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Neon Genesis Evangelion (Import) Cheats

Neon Genesis Evangelion (Import) cheats, Tips, and Codes for N64.

Neon Genesis Evangelion (Import) Tips

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AT Field
The AT (Absolute Terror) field is an ability that both Angels and Evangelion units share, but activating your AT field isn't only for defense, you can also use it for other purposes:

If your close to an Angel which has its AT Field up, you can activate yours to trigger an special sequence where you can tear through an Angels AT Field by pressing A and C-down rapidly, if you fail you'll probably be attacked by the angels and your Synch Ratio will drop, so be careful.

In mission 08 you can use it to block Unit 03's special jumping attack (attack that cannot be dodged and shows like it would be a cut-scene that you don't have any control over, but activate your AT field and you will block it)

And finally in mission 12 Unit 02 can throw its AT Field at the Seele troops by pressing the A button after raising its AT Field.
Submitted by: Just a Shadow on August 14, 2007
Go berserk in mission 1
The pattern to go berserk in mission 1 is Eva unit 01 loses its Umbillical Cable, the angel breaks the arm of Eva 01, then it grabs you and destroys one of your eyes throwing you away. In other words, if the events during the fight are exactly like in the anime, your eva unit will go berserk, the thing is that it doesn't work 100% of the time.
Submitted by: Just a Shadow on August 13, 2007
Synch Ratio
During the "grappling animation sequences" (when you grab and attack an angel) you aren't able to control the animation, but you can increase your Synch Ratio while performing a "grapple" by rapidly pressing A + C-down.
Submitted by: Just a Shadow on August 13, 2007

Neon Genesis Evangelion (Import) Cheats

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Mission 11 Versus Mode
Go to Simulation Mode and start Mission 11. Before the demo animation of Mission 11, hold the Z, R and a C button on Controller 2. If you hold C-down you will get Eva Unit-01, C-right gives you Eva Unit-03, C-left is Unit-02, and C-up will be Eva Unit-00.
Controller 2 will then be given control of the Eva of their choice but Controller 1 will always have control of Unit-01.
Submitted by: Just a Shadow on August 13, 2007
Mission 5 secret
In mission 5 there is a last secret command that you can input in order to see a special ending for the mission.
At the very end of the mission, there is room for one last command, which the game doesn't give you, but push the C-up button three times when the 8th command bar passes through the green zone and you will trigger a special ending for that mission.
Submitted by: Just a Shadow on August 13, 2007
Unlock all Actions and Options
At the intro screen after the demo of the Unit 01 battling Sachiel, a screen with the words "BEC Section 3" will appear. At this screen enter the following code: Hold C-up + C-left + C-right on controller 2 and A on controller 1
Submitted by: Chad on May 04, 2007
Unlockable-How to Unlock
Hard mode-Beat game on Normal
Action option-Beat game on Hard
Normal difficulty-Beat game on Easy
Sound Test-Beat game on Easy
Model option-Beat game on Normal
Submitted by: Chad on May 04, 2007
Versus mode
When you turn the power on, wait for the demo screen of Eva 01 and Sachiel fighting then hold down the L and R buttons on controller 2 then press Start on controller 1. The screen will turn black and two boxes with 1p and 2p will appear on the upper left and right of the screen.
Use the left and right directional buttons to choose from these playable units:

E00: Eva Unit-00 with Lance of Longinus
E01: Eva Unit-01 with Progressive Knife
E02: Eva Unit-02 with Progressive Knife
E03: Eva Unit-03 with Eva-05 weapon
SAC: Sachiel
SHA: Shamshiel
BAR: Bardiel
E.S: Seele Eva-05 Series-R
RND: Random

Then press the A button on controller 1 to start the battle.
Submitted by: Just a Shadow on August 13, 2007