Monopoly Cheats

Monopoly cheats, and Codes for N64. Also see GameShark Codes for more Monopoly cheat codes.

Older Cheats:

Monopoly Cheats

Control View
Rename any token to "Wander" to activate the ability to control your viewpoint.

When the cheat is activated press Z to display the assets screen, and use C-Up + A to Zoom in, and C-Up+B to Zoom out.

Expert Mode
Rename any token to "Ace" to enable expert mode.

Gold token
Rename any token to "Aurum" (the latin word for gold) to get a gold token.

Mr. Potato Head Token
Rename the Moneybag token to "Potato".


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Dice Trick
Hold "Z" while dice are in the air.
Expert Mode
Name a token "Ace" to get Expert Mode
Golden Token
Name a token "AURUM" to get a golden token
Mr. Potato Head Token
Select the Moneybag token. When you name the token name it Potato. You will now have a Mr. Potato Head token.