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Mirror Tracks and New Title Screen
Win a gold cup in all 150cc events.

Speed Burst
As soon as the light turns blue, hit the gas and hold it. You should get a nice turbo boost. Be careful, if you hold the button down too soon, you'll spin out instead. You also might want to try pressing the R button after doing the boost to jump over everyone and land in first place.

Power Sliding
Slide around a turn as normally (with the R button), but if you flick the analog stick to the left and back to the right again (or vice versa), your smoke trail will turn yellow, and if you flick it again (all while holding R), it will turn red -- at which point you let go of the R button and you'll get approximately a 10km/hr speed burst.

Ghost Riders
To play against the official course ghosts, enter Time Trial mode and complete a track within the time shown below. After beating this time, immediately Retry and you'll be see the message, "Now Meet the Course Ghost."

Mario Raceway1'30"00
Luigi Raceway1'52"00
Royal Raceway2'40"00

Banana's do no harm
Hit the brakes as soon as your kart hits a banana peel. Hold the brakes for 1 second, then release and hit the gas. This will prevent you from skidding or losing a balloon in Battle Mode.

If you can't pass an opponent, try drafting him. Line your kart up behind another racer. You'll see wisps of air come off your kart and you'll speed up slightly. Not much, but enough to pass whomever you're following.

Mario 64 Castle
On the Royal Raceway after the big jump there will be a yellow road to the right. If you follow it, it will bring you to the Mario 64 castle.

Mega Jump
If you're using a mushroom or a turbo boost, jump when another driver is immediately in front of you. If your timing is right, you'll sail over their head.

Always a Blue Shell
In the stage "Koopa Beach" the item on top of the rock is a blue shell every time. To get it you do not need a mushroom or a star but they help quite a bit. If you don't have a mushroom or a star you may get it but you will probably hit the box and fall but if you have enough speed you will grab it and be able to continually drive on to romp home for a first place. Note: If you have a super mushroom from the last batch of items it will not have run out in time to maintain the blue shell.

Quick Recovery
If you skid or blow up, rapidly tap the Gas button until you recover (usually 3 to 5 times). If you see a music sign then you did the trick right.

Item Shield
You can hold a single weapon item (shells, explosive box or bananas) behind your Kart by Z. This can allow you to obtain other items or be used as a shield against attacks from behind.

Air increase
Line your kart up directly behind another next racer. Wisps of air will appear from the sides of your kart. The small speed increase that your kart will gain should be enough to pass the racer that is being followed.

Rainbow road
In the beggining of the race, dont boost. Instead slow down a little bit. The road has different colors so when you get to the third yellow stripe jump using R to the left. If you are going the right speed, you will land further on the track. It will put you very far ahead.


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8 second lap
First at the start of Wario stadium use the huppes to jump over the left wall. once here turn around. Build up speed and jump right were there is a crease in the wall right( right where the starting gate's poles are). if done correctly you should land right behind the start line. cross the line and you will have completed a lap.

P.S. It is hard to jump over the wall right were you need to.
DK jungle parkway
DK jungle parkway shortcut

This is quite hard to do. If done correctly, you can do a lap in around 10s.

When the race starts, go backwards until you are well into the cave. Then, drive forward slightly to the left so that you hit the corner of the cave wall that extends which divides the lower part of the cave from the track. If done correctly, you should go through it an fall. The snowman dude will then fish you back up. When you continue through the finish line, it will count as one lap.
easy acces to tunnel
koopa troopa beach

this may take a little more time, but if you have trouple getting into the tunnel every time then use this

1. stop on the ramp just before the tunnel
2. aim yourself at the tunnel
3. use a mushroom, and send yourself into the tunnel

P.S. doesn't work with a star, only a shroom, triple shroom, and super shroom
Kalamari Desert shortcut.
This is the shortcut for the Kalamari Desert course.

WARNING This only works if you have a star WARNING

Remember that this only works if you have a star. If you ever get a star, I would advise that you save it to use the shortcut.

The second time that you cross the train tracks, only if you have a star, go left onto the train tracks. When you enter the tunnel, use the star. When you hit the crossing with the actual race track, turn left and you should be on your next lap
kalamari desert shroom
whenever you get a super shroom or a star, use it to cut completly across the desert and save valuable time
Koopa Troopa Beach Shortcut
Everyone knows about the obvious shortcut where you go off of a ramp using a boost and going into a hole in the mountain, but there is another, little known shortcut just before that. Before going through the arch headed towards that shortcut, go to the right of the arch and you will be on a little path with crabs here and there. This will shave off five or more seconds than if you tried to go off of the ramp but didn't make it.
when lightning is used, be careful not to run into anyone that is big, (ie wario, bowser, and donkey kong) for you u will spin out
Rainbow Road Shortcut, Easier and Better
You all know the Rainbow Road shortcut, jumping to the other side of the stage before the descent at the beginning. Some of you might also know the trick that lets you jump to the spiral, though it is freakishly difficult. There is a much easier way. First, you need to be in 150cc Grand Prix as Toad (it won't work with anyone else). Now, lose the Rainbow Road race. Then, as the race starts over again, make sure you are positioned on the left side of the track behind either Wario, DK, or Bowser. Get a head start, and crash into them, making a sharp left while you have the boost from the head start as you then hop and collide with them. You should be sent into the air, and if done correctly, land on top of the spiral. It is ten times easier than doing a SSMT (straight stretch mini-turbo) and making a 175 degree turn and a hop (which is the other method from the Mario Kart 64 Comprehensive Shortcut List). This is pretty much 100% guaranteed to work.
Rocket Jump To First
Right before the green light press the A button and hold it for a speed boost, then immediately press the R button to jump all the way to first.

Note - requires practice.
Star Using
When using a star, go offroad on the course. Try to skip portions of the track by driving over grass, dirt, etc. The star only lasts a limited time, so make the best of it.
stop spinning out
When you hit a banana you spin out but you can over come this by pressing B when you are about to spin out. you will this has work when you see the cloud with a music note in it.
Wario Stadium Cheat
In the beginning of Wario Stadium, there are four bumps. This cheat is easiest to perform at the fourth bump, but can be done on any of them. Build up speed approaching the fourth bump, then when you hit the top of the bump, make a hard left and hit R to hop just before you hit the wall. If performed correctly, you should jump over the wall, and cut out half of the lap. Hope this works. Happy racing... xmike26
Wario's Stadium
There are a few shortcuts in this level. I'd like to tell the first one first.

Right in the start drive at full speed, when you think you are ready, hop to the left wall, and if you did good, you jumped over the wall.

Next, if you are just under the high jump ride a little farther until you followed the right turned way. Go back and drive at full speed right at the wall, when you are at it do the jump, and if you do it right, you will be over it, and gracias, your at the finish almost!

3rd, if the 2nd one failed, quickly drive further until you are at the sharp turn, the last one before the finish. Before there is also a wall. Jump at ik and you should cut a few meters. Pretty handy for winning a race on the last moment.

This works for all players. If you need to turn really hardmove the joystick left or right while holding "R" You should then see little words come out of your engine. If held for long enough it should spell WE

There's the tip.


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Kalimari Desert, lightning through train.
If you are shrunk by the lightning bolt just before running into the train in Kalimari Desert, you should slip through the train w/o being affected by it.
Skip lap on Rainbow road
Only ever achieved this once, was playing 2 Player GP (probably 150cc can't remember though)

Was hit by a blue shell just before the finish line on first lap, went over the left hand side of the track. The drop time was significant, however when I came back I was put on the track just before the finish line again but when I crossed it I was on my final lap.

My guess is that I crossed the finish line while falling then when I was brought back the game assumed I just fell off the track on my second lap.

Either way I was able to lap all the AI characters before finishing the race, and had to wait for my friend to do another full lap before the race ended.

(would love to see someone confirm that it wasn't just a once off fluke)


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Blue shell in luigi raceway
In the stage Luigi Raceway, you see a hot air ballon of Luigi, and a box hanging from it. The box is always a blue shell, if you don't know this already, its very simple to get. When you see the box come very close to touching the ground, wait until the ballon is all the way back up, then go stand in that exact spot. Then wait until it comes back down right above you, then just simply jump, and u got yourself a blueshell. But remember this you will fall behind, but with a blueshell u could easily catch up.
Destroy scenary
Grab a star and use it. Some of the track side details can now be destroyed (such as the big rotating mario sign in Mario Raceway).
DK Jungle Parkway
In the beginning, turn around and go into the tunnel where the wall and ceiling meet. If you do this correctly, you will fall into the water. Run over the finish line and you'll be on your next lap...
Frappe Snowland Lap Skip
In Frappe Snowland, when you begin the race, don't go forward... go backwards and onto the wooden bridge. Don't go off the bridge once on it though. When far at the back of the bridge, speed all the way to the right corner of the bridge infront of you. When you get to the corner, press R to jump from the bridge to the snow.. but you can't hit the race track at all. When on the snow, drive up and past the finishing line. If done correctly, you should of skipped a lap
Guarenteed Spiny Shell on Koopa Troopa Beach
If you miss the tunnel shortcut then you can claim a spiny shell. As you round the corner that leads to the waterfall you'll see a long thin ramp. Race up this and jump off the end to hit the item box atop the rock.

Regardless of your position you'll get a spiny shell.
Lightning trick
On the Wario Stadium, Royal Raceway or DK Jungle Parkway tracks use a lightning bolt just before someone reachs the jump. They should fall off the jump costing them time. Don't use it when they are on the turbo pads because it won't affect them.
OTHER Wario stadium shortcuts
Everyone knows the shortcut on wario stadium as you jump over the hill at the beginning. I have more. Once you do the 1st shortcut, and go over all those bumpy hills, you will come to a right turn. go around it and drive a few feet then stop. turn around and jump over the fence. If done correctly,you will skip to the turn where you pass the finish line. Another one,if you can't make that shortcut, keep going and after you jump over that big hill,you will be heading towards another fence. jump over that and be right by the finish line
Rainbow Road Cheat
At the start of the race, before you go down hill, make a hard left and jump. You need to have speed for it to work and you need to jump at a perfect spot. What I do is I go to the right then make a hard left. If your jump was good you will land on a road further up. You will be first and it will be hard for other people to catch up. If you don't make it, you will fall you will be behind. You need to practice for a while so you can master it. It will take some time to master.
Royal hidden place
ok, on royal raceway, at the very end of the jump, push hard right and you will land on a very steep grassy hill, continuusly jump until you reach a safe haven, a flat grassy are, when u can just sit at a secret place, cool nonethe less
Royal Raceway Skip
When coming up to the big jump in Royal Raceway, use a Gold Mushroom just before you get on the turbo pad thingo, and while on it, speed all the way to the left. If done correctly, you should end up on the track just before the starting line.
Spiral Leap
Get in a place in Rainbow Road so you are closest to the left. Make sure there is someone STRAIGHT ahead of you. Get a head start, and jump. Steer left like you're trying to break the control stick. If done right, you'll land on the upper part of the spiral. The other way is to drift and get the boost on the hill and steer left. The boost should get you over the fence. P.S. You might bounce off the track for method 1, however method one is the easiest.
Star short cut
On Kalamari Desert get a star.Make sure that it is not Your 3rd lap.Go through the track to the 2nd rail road crossing.Turn left on the rail road tracks.Keep going until you see the tunnel.Right before you enter the tunnel, use the star.Keep on going through and Lakuta will show you the Next Lap sign.Once out of the tunnel, go More and you will see the track again.


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Turn into bomb in battle mode
Enter battle mode with 3 or 4 players. The first person who dies will turn into a bomb where you can move the bomb and kill people. In 4P mode this is for the first 2 people to lose all their balloons. NOTE: you can only kill one person.


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Ultimate shortcut!
In Wario's stage, (forgot name, too busy playing Double Dash >.>), when you start the race the first thing you go through are bumps. If you notice there's a wall on the left side of the hills. If you rush towards a hill and go to the highest point, you can jump across the wall. This will take you to about half the level.