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Perfect Dark (N64) Cheats

Perfect Dark cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for N64. Also see GameShark Codes for more Perfect Dark cheat codes.


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Unlockable Stage
UnlockableHow to unlock
Mr Blonde Revengesolo agent
Maian SOSsolo secert agent
WAR!solo perfect agent
Duelfind all weapons and get bronze medal
Perfect Darknesscomplete game on prefect


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Earning more simulant buddies in co-op mode
I've listed the buddies from easiest to earn to hardest

Puglist: Beat mission 1pt2 under 6min 30sec on perfect agent

hotshot: Beat area51 infiltration in special agent under 5 min

hit and run: Beat carrington villa under 3 min 20 sec on special agent
easy kill
To kill someone easily throw a bunch of mines on the inside of a door that only has one way in then just wait for someone to open and KABAM!!!!
Easy lvl up on Combat Mode.
Ok first make a character if you already did good and put 8 dark Sims try making all of them against you so it will be handicapped but don't worry, now change the weapons custom and change the weapons to the callipston and set the stage to facility the one with the restrooms and then play it, now quick go to the restrooms ( with a callipston, if is possible with all bullets) and stand right in front of the door and when they come they will try to open the door but they won't be able to because you are in the door and since all the weapons are the callipston (hope fully) and they just shot them without opening the door. and they you have it by the end of the match you will rank up keep doing this till you get to rank 1!
He Cant Shoot You But You Shoot Him
When You're In A Doorway Or Opening Like that hold the aim button then hold C-left or C-right (w\e way u wonna go) Then u striff so ur face the wall now u can tap it & pop out & shoot the guy & striff back so he doesn't hit you...this comes in handy especially when ur doin the duel level or jus wonna tune your little bro
How to beat challenge 30
Find a magsec then tell your partner to follow you or defend the hill. Now make your way to the hill while killing the darksims on sight. I completed this challenge 10/5.
secret gun
find another falcon with silencer in the area right before you save the alien guy to the right, it helps in that really hard mission
Unlocking the WAR...
To Unlock the level, WAR, beat every level, including "the Duel", "Maian SOS", and "Mr.Blonde's Revenge" on Perfect Agent difficulty level.
Use weapens out of firing range
Go to the firing range & stand in between the door.Press start & select a weapon.You can hit the guy with mines,knifes,and crossbows.He will bleed, but he won't die.


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enemy confused
When you play solo or co-op mode and you are fighting with your enemy in close hand combat. punch him until he goes down and then shoot right at the time he hits the floor. The enemy will get back up and do nothing. The glitch is even funnier when you pla co-op mode because the simmulant beats him up as you shoot an get the enemy back up, and they constantly keep saying commnad like "get her!!!", which is another glitch since those comment where to be told to Joana

Easter eggs

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To find the cheese in the HQ get the slayer and kept the door open with the crate and hold the other by yourself. Then fire fly missile and go around to find the cheese.
keep the door open with the crate and then fire the knifes at the nerd
Sweet revenge


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controlling sims in mutiplayer
Choose multiplayer and then choose combat mode. Once started hold A and then press z twice.
Easy Firing Range Golds
Awhile back, I discovered a great and easy way to complete most Medals without doing much. All you have to do go into the Laptop Gun Bronze, look to the back wall, and set it to fire automatically. As soon as you set it, and before it hits a wall, quickly switch to another weapon of your choice. The gun will still be thrown and will do all the work for you! So much easier. Just repeat this with most of the weapons if you choose. It does not work for all...Set it against the wall behind you for best accuracy.
easy stuff
use the transfer pack and put in the perfect dark for gameboy and load then in the 64 version you should have 5 cheats.
Level: Mr Blondes Revenge, Bodyguard on Agent and Secret Agent
Make sure that you have invunablity and a SuperDragon cheat on and play on Agent or Secret Agent diffulculty, make your way to the elavator and go in the elavator to the right (The one with the bodyguard in on Perfect Agent or the one with the shield besides it) and go in. Now go inside and blow up the Elavator with you inside and you should see you have killed the bodyguard from the Perfect Agent diffculty though you do not get a message that you killed the bodyguard.
Perfic Agent in The Duel
You can go to cheats and select Labtop gun and through in on the ground in the Duel in front of you and you will kill every guy in seconds. It's a cool cheat.
the best of the best
when you are in the first level,when you go down stairs you will find a computer,if you have the super dragon,press the B button and you will throw bombs,so when you press the B button,Shoot and you will find a hole go inside of it and you will find some stairs,then when you go downstairs you will find that there's no way out,you'll have to be shooting at of the places and you will find a way out and you will be in Cassandra's office, and you won't got to pass all the guards(if you have the Invencible cheat don't do this trick)
The Duel (Perfect Agent)
The easiest way to defeat him without dieing is to hide behind the wall and try to get him in your sights while still being hidden to he doesn't kill you. You should be able to kill him without him seeing you and win the mission.
Tiny ammo box
in the first level when you start on top of the building you keep going through the level till you get to your first objective the lady in the room do that but then go down the stair way and at the very botom their should be a very small ammo crate when i first saw it i was asstonished