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Infinite hearts
Go to the sign where you are between Toad Town, Koopa Village and Koopa Bros. Fortress and Circle around the striped pole guy. After doing a complete circle, you will hear the music change and a heart will appear.
submitted by Looie-G

Luigi's secret diary
After getting the Super Boots, head to your bedroom and stomp the area where the ground looks like it is lifted. You will be taken to an underground hidden room where Luigi keeps his secret diary.
submitted by Looie-G

Classic Mario music
Go to the third house in Koopa Village (a Koopa is sunning himself inside). Stand in front of the radio and press A to switch between stations. Listen to the Golden Oldies station to hear classic Mario theme music.

Special spells
Go to the alley right next to Toad's house in Dry Dry Outpost. Jump forward over the left box and the camera will swing around to reveal a hidden area. Talk to Merlee to learn about her special spells. Depending on how much money you spend, she will help you during and after battles. The spells do wear off after a certain amount of time, but until then, it provides you with additional attack power during some battles and more coins after battles.
submitted by Looie-G

Unlimited Money tip
Go to the oaisis in the dry dry desert and hit the two weird fat trees to get the lemon and lime. Take these and go sell them to the stupid man in toad town who runs the shop right in front of the town. You can repeat this without limit and essentially get unlimited money.
submitted by robert jones

100 Star Points
In Bowser's castle, when you come up to a pair of canons, fight them when but do so in the following manner: they will shoot out little bombs, and you should hit these mini bombs and kill them but do not attack the canons until you get 100 star points from the mini bombs.
submitted by Liam

Battling tip with Bow
When you have Bow (the ghost), one good battling strategy is to have Mario attack and use Bow to hide Mario so that he is never injured. Also, you should use Focus and Refresh instead of attacking sometimes so you can continue this strategy for a very long time.
submitted by Saria396 (

Princess Peach's Box
While you're Peech, one of the rooms has a pretty treasure chest. Everything you find you can put in that box and send to the box in Merlows house, Mario can claim that stuff or wait until he gets into the castle himself to use when he fights Bowser.
submitted by super-giraffe

The Dojo
The Dojo Master is useful in determining how you will perform when you face Bowser(you'll face him twice!) since his powers, although different have close to the same effects, and their power levels are the same too. So if you can beat the Dojo master 3 times(the 1st and 2nd times are fairly easy) you'll be in really good shape to fight Bowser when you go to his casle.
submitted by super-giraffe

Shiver City
After getting the Star Spirit in the ice castle place. Go to the toad rest house in Shiver City. When you wake up there will be a load of cool items and a frozen potato! *take only the most useful ones! i.e. plain mushrooms cause they're vitually worthless in battle, oh take the potato to Tayce T. to get a yummy treat
submitted by super-giraffe

Koopa Koot
Do all the favors for Koopa Koot and you'l recieve a gold card pass to use the 2nd game in the gameroom.
submitted by super-giraffe

Lil Oinks
Once you have 10 lil oinks go get another one. The first lil oink will run away and will leave an item! Different oinks leave different cool items. The ? oink leaves a random item. Be careful in what you decide you want because when you enter the lil oink pen to pick up the item all the remaining oinks run away.
submitted by super-giraffe

Hidden Playroom
Once you're in the second part of Toad Town go straight down then there should be a fenced off area with a big tree. Hammer it and a tunnel should appear. Just go down the tunnel and you're there! NOTE: You must first get the silver credit.
submitted by


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3 items+3 star pieces
NOTE:you must be in the beginning.

1.when you obtain your first hammer hit the trees in one of the trees you'll get goombella's doll.
give it to her and you'll get a star piece

2.break the block who's blocking the way(when you're with goompa)break and carry in that area is a fire flower they're a spring jump on it it will send you little bit far.up there is a fire flower

3.carry on in the 3rd area (where you found you're second enemy goomba) kill them.when you're with the enemy paragoomba DON'T CARRY ON TO THE RIGHT!go up you'll find a tree and in the east side of the tree there is a starpiece. get it when you break the block and start your adventure to toad town
there is a sign with a mushroom press A on the sign and voila you got a mushroom(note-when you defeat blue and red goomba not that mushroom near the fortress of king goomba)

5.arrive at the goomba fortress defeat the boss and hit the tree you got your star piece. cross the bridge go down and you'll see a block hit it a block will appear hit that block you get a super mushroom
8-bit Mario
In Boo's mansion, go into the right door on the lower floor. it should be basically empty, except some furniture and a wooden slat in the middle of the floor. On the left side of the room, there is a tall pot with a wooden block next to it. Jump onto the block, and then from there jump into the pot. you will fall in, and then a couple seconds later you will fly back out as the original 8-bit Mario, and you will hear the original Super Mario theme song. to go back to regular Paper Mario, either jump back into the pot, or go out the door.
A treasure to be found you know when your pricess peach and she gets those cool items?Don't you want to give them to Mario? Well,you can.
GO to the first floor, you have to Be past shy guys to do this,then go to the room to the left. It is like a storage closet. Then you will see a treasure box. Put your items in it. That is how u get the items off Princess Peach.


simple just go to toadtown. Then go to Merlee's place by shooting Star summit. On the bottom floor there is A treasure box. If you have put P.P's items in there then Paper Mario should open the chest and be able to pick up items.
all attack FXs+a badge
these are the locations where you get your Attack FXs
FX A : Traded from Merlow for 1 Star Piece
FX B : Pleasant Path
FX C : Dry Dry Desert
FX D : From Pop Diva in Toad Town after giving the Master poet to Melody
FX E : Shiver

The Location of Super Jump Charge
Super Jump Charge : Cloudy Climb
Almost Infinite Hearts on LavaLava Island
On lavalava island, go up to one of the plants with the curled stems on top. Examine it. Hearts will probably come out. Exam ine one every time you see one.
anti guy help
if you want to skip the anti guy fight.Just find a lemon and a cake mix go to Tayce.T house give her the ingredients and she'll make for you a lemon candy.Go to shy guy toy box search for anti guy.Give him the lemon candy and he'll leave the chest.Open the chest and you got a Power Plus Badge.

NOTE:you'll find the lemon in the dry dry desert go down until you find green grass and then you'll find a paradise type place.Hit the trees and you get a lemon+lime.You'll find cake mix in shy guy toy box.
Apple Pie
To get Apple Pie, Ground-pound one of the two boxes in the Mansion for an Apple. Then, go to Shy Guy's Toy Box and get a Cake Mix. Go to Tayce T., mix them up, and you now have Apple Pie.
Attack FX A
Go to Shooting Star Summit. This time, go down. You will see a house in the next screen. Go into it, then go up the stairs. If you have a star piece, you can buy the Attack FX A badge. This gives you a sound when you whack your hammer.
Attack FX D
Go to Club 64. Talk to Rhymin' Simon. Go to Dry Dry Outpost and find the composer (next to the warp pipe) Go back to Rhymin' Simon. He gives you Beautiful Lyrics, or just Lyrics in some games. then go to the composer. He gives you the Soothing Melody, or just Melody in some games. THen Go back to Rhymin' simon AGAIN! He will give it to Pop Diva, who will sing an amazing song. She gives you attack FX D, a snowflake sound. Go back to the Pop Diva to hear her sing again or go to Koopa Town and listen to her on the radio. I love her song!
Beat ANY enemy/boss EASY!
All you need is S. Jump charge, power bounce, dodge master (optional) and some repel gel.
Charge your jump 4-5 Times, using repel gel or Lakilester' s cloud nine to avoid getting hurt, then use power bounce, if you can land just 7 hits in a row you will deal over 100 damage!! This works on even the hardest enemies, including the master.
Beat Electro Blooper-- EASY!!!!
you might want to buy some honey syrups, or anything to restore fp.

Start the battle with Parakary. simply jump on Electro Blooper with Mario (you can use Power bounce if you have it, but you should try to save your FP) and use skydive with Parakary. when Electro Blooper charges himself, press Z so that Parakary goes first and use Shell Shot. It wont hurt Parakary, and then Electro Blooper will be un-electrified.
Beat fuzzie in a snap!!!!
First buy a fire flower. When you beat the fuzzie it will say it will never fight again. WRONG!!!! It will want one more battle with you. Use your fire flower and you wil win!!!!
Beat the Anti Guys Unit in the EZ way
First Make sure to have a stone cap and a repel gel and use Lady Bow as your partner.

Recommended Stats: HP:50 FP:30 BP:30

Make sure to these badges activated:The 2 Power Plus badges, Close Call, Pretty Lucky, Lucky Day, Peekaboo(if you didn't used tattle in the toy box), Refund(optional), Mega Rush(optional),
Dodge Master if necessary.

First make 3 mistakes with the GDBC(Guard Door of Bowser's Castle).When the battle with the 3 Anti Guys beggins. Start using the mentioned items. Use Bow's Fan Smack ability. Defeat them one-by-one. Use Mario's normal Jump. Recover FP if necessary.You won't have to recover HP.Use Outta Sight if you want.
Beat the Koopa Bros. In two turns!
(Note: You must have a fire flower, full flower points, and Kooper to do this.)

Once you beat the 'Bowser', The Koopa Bros. will come out and attack you (4) and then return back to normal stature. At this time, hit them with your hammer, and then get Kooper you use his Shell to knock them over (1 move done) Next, use your Fire Flower. That will hurt them three each. Now use Kooper's special ability and knock into all of them (2 moves). They should all die, and you get the first star!

(If this does not work, you have done something wrong.)
Beat the lava Pirahna very EZ with 15 HP and 10 FP and escape
first have 15 HP and 10 HP plus have the badge so you can jump on the lava pirahna when you start use star stormbut its easeier useing a project 64 with the infinte code onbut use a nintendo 64 instead of the project 64 so jump on it have the super bounce badge on with Super Smash and Power Smash and have bombette up tu ultra rank and Sushie up to ultra rank too when Bombette runs out of Super Bomb use a star spirt then change to sushie but I had bombette out for the whole battle when you kill it and its storonger use star storm then use tidal wave put your HP up next use but if your reunning out on the easyest part use a mushroom a Super Shroom or an ultra shroom have a starange sack the 20 items you need are
1.A fire Flower
2.Snow Man doll
3.Ultra shroom
4. another ultra shroom
5.A Super Shroom
6.Another Super Shroom
7.A Mushroom
8.Another mushroom
9.Thunder rage
10.Thunder bolt
11.Life Shroom
12.Another Life Shroom
13.Another life Shroom
14.POW Block
15.Another POW Block
16.A Dizzy Dial
17.Another Dizzy Dial
18.Spicy Soup
19.Another Spicy Soup
20.Another Fire Flower
So Keep attacking untill its dead and to escape
Change to Bombette untill you get out go staright where you got Sushie as your partner

Subbmitted by Nicholas Schembri
Beat the Lava Piranha EZ!!!
First go to Shooting Star Summit and by the Peekaboo badge from the guy upstairs in the house (10 star pieces 4 those curious.)Then go Fight the Lava Piranha!I alwayz hav Sushie with me.First use Muskalar that u got from the General guy in the Shy Guy Toybox.Then the Lava Piranha does 2 damage and the Lava Buds only do 1!Make sure u keep repeating this this when it wheres of!Then Just get Sushie 2 use Belly Flop and Mario Power Jump.(Make sure u hav the Badge on)When u Beat them don't be so sure.After u Beat them they will come back up but ON FIRE!They will hav the same HP though.Since there on fire it's good to hav the Ice Power badge on and 2-4 snowman dolls!And with Sushie don't use Belly Flop b/c it will do damage to him and he won't be able to MOVE!4 Sushie,use squirt.when u use snowman dolls or u Get Sushie 2 do squirt,the Lava Piranha won't be able 2 move(Keep useing Chill out)(Chill Out is muskalars attack)When u use it the Lava buds r Harmless and so r the things that cum out(the fire duds)(And i'm not sure if there harmless.Then ur ALL DONE!!!wasn't that so EZ!!!
Beat Tubba Blubba's Heart
1.Tubba Bluuba's Heart (Chapter 3)
When Tubba Bluuba is chaseing Paper Mario run to the Windmill with Yakkey and open the door until you get to the last door u are about to beat Tubba Bluuba's Heart have 15 HP 10 FP and the rest all BP Have all Jump attacks u have eqquiped
Tubba Bluuba's Heart has Strong Attack Power after you get to 3HP use your gel that makes Paper Mario invisible then use Power Jump until you Keep on attacking Keep going until he gets sick of getting Hurt

Submitted By Nicholas Schembri
Beating The Master (Level 3)
HP:99 Attack: 10 through 18(5+6+7) Defense: 1
Recommended Member: Parakarry, Bow, Sushi, Lakilester
Required Badges:
-All or Nothing(4 BP)
-Defend Plus(6 BP)
-Happy Heart(3 BP)
-Happy Heart(3 BP)
-Last Stand(1 BP)
-Peekaboo(3 BP)
-Pretty Lucky(3 BP)
-Triple Dip(3 BP)
-Zap Tap(4 BP)
Required Items:
1x Life Shroom
1x Healthy Juice
1x Jamming Jelly
1x Ultra Shroom
4x Yummy Meal
Strategy: You need as much defense as possible. Use powerful techniques such as the Shell Shot and Fan Smack. By the time he does his combo after the first attack as he comes down for the second Zap Tap kicks in. If you accomplish this without the use of Multibounce you have full bragging rights.
Behind the clock
In Tubba Blubba's castle if you move the clock in one of the hallways you can get into a seceret room..... pull out the dresser droor and use parakarry to fly you to the bed.....jump on the book shelves and walk through the wall you'll go down a flight of stairs into a seceret room where there's a badge
To get the 'delicious' Cake, go to Shy Guy's Toy Box, get the Cake Mix, and go to Tayce T.'s. She'll mix it up for you and now you have the 'award-winning' Cake!
Chain Chomps in Dry Dry Ruins
When you collect all the gems in dry dry ruins,go to the room with silver chomps and remember the pattern on them.Go up to the room with gold chain chomps and put the gems you collected in the statues.A shaking should occur and secret stairs will appear to take you to your final battle in dry dry ruins.
Chet reppo and rep chetto
Chet reppo is easy to find just go to the map 1 east of the harbour (in toad town) and he should be at the most eastern side you pay him 39 coins and he makes one of your abilitys go up alot but puts the rest down (you can slect witch ability) for exemple HP:10 FP:10 BP:9
would becomeHP:20 FP:5 BP:6
Rep chetto is a little more tricky: go into the blooper pipes and go to the blue door that leads to shiver city. don't go through. go down and there is a pipe that is where he will offer you a mystry item for 64 coins(it sounds bad but it's sometimes good! I got repel gel star peice life shroom and other BAD things like mushroom)

MMT: you can get three Star pieces. after that, you can only get dried shrooms.
Dear Diary
Get either the Ultra or Super Boots, then return to Mario's house through the pipe at the Toad Town entrance. Enter and go to your bedroom. Look to the left for a discolored floorboard, and perform a Spin Jump on it. You'll fall to the basement below, where you can read Luigi's secret diary. It updates every once and awhile so check back often.
Defeat Huff N.Puff SOOOOOOO Easily!
Requirements:S.Jump Charge,Power Bounce,ULTRA boots

In the battle use the S.jump Charge ability For 3-6 turns,Then,Use Power Bounce And with the Ultra boots it will be easier so Jump A lot and He should go "Bye-Bye" In 1 turn.

Have 3-6 Stone Caps Use Gommbario's Charge 5-20 times then use Multibonk and he should die in 1 turn.
I always use these ways when I battle this "BABY"
defeat the master(final form)
you need a diploma right?now just get a lot(i mean 10-12)of healing items
now challenge him.use mario's hammer charge(you get it in the koopa bros fortress)till 10 turns+use goombario's charge.then when 10 turns are over then hit mario's d-down pound attcak(Bought at Rowf's Badge Shop after Chapter 1)the master will not use goombario's multibonk and hit him 5 times(not nessercary i mean you can do 2-3 hits)he'll die.

NOTE:you need these two badges or forget the diploma.
Defeating The Master
The final battle with The Master can be a tough one. He has 99HP, and has combo attacks which can result in well over 10HP of damage. To defeat him, use a Stone Cap to make Mario indestructible for a limited time (don't waste Repel Gels - save them for Bowser's Castle). Use Goombario's Charge until Mario turns back to normal - repeat the process until you have Charged around ten times. Now, use Multi-Bonk and you should finish off The Master in one attack as long as you're good with the Action Commands.
Don't get cheated by cheat Rippo
This person can be found along the west port of Toad Town. At first he may seem like a good person. He ven gives a discount to you for a upgrade. But this is not a smart move. Because when you upgrade, a different stat decreases. This can be a difficult sittuation when you start to face harder bosses!
Dry Dry Ruins secret room
In Dry Dry Ruins when you go to get the hammer after going up the switchy stairs things if you stay on the ledge and walk at the far wall rather then falling down to get the hammer you go down a flight of stairs into a secret room where you get a badge
Easy Anti-Guy
If you've seen other Anti-Guy tips, then you might know you can skip the fight, with a Lemon Candy. But if you want to fight (maybe for star points) Here's how to do it real easy.

Have AT LEAST 20 HP, and 10 FP. I had either 20 or 25 HP when I did this. Goto Rowf's shop, and he might have a Sleep Stomp badge. Buy this and equip it. When you get to Anti-Guy, have Bow in your party.

After getting in a fight, use Sleep Stomp. He will fall asleep (this might not work the first time) Now use Bow and Smack him (hopefully Bow is Super by now) Then on your next turn, use Power Jump if you have it. Do this until he wakes up, Sleep Stomp again. Rinse and repeat.

Soon, Anti-Guy should be defeated! Have fun with your new Attack Plus badge.
If you have any questions, just e-mail me. I'll respond as soon as I can.
Easy beatin' Huff n' Puff!
Don't you hate it when he sucks in all of his little clouds and gain health.
Well, you won't hate it now.
All you have to do is buy alot of POW blocks. They are cheap.
When all of them are out, just use the pow blocks to get rid of them.
(2 or 3 come out after, but it's better than all of them)
I would also suggest you use Lady Bow as your partener and use her Fan Smack.
Easy Star Pts!
There are 2 times that you encounter the Cannons that shoot out the bills.
Make it so there are only 2 of the cannons to fight.

When they shoot out the Bills, kill each Bill once and then when they're dead, skip the turn until the Bills come out again.

Viola. Lots of star points. Lotsa lvl ups.!

You can find them, once before the Koopa Bro's. And then in bowsers castle.
Easy Way to Defeat Bosses
To defeat bosses easily, use one of the Jump Charge badges in battle to charge up jump power. Then use Power Bounce on the enemy to do a much higher amount of damage than you would by just doing normal attacks.
Effective Smacks / A buttoning
For Bow's Smacks, curve your right hand slightly, keep it open, make it perpendicular to the controller, and move it left and right repeatedly.

For any A button pressing, press your thumb against your index finger and slide your index finger's nail across the button. This is very very fast with practice.
Egg Missle
To get the Egg Missle, get an egg from the base of Mt. Rugged (it's in a bush), and get a Fire Flower from a store. Mix them at Tayce T.'s and enjoy!
When ur in forever forest, when u get to the part where u see a lot of shrooms that do a little light pattern if u disturb them, go to the complete opposite exit (2 exits to the left or right of the lighting shrooms) and enter the new exit. You should see a Large beehive in a tree right away, this is a landmark of where to exit, go until u see a path that leads into the inner part of the woods, walk into this new area to find a pink ? block, hit it and recieve your new prize.
final battle tip
First of all, you have to choose Watt to be your partner. Each attack she does will be an efficient 5 HP, and it won't cost you any FP. Second of all, make sure you have all your healing items available (and some Life Shrooms). Since this is the last battle, don't be shy about using all your best items, like Ultra Shrooms and Jammin' Jellys. The Double/Triple Dip Badge wouldn't hurt either, in case you get in serious trouble. Use your absolute most powerful attacks with Mario, and Electro Dash with Watt. Bowser can heal himself for a whopping 30 HP, and will do so several times during this battle, so this will take a while.
Flower power
In Flower Fields you pass the yellow gatekeeper.Give it a yellow berry and it will let you pass.Cross the thorny patch,there might be a gold sparkling flower in a patch of pink flowers.The gold sparkling flower is an enemie.If you don't see it go right, the place you got the bubble berry is were I want you to go don't go to bubble berry tree,but just go into the room and go back to the pink flower patch if it is'nt there go back to the the room on the right keep on doing this as many times as needed.Then once you find it beat the other flower to get it out of your way,then get Paracarry out.spin jump on it for your first strike.Then use mega smash the flower then use shell shot.If you don't use the action command right the flower might run so beat it on the first strike.If you beat it the flower will give you lots of star points. Do this alot to get lots of starpoints.
forever forest
all you need to do is go on the path with something different, youll knkow when youre there is when you see a sign that says you are at the mansion and youre there

then you can go into the sewar at toad town and open the pipe by getting the super boots in the basement.
Find or buy lots of jammin jellys sell them you will get 50 coins each.I have 49 jammin jellys,i claimed my bro's file as my own cause he never plays it anymore.
Get Get Lots Of Coin THe EASY Way
First get 3 whacka bumps and 2 jammin jelly and then get 2 ultra mushrooms. Then get Tayce T to cook up jammin ultra by using 1 jammin jelly and 1 ultra mushroom. Make two jammin ultra and sell the 5 items. NOTE(You Need The Cook Book In Order To Work)
Getting past the Giant buzzard
When the buzzard asks what your name is, simply say it's Luigi, and the gullible little bird will let you pass.
Giga Shroom locations
Giga Shroom #1!!!
In Chapter 2, in Dry Dry Desert, North of where you enter, there is a Giga Shroom there. (I'm not entirely sure here but my friend told me).

Giga Shroom #2
In Chapter 7, after visiting the Starborn Valley, go back to the Shiver City Toad House and spend a night there. When you wake up, a Giga Shroom and 4 Mushrooms will be there (and mabye a frozen potato) =)

Giga Shroom #3!!!
In Chapter 7, just outside the Crystal Palace will be a Brick Block. Jump and break it, then spin jump and you will get another one.

Giga Shroom #4!!!
Outside of Peach's Castle, Chapter 8, walk around holding Watt. A block containing a third Giga Shroom will be there for you.
Going into Peach's room
When you start a new game and go into the castle, go talk to the gaurd a few times and when he gets tired of it, you can go into Peach's room.
Gombarro's type.
When you first get Gombarro and your on the road, there will be two signs. DON'T TOUCH THE SECOND ONE!!! It will bring gombarrios type, but bad.
hidden blocks
If You use Watt (get him in level 4) you can sometimes find hidden blocks.
Hidden Ultra Shroom
Go to Dry Dry Desert. At the beginning of the desert, go up. There will be a block and two bandits. Take care of the bandits, and then go to the block. Hit the block one time, a box will appear (contains Mushroom). Hit the block 10 more times and another block will appear (Super Shroom). Then hit the block 100 times and you'll get an Ultra Shroom.
Hiddin panels
Ok...if you are looking for star pieces here is an easy way to get some....

while you walk hit your hammer on the ground...some times the floor panels will pop up...go over to it and hit it w/ your hammer...

the only one im gonna tell you is in the toy box...the rest..well there up to you to find...(theres at least 15 of them that i have found!!)
How to beat Antiguy
Ok, i\'m sure you know who Antiguy is. The toughest mini boss in the game. He can be found in Shy Guy Toybox, In the First left room of the Blue Station. He is guarding a chest with a Power Plus Badge in it (raises your hammer nd jump power by 1) and he tells you its his chest, and you cant have it. Then you have the option to fight. If you just want to grab the badge without getting pummeled, get a Lemon Candy (mix a Lemon+ Cake Mix) and give it to him. He will be so happy he\'ll let you open the chest without a fight. However, if you want to fight. select \"Fight\" twice. I had 25 HP, 20 FP and 12 BP at this time and i had 1 HP when i beat him. He has 2 attacks: The first is a normal Shyguy\'s Ram attack, which chips away 10 HP. And he also has the Acrobatic Jump attack, which takes off 12 HP. This thing is a fighting machine, with also decent HP: 50 HP.

And you should be like this now: Holy hell, how did he beat him with so low HP?

Ingredients: Goombario at Super Rank, Shrink Stomp Badge, Power Jump Badge, 4 Super Mushrooms.

Ok, once you go into battle, start by dealing the Shrink Stomp to chop his attack power in half. Have Goombario Charge. Antiguy should attack you for 5-6 Damage. Continue Shrink Stomping and Charging.

You should eventually get down to 5 HP. Eat a Super Mushroom, and continue having Goombario Charge, and do your best to block the acrobatic move (so it moves down to 11 HP damage). Next Turn, eat another Super Shroom to recover the last turn\'s damage, and continue having Goombario Charge. Repeat...

...Until you are out of Super Shrooms and have 1 HP left. Now, use Power Jump on the Antiguy and have Goombario Multibonk him for Most likely 32 and 31 damage. You will win the battle and get your well deserved Power Plus Badge (6 BP to equip). Good Luck!
How to fight and win aganist Anti Guy easily
If you are crazy and want to fight anti guy instead of just giving him the lemon candy (cake mix + lemon), then here's how to beat him easily without wasting good stuff, like wacka's bumps and ultra shrooms and jamin jelly' ect...

First buy these:
3 Super Mushrooms
1 or 2 Honey Surups - (the 10 fp kind)
4 lightning bolts

Put these badges on :
Double Dip
Power Jump - Optional

Make sure you have at least 25 hp and 15 fp
and that parackary has a super rank.
Have Parrackary Out To Start Battle, then:
Step 1 : Use double dip (two lightning bolts)
Then use shell shot
Step 2 : Repeat Step 1
Step 3 : Now if you are in Peril use two super shrooms, if not, use a super shroom and a honey surup - (the 10 fp kind) Sky dive for parackay
Step 4 - If you used the peril suggestion then go to part A, if not then go to B.
A - Use one super shroom and parackarys sky dive
B - Use star storm and shell shot

Step 5 :
A - Now if you are still under 10 hp for part A then you don't know how to use action command to sheild. Sorry, it's your own fault. If you are above 12 in part A then just use star storm and sky dive. Then next turn use starm storm and boom. You won. Only if you used action command right for parracky. Then just use your brain's choice. I hope this helps.

B - Just use star storm and you won. Only if you used action command right for parracky. Then just use your brain's choice. I hope this helps.
How to get lucky day badge
For this badge you have to complete the letter delivery sidequest. Note that you must always have Parrakarry out when delivering the letters or it won't work.
  • The first letter is on Mt Rugged which is one of the three letters you had to get for Parrakarry and it will say deliver to Goompapa in Goomba Village (he's the one who got angry about the broken gate).
  • After you dliver the letter to him he will give you one to send to Muss.T at Princess Peach's castle garden.
  • He will say to deliver another letter to Koover of Koopa Village who stands right at the entrance to koopa village.
  • He will tell you to send a letter to Fishmael at Toad Town port. He is the fat guy with the fishing reel with a caterpillar named Fuzzipede who will only be there if you haven't beaten shy guy toybox yet.
  • He will ask you to send a letter back to Koover in Koopa Village.
  • He will ask you to send a letter to Mr.E in front of the DryDry Outpost in front of the Toadhouse. He is the guy in the blue head thingy.
  • He will ask you to send a letter to Miss T who is the orange toad in the field across the Toad Town dojo.
  • She will ask you to send a letter to Little Mouser in DryDry Outposts shop.
  • She asks you to send a letter to Franky in Boo's Mansion. He will be standing in front of the stairs ONLY after you have Lady Bow in your party.
  • He asks you to send a letter to Dane T the little toad in the field at Toad Town station.
  • Then you need to deliver to the Red Yoshi Kid in Yoshi Village.
  • He asks you to send a letter back to Dane T.
  • His friend will ask you to send a letter to his uncle in Starborn Vally. He is east to the entrance and his name is Frost T.
  • Finally he will ask you to send a letter back to Goompapa in Goomba Village and then you get the lucky day badge.
How to make the game more challenging!
So you whupped Bowsers behind with 50 HP, 50 FP and 30 BP (level 26 if I'm correct)? Good for you! Now try to finish the game with as little experience as possible!

The way to do this is to avoid common enemies. If they do manage to get into a fight with you, just run away in the early stage of the game. Later, Parakarry can carry them away one by one, or Bow can scare them all away, netting you money and items to compensate the money you lost by running away earlier.

But how are you going to beat the key enemies that will get stronger much faster than you will? A clever choice of levelup stats and a visit to Chet Rippo (or whatsisname) is all you need. I can finish the game with a max HP of 5! Here's what you need to do:

- You beat key enemies like JR Troopa, Blue and Red Goomba, Goomba King, Bullet Bill Blasters (although I have heard you can somehow avoid them...) and somewhere along the line you'll level up.
- Choose extra FP. For every level you gain after this one, choose extra BP, or perhaps 1 extra chunk of FP (having 10 FP sure comes in handy when you constantly perform 3FP attacks with Bow and Parakarry). JUST DON'T CHOOSE EXTRA HP!
- Now, go to Toad Town and visit Chet Rippo, and ask for a BP improvement (Note: he won't appear if your max FP is 5. He probably won't appear either when you have only 3 BP, but I haven't checked that). Now your stats are as follows: 5 HP, 5 FP, 9+ BP. A little precarious, isn't it?
- And all you need now is a clever choice of badges. First badge you will activate is "Close Call". Enemies will sometimes fail to attack when Mario is in Danger (Read: when Mario has 5 or less HP!). Since you're always in Danger, this badge is always active! Soon enough, you'll get the "Power Rush" badge, increasing your attack power by 2 when you're in Danger! Now your Jump Attack is devastating! Last badge you really need is "Last Stand". Mario only takes half damage from attacks when he is in Danger. Now you are near invincible! Other handy badges are "Defend Plus", "Damage Dodge", "P-Down, D-Up", and if you can spare the BP "Deep Focus" or "Group Focus".

This is the build to beat the game using only Badge Points. I'll try to beat the game using only HP, and to beat it using only FP.
HUGE AMOUNT OF COINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok.If You want lots of coins, Fist go to Mt. Rugged. After you see the slide, keep going until you see a Montly Mole. near him there are some stairs go down them. then turn to your left. You'll see a yellow block. SMASH IT! Next you'll see a blue thing called a Whacka. It is not a bad guy. Smash it and you get a cool item. you can smash it about 7 times. After you did, Go to Toad Town and go to the Item Shop near the pipe that leads to Mario's house. Go in the shop talk to the guy and sell Some For 64 COINS!!!!!!!!!!!
Ingredients for Special Items
Strange Leaf + Whacka's Bump = Deluxe Feast
Special Shake + Dried Shroom = Healthy Juice
Jamming Jelly + Cake Mix = Jelly Pop*
Goomnut + Mushroom = Life Shroom
Melon + Koopa Leaf = Special Shake
Cake Mix + Strange Leaf = Strange Cake
Life Shroom + Cake Mix = Sweet Shroom
Cake Mix + Melon = Yoshi Cookie
*Best Item: Restores 64 FP.

Invisible Fire Flower
At the beginning of the game, once you get the second bridge open with Kooper, go directly up. Between the two blocks is an invisible block. Jump between the two and you'll get a Fire Flower. This comes in handy later.
Jelly Ultra
This works in both Paper Mario and Paper Mario ttyd. First, you get as many ultra shrooms and as many jammin' jellies as possible. Next you give the jammin' jelly and the ultra shroom to her and she will create a jelly ultra (helps when you're facing bowser because it restores 50 hp & 50 fp)!
Completely easy.All you have to do is get the Bump Attack Badge and simply bump your enemy.If your enemy is weak,it will die and leave you stuff.This works for the Shyguys in the Toybox who carry items.
Lemon Candy
To make Lemon Candy, get a Lemon from the oasis and a Cake Mix from a Shy Guy. Mix them at Tayce T.'s and enjoy!

This may also be used for something else...
Level of your Koopa Partner First
It is always best to level up your Koopa partner first as he has the strongest attacks, and he is able to hit multiple enemies at once.
Life Shroom
To get the very-handy Life Shroom, get a Koopa Leaf from Koopa Village (in the bushes) and a Volt Shroom from a store. Mix the two together and you get a cheap Life Shroom.
when you go to the boo's mansion go to the farthest bush on the right and shake it. Guess what the strange leaf is in there yah 4 u!!!!!!
Luigi's Diary Pages 11 and 12
Luigi's secret diary updates every once in a while correct? It goes up to 10 Pages after you get to the part where you go to Bowser's Castle. You can't save the game after the castle's back. Because you can't explore Bowser's Castle for items then. The games saves up to the final battle. But Paper Mario TTYD goes beyond that.

Anyway... the tip...

Go back into the pipe to Mario's House after Peach's Castle comes back. Go to Luigi's secret diary. You will find pages 11 and 12. It has Luigi's wish. You can still see it. You can't keep his diary updated like this. You just go to the castle to watch the credits.

Magic Curse
In Dry Dry Outpost if you go into the back alley with all the boxes there you can jump over them and Merlee is there in a tent and she can curse you and in battles sometimes you will get more coins or starpoints or your attack power will go up... if you get a super curse it works more often
money the easy way
OK if you have a really high level and have beeten bowser like me, make sure you are level 24 or 25- that is if you can make it out of bowsers castle. next get a money money badge from merlow at shooting star sumit for 6-7 star peices"you can also get a pay off badge if you want". i don't know how i got mine but get a bump attack badge, then go to bowsers castle if not again. then regardless of other enimies, go to were the bombshell bills are. if you did this right the should be defeated on contact if you don't get star points from them. now you keep on doing this for a prefered time of 10-30 min and you will have an almost garentied over 400 coins!P.S. you can do this whenever you want mabey even at the koopa bro castle! UN P.S.
Mt. Rugget Eagle/Vulture thing
When you are leaving Mt. Rugget there is a bridge you have to pass over before you go to the dry dry desert and the Eagle/Vulture thing aks your name and if you tell him you are Luigi he lets you past rahter then fighting you
Mushroom/Super Shroom/Ultra shroom
In the desert, in the first screen (right after you leave Mt. Rugged) go up. after killing both Bandits, there is a coin block on the ground. hit it with your hammer. a block will pop up next to it. theres a mushroom in it.

hit the block on the ground a bunch more times. Another block will pop up on the other side with a super shroom in it.

keep hitting the block. eventually another block will pop up in front of it with an ultra shroom. (this one will take a long time so be patient)
on goomba road
on goomba road after the goomba king,s castle go south and you will find a path through the gate and you will see a block then hit it and you will find a super shroom
Original Mario Music
At the thrird house in koopa village(the one with the radio)click A in front of the radio and the music will change to original mario music.
Perfect Bowser Battle (2nd time)
Ok, Im new here, and i tested this, so i hope it works for you:

2 stone caps (buy at toad town shop)
2 Deluxe feasts (cook a whacka's bump with a strange leaf)
1 Shroom steak (cook a life shroom with a mushroom)
1 life shroom (buy at a shop or cook a volt shroom with a koopa leaf)
1 Jelly ultra (cook ultra shroom with jammin jelly)
1 super shroom (buy at toad town shop)
2 maple syrups (buy at toad town shop)

(30 Bp total) Badges needed:
S. jump charge 2 Bp
Power bounce 2 Bp
Quick Change 4 Bp
Peekaboo 3 Bp
Power plus 6 Bp
Damage Dodge/ Dodge Master 3 Bp (I think dodge master is 3 as well)
P-Up, D-Down 2 Bp
All or Nothing 4 Bp
Last stand 1 Bp
Power Rush 1 Bp
Close Call 1 Bp
Refund 1 Bp
(for fun) Attack Fx B or E (0 Bp)

Watt (at least Super rank)
Goombario (Ultra Rank)
(if otherwise needed) Bow (Ultra Rank)

Battle Format:
When you first battle bowser, Just use normal attacks DO NOT USE YOUR FP! Eventually, he will use the star rod. Use star beam... (farting noise)...

Mario: WTF? Why is-a it not working?

Soon a whole cutscene will happen and you battle Kammy Koopa ad twink and Peach. Blah blah blah . .. congrats, you have Peach Beam! Beat the star out of bowser and then use watt's turbo charge to power up Mario. Change to Goombario. then use Super jump charge (and charge with Goombario) until you have one turn left with Watt's charge. then, use power bounce. Should you do it right, Bowser will have a huge chunk of Energy taken away. Then use Goombario's Multibonk to finish him off. EASY!
Radio in Koopa Village
If you go in the last house in the entrance of Koopa Village there's a Koopa listening to the radio and you can switch the stations....go to the information station and it tells you about trading events where you bring whatever it asks for to wherever it tells you and there's a weird pink toad there and it gives you items if you bring it what it asks for
Radio Me!
In Koopa Village, the blue-shelled house contains a radio. THis is what are on each station:
Island Songs: The songs you hear when you enter.
Golden Oldies: Original Mario music
Top Hits: When you get Attack FX D, you can hear the diva sing on this channel.
Information Station: Hear the latest news, and do a contest. For the first, get a Koopa Leaf. For the next, a Nutty Cake.
OH, talk to the Koopa for some commentary on the songs.
Ruin badge
In the ruins next to Dry dry outpost Go to the room Where you get the Super hammer and go up before you junp down the bar you stand on it and don't junp down to the chest jump down to the next bar and go right there you will find a chest carring the slow go bagde
S. Jump Chg. badge
If you want this badge, Go to Flower Fields Whitch is Chapter 6. After you planted the bean and you are in the clouds where the battle of chapter 6 is. you'll see a cloud going up and down. Go behide it and jump on it. After you reach the top, you will see a cloud with this badge. Jump on the cloud and get it!
Secert Badges
PowerPlus: Theres 2 ways to get this badge. One way is get 25 star pieces and buy one from shooting Star Summet or you can go to Shyguys Toybox and beat Anti Guy.
50HP/ATK12-10/No DEF.

HappyFlower: Go to Flower Feilds and go to the right middle path, you should see 3 pink trees. Heres the order to hit them in. Middle,right then left, then a HappyFlower should pop out.
NOTE:If you hit the wrong tree. A Bzzap! will pop out insted and you will have to start all over.

FlowerSaver: There are 2 ways to get this badge. One way is get 25 star pieces and buy one from shooting Star Summet or you can go to Flower Feilds. In Flower Feilds you have to get blue berrys and go where the red berrys are. After your at the red berrys, keep going right. You should see a Well. Press A on the Well and throw in the Blue berrys. And he will a guy in the Well will throw out a FlowerSaver badge.
NOTE: If you throw in other berrys. A badguy will come out insed, If you throw in the Blue berry 2 times. The man in the Well won't throw out anything.
secret house in Toad Town
Under Toad Town are pipes.Go under Toad Town, go near to the blue door that leads to the pipes that bring you to Shiver City.Go to the pipe beside the blue door and get Bombette out there will be a room with a crack in the wall destroy it!There will be a shady man talk to him he will give you an item for 64 coins.then he will give you a star piece.Then a badge.Then an item .Then a star piece.Every thing he sells is 64 coins.But after that he sells those things I think he only sells dried shrooms.Tell you what!To see if he only sells dried shrooms after that,go up the pipe right from from the shady and get the key.Get out of the house look for lots of coins get the pay- off and money money badges on then get hurt alot and when your at low health beat it!This is one of the best ways to get coins!Then save your work.Go to the shady man.Keep on talking and buying until you have no more coins.If he dosn't give anything good reset the game,or turn the power off.If this dosn't work atleast the coins you can buy good things!
Secret Letter on Shiver Mountain!
When your on Shiver Mountain and you hit the first tree infront of the snowmen infront of the entrance to Shiver City you get a letter in the tree.
Secret messages
I know this is not very usful.But left from Merlon's house is the news.Read the back of the news board are secret messages.Sometimes the messages change.Why not take a look?
Slay the Amayzee Dayzee
after obtaining the ultra boots/hammer,go to flower feilds. go through the entrance at the lower right. after crossing the spikes,find an amayzee dayzee(if its not there, come back later).
equip the mega smash badge, along with the mega rush badgeand run into the pit of spikes until you have 1 hp left so mega rush will work. be sure to get a first strike for extra damage, and attack the amayzee dayzee with mega smash, along with an attack with your partner. after the battle is over, you will be awarded 43 star points. use this over and over for millions of level ups. now go and kill that mother.
SNES music
After you get defeated by Bowser when starting the game, there will be a title that says "Proluge: A plea from the stars". Wait a few seconds and then the old SNES music starts to play. I don't know if this will work on the other titles such as this one.
Here's how to make a lot of money:
1) check all your items
2) go to the shop in boos mansion and buy as many Mysteries as you can (they only cost 1 coin)
3) have Tayce T. cook all the Mysteries (by themselves)
4) youll get a bunch of random items that you can sell for more money than you bought the mystery for. (If you sell them at the latest shop that youve discovered you might get more money for each item- i.e. a life shroom can be sold in Koopa Village for30 coins- more than other places)
Special Spells
Go to the alley right next to Toad's house in Dry Dry Outpost. Jump forward over the left box and the camera will swing around to reveal a hidden area. Talk to Merlee to learn about her special spells. Depending on how much money you spend, she will help you during and after battles. The spells do wear off after a certain amount of time, but until then, it provides you with additional attack power during some battles and more coins after battles.
The BEST Item
Get Jam'n Jelly and a Giga Shroom and get the cook in Toad Town to mix em. You get an item which heals 50HP and FP.
the best item you ever got.
the best item is jelly ultra.they say a jelly ultra is the most valuable item in the paper Mario series.Because jelly ultra restore 50 HP and 50 FP.its really hard to get cause you need a ultra mushroom and jammin jelly. you can get the jammin jelly in chapter 5 when peach gets here umbrella.And ultra mushroom i have no idea.

PS i think a ultra mushroom is there near the entrance of Peach's castle.
NOTE:not bowser's castle.
The Mistake Food
To get a mistake food,you must get a dried shroom.Then go to toad town.Go to where the barricade used to be.Then go to the yellow house next to you.Ask the cooker to bake th dried shroom.When she's done, she'll give you a yucky food that restores 1 HP and 1 FP.
this helps in any battle
you can do this any time during a game it doesn't matter what you have. Go to dry dry outpost and behind some boxes in an alleyway between houses (i don't know which ones) and behind there is a little tent with a person who looks like merlin, she'll offer you a spell for alot of money, but it's worth it. at first it seems like it doesn't work but you just need time. she will often come to rescue you if your in danger or she'll give you a truckolad of coins. It's nice to have friends in high places!
tips when fighting enemies/bosses
White Magikoopa-If it is riding its broom, a double jump attack will make it fall off.It Tends to run away when it's alone.

Tubba Blubba(1)-He is invincible...if you are fighting him,RUN AWAY!

Stilt Guy-A double jump attack or a quake attack will make them fall off their stilts and become regular Shy Guys.

R Ninjakoopa-It can be flipped by a jump or quake attack. When flipped, it's defense drops to 0. It takes 1 turn to get up, and it doesn't attack until the round after it gets up.
To Beat J.R. Troopa easily
To Beat J.R. Troopa in Forever Forest easily you have to put your FP to full helath. Trust me when i tryied it the slowest way i had to hit him 40 mins! And when you go back from the island, J.R. Troopa swims and haves only about 20 HP!!!! But he will have wings and a thorn on his head! Use a the third star spirt or your items that attack.
trading event tip
you know the trading event where you trade with a pink toad who wears red clothes?if you don't go to koopa village find the house with a blue shell.Go inside and press A button at the radio and keep pressing it till you find Information Station.hear the news and it will say you have a great chance to need these's like this.
eg [the item you need] > [the item you'll get] location:[location's place]

event 1:koopa leaf > maple syrup.location:toad town's entrance

event 2:nutty cake > maple super.location:in front of dry dry ruins

event 3:coconut > yummy meal.location:inside club 64

these are the items you give the toad and what the toad gives you.
ultra food from tayce t.
Ok go to boos mansion then go to that shop in the basement then buy as many mystery bags as possibble (1 coin each) then go to toad town and make tayce t. cook 1. you may get a life shroom,(restores 10 hp when marios hp gauge hits zero), a big cookie (restores 20 fp) a fried shroom (restores 6 hp and 2 fp, or a mistake (restores 1 hp and 1 fp) ITS AMAZING
Unlimited Coins after Chapter 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mushroom+Goomnut=Volt Shroom
Volt Shroom+Goomnut=Life Shroom
Life Shroom+Cake Mix=Sweet Cake

Mushrooms,Goomnuts and CakeMix is all
you need it involves going to the
Shyguy Toybox,Goombarios town and need
50 coins but 25 will work too

step 1 go to the shyguys toybox to get cake mix

step 2 buy mushrooms for 5coins each

step 3 Get at least 10 Goomnuts from his place

step 4 Cook the Goomnuts with Mushrooms
to make Voltshrooms

step 4a Cook the Voltshrooms with Goomnuts
this means going and grabbing more cook them to
make Lifeshrooms

step 4b Give the Cakemix and Lifeshroom to TayceT
She Makes Sweet Cake Which recovers 30hp25fp
and sells for 50coins from a
5coin buy-in thats 10xReturn!

step 4c Repeat above until youre rich and buy all
the badges or items.

step 5 if done right you should have 10sweetcakes

step 6 sell sweet cake to the shop to the left of
Tayce T's Yeilding
500coins from a 50coin investment

This works 100% atm i got 983 coins and all the badges from ralph
Use enemies with shells to heal
There's a very easy way to get full HP, FP, and SP in the middle of a battle with an enemies that gets flipped over when jumpped on. To make this strategy work, your partner needs to be able to jump on enemies (I like to use Goombario). First, fight an enemy with a shell like a Koopa or a Buzzy Beetle. Then, defeat all other enemies until there's only one. Make your partner attack, but miss the action command so the enemy is flipped over but doesn't actually take any damage. Then, while the enemy can't attack, use Refresh as many times as needed to completely fill your HP and FP. Since the enemy will never attack you, you can use Refresh and Focus as many times as you want!
Wacka bump
At Mt.Rugged where you will find wacka, you can hit him with your hammer many times and he will give you a special item, you can keep doing this until your item list is full.
Want to Insert you Attack Power up to Super Ultra Mega?!
First Buy the All or nothing in Rowf's shop after chapter 5 begins. then Get 25 star pieces and go to Shooting Star Summit And buy it from Merlow. Put these badges on and go to chapter 4 fight the black shy guy to your left. His Attack power is 12 and 10!! But your Attack power is 8 for jumping, 8 for hammer. Have Watt out. Make Her use Power Shock. If it doesn't work, use a sleeply sheep Item. His HP Is 50 you should beat him. In his chest is a Power Plus! Put it if you have Enough BP. Go to Chapter 7, go to the Cristal Place. After you find a statue of a little Rino Push it, At the bottem of it is a path way that leads to a badge put on and put on the Damage Dodge. Now your Attack power is 14 for jumping! And 10 for hammer!!! So you can Beat enemies easier. Like Jr.Troopa in Bowser's castle!
If you think that a jelly ultra is really useful, YOUR WRONG!!!!! If you use 1 at 10/60 hp and 52/60 fp or 46/60 hp and 2/60 fp, its a waste so i keep jamin' jellies and ultra shrooms separated for different times.
Whacka Bump
To get the 'legendary' Whacka Bump, You must take the train (or pipe- whatever you prefer) and go to Mt. Rugged. Then, go to the next screen over to the right from where Parakarry was. Then, break the block below and hit Whacka. He should say "Ow.. Don't hit me!!" and leave a Whacka Bump.

(Note: This will work for only a certain period of time. Then, he will explode coins. Bye, bye Whacka!)
Yoshi Cookie
to get a yoshi cookie,get Tayce T. to cook something(anything,the simplest is just to give her a regular mushroom to cook with).then,take the dish from her to the yellow adult yoshi by the shop on Yoshi's island.he'll love the food and give you a melon.then go to shy guy's toy box and get cake mix from the playroom.take the cake mix and the melon to Tayce T. and she will make you a Yoshi Cookie that restores alot of HP and FP.
Zap Tap is helpful!
Get 20 star pieces, go to Shooting Star Stummit and buy it from Mellow. Put it on. when some one touches you in battle, they get shocked!{damage 1}
It can stop a draining enemey. you don't take damage!


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Swimming in land
ok just so you know I did not find this glitch. In chapter 7 in the first town you go to there is a small pond with a Diving board for sushi. If you walk to the upper corner just between the board and the ice but still on the board and try to dive with sushi then it will glitch and you will be swimming on land! You can exit the town and swim for a long time until you get to the huge ice steps and those are really hard to get past. I'm not sure if you can actually get to the ice castle or not.

Easter eggs

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Ridley music?
when you see the flower being attacked by moles in flower fields, music will be playing and a little part of it sounds like Ridley's theme from Super Metroid.


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Wacka Bumps
Wacka Bumps are extremely valuble on acount of they restore Both 25 hp and fp. The way to get 8 Wacka Bumps is to first come up onto MT.Rugged and go 1 screen over and you will see stairs going down. Go down the stairs and go left. You will see a block so obliterate it with your hammer. Go through and then a blue mole called Wacka will appear and then talk to him and he'll sing a little ditty about how nice it is outside. Then you will notice he looks like one of those moles in the game Wack-a-mole. Hit him over the head with your hammer or jump on him and a little wart will fall of him. Pick up the wart and go over one screen and come back. Repeat the process until he says " I can't take this abuse" he leaves and you are left with Many Wacka Bumps
2 Items From The Lil' Oinks
If you fill the Lil' Oinks pen, then buy a new one, the first Lil' Oinks will leave an item. If you do it fast enough, you can get 2 to 5 items by buying the Lil' Oinks really fast.
8 Bit Mario
Once you are at the mansion, go immediatly to your far right. Open the door, and go into the room. Jump on the box next to the 'pot'. Jump in, and you'll pop out as 8 Bit Mario! This stops once you leave the room.
a great way to get many star points
this is one of the best ways to get star points that I've found so far: go anywhere where there are a lot of fuzzies (the forest, the lavalava jungle, etc), making sure you have the Zap Tap badge equipped (4 BP, for those curious). with this badge on, the fuzzies do you no harm at all, so just do nothing (both mario and his partner) on each turn. the fuzzies will split into two when their HP gets low, meaning more star points for you!
Attack FX (E or F...)
When you are in Shiver City, go to the left. Go in the first house and jump up the books and open the window. Go to the left and get Parakarry out. Fly across, open the window and then open the treasure chest at the bottom of the stairs. You now have all Attack FX badges, nice job!
Attack FX B
Once you go down the steps to get Kooper, there should be 3 blocks there. Hit the first one on your left but hit in on the right side. Next, hit the block to thr right but on it's left side. Finally, hit the block above and hit the right side. If you perfrom this correctly, a box should appear and once you hit it, a badge comes out. This badge is the 2nd out of the 5 sound effect producing badges.
Attack FX C
Once you are in the middle of Dry Dry Desert (the stone cactus), go to the bottom of the desert. Keep moving left until you appear in a screen with a rock just sitting there. Jump on top of it, and you will have received the 3rd Sound effect badge!
Attack FX D
Go to Club 64 (you must have already beaten the blooper for the pipes) and talk to the singer and her manager. If the timing is right, he should give you an item. Next, go to the underground pipes and go to the one that takes you to the Dry Dry Desert. Then, go to the house on the right. The house should have an old-looking toad inside. Exchange sheets and then go back to Club 64. Give the sheets back, and the Singer will perform the peace. Once she finishes, you will receive Attack FX D. 1 more left!
Beat all bosses!
This is my first (and hopefully final) version
of the Paper Mario boss walkthrough.
The walkthrough is usually grouped like this:

HP:The monster's HP.
AP:The monster's attack power.
DP:The monster's defense power.
Difficulty ranges from * to **********.

Bowser:You lose. What else is there to say?

Jr. Troopa:For some reason, you're given the option to do nothing. Just attack.

Red/blue goombas:
Finally, a real boss!

10 HP
5 FP
3 B.P.
power jump

This is so SIMPLE! Have mario power jump blue goomba twice. He's gone. Meanwhile, have goombario attacking red goomba. By now his HP should be 5. Now have Mario jump and goombario headbonk alternativly until they are destroyed. Heal with a heal block, then face the goomba king.

Goomba King:
HP/FP/BP/ 10/10/3
Badgesower jump

Yes, the goomba bros. are fighting too, but just hit the goomnut tree and kill them immediatly.
WARNINGO NOT HIT THE GOOMNUT TREE AGAIN!Just have Mario Power jump and goombario headbonk to defeat him in another 2 turns.

HP/FP/BP/ 10/10/3
Badgesower jump, close call
He is somewhat difficult, but can easily be defeated with proper use of the action command.
Just power jump 3 or 4 times and dodge his magic attack. El fin.

Chan:No requirements. Just jump on his head. If you have goombario attacking, you don't even need to use the action command.

Lee:HP/AP/DP/ 20/4/0
HP/FP/BP/ 20/15/3
Badgesower jump

Lee is your first real challenge. Here, good action command is essential. You also need goombario super-ranked. That aside, just time the action command perfectly. You will have him beaten soon enough.

The Master:His tactics are secret. All I'll tell you is that you fight him 3 times and should have plenty of recovery items.


No reccomendations

Well it's obvious that this isn't bowser, so send out kooper, and keep attacking with the hammer and kooper's shell until the tank breaks and reveals...

Koopa Bros.:each 7/4/2

Badgeower jump/HP plus
Item:Fire flower/POW block/Mushroom x3

Knock over their stack and so they can't attack and then fire flower them. If they get back up, knock 'em down again. Have kooper use power shell and Mario use Power jump, too.

This ends chapter one and this version, V 1.0. If you want more, check now ad then for version 1.1!
Beat Kent C. Koopa EZ
First yyou need Watt in your party and and out . Go to big Fatso then battle him if you want to you can put him put him to slepp then Use Watt He can make your oppennents deffense down to Zero!!!! Best of all It doesnt cost any FP eatheer !!! ( a least i think) that is all byye and farewell
beat kooper bros. EZ way
okay first buy 1 fire flower.
then get kooper out.
and destroy bower??? robot.
then, hit kooper bros with your hammer.
and use kooper's shell toss.
(it doesn't matter if you use kooper first)
then they should fall down and it's your turn again.
Now use fire flower then pwer shell
(i'm not sure about name but the attack
that attacks all enemys)
then you beated kooper bros!
beat the master without breaking a sweat
ok. what ya gotta do iz this. 1st get 10 or more star pieces & go 2 that guy, whatever his name iz,up at shooting star summit who trades badges 4 star pieces.get zap tap (10 star pieces, 4bp) & go fight the master. when he does his thing where he hits u like, 4x- he'll just hit u 1 cuz he'll get electricuted and take 1 damage 2. he'll be the snake 2 your mongoose. or the mongoose 2 your snake. i dont no animals, but whichever way, its bad.
Beating Super Blooper
Get Parakarry Ultra-ranked. Buy 10 stone caps. Make sure you have at least 30 FP. Use stone cap, then Parakarry's Shell Shot to beat Super Blooper without an HP unit given.
Bowser and ANY other enemy Die in 1 HIT
I gotta say 1st thing, not everyone is good at timing, but i am the mastah. Get tht pink shoe badge in the KOOPs fortress called (i think super bounce) and if you are great at timing, you will keep on bouncing over and over. I killed the final Bowser in 1 hit in this way. It takes years of practice tho but its worth it =)
Candy cane star piece
This will only work if you have super boots, or ultra boots. Go to the area in between toad town, and koopa village where that blue candy cane that gives you hearts is. Go in between all 3 of the candy canes and do a ground pound. The ground will shake, and you'll see the loose piece of ground. Ground pound beside it, and the piece of ground will flip, reavealing a star piece.
Candy Canes?
U Know those Candy Canes on the Pleasent Path Right?Well Where the road u head to Koopa Bros. Fortess there are 3 Candy Canes One of them follows u whatever u do!!Go to the left candy cane adn run around it and invisible music comes out of no where and hearts comes out of it head!!!Amasing no?
Chistmas/Thanks Presents
After u beat the Crystal King guy,head back to the cold city & go inside the Toad House.Go to sleep.When u wake up alllllooooot of items should be on the floor.U won't know who sent them though even the penguin dosen't know.
Classic Mario
To obtain a retro version of everyone's favorite hero, head over to Boo's Mansion. Inside, you should see a bookcase on the left and a door on on the right. Go inside the door and you'll see a box next to a vase. Jump up to the vase and hop onto it. You'll hop out as Classic Mario, complete with all the original sound effects. The change will wear off once you leave the room.
First go to Mt. Rugged and get a whacka's bump from whacka. Then get jammin jelly and cake mix and have Tacye.T cook them. Go get another jammin jelly and an ultra shroom. Equip the refund badge, then go use all these items in battle. If you do it correctly you should end up with 230 more coins.
Coins a plenty!!
Ok have you ever been playing and then needed to buy expensive stuff (like Life Shrooms) but you can't afford them? First, sell or check all of the items that you have with you. Next go to the store in Shiver City (its right in front of the pipe). Buy all of the Snowman Dolls that you can carry. They each sell for 8 coins. Next go to Dry Dry Outpost and go to the store there. sell your Snowman Dolls to the freaky mouse shop owner for 12 coind each!! It's only a 4 coin profit for each doll. But for the ten that you can carry with ya its a 40 coin profit. Another Tip: Make some room in your item checking so you can put some dolls there. That way you'll make less trips.
Crystal King /suprise!
When you first get to the Crystal King i would suggest having Parakarry (if you have upgraded to ultra. At first he will attack you with 3 flying crystals. I suggest using shooting star or air raid. if you want to just beat the crystal king up fast, you better have lots of super shrooms.He also tends torcover at the most inconvinent times.When he finally does get low on hp he will divide and conquer.his attack then does 8. he still freezes you sometime until your dead.mainly you should have alot of power ups for hp + fp. Did i mention that when you first use the toad house when you wake up there are 4 mushrooms and one ultra shroom? well there are so those might help. I hope i helped!

If you spin jump in merlons house three times you will get a very useful badge? im not sure what is so i guess youll have to find out.......
Defeating the Koopa Bros. the Easy Way
After making the Koopa Bros. flee from Toad Town, go west to Goomba Village instead of going east. When you make it, enter Goombario's house and open the door. You'll find a new veranda outside. After seeing the door close you'll find a Shooting Star. Keep this in your inventory until you reach the Koopa Bros. Once fighting Bowser??, continue to use Power Jump until your FP reaches 3 or 4. After the Koopa Bros. form their tower, use Bombette's Bomb attack to knock the Bros. onto their shells. After that use your Shooting Star, giving them each 6 damage and getting rid of them all at the same time.
Don't trust Chet!
In toad town, there is a fat blue character who looks like a duck-chicken thing...he talks you into raising either your BP, HP, or FP. DON'T DO ANY!!!!!!! if you raise one...the others will drop...he asks only for 39's such a rip-off...
Easilty defeat Bowser
Use Watt as your helper, and always use the first attack. It will always use full power, regardless of Bowser's defense. Before the fight against Kammy Koopa, use the hammer with Mario. Normal Hammer(Metal, no power up badges) After you fight with Twink, use the Peach Beam. Then always use Mega Smash to maxamize the damage you inflict. Use Peach Beam if needed. If you followed this right, you shouldn't have to use a Life Shroom (If you're using two HP up badges).
Easy Goomba King
If you save the fire flower you get when you are behind Goombario's house, you can use it when you fight the Goomba King to take out the Bro.s
effective fan smacking
instead of using your thimb for the "push the control stick to the left repeatedly" action command, curl your fingers inwars, and place the controller sideways. now you can use your elbow to get 100% on this action command reliably. bwu ha ha ha!!!!
Egg Missle
Give Tacye T. an Egg and a Fire Flower- makes an Egg Missle Attack Power 6
How ya doin?Here Are The FAQ first:
1.) Can I Help?
Uhhhh......not yet. I new at this. I don't really know much of this.
2.)Can you post some Gameshark codes please!!!!
No. I hate the game shark. A way people cheat their way through the game.
3.)Okay, what bout code and easter eggs?
Well, no I mostly don''t know them either.
But codes? I think most of them are fake.
4.)What Mysterys?
Well some things that I thought I saw but when I checked every single Walkthrough I didn't see the anwser for them.
5.)Can we anwser them?
Sure! I've been trying to slove them for quite a while....
6.)How many badges are there?
I'm quite sorry but this maybe a FAQ but I don't know the anwser to that one.
7.)Why can't I save after I beat Bowser?
What's the fun in that? The point is that when you beat Bowser there is no challenge after that. You'll get bored.
8.)I hate walking through the castle in and out in and out. It's annoying! Have to fight all thoose enimes!
I think when you reach a certain level you can use the bump badge to defeat them no sweat.
9.) That old gramps Koopa is very bossy! Why should I do stuff for him when he only gives me 1 lousy coin!
Wow. You really don't respect olders. Besides he gives you star pieces and Credits for the Game Room.
10.) What is the game room?
It's a room full of games! Hello? Is there a Brain in there?
11.) No, I mean What can you do in the game room?
Play games.
There are two:
Silver credit:Jump Attack
Gold credit: Smash Attack
12.) Where is the Game room?
Right across the Pig store errrrr......where the train station is there is a tree. Hit the tree and a pipe comes out.
13.) Will there be more FAQ later?
Uhhhh yeah I think......
Fighting the Master
When you are fighting the master again in the dojo you should have planty of mushrooms, Even stone hats, when you turn yourself into a rock just let your partner attack. You parter should be The bird? I beet him with I think it was seven stone hats
Free Hearts
On Pleasant Path, you'll see three striped blue poles. The left one will follow you as you walk past. If you walk around that pole severasl times, you'll cue some classic Mario music and the pole will eject enough hearts for you to replenish your energy completely.
Free Stuff
In your travels, be sure to use your hammer to whack any trees you come across. Many contain free coins and sometimes even Star Pieces and Springs.
Get one of the partners to say something stupid.
Before you leave Boo's mansion, you will battle Jr. Troopa, when you are about to fight him, Bow says "Oh, the poor dear, he must be lost." That's what Bow says, unfortunately, they never came up with what the partners would say if they were there when Jr. Troopa comes up. If you don't understand, let me give an example.
If you leave with Bow, she'll say to Jr. Troopa "Oh, the poor dear, he must be lost" Of course that's what she's supposed to say, but if you take out Parrakary, goombario, or kooper, they'll say the same thing, so if you take out parrakary and walk out of Boo's mansion, he'll say "Oh, poor dear, he must be lost." there must be more of these throughout the game that I haven't found yet.
Get to Koopa Bros. with out fighting the bomb things
When You go to the highest level of the fotress,jump over as many of the things as you can. Jump over the maker. Try not to get into a fight.
Giga Shroom ain't the best item
Get Jam 'n' Jelly and Giga Shroom and take em to tht toad who cooks stuff. Give both to her and you get da BIG COOKIE, capable of healing 50 HP/FP.
Giga Shroom locations
As far as i know there are 3 Giga Shrooms in the entire game.
The first one you come across is all the way in shiver city, after you have gone to the place with all the stars and the "Monstar". GO ta sleep in the toads house. When you wake up, several healing items will appear, includin the 1st Giga Shroom.
The 2nd one is just outside the Crystal King's Palace. There is a brick block wiht nothin in it, but when u brake it, do the spin jump and -- presto a giga shroom!
Outside of Peaches castle when you about to find Bowser, take out Watt and search till you find a block with it in there. YOU FOUND EM ALL!
Goombario Glitch
When your in Star Haven at the first set of stairs jump too the brick and then jump too the step above it and if Goombario out he will walk through it. I have only did it once so I am not sure if it will work again.
how to beat huff n. puff
All you have to do is get gombario ultra ranked to the highest level and he would have charge and multibonk. Then have 3 stone caps and charge goombario untill all your stone caps run out then use multibonk and do it right and you will have him beat easily. in case huff n. puff is in electric make him attack you then use multibonk on him then you win.
How to beat the Dojo master in his ultimate form!
You need to have an ultra ranked Goombario and 1 stone cap. Use Goombario's charge technique 5 or 6 times. While Goombario's charging, Use stone your stone cap then use multi-bonk with Goombario then finish him.
How to get the Melon!!!
Yo go to LavaLavaIsland and give smething that Tayce T. cooked to the bigger yellow yoshie and the she'll give you a melon.
How to see Moustafa quicker
Go to the Dry Dry Outpost shop and buy a dried shroom. Then buy a dusty hammer. It must be in that order to work. The mouse who ownes the shop will run up to you and say that you must be in with Moustafa. he says that Moustafa is at the highest part of the town. go to the far right od the town and you will see a blue house with a whole bunch of boxes to the right of it. you should be on the other side of the town to see the house. go in the house and walk up the boxes. then just keep on going from there until you see a door. go in the door and moustafa will be there and he will be all confused wondering how you found out how to get there
inf star points
to get unlimited star points,u gotta be in bowsers castle.once u find the cannons that shoot out bullet bills jump on the battle,keep attacking the bullet bills not the cannons,it takes a while but it's worth it.u can get tons of star points.
Level Up Easy
Once you can enter Flower Field this tip works. Go to where The Yellow Flower guards the gate. You will see 2 Amazee Dazees near a tree. Keep on coming & going until you find a Gold Amazee Dazee (It's sparkling). Beware because it will run away after you attack. Also it does 20 damage if it does not run.
Life shroom for 3 coins!!!!
Go to dry dry outpost and buy a mushroom. Then go to Koopa Village and get 2 koopa leaves. Then go to Tayce T. in toad town and cook a mushroom and a koopa leaf. You should get a volt shroom. Then cook that up and you'll get a life shroom.

Note:You have to have a cookbook from Shy Guy's toybox.
Lil' Oinks
? Lil' Oink: Repel Gel
Gold Lil' Oink: Ultra Shroom
Silver Lil' Oink: Jammin' Jelly
The rest aren't really worth it. Only these are worth getting except for Life Shrooms earlier in the game.
Lots 'o' Lemons and Limes
Reach the oasis in the desert and hit the big fat trees and lemons and limes pop out!!!! Then exit the
oasis and then re-enter and get more lemons and limes!!!!
Repeat the prosess and get as many as you can carry!!!!
If your low on money sell them and go get more to sell!!!!
Luigi's Diary
Once you get the super boots from Boo's mansion, head to toad town and go to mario and luigi's house. Go into the brother's room and where the ground is just a TEENY bit higher than the original floor, do a grand slame (butt pound) on the surface of that TEENY raised floor and you can read Luigi's secret diary where he writes secret stuff that may or may not help you!!!
mega rush badge
go to tubbablubbas place after killing him and go to the place with the big clock by the wall move it and enter a secret room get on the bed get the coins on the bed and jump up to the book shelf on the last shelf walk to the wall to a secret stair way and then get the mega rush badge it will give +4 attack when in peril
if you go to koopa village and you buy lots of pow blocks for 4$ and then go to tayce t.'s and have her cook them right before you go to star haven and then you carry them with you until you get to the 1st big hall(with the save in the middle) and go up the middle stairs and then to the left and in that door there will be a very bored guard and he is actually running a shop! he doesnt know your mario so he will sell to you(i would check all of the mistakes into my checking thing before i leave toad town) then check all the mistakes out and sell them to him for 20$!!!
money master
go to boo's mansion. go to the basement shop. buy ten mystery items. after you have given tayce t the cookbook, tell her to cook the mystery items.if it is good, then you decide what to do with it. if it is a mistake, then sell it at boo's shop for 5 gold! i have gotten life shrooms out of a "good cooking"
Everybody can do this in the game. It's in the Castle. There's this certain cage thingy where you get next to it and go in it. You can't see an entrance, but you can walk through the wall. I repeat: IT IS NOT A GLITCH.
not done yet
i guess that i will do every enemy for chapter 3
sooooo... get any items that you can afford
and head to forever forest
forest fuzzy
hp 6
no denfense
attack power 1
these are very annoning enimies you lose 1hp and they add it to their own a volt shroom or zap tap are desvating to these guys.
hp 5
attack power 3
no defense power
now don`t bother jumping on these guys unless you have spike sheild thunder rage is all you need
hyper paragommba,gommba
hp 7
attack1(8if charged)
these guys are dangours if the hit you when they are charage use power attacks on these guys
hyper cleft
hp 4
attack 3 defenese 3
d-down pound is great! on these guys
hp 8 attack 3
these guys are pretty much avoidable use sleepy sheep on them
tubba`s heart
hp 50 whoa
attack 6 (12 if charaged)
when`s he says he chages up use bow carry a life shroom or two
tubba blubba
hp 10
attack 4,6
use a power jump and bow`s smack to beat him in one turn
phew! finshed
Like overkill? Then listen up. For this to work you should have at least fourty HP, 50 FP (If you don't have that much just go to Rip Cheeto in toad town who will help get it up.), all of the star energy, and 27 BP with the badges S. Jump Charge, Power Bounce, all three FP Plus badges, Flower Saver, and Defend Plus. Also, you should have at least one jammin jelly and something to restore FP at least fourty. After putting on all of those badges, rest at a Toad House. Go to pleasent path, and you will see a small koopa (not Kent C., you should probably beat him if you haven't already)jump on him to start a fight. Use a partner (any one that is super or ultra ranked)and kill the koopa. There will be a goomba left, leave him alone, since you should have the Defend Plus badge he can't hurt you. Keep super charging Mario's jump about 33 times (until it says you can't charge anymore)using the items to keep you're FP up. Make sure you choose "Do nothing" every time it is your partner's turn. Finally once you can't charge anymore, use power bounce on the goomba. As you can see it did 99 damage the first time and went down one every time. So if you timed it right about ten times, your last damage should show 88, then you have just done 1122 damage on that one goomba!!! Now that's overkill.

and now for king bowser...
Pop Diva Sings:
Go to <i>Club 64</i> and talk to the <i>green toad</i>, he'll give you lyrics. Then give the lyrics to the composer in dry dry outpost. He'll give you a melody.

Once you have the melody go back to <i>Club 64</i> and give the melody to the <i>green toad</i>.

The pop diva will then sing.
Quick Change Badge
This won't work unless you've heard about Merlon's dream.
To get the quick change badge, you have to go to Dry Dry Outpost.
There will be a red palm tree in the first section of the Outpost. Rn around it many times, and the toad with a turban on the right will say "What are you doing" and after you tell hime about te dream, he'll tell you about his dream. He'll tell you about a house with a spinning roof (Merlon's house) and how you hae to do a spin jump three times when inside the house. Do what he says and a Quick Change badge will fall from the roof.
in goomba village hit the stone block
go in the middle of where it used to be
jump and you should find a repelgel
in gusty gulch where hyper clefts are
hit a ? mark block hit all of em and
you`ll eventually find an repelgel
go 1 east of where the whale
drops you off use watt`s power and you should
find an repelgel
where those snowmen are standing in
a line go behind the most north eastren tree
an you should find an repelgel
i hope i helped
Saving coins/items
If you wish for the fortune teller in Toad Town, then you save it, then go to him and then reset the game and you wouldn't have paid a dime!!Also, it is the same for Tacey T. You can go save it , then get the items you want(if you buy them then you don't have to pay anything either).then you take them to her and when shecooks them write down the recipe and reset it.then you will have a cheat sheet for some other time so that it will be easier to batle Bowser.Ain't I smart??
Secret path
If you go to the last part of Forever Forest, (the part were you see the sign for Boo's Mansion) don't go to Boo's Mansion! Keep going around that part and point Mario in the direction of the big white rock julting out. Click A and the rock should laugh. Go down that path and you should run into another part of Forever Forest. somewhere on that path, you'll find a path that goes up. That's were you'll find a badge. (FP badge)
See Luigi write in his diary
After you get the super boots but before you get Bow go to Luigis diary room and you will see him writing in his diary!

(A friend told me this so I'm not sure it works...)
Go to Harry's shop in Toad Town (it's in the south part, by the port), buy as many Volt shrooms as you can. Now, take those to Tayce T. and have her cook them, they become Hot Shrooms. Now go sell them to Harry, and he will give you 5 coins more than you bought it for!!! This is, by far, the easiest way to get money.
Shy Guy Money
Check back to Shy Guy's Toy Box after you've rescued Muskular from General Guy. The best time for this trick is after you get no star points from beating a Shy Guy in battle, and you have at least 5 spaces in your inventory. With the First Attack Badge equipped, enter the Toy Box and go to the left. Continue until you get to the Shy Guy Playground. Now, make use of the badge and destroy the enemies with a first strike. The enemy will leave some coins most of the time, and you get a spiffy item too for free! Get every item in the playground. Now go to Tayce T.'s house and have her cook the Mushroom and the Cake Mix together. You'll get a Shroom Cake. Now have her cook the Fire Flower and the other Cake Mix together. You'll get a Fire Pop. You can sell both items in either Toad Town shop for 20 coins each! Not too bad, since this takes about 2-3 minutes. ( does reading this )
slow go
in the desert, in the temple, go up the stairs as if to get the cement hammer. drop to 1 level of rim above the chest. walk carefully over to the other side on the left.walk through the wall, and find a chest containing a slow go badge (0 BP).it is helpful for sneaking past sleeping guards.
Some Nice cheats/tips...
NES Mario: In Boo\'s Mansion, look for a room with a large vase in it. Look for a chair to jump into te vase and you\'ll be a NES Mario! It only works while you\'re in that room though. To change back without leaving the room, jump in the vase again.

Luigi\'s Secret Diary: Once you get the Super Boots, go to your house via the Pipe in Toad Town. Go to the bedroom, look for a suspicious part of the floor and Spin Jump it. Now you can read Luigi\'s Diary. He will add 2 Pages after each Chapter.

Blackboard with your Achievements: Go to Mario\'s House. When you go in, there should be a blackboard nexct to the door. Youc an check it to see some of your acheivements (e.g. how many star pieces collected, record power bounces, total coins collected...)

Underground Toad Town News: Go to the News board next to Merlons house. Instead of reading it from the front, read it from behind to read the Underground Toad Town News.
sound effect E badge
go to shiver city to a house withthat one penguin(beside the house with no door)inside there ore some things to climb up go up to a shelf by the window and go though the will be outside and you will walk along the side and enter another window(you will have to fly across with parrakary) there will be a chest cantaining the sound effectE badge(it sounds like a yoshi)
Sound effects badge
Right before Koopa village kinda the entrance you will see three blocks hit them in this order: left, right, up, then a badge block should appear and hit it to get sound effects badge.
stamp attack
Apparently bowser's found the ultimate attack to take of mario,well not really it's more a miss spelling then anything. Anyway when you fight bowser for the second time (at the place you fought him the first time) have goombario use tattle on bowser, when he explains the attack powers one attack will be stamp attack (it should be stomp attack)
Strategy to defeat every boss
Hello everyone. Now are you wandering
eggcited for a moment there.
Version 0.1 submittedJuly16,2002

PARTY ON ME! uh... sorry

boss: jr. troopa
attack power:1,2
okay now this guy is a little annoying
strategy: easy just keep attacking him
hewill eventually give up
goomba bros.
blue goomba
strategy: use powerjump twice
red goomba
strategy: eat gomnut use gombarios
headbonk use power jump twice
goomba king & gommba bros.
attack 1,2,1,1
strategy: hit gomnut tree use power jump twice
use gombarios head bonk

strategy: use fire flower


strategy: use fire flower and bombettes
bill blasters
b. shells
attack:2 or 3 STRATEGY:have2 fire flowers

strategy:use smash charge 3 times and
use bombettes body slam as many times
koopa bros.
hp:5 each
defense:1 each
strategy: use bomb and then use 2 fireflowers
well, thats all Ive got for now see you in a few
Super sodas and cake mixs
You can make super sodas from apples.You can get unlimettied cake mixs from Shy Guy's Toy Box.
Tayce T's Recipe's (almost complete)
Hit Points Only
Life Shroom
- Restores 10 hp once Mario dies
- Koopa Leaf + Volt Shroom

Fried Egg
- Restores 10 hp
- Egg

+ Potato Salad
- Restores 10 hp
- Iced Potato

Electro Pop
- Restores 15 hp and electrifies Mario for a limited time
- Cake Mix + Volt Shroom

+ Frozen Fries
- Restores 15 hp
- Fire Flower + Iced Potato

+ Healthy Juice
- Restores 40 hp
- Unknown at this time

More Hitpoints than Flower points
Fried Shroom
- Restores 6 hp and 2 fp
- Dried Shroom

- Restores 6 hp and 4 fp
- Dried Pasta

Honey Super
- Restores 10 hp and 5 fp
- Honey Syrup + Mushroom

Hot Shroom
- Restores 15 hp and 5 fp
- Volt Shroom

+ Shroom Steak
- Restores 30 hp and 10 fp
- Unknown at this time

+ Sweet Shroom
- Restores 30 hp and 20 fp
- Unknown at this time

+ Honey Ultra
- Restores 50 hp and 5 fp
- Honey Syrup + Ultra Shroom

+ Maple Ultra
- Restores 50 hp and 10fp
- Maple Syrup + Ultra Shroom

Equal Hit points and Flower points
Spicy Soup
- Restores 4 hp and 4 fp
- Fire Flower

Honey Shroom
- Restores 5 hp and 5 fp
- Honey Syrup + Mushroom

- Recovers 7 hp and 7 fp
- Koopa Leaf + Dried Pasta

Boiled Egg
- Restores 8 hp and 8 fp
- Egg + Strange Leaf

Bland Meal
- Restores 10 hp and 10 fp
- Egg + Mushroom

Maple Super
- Restores 10 hp and 10 fp
- Maple Syrup + Super Shroom

Shroom Cake
- Restores 10 hp and 10 fp
- Cake Mix + Mushroom

+ Yoshi Cookie
- Restores 15 hp and 15 fp
- Cake Mix + Melon

Yummy Meal
- Restores 20 hp and 20 fp
- Dried Pasta + Dried Fruit

+ Deluxe Feast
- Restores 40 hp and 40 fp
- Unknown at this time

+ Jelly Ultra
- Restores 50 hp and 50 fp
- Jammin' Jelly + Ultra Shroom

Less hitpoints than flowerpoints
+ Maple Shroom
- Restores 5 hp and 10 fp
- Maple Syrup + Mushroom

Coco Pop
- Restores 3 hp and 15 fp
- Cake Mix + Coconut

+ Lemon Candy
- Restores 5 hp and 15 fp
- Cake Mix + Lemon

+ Apple Pie
- Restores 5 hp and 15 fp
- Cake Mix + Apple

+ Jelly Shroom
- Restores 5 hp and 50 fp
- Jammin' Jelly + Mushroom

+ Jelly Super
- Restores 10 hp and 50 fp
- Jammin' Jelly + Super Shroom

flower points only
Super Soda
- Recovers 5 fp and cures poison and shrinking on Mario
- Lime + Lemon

Koopa Tea
- Recovers 5 fp
- Koopa Leaf

Nutty Cake
- Restores 10 fp
- Goomnut

Kooky Cookie
- Recovers 15 fp and makes Mario either electrically charged, sleepy, or transparent
- Cake Mix + Koopa Leaf

- Restores 15 fp
- Cake Mix

Big Cookie
- Restores 20 fp
- Cake Mix + Coconut

+ Lime Candy
- Restores 20 fp
- Cake Mix + Lime

+ Honey Candy
- Restores 20 fp
- Cake Mix + Honey Syrup

+ Special Shake
- Restores 20 fp
- Unknown at this time

Fire Pop
- Takes away 1 hp but restores 20 fp
- Cake Mix + Fire Flower

Jelly Pop
- Restores 64 fp
- Cake Mix + Jammin' Jelly

Affects Mario
+ Strange Cake
- Mario becomes transparent and electrically charged for a short time, may also fall asleep
- Cake Mix + Strange Leaf

Volt Shroom
- Electrifies Mario for a short time
- Mushroom + Dried Fruit
+ Koopa Leaf

Tasty Tonic
- Cures poisoning and shrinking on Mario
- Lemon or Lime

Affects Enemies
+ Sleepy Sheep
- May make all enemies fall asleep for a limited time
- Unknown at this time

Dizzy Dial
- May make enemies become dizzy and unable to attack for for a limited time
- Strange Leaf

+ Egg Missile
- Hits one enemy, 6 hp of damage
- Egg + Fire Flower

+ Fire Flower
- Hits all enemies, 3 hp of damage
- Dried Fruit + Strange Leaf

Thunder Rage
- hits all enemies, 5 hp of damage each
- Dried Fruit + Volt Shroom

I should have the unknown one's soon... email me if you want them.

For the unknowns, healthy juice is special shake (melon) and the bad smelling leaf thing in flower fields.

Thx to: Azn_Boi3 for one of the unknowns.
Tayce T. Recipes
You need to give the cookbook to tayce t. in order for most of these recipes to work.

cake mix + ultra shroom = sweet shroom (30HP,20FP)
cake mix + Lime = lime candy (20 FP)
cake mix + Lemon = Lemon Candy (for antiguy in toy box)
cake mix + honey syrup = honey candy (20FP)
cake mix + coconut = coco pop (3HP,15FP)
cake mix + goomnut = big cookie (20 FP)
cake mix + fire flower = fire pop (20 FP, -1 HP)
cake mix + koopa leaf = kooky cookie (15 FP)
cake mix + jammin jelly = jelly pop (64 FP)
cake mix + mushroom = shroom cake (10 HP, 10 FP)
cake mix + apple = apple pie (5 HP, 15 FP)
Mushroom + koopa leaf = volt shroom
Koopa leaf + dried pasta = koopasta (7, 7)
kooopa leaf + super shroom = life shroom
super shroom + cake mix = bland meal (10,10)
fire flower + mushroom = hot shroom (15, 5)
iced potato + fire flower = frozen fries (15 HP)
jammin jelly + ultra shroom = jelly ultra (50,50)

More recipes to come
The "Endless" Hallway
The answer to the "endless" hallway is: up, down, down, up, down, and then up.
The BEST Item
Okay, all you need here is a Jam 'n' Jelly and a Giga Shroom. Take both ingredients to Tas T (or whatever the chef guy is called) and but em both together. You end up with an item that restores 50 HP as well as 50 FP. Also try combining a strange leaf and a super shroom. I forget what that makes but I know its good
The Clock
When You are in Tubba Blubba's castle, push the clock towards the left, go into the room, then open one of the drawers. Get Packarry and fly to the bed. Jump onto the shelf and into the secret room. You should get a special badge. Good luck!
When you are fighting any boss and they are too hrd for you just use stone hats.
Tips to beat Bowser
First Time: Don't bother even trying to beat him the first time. You are supposed to lose.

Second Time: The second time, you are supposed to beat Bowser, so make sure to bring a couple of Whacka Bumps, and those Revival Hearts that bring you back to life when you die. And if you have a lot of FP, just keep using the Mega Hammer until you beat him.
To get a Golden/Silver credit And play in the playroom
To get The Golden/Silver Credit go to Koopa Koot In Koopa vilage. He's the last house down the road . He will ask you a favor when you talk to him. Keep doing favors for him untill you get both Silver and Gold cards. Run of to toad town and get into the screen that has the lil oiks in it. Go immediantly right and hit the tree with your hammer. A pipe will come up. Go down it and talk to the guy at the desk. Show him your credits and two pipes will apear.
Total Recovery
You want to equip Group Focus and Deep Focus and use either Kooper or Watt. Both of these guys have moves that paralyze the enemy. Kooper's is Dizzy Shell (Super-rank) and I forget what Watt's is. Well the trick is simple, paralyze the enemies with Dizzy Shell or Watt's move, then use Recovery&Smooch to restore FP and HP and Focus to regain Star Power. If the enemy recovers, then stun him again and use another Recover. Repeat until you feel like you've spent the night at Toad's House.
trade bad items for good: goto koopa village and go to a place where the koopa is relaxing and go to his radio and turn it to infochannel and they will anounce a trade!(I've only done this once but it's worth posti'n)the first time you need to goto west gates of toa dtown amd then goto outside the gates an common bakk in you will get a maple syrup !(I've only done this once but it's worth posti'n)the first time
u won`t die
okay have 3 life shrooms 2 supershrooms
1 jammin jelly 1 ultra shroom have
smooch with 2 deep focus badges
oh yeah have 1 shoting star and 1 maple syrup
you have one left it`s your choice butI
would suggest having an repel gel
this is a great slection for anybody
the down side is this costs about 300 coins
but it`s worth it for everyone
great battle out fit for everyone so
start colleting those coins!!
hope I was helpful
Ultra Shroom
When you go into Shiver Mountian look for a brown block. Hit it and it will go. Then Tornato jump right where the block was and you will hit something that will drop an ULTRA SHROOM!!! Also you can make Jelly Ultra by using: Ultra Shroom+ Jamin' Jelly
ultra shrooms!!!!!!!!
in drydrydesert go 1 north when you come out
of mt.rugged you`ll find a an block
that looks like it`s been hit.
hit it once you`ll get a mushroom
hit it 10 more times you`ll get a supershroom
hit it 100 more times you`ll get an ultrashroom!!!
in shiver mountain do a torando jump
after you break a brick you should
find an ultrashroom after you defeat
the crystal king sleep in the toad house
in shiver city and an ultra shroom
along with many other prizes
in bowsers castle in the room
where you come with the final puzzle
go the oppsite way use bombette`s power
and you`ll find an ultrashroom
when you come out of bowser`s castle
use watt`s power and you`ll find an ultra
Unlimited Enemies
If you're really strapped for Experience Stars you'll be able to find an unlimited supply of them in the Forest. When you battle the Fuzzies, they'll usually split into two if low on health. Just always keep one alive, ant they'll keep splitting . If you're low on health, get rid of them with a massive groip attack, like Bob-omb's Blast.
unlimited health
Go to pleasant path, circle the blue and white candycane and the old mario music will play, then a heart will come out of the candycane!! You can do this as many times as you desire!
Unlimited Iced Potatos!!
Go to the toad house in Shiver city.The toad inside will ask you if you want to take a nap.Say yes.After Toad talks, look at the table to the right. It will have an Iced Potato on it!!!Keep doing this, and you will have unlimited Iced Potatos!!!!!!!!!
well,i`m back!
chpt 2 the mystery of dry dry ruins
note these are eminies that you cant run away
from joruny back to koopa village stack up
on suppiles youll need them okay next emeny
jr.poppa! the stpuider form hahaha
attack 2
stratgey...use hammer attack and bommettes bomb
use refresh often and a mushroom and honey surup
wouldn`t hurt too...hur..hur..hur...
buzzard stop the pecking it hurts!
use plenty of items here this will be along
fight use parkarry too
pokey mummy euu busted euu
hp4 special might poisn you if you dont use the
action command correctly you might
stargetyarakarry shell shot might wanna carry
a tasty toinc too use hammer attacks also
hp 3or 4 or5
atack 2
stargety equip hammerthrow and use parakarry
startegy use shellshot and super hammer
defense 3tough
stargety use power attacks
hp 30
attach 2,3 might take youe partener for two turns
injured use every thing on him
phew... see you later