Mission: Impossible (N64) Cheats

Mission: Impossible cheats, and Codes for N64. Also see GameShark Codes for more Mission: Impossible cheat codes.

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Mission: Impossible Cheats

Cheat Codes
Enter all of these codes during the mission select (level select) screen. After you enter a code correctly you will hear Ethan saying "Ah, that's better."

Giant Head ModeC-Down, L, C-Up, C-Right, L
Turbo ModeC-Up, Z, C-Up, Z, C-Up
Kid ModeC-Down, C-Up, R, L, Z
Big Head Mode C-Down, R, C-Up, L, C-Left
Big Feet ModeC-Down, R, Z, C-Right, C-Left
Uzi w/30 RoundsC-Right, C-Left, C-Right, C-Down, R
Mini Rocket Launcher w/30 RocketsR, L, C-Left, C-Right, C-Down
7.65 Silencer w/30 RoundsC-Up, L, C-Right, C-Left, C-Up
High Powered 9mm w/30 RoundsR, L, C-Down, C-Up, C-Up

Secret Level - Meet the Infogrames Team
After you complete the game wait till all of the credits roll and then wait till the Infogrames logo disappears. You should now be on the Embassy level where you can talk to the creators of the game, and if you talk to them all, Ethan and Candice will join the party and the fun begins.

Fun stuff

Blow Up the Helicopter
Complete every objective in the CIA Rooftop, up to the point where you install the EMS. Don't install it, just wait for the helicopter to take off. When it's in the air, install the EMS. The helicopter will come back down and explode.

Talk to Dead Barnes
Go to KGB headquarters on any difficulty and talk to Barnes (until he dies). After you are done talking punch or shoot Barnes (it is best to punch him so an alarm does not go off). After you do this Ethan will say "Sorry pal I was just making sure you were dead".

Sink Dowey
First, turn on the Mini Rocket Launcher cheat (R, L, C-Left, C-Right, C-Down). Now go to the very first level (Lundkwist Base, Ice Hit). When you get off the raft, turn and face the river. Now wait, eventually, Dowey will pass by on the raft. Hit him with the rocket launcher. The raft will sink and Dowey will go down with it, saluting with his hand to his head.

Blue Paintball Darts
In the Interrogation level find the blue spray paint can. Spray paint all the cameras in the first section and then pull out your dart gun. Shoot the walls and then you will find out you have blue paintball darts.

Make Clutter Appear In Thin Air
Go to Subpen. Get the mine and go to Clutter. Instead of sabotaging the Gunboat, head to Dowey's boat. When you're on it, you won't go right away. Clutter will appear out of thin air, and then, of course, you'll get arrested.

Freeze Jack
In Fire Alarm, after you change into a fireman, keep shooting Jack with the fire extinguisher. He will temporarily freeze in his place. Keep shooting to make him disappear.


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Big Feet Mode
In the stage select, press the following buttons:

C-down, R, Z, C>, C<.
Big Hands Mode
At the Mission Select screen, enter the following:

C-Down, R, C-Right, C-Up, L.
Big Head Mode
In the stage select, press the following buttons:

C-down, R, C-up, L, C-left.
Gun Codes
Enter these codes in the mission select screen. Ethen will say ''Yeah that's better'' if you enter it correctly.

Start with rocket launcher-Press R,L, C<, C>, C-Down.

Start with silenced pistol- Press C-up, L, C>, C<, C-up.

Start with UZI- Press- C>, C<, C>, C-down, R.

Start with 9mm pistol- Press R, L, C-down, C-up, C-up.
Humungous Head Mode
In the stage select, press the following buttons:

C-down, L, C-up, C-Right, L.
In the stage select, press the following buttons:

R, Z, C down, R, C down. You should hear Ethan say, ''Ah, that's better''. You will now be invincible to harm.
Kid Mode
In the stage select, press the following buttons:

C-down, C-up, R, L, Z.
Mini Mode
In the stage select, press the following buttons:

C-Down, R, C-Right, C-Up, L.
Turbo Mode
In the stage select, press the following buttons:

Up C, Z, Up C, Z, Up C.
Unlimited Health And Ammo
This cheat will give you unlimited health, you'll get hit, but your life bar won't go down. Go to the level select screen and press:
R, Z, C-down, R, R.

This will give you unlimited ammo, go to the level select screen and press:
C-Up, Z, C-Left, Z, C-Left.