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Mario Tennis Cheats

Mario Tennis cheats, Passwords, Tips, and Codes for N64. Also see Codebreaker Codes for more Mario Tennis cheat codes.

Older Cheats:

   (last update - Nov 21 2000)

Bonus Characters
Complete the goal to play as the corresponding bonus character:

Shy GuyWin the Star Cup/Singles Tournament
Donkey Kong Jr.Win the Star Cup/Doubles Tournament

Bonus Courts
Complete the goal to unlock the corresponding court:

Donkey KongWin the Mushroom Cup/Singles Tournament with Donkey Kong
Yoshi & Baby MarioWin the Mushroom Cup/Singles Tournament with Yoshi
Mario and LuigiWin the Mushroom Cup/Singles Tournament with Mario
Mario Brothers 2*Win all the Doubles Tournament Cups with Mario
Mario/Luigi CastleWin the Star Cup Doubles and Singles Tournament with Mario
Wario BrothersWin all the Doubles Tournament Cups with Wario
Piranha Plant**Complete any court (perfect, all 50 balls) in the Piranha Plant Challenge with any character
* This is another Mario Brothers Court, but not the alternate way to get the previous one.
** This court only works in Piranha Plant Challenge.

Bonus Character Effects
When choosing a character, hold any of the following buttons for the desired effect:

Left-handed characterL
* Makes characters have a handicap and be more powerful.

Special Cups
Win all the Tournament Cups with all characters (including Shy Guy and Donkey Kong Jr.) to unlock the Special Cups, which are much harder than the previous one. Press R while selecting a character at the character selection screen to access the Special Tournament in the menu.

Mario Tennis Passwords

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In-game Passwords
ring tournament
PasswordWhat it does
Submitted by: alexlopezo on March 15, 2010

Mario Tennis Tips

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An Mario Tennis Assortment
Ring Tournaments: On the Main Menu, go to the "Special Games" section. Then go to the Ring Tournament Code place. Here are some Ring Tournament codes.

Pokemon.com Cup:V5UFMPU5M
Mr. Pickle's Cup:4YHWOR4Y2
Note: The code given after the Tournament is to rank you on a website among others.

The Unlockables:

Unlock Shy Guy: Win Star Cup in Singles mode with any character.

Unlock Donkey Kong Jr.: Beat the Star Cup in Doubles mode with any character.

Unlock Donkey Kong Court:Beat Mushroom Cup with Donkey Kong in singles mode.

Unlock Yoshi & Baby Mario Court:Beat Mushroom Cup in singles mode with Yoshi.

Unlock Mario & Luigi Court:Beat Mushroom Cup in singles mode with Mario.

Unlock Mario & Luigi Court #2:Win all of the Cups in Doubles with Mario.

Unlock Mario & Luigi's Private Court:Beat Sar Cup in singles and doubles mode with Mario.

Unlock Piranha Plant Court:Hit all 50 balls in the Piranha Plant Challenge Mode on any court.

Unlock Yoshi & Birdo Court:Win the Star Cup as Birdo on doubles mode.

Unlock Wario & Waluigi Court:Win all cups on doubles mode as Wario.

Unlock Super Mario & Wario Courts:Win the Mario mini-games on Mario Tennis for the GBC and send the data to Mario Tennis via Transfer Pak.

Unlock the Star Tournament:Beat the Star Cup as all characters.

Unlock the Special Cups:Beat the Star Cup with evry character, even DK Jr. and Shy Guy, then hold thr R button while selecting your character to get into the a couple more cups.

Unlock Max Difficulty:Win the Planet Cup with all characters to unlock this difficulty in Exhibition Mode.
Submitted by: Lou1 on March 17, 2004

Mario Tennis Cheats

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Block Shot
Play doubles. When your teammate serves the ball. Run up to them and press A or B and you will block it
Submitted by: nb05 on December 30, 2002
Different Shots
Power Slice - Tap B, then hold B (blue)

Power Topspin - Tap A, then hold A (yellow)

Power Smash - Hit A or B, followed by tapping either one simultaneously. (pink)

Drop Shot - Press B, then A

Lob Shot - Press A, then B

Powerful Normal Shot - The one I use all the time. Hold A+B and aim where you want. The ball will go toward the back with great power.
Submitted by: dragonclawz on June 21, 2003
going faster
on bowser stage grt a mushroom
ard you will go faster if you didnt notice that
Submitted by: spencerruhgugu on September 27, 2002
Going for Parahna Court?
Obtaining this cool-looking court is very easy when you know how to do it.

All you have to do is use someone quick that has good cross-court shots. I suggest Yoshi for this.

What you need to do is hit the ball to the opposite side of the court that they are in, and keep doing that when they run to get the last shot. Just keep getting them running from side to side. Also, use the A+B shot or the A shot. They work the best.
Submitted by: dragonclawz on June 13, 2003
Hidden chracters
In the game there are two hidden chracters you must complete the star cup singles and doubles to get them the two chracters are Shyguy and Donkeykong jnr.
Submitted by: Q22 on November 02, 2002
Left Handed
Hold "L" while you are selecting your charcter
Submitted by: nb05 on December 30, 2002
Max setting
Beat the star tournament singles with every character to unlock a max difficulty setting.
Submitted by: Master Dan on October 07, 2002
Nintendo Ring Tournament II
Here's a Ring Tournament
5G3LTQ5GN - WimbleDonkey Kong Cup
Submitted by: nb05 on December 30, 2002
The Fasters Servers Are:
DK Jr.

The Fasters Players are:
Baby Mario

The Trick Players Are:
Shy Guy

The All-Around Players are:
Submitted by: dragonclawz on September 10, 2003
Secret Ring Tournaments
From the main menu, select "Special Games," then select "Ring Tournament." Enter any of the codes below to participate in a secret cup:

Blockbuster Cup-ARM6JQARU
Bowser Cup-N24K8QN2P
Donkey Kong Cup-MM55MQMMJ
Luigi Cup-M1C2YQM1W
Mario Cup-A3W5KQA3C
MarioTennis.com Cup-48HWOR482
Nintendo Power Cup-J6M9PQJ6U
Waluigi Cup-LA98JRLAR
Submitted by: foxyman_9119 on December 16, 2001
Type walkthrough
Each person is different so let me give you the run down.

Technique: These guys are always changing their tactics. Tricky works well against them. They are good against speed.

All around: no strenghs or weaknesses.

Power: these guys are heavy hitters. Use speed against these guys. They are good against tricky.

Speed: Man these guys are every where. Use Technique against these guys. They are good against power.

Tricky: These guys hitweird curb balls. Power is the way to go. They are good against technique.
Submitted by: finalfight on July 10, 2002
Yoshi and Birdro Court
Win all doubles tournament cups with Birdro.
Submitted by: anonymous on January 10, 2002