 1st. You should have it.

Pooka:Just set a new course record in Ridge Racer Extreme or Ridge Racer Extreme Extra and change your name when it tells you to. You should have the car even if the announcer says nothing about it. Just check in your garage.
Submitted by: Ultra 64 on March 30, 2006

Ridge Racer 64 Cheats

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All Cars
Submitted by: Michael & Melissa Bryant on November 18, 2002
Oh, this is a useless but funny cheat. At the start of the race turn around and hit the cement wall a couple of times, you'll race through and everything will be backwards! the sign writing, the car writing, the track and the finish and checkpoint lights!
Submitted by: Sarah on July 02, 2004
fire attack
this is realy cool just press b cu a r l cd cl b b b l
Submitted by: mr cheesy cow man on August 13, 2002