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Mario Party cheats, Tips, and Codes for N64. Also see GameShark Codes for more Mario Party cheat codes.

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Mario Party Cheats

Bonus Stages
Magma Mountain - All you have to do is beat the first 6 stages. In these 6 stages, you have to buy things in the shop. After that, you can play Magma Mountain.

Eternal Star - Get 100 stars in Magma Mountain, then a special event will appear. After that, Eternal Star will appear. By the way, after beating Eternal Star, you will see the ending, and some more, special things can be bought in the shops.

Bumper Ball Maze 1, 2, & 3
To access these mini-games, you must complete the following:

Bumper Ball Maze 1 - You must reach the goal of Mini-Game Island and defeat Toad in a game of "Slot Car Derby 2."

Bumper Ball Maze 2 - You must clear all 50 Mini-Games on Mini-Game Island and then go talk to Toad at the Goal.

Bumper Ball Maze 3 - Once you have set new records on Bumper Ball Mazes 1 & 2, Bumper Ball Maze 3 will become selectable.

Easy Money
Go to Minigame Stadium in the option house. Set the computers on hard, use handicaps and set 50 coins for each player, and set it for 30 turns. When you are near the end of the game turn the computer players to human players so that you can get all the coins they have raked in. Every time your do this, you usually get 800-1000 coins.

Fill Mushroom Bank Easily
Every time players complete a game, the stars and coins from each human player are put into the Mushroom Bank. However, if computer players are filling in, those coins and stars are lost. An easy trick to accumulate lots of stars and coins is to switch all players to human in the last round of the game. (You can do so by pausing and accessing the options menu.) Complete the board and you will be able to keep all of the stars and coins.

No Boo
After you complete Mario Party by earning 100 stars and by finishing the "Eternal Star" board, "No Boo" will become available in the Mushroom Shop.

No Koopa
After you complete Mario Party by earning 100 stars and by finishing the "Eternal Star" board, "No Koopa" will also become available in the Mushroom Shop.

More Sound Tests
You can get a song test by buying the record at the mushroom shop. For additional songs, you return to the sound test after beating the "Eternal Star" board. You will find that about 20 more songs have been added.

Different Title Screen
The title screen will change to whoever you beat the game with. ie: If you beat the game with Mario, then the Title Screen will change into Mario's.

View the Ending Sequence
You can purchase the ending sequence of the game from the Item Shop, once you've earned 100 stars and have completed the "Eternal Star" board. Once purchased, you can watch the ending at any time from the Option House.


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Easy Money
The more controllers you have, this tip will work better. Start up a game with any number of players. When in the game, pause and change all characters to coms. On the last turn change player 1 to the winning person, player 2 to the person in 2nd place and so on. All the coins and stars they got will go into the bank.
Beat the 1-player raft thing and all the minigames[including toad] and you will get bumper ball maze 1.To get bumper ball maze 2 just beat the 1st maze.I don't know about bumper ball maze 3.
Stay in 1st
Before a COM player gets a star, switch to that player. When Toad asks you if you want a Star, say NO. Switch to your main character. When your character gets to the star, say YES. Do this, and you will get all of the stars, and you'll stay in 1st.
Unlock mini-games in a fast way.
Play mini-game island. You play a mini-game (If you unlocked it or not) every time in it. You unlock mini-games by doing this without, playing in adventure mode.

Note: This really only works best for beginners.


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A weird Glitch in Hammer Drop 4-player Mini-Game
When you play Hammer Drop, I found a weird glitch. When there is 1 second left on the timer, jump to any direction that's NOT forward. Before the words "FINISH" appear, ground pound. Your character will do his/her victory pose but NOT facing forward and facing the direction you were facing when you ground pounded. This is a hard glitch to do. So try ground pounding on your opponents to get a better chance of this glitch working.
Get all Stars/ Coins
For this, you'll need two N64 controllers.

At the last turn of one of your board games against the computers, press start and switch the computers to humans 1 and 2. Then, take out the second controller and put it in socket 3. Switch the other computer to human 3. Then repeat for human 4.

You will then get all the stars and coins from the CPU's.
Super Surprise
at the game screen press these buttons and your stars will go to 100 and your coins will go to 0
these are the buttons you have to press: A+B, B, C-up 2x, and C-down 4x
Take Control

When you start an adventure, press start and go to controls. There, turn off your controller option for your character, making yourself a computer. Then, go to one of your opponents screen, and switch it's option to Player 1/2/3/4. You will then be able to control the computer. this comes in handy when you need to stop your opponent from getting a star or stealing your coins.