Paperboy Cheats

Paperboy cheats, and Codes for N64.

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   (last update - Jun 21 2000)

Cheat Codes
Enter any of the following at the Code Entry screen:

Big NewspapersSUNDAY
Cartoon soundsTHUMP
Frame by Frame Mode*UNTIMED
Infinite PapersNOBUNDLE
Invisible ObstaclesJUMBLE
Level select**MAXSUBS
Near-Sighted ModeMAGOO
Random paper tossingRANDOM
Rocket BoostersGOFAST
Screaming ObstaclesSCREAM
Slow Motion ModeWALKING
Small Paperboy/PapergirlLITTLE
Super JumpMOON
Super Jump SpringsALLJUMP
Throw Papers at 90° AngleSIDES
Throw Papers BackwardsBACKWARD
Throw Papers ForwardsFRONTS
Turbo ModeRUSH
View all HeadlinesHEADLINE

* For Frame by Frame Mode, press C-Right to move through frames
** After this code is activated, enter the Alice's RV Haven level. The game will automatically mark the level as completed. Once you exit the level, all remaining levels in the game will be unlocked.

Paperboy Cheats

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Misc Cheats
Infinite Health - Enter INVINC as the code
Turbo Mode - Enter RUSH as the code
Unlimited Papers - Enter NOBUNDLE as the code
Select Level - Enter MAXSUBS or OBVIOUS as the code
Submitted by: Krunal on June 09, 2005