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Harvest Moon 64 Cheats

Easy Money
Look for wild fruit or herbs around the land then take them to the Shipping Bin.

Easy Medals
To get easy medals in a horse race save the game the day before and bet all your money on one horse then find out the winner of the race and restart the game. Re-bet on the winner with your money. With the medals you can get cool upgrades and gifts.

Get on Moon Mountain without a Bridge
Go to the tree behind the carpenters house (where you get to add to your house). Press A to climb the tree that is the closest, or faces the river. You should start climbing the tree and hop off onto the mountain. To get down simply press A where you hop off the tree and he will hop back down the tree.

Harris & Maria - If you are nice to Harris (the mailman) and Maria (the librarian) Harris will come to your house one day and ask you to come to his wedding. You can tell if this is happening when you go to the library and Maria gives Harris a letter.

Kia & Karen - If you are nice and give presents to Karen and Kia (the worker at the vineyard) they will not move. But if you continue to be nice to them Kia will come to you house and ask you to come to his wedding. You can tell if this is happening if when you go to the bar Kia is talking about Karen.

Gray & Popuri - If you give eggs to Gray (Ann's mean brother) you will become friends with him, also if you bring popery flowers she will start to like you. Then one day Gray will stop by and ask you to come to his wedding.
submitted by JC Jann and Donald Bluth

Forest Spirit
Throw a vegetable in the pond in the forest by standing on the bridge and pressing A. A spirit should appear and ask what you wish for.

Get Your tools upgraded in one nigth
At 10pm, go to the bar with your tools and start using them. When you run out of enegy take some water from the desk (it's free) and start using the tools again . Repeat this trick until you got your max upgraded tools (note: this requires a lot of free time and patience, but it works!).

Forest Spirit Nut
Before doing any physical activity, go where the pond is near the carpenter's house and throw a vegetable in. The spirit will appear and ask you what you wish for. Say "strength" and you will get a power nut.

Keep your money on the race's bet
On the Horse and Dog race, keep a lot of money and go to bet. Bet the maximum money you can then press B and B again. Normally you are supposed to have kept your money and still have bet, so you'll win the medals too and keep your money.

Girls room access
During a rainy day, if you have a girl with a pink heart or all of them have pink heart visit their houses and their parents will say they are sick. You can enter and look around. You can find a children's book in the side of Maria's bed, and bracelet in Karen's bed. you can look out for the other girls rooms for stuff that they keep.
submitted by jd

Saving the vineyard
Make friends with the bartender in the bar. He will give you heaven's gate, a wine of karen's grandma. Then make friends with the sprites and they will tell you about the kifu fairies. Then throw an offering to the pond with the goddess. She will give a new option. Say the kifu fairies and She will guide you to the tree in the vineyard right in the corner. Pray and then wait for next year's fall and the fairy will appear in your dream... wake up and you'll find karen's mail - it's harvest time. Work until 6 o'clock and she will come to your farm and invite you to see the kifu fairies. Say yes and you will see the fairies. The next day, look at your mail. You will receive a photo of karen dancing with you.
submitted by rd

How to get the Music Box
During the Summer go to the dog house. Line yourself with it facing your field (you'll be in between the dog house and the crate that you put your veggies in) From there walk towards the end of the field (you'll have to go around the crate) until (like it says in the map) the tree, the same tree you found the map in, is to your left. Now dig in the spot where the two (dog house and tree) line up. You'll have to strike the ground with the hoe about 10 times. You'll get a rusted up music box. Take it to the tool shop and the shop keeper (Rick) will fix it for you. It's purpose is to be given to the girl you like because it plays a love song.
submitted by 88Angel

Exercise Your Dog
First, build a fence of wood or stones and you put your dog in it. Blow your whistle and he will try to run to get you but he can't. Do this everyday and he will do better at the dog races.

Birthday List
Here is a list of the girls' birthdays:

Ann -- Summer 14 Popuri -- Spring 15 Karen -- Winter 29

Free Eggs
You can get free eggs by leaving your chickens outside. They will find their own food, and also give you eggs. Make sure that you put them inside during the winter, and also when it rains.
submitted by fanny_000

Grow Strawberries
Build a greenhouse and go to the Flower Shop to find every season's crop. There will be strawberry seeds that you can get for $120.

Pond Upgrades
To receive a Anti-Rain Power Berry, catch a small fish, and then throw it into the pond where you first met the fisherman, a blue monkey should appear and give you a berry, which allows you to not get tired during rainy days. Another one is to throw any vegetable into the pond near the carpenters house, a spirit will appear and gives you a wish to use for one of three choices, Weather, strength and love. Note: Do not wish for love if you have a mate with a pink heart in her text box, it will do nothing.

Unbreakable Fences
When you are clearing your field pick up stones and move them to the sides. Do not break them -- they will form an unbreakable fence. To use stones for other reasons, clump them in the field corners. If you want to make any type of fence other than this, make alterations.

Getting your Girl Happy
Give your girl things she that loves. Ann loves wool and corn. Karen loves tomatoes and berries that you can find in the forest. Elli loves strawberries. Maria loves spring cabbage.

Gold Milk
Win first place in the cow festival to get gold milk from the winning cow.

Blue Power Nut
To prevent getting sick in the rain throw a small fish in the pond near the fishermen's tent. If you did it right a water imp will appear.

Hidden Apple in Winter
In the Winter of Harvest Moon, go to the little area next to Moon Mountain when you first enter and then go directly to the little frozen pond on the right side. Take out your Hammer and smash up the huge boulder and receive an apple which is an excellent source for protein in the game. The boulder grows back each day too.

Avoid Typhoons
In order for this trick to work you must check the weather forecast early in the morning when you wake up. During the summer, if the weather lady says there will be a typhoon, go outside or to your refrigerator if you have built the kitchen and get a vegetable (eggs work too). Go to the pond by the carpenters' house where the goddess of the spring is. Throw the vegetable in after 9:00 AM and wish for weather. This is especially good if you have lots of animals.

Save Elli's Grandma!
In the game Elli's Grandma is supposed to die. To prevent this, become good friends with Elli's grandma and then avoid talking to her. If you talk to her she will die.
submitted by amy-su

Make karen love you
Talk to karen 50 times holding your dog and her heart will turn blue. Procede with this until it turns pink.
submitted by Trey - olciii@aol.com

A years worth of wood
In spring of the soecond year at 11:00 go to the hotsprings and try to go in. Someone is in there so you can't go in but if you talk to them the next day you will get a year's worth of wood.
submitted by coolj


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99 Medals
At the horse and dog races, talk to Maria's mother (The Mayor's wife) and go like you are going to buy medals. Get each one of the competetors up to 99 then press B. And trust me, it can take a while.
A Ghost!
To turn into a ghost you must be in the 2nd winter and be VERY good friends with the Harvest Sprites. Give them each 3 moonlight stones and soon later they will ask you something about ghosts. Say 'yes' and a week or so later you will be a whitish color. You cannot talk to anyone. But you can go into houses, shops, and rooms whenever cause you are invisible! You CANNOT turn back into a human so good luck.
A Pink heart With Karen
Take your dog and talk to karen about 200-220 times (while holding your dog) and then you will have a pink Heart! Hope this is useful
An easy way for lovin' with Karen!!
Okay, if you really want to marry Karen-- WARNING!!! She may only appear at these times when she is in the bar or home or the beach!!-- is show her your dog for about five minutes (for 5, she must already be at a BLUE heart!!!) if she is at a white heart, this might take about um... 1-30 minutes. NOT MY FAULT!! I'M NOT KAREN!

E-mail me about ?? if you have any, okay???
Oh, for subject must have "HarvestMoon??" or nothing writen in the subject.

Annex & Extension
Kitchen 5,000g (450 lumber)
Bathroom 3,000 (300 lumber)
Stairway 2,000 (250 lumber)
Greenhouse 30,000 (580 lumber)
log-terrace 7,000 (350 lumber)
Baby-bed 1,000 (150 lumber)
Baby Glitch
I never carry my baby around with me because of this...

If you carry your baby, and get into a cinema scene, sprites get messed up. This happened to me on the Ann and Maria scene, where Maria buys watermelons. The baby disappeared, and the watermelons were messed up too.
baby Tip
In harvest moon 64 when your wife is pregnant 1 day you will wake up to see the midwife and your father in law.They will say the baby will be born at 3 so work.No time passes in your home.Talk to your wife and the man blocking the door will move.

Also babies grow up in months.When your baby can crawl you will wake up one morning to your wife paniking.Your baby is sick.Call the house wife and then you go to sleep.The next day the animals are the way they would have been the day before.
Describing People
Jack- Well, It's you, you can name him whatever. He is like 20
Ann- She loves animals and corn. She doesn't like shy people (like Maria) or wild animals. She's like 19
Karen- She is kind of mean at the begining but is pretty cool when she starts to like you. She likes berries. Like 20.
Popuri- She upsessed with flowers. She is very kind and happy. Probably 19ish
Elli- Cooks alot and likes eggs. Like 18
Maria- Very shy and loves to read she is never mean and does not like your dog in the beginning but eventually does. Probably 19.
Thanks for reading and have a good day
Elli's Birthday
Elli's birthday is the 1st of fall.
I just gave her a present that day and she said "Oh, what a wonderful birthday present"
End Credits?
At the "end" of the game the credits will go up and it easily appears that the game is over but it isn't. If you want to keep playing with that same one then all you have to do is wait 3 minutes until the credits are done. At the end on the credits a question will appear on the screen asking if you wish to keep playing. If you click yes you will wake up to the next day but if you press no then you will go back to the title page.(main page)
Excape when your wife give birth!
When your wife gives birth, you will be trapped on your farm. You can get out by ride your horse to the right of the guy blocking the entrance. Turn the view of the screen with L and R until the entrance is facing south. Get off your horse. If this doesn't work, try a different angle.
Feed your Animals when There is a typhoon
The Day before a typhoon stay up until the night music stops(when it is silent)then just go feed your animals.make sure they are not outside.and the next day your animals will be fed.
getting a girl to like you quickly
First take your dog and then go talk to her after doing this about fifty times the girls heart with raise (you can keep doing this until she wants to marry you)

Note: This "cheat" only works on Karen. I tried too many times on the other girls, but it did not work on any of them except for Karen. It also helps to talk to her at night when she is at the tavern, because there is no time limit. Here are the aprox. amount of times you have to talk to her and for what heart color:
about 48 times=Blue heart
about 100 times TOTAL=Green heart
about 151-152 times TOTAL=Gold heart
about 203-204 times TOTAL=Pink heart
Getting To Know The Townspeople
Jack- This is your charcter. Dark brown hair, and wearing blue overalls, this farm boy is sure to woo any country girl. You have five rivals.

Gray- He is 21. Works at Green Ranch with his Father and Sister, Ann. He has red/orange hair an is wearing white coveralls. He is a hard headed person, but opens up a bit if you decide to be friends with him.
Kai- He is 19. He works at the Vineyard with Karens dad. He is very tann and wears a purple turban type thing, along with a white whife-beater, brown vest and purple pants. He is a hard worker.
Cliff- He is 20. Cliff is a Traveler, who has a falcon named Cain that he takes with him everywhere. Cliff is wearing this brown type vest with black pants. His hair is Deep brown, with blond highlights. It is in a ponytail.
Harris- He is 27. Harris is a mailman, all dressed in blue. He has got to be the sweetest guy in town. He gets really happy when he delivers letters.
Jeff- Owner of the Bakery. He is about 30 years old. Become fast friends by giving him milk everyday.

Now, these guys also have their eyes set on the girls. So, take a pick at whichever girl you choose and fall into deep love.
Many of you have heard that you can have two children in Harvest Moon 64, but don't know how. It's simple. You have to become friends with Cliff, and never talk to Ann. Witness ALL of Cliffs heart events with Ann and one day he will come to your house and ask you to come to his wedding. Don't even think of trying to get out of it because he doesnt give you a choice of whether you want to or not. Then, the day after Cliff and Ann get married, start flirting with Ann, and giving her things. YOU HAVE TO GET HER TO A PINK HEART and PROPOSE BEFORE SHE GETS PREGNANT WITH CLIFFS CHILD. This gives you about a month. Good Luck. When she is at a pink heart, propose. At first she'll say no, but will marry you anyway. Then, go talk to Cliff. He will still think that he is married to Ann. A few months later you wake up and Ann is holding this random baby. And your thinking, "Holy crap, that thing is not mine." A couple of seasons later she is holding ANOTHER child, of which is yours. Walah, you have twins.


Ann- She is about 19. She works at Green Ranch Farm training the horses. Her brother is Gray, and he is really protective of her.
Karen- Lives and works at the Vineyard with her father and Kai. She is the prettiest of all the girls, with long dark brown hair and blond bangs.
Popuri- She and her mom have pink hair and work at the florists shop. Her fathers name is Basil, who is a traveling botanist. Popuri is obsessed with flowers.
Maria- She's shy and owns the library. She always wants you to come to the library during jobs. Her favorite thing is cabbage. She is the sweetest girl in the game.
Elli- Elli, her Grandmother, and Jeff all live at the Bakery. Elli is a really sweet girl and I've never heard her say a mean thing to anyone.

I really hope this helps <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Girl's b-days
Popuri's b-day-spring the 22nd likes flowers and cakes.
Ann's b-day- Summer 14th likes wool and cakes.
Elli's b-day- Fall 1st likes big fish and cakes.
Maria's b-day- Winter 11th likes cabbage and cakes.
Karen's b-day-Winter 29th likes grapes and cakes.
Harvest Sprite Helpers
When you first start out your game:

Talk to the Harvest Sprites Every day and give them herbs that you find in the cave that they live in.

Eventually, in summer when you have a typhoon, the day before one hits the Harvest Sprites will drop by and stand in front of your house. Talk to them, and they'll say something along the lines of "Oh No! A Typhoon is going to hit! Don't worry we'll feed them." (Them being your animals).
Hints and tips:
Treasure Map
If you look in the tree on your farm by pressing the A button there will be a treasure map inside.

Pond Upgrades
To receive a Anti-Rain Power Berry, catch a small fish, and then throw it into the pond where you first met the fisherman, a blue monkey should appear and give you a berry, which allows you to not get tired during rainy days.
Another one is to throw any vegetable into the pond near the carpenters house, a spirit will appear and gives you a wish to use for one of three choices, Weather, strength and love.
Note: Do not wish for love if you have a mate with a pink heart in her text box, it will do nothing.

How to get the empty bottle
The only place you can buy the empty bottle is from Rick at some of the Festivals in the town square, especially the Flower Festival. With the bottle, you can buy medicine, or keep liquids in it.

How to make Karen fall in love with you
If you choose Karen as your love, there are a few ground rules. Don't talk to her so much. Make sure you constantly talk to her father and the purple bandana guy. In spring and fall, you can find wild grapes. Give them to her and her father all the time. Visit her in the bar when it is open. Sometimes Karen is on the beach near Ann's house. when the time comes, get the blue feather from Rick and use it on her.

Get on Moon Mountain without a bridge
Go to the tree behind the carpenters house (Where you get to ad to your house). Press A to climb the tree that is the closest, or faces the river. You should start climbing the tree and hop off onto the mountain. To get down simply press A where you hop off the tree and he will hop back down the tree.

Blue Power Nut
To prevent getting sick in the rain throw a small fish in the pond near the fishermens tent. If you did it right a water imp will appear.

Exercise the Dog
Okay, so you want to win the dog races but don't have the time? Just build a fence, or use one you already have, and call your dog. When he comes, make sure that you are on the opposite side of the fence as him. He will keep running towards you while you are doing work. This also works with crops.

How to get the Music Box
During the Summer go to the dog house. Line yourself with it facing your field (you'll be in between the dog house and the crate that you put your veggies in) From there walk towards the end of the field (you'll have to go around the crate) untill (like it says in the map) the tree, the same tree you found the map in, is to your left. Now dig in the spot where the two (dog house and tree)line up. You'll have to strike the ground with the hoe about 10 times. You'll get a rusted up music box. Take it to the tool shop and the shop keeper (Rick) will fix it for you. It's purpose is to be given to the girl you like because it plays a love song.

How to get the marble
To get the marble you have to buy some flower seeds and plant a moon drop flower and a pink cat flower then when they are done a boy comes to the farm (Stu) and tells you to plant more so then plant four more moon drop and four more pink cat flowers then when there done the boy comes back and ask you to trade with you and say yes then you get a marble (you can find pink cats at the Flower Festival and buy at least five of it).

Love Meter
The girls in Harvest Moon have affection hearts in the bottom right of the text box.
YELLOW=Deep Affection

how to get karen to like you faster
if you want karen to like you faster, but don't want to go through the trouble of giving her stuff, show her your dog. what you do is always have your dog with you. then when you find her, show her your dog. after, 15-20 minutes, her heart will be pink. then, that night you will have a dream. the next day, about noon, go inside the building by her house. then, you will be stuck!! but, go to the top right corner and there will be a "hole". Go through it and you will get out. Then, she will ask something like, "A long time ago... where you the one that saved me?" say, "Yes, i was" (or something like that) then, her affection will be higher than before:o
Killing your Animals without Starving them.
First, get a sickle on hand. Swing it on Animals more often. Soon your Animals will die.

*Note: this is also possible by swinging a fish pole with a Chicken. He will die the next day.
Level up tools
When you get the glass at the flower festivel, go to the vinyard down the stairs, use the barrels that are laying on the ground, if you did this right, your glass will fill up with wine. Use your tools and when you get tired drink a couple of glasses until your stronger and keep useing the tools. This takes a long time so you have to be patient
mess up
if you marry karen and you talk to popuri by the old people's house (by where you climb the tree) she says, "How is karen? have you been nice to HIM?" Oooo
More Stuff
On the star night festival, I think you can get hints as to where the girls are going that night. Lillia says something about Popuri going to the mountain, Karen's probably at the beach because she always goes there, and I think the other girls are at church. At the Fireworks Festival, you have to be home all day to be sure you know where your girl is going to be. I said "be sure to ask her", but you can't really control what your little farming friend says, so obviously you have to wait for a reaction from them. But in the Star night case, you have to pay attention to what they say or what other people say about them.
If you're having trouble finding all the recipes, you'd just as well go online and give the full list you find made by someone's sweat and blood a purpose, because that fat gormet guy at the end wants them ALL.
I've found many things just by chance, and I'm not that lucky, so if you're aiming to see every tiny thing possible in the game, you should run around madly every day just in case. Then you may want to restart the day if nothing happened, because your cows won't be fed if you were at the mountain all morning.
One of the more uncommon things I've found is a whole day's story about the traveling salesman. I had to enter the town from different areas at different times of day to see the whole thing. I can't remember just how that happened, but if someone wanted to know badly enough, I could dig it up.
In retrospect, it probably would've been a good idea to go to the Vineyard as well to see if something happened there.
Not the usual invinsible baby trick
I can't remember who I was married to; possibly Karen, because I've never married Popuri or Anne. In an earlier HM64 game I had played, I was married to Karen and she divorced me (I was just having fun; I was a little curious)and when I went to her she seemed upset that I didn't help with the baby. So in all games after that, I started caring the baby around with me for a while everyday. I have no clue if that helps or not; being honest, it's probably just one of those dumb things only I would do. But anyway, I had planted the "blue mist" flower and had managed to water it everyday. One day, I noticed that it was fully bloomed, but no one was there for anything to happen. So the next day I brought my baby along (it was still in the first infant stage), and Popuri was there. She remarked about how pretty it was, but the baby had disappeared. Instead of the camera man that takes a picture of you and Popuri by the blue mist flower and the butterfly, the baby came along and said something like:"Oh, it's the (???)butterfly! What beautiful blue wings!" and it took the picture. The baby was at home after that happened, but that's the weirdest thing on HM64 that I've ever seen.
Pet Squirrel
To have a pet squirrel, first you have to go to the mountains. Just find a squirrel, run home, and put it in your house! YAY! P.S. The game does not recognize it as a pet so you can not officially name it. The only way to name it is in your mind.
power berries
I may not have found every power berry in the game, but I have found the majority of them. These are the most common ones and a few rare.

1.during winter, get a golden hammer and break the big boulder on the pond behind the fishermans tent.
2.There is one in the feilds during spring, summer, and fall, but unfortunately, youll have to dig randomly, so try not to cover your field with grass until you find it.
3.As the same with the feilds, youll have to dig randomly in the mines, but dont give up hope, youll find it eventually.
4.find the shady character at the flower festival in the corner next to the florists.He'll sell you one for 1000 gold.
5.throw a few strawberrys in the goddess spring, to get the goddess to give you one.
6.Throw a large or medium fish into the pond behind the fishermans house on a rainy day and he'll give you a blue one to make you more immune to the bad weather.
7.If you win the egg festival in fall, your prize will be one, but you have to do it the first year
8.Win the swimming race at the beach and you'll get the power berry as a prize, but just like 7, you have to do it the first year.

i may have mixed some of these up with the playstation version, so please correct me if im wrong. i dont want to mislead anyone. this is from memory.
Power Berries!
1-In your field. Dig around.

2-In the winter, the pond near the fisherman's tent will freeze. It the rock there with your hammer.

3-Plant 5 Moon Drop and 5 Pink Cat Flowers. Stu will come and trade you some marbles for a flower. Treat the elves nicely, until they learn English. One day they will take the marbles and give you a power berry.

4-In the mine, travel four levels down and you will find a power berry. This is basically luck.

5-At the first Flower Festival, there will be a peddler. Buy a berry from him for 1000g. If you can't buy it at the time, he might come to your house later.

6-Win a berry at the Egg Festival

7-Become friends with Basil (Popuri's Father). In about the fifth year, he will give you the berry.

8-In Spring, fish off of the dock on the beach. You will get the power berry instead of a fish.

9-After you wake up, go straight to the goddess's pond. There, stand on the bridge and face the pond. Get a fruit (or egg) from your backpack out. You must not do anything else than walk, get an item you already have out and throw the item in after 9 AM. You will have to wait a while. When you throw in the fruit, a goddess will come and ask you your wish. Choose strength. If you did only walking and taking out the item, and throwing it in, she will give you a berry.

10-Catch a large fish in the spring. Throw it into the Fisherman's Pond. You will get a Blue Berry. This will protect you from the rain. This is not a real Power Berry.
Blue-Catch a small or medium fish in the spring. Throw it into the Fisherman's Pond. You will get a Blue Berry. This will protect you from the rain. This is not a real Power Berry.
Quite a few tips and such....
--I don't know why they call him the 'Bakery Man' his name is Jeff.

--Any girl you pick to marry does a task for you:
Elli: Crates the eggs. Popuri: Waters plants. Karen: Crates the eggs (even though she says she drops them she really ships them anyway). Maria: Pulls weeds. Ann: Crates the eggs.

--If you throw a fish in the pond next to the fisherman's tent Kappa will appear and give you a blue power berry making you able to work in the rain without getting sick.

--You can actually have two kids if you do the following (pretty much with an emulator):
Get the rivals friendship high enough and have him actually marry her (but you need to get the Blue Feather before they get married). Raise the girl's level to a pink heart and give her the Blue Feather while she's pregnant. She'll marry you and the guy will act like they are still married but you will have their child also. Although you won't be able to really interact with them it's still pretty awesome you can have two.

--Your wife can leave you when you have her below a Green Heart. You will have to enter the place where she used to live and go talk to her in her room. (This can happen regardless if you have your baby or not)

--The only way you can get the Blue Feather is by buying the kitchen first and getting your girl of choice to a Pink Heart. (I didn't know that for a long time and courted Maria for eight years on the game -.-)

--You can actually lose your Greenhouse if a typhoon comes.

--After eight years or more if you befriend the little boys your dog and Taro will have puppies!

--These are the couples and what their children dress up as: CliffxAnn(dinosaur) GrayxPopuri(bunny) HarrisxMaria(panda) JeffxElli(chicken) KaixKaren(pikachu)

--Once any of the girls are at a green heart and it is raining you will recieve a scene where when you enter their house one of the people living there will tell you they have a cold. You spend time in their room and you can check out some of their stuff.

--Karen will leave after the second year winter 1st if you are not good enough friends with her. As will Kai and Cliff will leave after the first Winter.

--If you have the bottle and go down to the wine cellar in the vineyard. You can drink all the wine you can. Do this before the New Year's Festival so you can beat Karen at the drinking game.

--If you're trying to get the rivals married and you are not married yet you will have to lower the girl's heart below a yellow heart because the men will not marry them if this happens. It doesn't matter if you are married though.
Rain Glitch
Don't you hate when it rains because you can't leave your chickens out for free food? But then, don't you hate when it's clear because then you waste the day doing your chores? Did you know that if it is going to rain on a festival day the crop effect will still happen but your animals won't get sick if you leave them out? Its true!
Stuck With Karen
If you have a pink heart on Karen, go to her house around 3:00p.m and go into the wine cellar. Karen should be standing there waiting for you. She will ask you if you want a tour of the cellar. Say yes, and after the tour she will say the door is locked. Hammer at the door until it opens. Her father will be outside waiting.
The Truth About Karen
Everybody says Karen doesn't do anything after marriage but that's not true! she crates u; the eggs for me everyday! Anyways she's an awesome wife.
They will name your baby
While your poor wife is in labor if you stay out for the entire day past 3 and all night your wife will name your baby. I married Karen and she did not name her son 'Gary' it was 'Kelly'.
Typo in the Title
At the title screen, If you look in the bottom right corner you can see a bunch of white letters. One of these is supposed to say "Natsume" but it actually says "Natume."
Water your crops with out watering them
On the day before a festival check your t.v. even if it says it is going to rain, the next day your crops outside will be watered, the animals outside wont be sick and it will be a sunny day.
Wheres Popouri??
Do you ever wonder where Popouri is sometimes when you want to give her a gift?? Think she just disapeared?? Well the following are the places she could be...(I have never lost her)
1. outside of the flower shop
2. inside the flower shop on a rainy day
3. at the bakery on closing day
4. standing by the fence at the green farm
5. by the pond where you find the harvest goddess
6. near the first section of the mt. after the bridge or tree
7. on the very top of the mt.



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Free Bets (NO JOKE!!!)
At the dog and or horse races, bet all your money on every dog or horse(99 is the max). But DON'T click on OK, instead back out of the bet screen. You will get your money back but the bets will stay.
***Note don't talk to the bet lady after you back out of the bet screen or else you will have to start over***
This is a good trick to get loads of medals and cool stuff.
Winning Big Without Losing Money! Horse Race Glitch
Don't you hate the need to bet such large amounts of your hard-earned money at the horse and dog races in order to get lots of medals? Well, I have a tip to change all of that. When you go to the races, and talk to the Mayor's wife, select the horse you would like to bet on.

After entering the amount of money you wish to bet on it, press the B button. Do the same thing for each horse you on which you wish to bet. When you finish, instead of going to the OK button at the bottom of the screen, simply press the B button.

If you did this right, you'll hear the sound made when you select NO in a shop when trying to purchase an item (sounds like the dog's whine). After you exit that screen, do not talk to the Mayor's wife again. If you did it correctly, when you begin betting on another race, you should still have all of your money. It takes a bit of practice to make sure you do it right, but soon you'll be saving lots of money while making tons of medals!!! Enjoy this tip, and happy playing!


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Chickens from above
To do this cheat you must have the house build-on that allows you to go on the roof and you need a chicken.First, go to wherever you have your chicken and place it on the roof near the edge facing the door.Next, go outside infront of your door right in front of where your chicken is and press A and your chicken will automaticaly be in your hands again.
Crops on other seasons.
You can save crops from other seasons so you have crops to sell for winter.
Dumbing some things down

1. Saving the Vineyard

During the day talk to the Harvest Sprites (mix it up and talk to a different one every day, but I mostly did the one outside) and give them a gift.

During the night talk to the bartender and take him something.

The first night you go to the bar, take your dog. (Do this until Karen shows up.) Then do the dog cheat on her to get her to a pink heart the first night, then you won't have to worry about running out of time on that.

After a short while the bartender will give you the wine, "Heaven's Gate".

After another short while the Harvest Sprites will start talking to you about the Harvest goddess.

When one of them says to throw something into the pond and talk to her this ISN'T when you take a homegrown vegetable to the pond and do it. Wait until they say that you should talk to her to get the answers you want.

Now sometimes it doesn't work right away, maybe the Sprite didn't say the right thing, so do it again the next day 'til the Sprite says something else about the Harvest Goddess.

Once you get the Harvest Goddess and she gives you the option of something about the Vineyard, I can't think of it right now, but you'll know it when you see it.

She'll take you to the Vineyard, you'll awaken the tree.

Sometime later you'll have a dream in which the Harvest Goddess will come to you and say that the Vineyard is revived and the Keifu fairys have returned.

That fall, Karen will ask you to come with her to see something. Go, of course and you'll get to see a great cutscene of the fairys.

Check your mailbox in the coming days and soon you'll get a note from the Wandering Cameraman saying he took your picture.

Check your photo album andy ou've got it.

2. Finding the Music box

This shouldn't be hard but it is.

Get to the tree. Face towards the field. Where the field starts, count 10 paces. Dig in the 11th one until you find the music box. Simple.
Exercise your dog for the Dog Race and win 1st Place
There is a way to exercise your dog so he/she can win 1st place in the dog races. Its simple and quick. All you do is place the dog on one side of any of these things...

1. Shipping box
2. Breakfast table (inside your house)
3. Crops
4. Logs
5. Stones

I use number 2, but really, its your choice. I'll use #2 as an example because this applies to every number... except #4 and #5. I'll explain that to you later. So place your dog on one side of the breakfast table...(better to put him/her where the door entrance is because when you stand on the other side of the table, you can watch the new or other TV channels.) Then go ACROSS the other side where you're facing the dog. Blow the dog whistle on your controller stick [i think the yellow LEFT button] and call for him/her. He/she TRY to run to you but he/she can't. This is a GOOD thing because when you do that, he's getting more faster every minute. Do this daily and I will garantee you that you will win 1st place in the dog races.
If you want to use logs or stones...(If you still have them from the begging of the game...the stones I mean...) build a very very very small fence where only the dog can fit in... the put the dog inside the fence and stamd outside of it... then do the same thing as the other way I taught you..
Free Wine!
Just go to the vineyard cellar and use your bottle on the barrel and you have free wine!!!
Fullmoon Berry
On the 10th through the 12th of fall there is a fullmoon berry In between the trees by the old couples house on the mountain. You can only get it once a year. It gives you full health, or sells for 100 G. Also popuri, and the elves love it. For some reason Karen doesnt like it.
How to Keep Elli's Gramma from Dying
At the beginning of a new year, on your way to the New year's celebration in the square, you will notice that Elli's gramma is sitting outside the bakery in her rocking chair, and she's sort of slumped over and dark looking. It means that she is going to die. However, DO NOT TALK TO HER at all, and after a few days, she will be all right again. I am now on year five and she is still alive and part of the game.
Infinite money
Mine tons of blue rocks and give 1 to each person that is in the town. Then you will receive corn each time you talk to them, which you can sell for money.
invencibal fences
In the beggining of the game dont destoy all of the stones.
Instead save about 30 or more stones when ever you get ready to buy livestock put them around the grass feild.
It works just like a wooden fence but it cant be destroyed even in a hurricane except when ever you hit them with a hammer.
It will always happen...
Ok, on the sowing festival day, and you leave real early, everyone will already be there, so expect it!!
Married Early
Go to the bar on any day with your dog. Show it to Karen 250 times, and you will get her to a pink heart!
Well I found quite a few.
spice tea-come good friends with Cliff and keep giving him eggs and eventually he will give you the recipe.
Egg Omalet-Come good friends with Gray and give him eggs and sooner or later he should give you the recipe.
Spa-poached eggs-give kent the boy at the potion shop an egg.
Bread pudding-give an egg to elli.
Cinnamon milk-give milk to master of the bakery.
homade butter-give milk to Rick.
easy tomato soup-give milk or tomato to the buyer (you can find him at the bar on certain nights)
tomato and greens-give tomato to lily
tomato rice-come good friends with karens mom then give her a tomato and she will give you the recipe.
tomato soup-give a tomato to the preacher
corn fritter-give corn to ann's dad.
corn pasta-give corn to porpouri's dad.
mashpotatoes-give potatoe to ann.
garlic potatoes-give potatoe to Harris.
potatoe pancakes- give potatoe to may.
rolled cabbage-give cabbage to Maria.
turnip stew-give turnip to Maria's mom.
spickeled pickles-give turnip to the old man on moon mt.
verryberry wine-give kai a verryberry grape.
strawberry jam-give a strawberry to popuri.
strawberry dog-give a strawberry to stu a boy at the potion shop.
strawberry wine-give a strawberry to Karen.
Steam clams and wine-Come good friends with Karen's dad then give him a grape.
Spicy wine-give a grape to the bar tender.
walnut cake-give a walnut to elli's grandma.
herb cake-give a edible grass to the old lady up on moon mountain. the first spring of the game.
easy herb salad and greens-give medical herb to the artist in town.
herb and rice-give a edible grass to the dealer at the potion shop.
eggplant paste-give a eggplant to the mid-wife.
Fish and cheese-give a big fish to the carpendar on the left.
stuffed fish-give a mushroom or big fish to the carpedar boy on the right.
mushroom rice-give a mushroom to the old man that owns the carpendar shop.
Steamed Char-give a big fish to the fisherman.
If you need some help with recipes, then here are some cheats you can use:

Give the bartender a very berry (the rasberry things you find in the mountains) and he will give the recipe, spicy wine.

Give the bakery guy milk and he will give the recipe, Cinnamon Milk Tea.
Some things I've noticed *May Contain Minor Spoilers*
But the spoilers are what you're here for, right?


I'm married to Karen this time around, and for two years straight in Fall, on the 9th, she has been waiting outside when it got dark. She says :"It's a full moon tonight, let's go look at it from the mountain", if you choose yes, you go, but nothing special happens up there. She just says it's "like a spot light".
If you look on the calander in the flower shop, the 10th to the 12th (in Fall) are indicated; these are the days you can get the "berry of fullmoon plant". I know that that's often noticed, but I've never seen anyone link the two events.
It seems to me that if you've used the miracle potion on a cow, after it's had the calf, it gives larger milk faster then a cow that didn't have the miracle potion used on it. I know that there's faster ways to get a cow happy, but if you get the cow sick, I've heard that to get the best ending with the famed "party picture", you can't let animals get sick more then twice. I'd save both the times for typhoons if you're not very good friends with the sprites.
On the day that you're wife is having the baby, if you come home VERY late, she names it for you. Karen yelled at me, saying I should've been home earlier, and named the baby "Gary". I'm not sure about other wives.
Early in the game, if you voted for your favorite girl to be the "goddess" at the flower festival, AND she wins, you cannot dance with her. However, if she wins later in the game and has a pink heart, you're allowed to.
I've read on I think this page that in the 7th year, the potion shop dealer's dog, Taro, has puppies. I have gotten her to have them by the first winter. All I think you have to do is be good friends with Kent and Stu, and possibly the potion shop guy, and leave your dog there a few days. I'd make sure it wasn't raining the day before you put it there, and still make sure it has something in his dish.
Little things I do to save time in the day:
1)Put the dog outside in the morning as you're going outside for the first time; make sure he has food, and then go about your business. I usually do the animals right in the morning so nothing else comes along and you get busy (like the day after you win the horse race, Anne's dad comes and throws a party. He comes a little before it gets dark, and I was getting stuff at the mountains all day(among other things), and he caught me just before I fed the chickens. Since I like to party, I said "well, scre-er,...the chickens won't mind" and I went ahead and had some fun.)
At night, take your dog in with you, and call him a few times (I usually find myself absent mindedly going around the table, for some reason) before you go to bed. He still gets the attention, and you've saved time.
I also pet the horse and ride it around a little at night time because there are fewer things to do in the time period between when it gets dark and when the wife is waiting next to the bed to go to sleep (be careful not to take too long; I usually go in just after it's gotten very dark out.)
I submitted one of the "invisable baby" glitches a minute ago, and that was the weirdest glitch I've had. But I'm on my third spring now, and it was the day of the Sowing Festival, and when I got the morning chores done, I left right away, but when I got there, Cliff was standing in the middle of everybody and the mayor said,"Now this year's king will choose an assistant." I didn't know what was going on, since I had gotten there bright and early. I kept doing the day over, trying to go faster, but then I just went straight to the town square one day, and it STILL happened. I didn't appreciate that.
I'm sure everyone knows where the music box is, but I just wanted to say that I like to keep a rock on the square where it can be dug up so you don't have to remember.
Even though you're really busy planting new crops on the very first day of Summer, remember to ask your "designated lady friend" what she is doing that night, as it's the Fireworks Display. I think you have to have them above a white heart, but I'm not sure, but just make sure to ask them anyway. Elli wants you to meet her at her house and Karen meets you at the beach. I don't know about the other girls.
Make sure to give Elli's grandmother a walnut so you can get the recipe she has for it to you before she dies. I learned that the hard way.
I like to write stuff like the child's birthday, the girl's birthdays;especially the wife's, your anniversary, and even your own birthday down. Girls really like presents on thier birthdays. If you're married, make sure to come in early at the end of the day on these occasions, as she actually made dinner for you. She also asks what day it is, and gets upset if you get it wrong (but you still get to eat everything.) Also, make sure to come in on the Thanksgiving festival (10th of Winter); she has a cake for you.
I've been confused many times over the "Star Night Festival"(24th of Winter.) If you talk to almost anyone, they say there is a gathering at church that night. But whenever I've gone to the church, it's locked. I usually ran around like a chicken with it's head cut off wondering why I'm missing the festival. It took me a while to figure out that your wife is waiting outside your house for you once it gets dark.
But I still don't know what I'm supposed to do when you're not married. (Um....just to add something about the Starry Nigh Festival. You can't get into the church because you went to early. Just walk into the village square and walk back to the church and try to re-enter....teehee...the same thing happened to me..)
If you've been trying to get "The Bakery Man" and Elli married, I don't know how to do that. The best advice I can give you is to just marry Elli and make sure everyone else gets married.
If you're wondering what Popuri's father's name is, it's Basil. The only time he's actually called that is when Lilia (Popuri's mother) says,"Popuri (something, something)..Basil named her that. She was born the day before the Flower Festival, but he was calling her that long before she was even born" (yes, I've heard her say that so many times, I've almost got it down. Sometimes she goes weeks saying the same thing over and over.) Basil even wrote a letter to me and signed it "Father at Florist".
And May's father, the big shipper guy, doesn't even have a name. He's just..."The Shipper".

I hope that helps/enlightens some of you.
Such A Healthy Dog!
I don't know if this will help much, but here goes:
To get your dog to like you more, feed it every day, then do your chores (it also helps to take your dog with you WHILE you do your chores). When you are about to leave pick up your dog (or if you already had it picked up, continue what you were doing) and head to the town/mountains/or wherever you go to normally. Do this all year long and your dog will like you. You can miss a couple of days, but not much. If your dog likes you, you have a better chance of winning the Dog Race.
***Note: Only feeding your dog does not make him like you. Also, if you feed it Cake/Cookies/Pie, it will appreciate you, I have found!
What kids learnt at school.
Well you have to be married,a child, 3 cows,and be in 3rd year of the 2nd of Summer. Okay Here I go!
Well talk to may FIRST she will say want to know what i learned at school, say " Yes "
She will say: The Priest at the Church said Good things and bads things come to us in order. Then talk to the little kid with brown hair
(I forgot what is name is). He will say today we did Maths I'm good see and he will say

Talk to the little kid with black hair, he will say " ITS NOT FAIR *CRY* I'M NOT GOOD AT MATHS AND I AIN'T GOOD AT LISTENING *SOB* THEN WALKS AWAY and then the priest comes and asks what happened?
Then he will say, oh sorry forget about it ill talk to him tomorrow and then you give a candy to the priest and ask to give it to him, he will say sure and then walks away.

Oh and if you got any pictures of what popuris baby outfit looks like tell me Holla back