GoldenEye (N64) Cheats

GoldenEye cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for N64. Also see GameShark Codes for more GoldenEye cheat codes.

Older Cheats:

GoldenEye 007 Cheats

While playing a game, enter any of the following codes. The codes have to be entered fairly quickly to work:

All GunsL + R + Down, L + C-Left, L + C-Right, L + R + C-Left, L + Down, L + C-Down, R + C-Left, L + R + C-Right, R + Up, L + C-Left
InvincibilityL + Down, R + C-Right, R + C-Up, L + Right, L + C-Down, R + C-Up, L + Right, R + Down, L + Left, L + R + C-Right
InvisibilityR + C-Left, L + R + C-Up, L + R + Left, L + R + Up, R + Up, L + C-Left, R + C-Up, L + C-Down, L + R + Left, R + Right
Line ModeR + C-Down, L + R + Down, L + Right, R + C-Up, L + R + C-Right, R + Up, L + Down, L + Right, R + C-Left, R + C-Up
Maximum Ammo*L + R + C-Right, R + Up, R + Down, R + Down, L + R + C-Right, L + R + Left, R + Down, R + Up, L + R + C-Right, R + Left
Invisibility [Multiplayer]L + C-Up, L + R + C-Left, R + Up, L + C-Right, R + C-Left, L + Right, L + R + C-Left, L + C-Right, L + Up, L + R + C-Down
Unlock Facility LevelL + R + C-Up, R + C-Left, L + Left, R + C-Up, L + Left, R + C-Down, L + C-Right, R + Right, L + R + C-Up, L + Right
Unlock Runway Level L + R + Left, R + Left, L + C-Up, L + Left, R + C-Up, R + C-Down, R + C-Right, R + Right, L + Down, R + C-Left
Unlock Surface I LevelR + C-Left, L + R + C-Up, L + Left, R + Up, R + Left, L + Up, R + C-Down, L + Right, L + C-Right, L + R + Down
Unlock Bunker I LevelL + C-Down, R + Right, L + C-Right, R + C-Left, L + C-Down, L + R + Left, L + C-Right, L + R + Up, R + C-Right, L + Up
Unlock Silo LevelL + Up, R + C-Down, L + Left, R + Down, L + C-Left, L + R + C-Right, L + C-Up, R + Right, R + Right, R + C-Right
Unlock Frigate LevelR + C-Up, L + Down, R + C-Right, L + Left, L + R + Up, L + R + C-Down, R + C-Right, R + Up, L + R + C-Down, R + Up
Unlock Surface II LevelL + C-Down, L + R + C-Right, R + C-Right, R + C-Up, R + C-Left, L + Right, L + R + C-Up, L + C-Up, L + R + Down, L + C-Right
Unlock Bunker II LevelL + Down, R + Down, L + R + C-Up, L + Left, L + R + Right, L + C-Left, R + Right, L + C-Up, L + Left, L + C-Down
Unlock Statue LevelL + R + C-Down, L + R + C-Down, L + Right, L + R + Left, R + Left, R + C-Right, L + R + Left, R + C-Up, R + C-Down, R + Right
Unlock Archives LevelR + Left, L + R + Up, L + R + C-Down, R + Left, L + R + C-Right, L + Left, L + R + Right, L + R + C-Down, L + Up, R + C-Down
Unlock Streets LevelL + R + C-Left, L + C-Right, L + Up, L + R + C-Down, R + C-Right, R + C-Down, R + Left, R + C-Down, R + C-Up, L + Down
Unlock Depot LevelL + Down, L + Down, R + C-Down, L + C-Right, L + R + Right, R + C-Left, L + Down, L + C-Left, L + C-Right, L + Up
Unlock Train LevelR + Left, R + C-Down, R + C-Right, L + R + Left, L + Right, R + C-Down, L + Left, L + R + C-Left, L + Up, L + C-Up
Unlock Jungle LevelR + C-Down, R + Left, L + R + Up, R + Right, R + Down, R + Down, R + Up, R + C-Left, R + C-Up, L + R + Left
Unlock Control Center LevelL + C-Down, R + Down, L + Right, R + C-Right, R + C-Down, R + Left, R + Left, R + C-Up, R + Left, L + R + C-Up
Unlock Caverns LevelL + Down, R + C-Down, L + R + Up, L + Right, R + C-Up, R + C-Left, R + Up, L + C-Left, L + Up, R + C-Left
Unlock Cradle LevelL + R + C-Up, L + Left, R + Down, L + Down, L + C-Up, L + Down, R + Right, R + C-Up, L + C-Left, R + Right
2X Grenade Launcher Cheat*R + Down, R + Up, Right, L + R + C-Down, L + Right, R + Left, Left, Down, Up, R + C-Down
2X Hunting Knives Cheat*R + C-Down, L + Right, R + C-Left, R + Right, L + R + Right, L + R + Up, L + Down, R + Left, L + Right, L + C-Left
2X Lasers Cheat*L + Right, L + R + C-Left, L + Down, R + Left, R + Down, L + Right, C-Up, Right, R + Right, L + R + Up
2X RCP-90s Cheat*Up, Right, L + Left, R + Down, L + Up, L + C-Left, L + Left, C-Right, C-Up, L + R + Down
2X Rocket Launcher Cheat*R + Right, L + Up, Down, Down, R + C-Down, L + Left, L + C-Left, R + Up, R + Down, R + C-Left
2X Throwing Knives Cheat*R + C-Left, L + Left, Up, L + R + Right, Right, L + R + C-Left, L + R + C-Left, R + Down, R + Left, R + C-Left
All Guns Cheat*Down, Left, C-Up, Right, L + Down, L + Left, L + Up, C-Left, Left, C-Down
Bond Invisible Cheat*L + R + C-Left, L + R + C-Down, L + C-Left, R + C-Left, R + Right, L + R + Left, L + Right, Left, L + R + C-Left, L + Down
DK Mode Cheat*L + R + Up, C-Right, R + Left, R + Up, Up, R + Right, Up, L + R + C-Down, L + R + Down, L + R + C-Left
Enemy Rockets Cheat*L + R + C-Down, C-Left, R + C-Down, C-Down, C-Down, L + R + C-Down, L + R + Up, C-Down, R + Up, L + Up
Fast Animation Cheat*L + C-Down, L + C-Left, C-Down, C-Right, C-Left, L + R + Right, C-Right, L + R + Up, R + C-Left, L + Left
Gold PP7 Cheat*L + R + Right, L + R + Down, L + Up, L + R + Down, C-Up, R + Up, L + R + Right, L + Left, Down, L + C-Down
Infinite Ammo Cheat*L + C-Left, L + R + Right, C-Right, C-Left, R + Left, L + C-Down, L + R + Left, L + R + C-Down, L + Up, C-Right
Invincibility Cheat*R + Left, L + Down, Left, Up, Down, R + C-Left, L + C-Left, L + R + Left, L + R + Right, L + C-Left
No Radar Multi Cheat*R + Up, C-Down, C-Left, C-Up, L + Down, R + Up, C-Left, Right, R + Left, R + Right
Paintball Cheat*L + Up, C-Up, R + Right, L + R + C-Left, L + Up, R + C-Down, L + C-Down, L + R + C-Down, L + R + Up, L + C-Down
Silver PP7 Cheat*L + Left, L + R + Up, L + Right, L + R + Up, L + R + C-Left, L + R + Left, L + R + Down, C-Down, L + R + Right, L + R + Left
Slow Animation Cheat*L + R + Left, L + R + Left, L + R + Down, L + R + Left, C-Right, L + R + Down, L + R + Down, L + Down , C-Left, C-Up
Tiny Bond Cheat*L + R + Down, R + Down, L + C-Down, Left, R + C-Left, L + R + C-Down, Right, Down, R + C-Down, R + Right
Turbo Mode Cheat*L + Down, L + C-Down, L + R + Up, R + C-Down, Left, R + Down, L + C-Down, Up, R + Down, L + Right

* A sound will confirm the entry of this code. Then exit, and re-enter the menu. The code will be there.

Unlock Bonus Stages
Egyptian Stage - Complete the game on the 00 agent difficulty setting.

Aztec Stage - Complete the game on the secret agent difficulty setting.

007 Mode - 007 Mode unlocks after you beat every single level (including the hidden Aztec and Egyptian stages) on the '00 Agent' Difficulty setting. The 007 mode is a level editor where you can configure options such as enemy health, reaction time, accuracy, and more. Golden Gun Mode - Once you've beaten the Egyptian stage on the 00 agent difficulty setting, the golden gun mode unlocks as a cheat option. This gun is a one-shot one-kill weapon Laser Mode - Once you've beaten the Aztec stage on the 00 agent difficulty setting, the laser mode unlocks as a cheat option. Remember Moonraker? Yep. This gun is just about the best weapon in the game.

Time Cheats
Complete the given level in the indicated time at the correct difficulty setting to unlock the corresponding cheat:

Level Cheat Difficulty setting Time
1: Dam Paintball Mode Secret Agent 2:40
2: Facility Invincibility 00 Agent 2:05
3: Runway Big Head DK Mode Agent 5:00
4: Surface 2x Grenade Launcher Secret Agent 3:30
5: Bunker 2x Rocket Launcher 00 Agent 4:00
6: Silo Turbo Mode Agent 3:00
7: Frigate No Radar (Multi) Secret Agent 4:30
8: Surface 2 Tiny Bond 00 Agent 4:15
9: Bunker 2 2x Throwing Knives Agent 1:30
10: Statue Fast Animation Secret Agent 3:15
11: Archives Invisibility 00 Agent 1:20
12: Streets Enemy Rockets Agent 1:45
13: Depot Slow Animation Secret Agent 1:30
14: Train Silver PP7 00 Agent 5:25
15: Jungle 2x Hunting Knives Agent 3:45
16: Control Infinite Ammo Secret Agent 10:00
17: Caverns 2x RC-P90s 00 Agent 9:30
18: Cradle Gold PP7 Agent 2:15
19: Aztec 2x Lasers Secret Agent 9:00
20: Egyptian All Guns 00 Agent 6:00

Extra Multiplayer Character Options
After beating the game on agent mode, gamers can deathmatch play as famous Bond film villains like Mayday, Oddjob, Jaws, and Baron Samedi, in addition to every single enemy character in the game.

Extra Multiplayer Stages
After beating the second Severnaya bunker, the military archive, and the water cavern stages in agent mode, the areas open up for multi-player play for two to three people.

More Multiplayer Characters
To get even more people in multiplayer mode like the game designers, bike rider, and the terrorist follow the directions below. You can do this code anywhere, but it's best to do it on the multiplayer character select screen while looking at the last available character (Mishkin or Moonraker Elite).

1.) hold L + R and press C-Left.
2.) Hold L and press C-Up.
3.) hold L + R and press Left on the D-Pad.
4.) Hold L and press Right on the D-Pad.
5.) Hold R and press Down on the D-Pad.
6.) hold L + R and press C-Left.
7.) Hold L and press C-Up.
8.) hold L + R and press Right on the D-Pad.
9.) hold L + R and press C-Down.
10.) Hold L and press Down on the D-Pad.

More Ammo in Multiplayer Mode
Start any level in Multiplayer mode. When you get a weapon go find an ammo box and shoot it until it splits in two. This will not work on all the boxes and does not work with explosives.

Multiplayer Body Armor Strategy
Body armor in the game can be moved by shooting it. If you can move it someplace where it is hidden from the enemy, when you pick it up, it will respawn always in the place where you moved it. This way, you can make it look like the armor is always "taken".

Level Weapons
There are four difficulty levels in Goldeneye 007 (Agent, Secret Agent, 00 Agent, and 007 Mode). By defeating each difficulty level's final mission (with the exception of 007 mode), a new weapon becomes usable.

-On Agent, beat the Antenna Cradle and get the Cougar Magnum.
-On Secret Agent, beat the Aztec Complex and get the Moonraker Laser.
-On 00 Agent, beat the Egyptian Temple and get the Golden Gun.


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007 mode
Beat every level, including the Egyptian and Aztec, on the "00 Agent" difficulty setting. Then, the 007 bonus game setting will become available. Options such as enemy health, enemy damage, enemy accuracy, and enemy intelligence will be adjusteable in this game setting.
2 Levels in 1
This only works with the bunker. You need gameshark for this to work. In the bunker levels enable the cheat on gameshark "No Endings" and now you can go outside the bunker 2 levels in 1
Another guard tower
Begin a game on the Dam level (Level 1). Go to the middle (second) tower on the dam. Use your sniper rifle at maximum magnification to look the opposite way that you will bungee jump to find another tower across the water. This tower was going to be used in the game but was only left in for viewing.
Armed scientists
Shoot a scientist in the foot or hand twice with a silenced PP7 in any level that they appear on any difficulty level. Then, the scientist will fire back with Dostovel and may even throw a grenade.
Beat Runway in Under 50 Seconds
On Runway (agent), immediatly go to your left, and outside. Open the door, and just fire 3 shots and take the key. It doesn't matter if they don't die- One of them usually has a Hand Grenade and blows themselves up.

Once you are back outside, strafe up to your plane, and complete the level. My record is 41 seconds.
Beat Xenia Easily
This works best in Agent mode, but it still works well in Secret Agent and 00 Agent.

When you are at the Jungle, place timed mines across the bridge. Go out, get Xenia to come out, and quickly run to the trees. When Xenia gets to the middle, fire. This should either kill her or get her pretty close to death. If it doesn't kill her, start firing at her and she'll die. If you don't want to waste bullets, just let Natalya kill her with her Magnum.
Bonus multiplayer areas
Beat the second Severyna bunker, the Military Archives, and Water Caverns levels on the Agent difficulty setting. Then, these areas will become available for multiplayer mode.
Bonus multiplayer characters
Beat the game on the "Agent" difficulty setting and Bond villains Mayday, Oddjob, Jaws, and Baron Samedi will become selectable in deathmatch mode. Note: They are not available in single player mode.
Bottomless pit
First, earn the Bunker level for multi-player mode. Start a multi-player game at the bunker with grenade launchers, mines (any type), or any other type of explosive weapon. Take the explosive weapon outside the bunker. Move in the opposite direction from the bunker's entrance. You should come to an invisible black wall. Look down and toss any type of explosive. The explosive never hit bottom.
Chain Reaction
If you put many remote mines on the wall in a line (putting about 5 feet in between each one) you will have a line of remote mines. Then make sure you are a good dustance away and shoot the first mine with a gun. The mines will explode in quick succession. The sound is awesome and is a good technique to use in multiplayer mode.
Clearing the game!
Agent- Clear the game to unlock my favorite gun, the Cougar Magnum

Secret Agent: Aztec-Clear all normal levels on Secret Agent

00 Agent: Egyptian-Clear all normal levels on 00 Agent, you'll meet Baron Samedei here
Complete the game three times faster
to complete this faster start a new file, select it. play the dam on 00-agent. then play all of the other levels like this. the game will have recorded the progress on the other difficulties as well.
Copy cheats to another folder
Highlight a cheat from a folder, then hold A and keep that button pressed until instructed otherwise. Then, press B(2) to return to the folder selection screen, and press Z to select another folder. Now enter the cheat menu, highlight any code, and press Z. Then, press B and release A. Now select any level to begin the game with the cheat from the first folder.
Dancing characters
Begin a multiplayer match. Have both players face each other within sight. Have one player stare at the other player while the other player looks straight at the ground. (It will appear as if the other player is staring at his or her toes.) Then, have the character that is staring at the ground rapidly tap the "strafe left" and "strafe right" buttons. That character's arm will start to swing up and down as if he or she is dancing the Hustle. Have Jaws do this for a particularly funny effect.
Defeat Jaws easily
In the Aztec Complex, Jaws can take you down quite fast if you're not careful. But performing the following strategy will result in a victorious kill on Jaws:

When you first begin the stage, don't fall down that pit, take the long route instead. Once you see Jaws, make a little noise so that he notices you, then run up the staircase that leads back to the shuttle room. When Jaws comes after you, just make him chase you around the staircase. When Jaws is on the opposite side, he won't shoot you. Whichever way he runs, run the opposite way. To put it simply, just play "ring around the rosey" with him and you won't take any damage. Make sure you shoot him while you're running around, and eventually you'll kill him.
Destroying cameras easily
Cameras can be destroyed with a single shot from any gun if they are hit directly in the lens.
Double mixed weapons
Obtain two sets of paired weapons that appear next to each other in your weapon list and some ammunition for each gun. (For example, in the Military Archives level, obtain two Dostoveis and two Klobbs). Then, cycle through the weapons until two of the second set of weapons are ready. Now, quickly press the following set of buttons: Hold A button, then before the weapons cycle forward, press Z(2). Release A, then press A once Press Z to fire two or three times while the weapons are cycling. If done correctly, firing the weapon will lock one of the weapons during the cycle, allowing a mixed set.
easy multiplayer win
an easy way to dominate your opponent in a multiplayer game is to know all 5 places that players respawn in the multiplayer levels... all you have to do is go with proximity mines and pay attention to where you respawn... for each level there are 5 places... just place a few proximity mines at each spot so when you kill your opponent once.. he dies 5 more times right after he respawns... but youd better make sure you dont let him kill you first or youll die the next 5 times
Extra modes and cheat
I have heard, that, after beating the game entirely on Double Agent, including The Temple and Aztec, you can get a new difficulty. 007 difficulty. Two settings for this. 100% accuracy is when the enemies fire, you will get hit, no matter what. 0% accuracy is when the enemies fire, you won't get it. They could be shooting you in the head at point blank range and still not kill you. After beating the game on this difficult, you are supposed to get a new code. I've heard it's the best and most powerful code yet. I don't know. I've only heard.
Extra time on Train level
An additional twenty seconds can be added to your time on this level under the 00 Agent difficulty setting by killing Xenia. Run in the room and position yourself in a diagonal line with General Ourimorv and Xenia. Shoot Ourimorv and keep firing as he dies to quickly kill Xenia.
Falling mines
Complete all the objectives on the Runway level except "Escape in plane". Place a few timed mines on your plane, then enter and take off. You will see the mines fall out and explode when you are in the air.
Floating weapons
Locate the control room in the Bunker 2 level with the big screen. Place a remote mine on each of the eight televisions that are attached to the ceiling and destroy them. Throw mines, grenades, knives or fire the rocket launcher in the room and the weapons will float. If this trick is done during a single player game, the enemies will die with their weapons in their hands.
Glitch: Freeze
This tip is just for fun. You can't finish a mission by doing this. Well, here it goes:

First get the cheats invisible, invincible, all wepons, and infinite ammo. Then go to the bunker. Go into the main control room. There are 8 TVs on the ceiling. Put remote mines on them and blow them all up at the same time. Stopping there will make all your explosives float and guards die with their guns in their hands. Next get your tank missile out. Then go to the 2 guys on the top of the stairs and launch 1 in between them. Next get the tazer out and aim at the rocket. Once you do that you will see a target on the back of the rocket. Shoot the target and you will hear an avalanche and the game will freeze. I don't know how I figured it out but it works! Have fun!
Hidden guns
Locate the two boxes stacked on top of each other immediately before the first door on the left in the train level. Destroy them to collect a RC-P90 when playing under the Agent difficulty level. A DD44 will appear if playing under the Secret Agent difficulty level. There are crates located near the "bunker" on the Dam level that also contain guns. Go to the switch, turn around, and shoot at the boxes directly in front of Bond. Locate the control room with the master console in the Caverns level. Defeat all the enemies, then go all the way to the right to find two boxes. Shoot the box on the right, and another box will fall out. Keep destroying the boxes until two computers fall out. Each contains an AR30.
Hidden Throwing Knifes
On the second Bunker, get out of your cell, beat the guard up and get Natalya. Then, go to the right and aim your watch at the tiny thing below. You have just received Throwing Knifes, which come in handy.
Hilarious Cut scene on archive level
You will need the all weapons cheat. Complete all the objectives on the archive level, but don't exit yet. Go to the big room with the windows and book shelfs on one side. Place 6 remote mines well away from the windows, on the other side of them room, then place a 7th remote mine right in the corner, next to the furthest left window. Shoot this window. Just before you step out with natalya, detonate the mines, the 6 you laid on the other side will go off, then it cuts to Bond and Natalya running down the alleyway. Just as they get to the end and pose for the camera, the 7th mine will go off, killing Natalya and blowing her hilariously out of shot as she folds her arms while Bond just stands there!
How to get the Golden Gun
In the Egyptian Temple stage, the Golden Gun is secured behind a glass box, and the room is guarded by drone guns which will open fire if you set foot on the wrong tile. To safely retrieve the Golden Gun, do the following:

1. Take 2 steps to the left (2 tiles)
2. Take 2 steps forward (2 tiles)
3. Take 3 steps to the right (3 tiles)
4. Take 2 steps forward (2 tiles)
5. Take 1 step to the left (1 tile)
6. Take 1 step forward (1 tile)
7. Take 1 step to the left (1 tile)
8. Take 2 steps forward (2 tiles)
9. Take 1 step to the right (1 tile)

You should be right in front of the glass box, and it will open. You are now free to take the Golden Gun and ammo.
Invisible flag
Begin a game of "Flag Tag" in multi-player mode. Find the flag, but do not pick it up. Instead, scroll through your weapons until your characcter is unarmed. Hold Fire and pick up the flag. The flag will now be invisible, and your character can kill the other players in the game. Note: Releasing Fire or scrolling the weapons will end this trick.
Invisible mines
Begin game play in multi-player mode. Place a mine on ammunition, then take the ammunition. Although the mine will still be at that location, it will not appear on your opponent's screen.
Kill Baron Samedi permanently
Kill Baron Samedi two times with the golden gun, then find him a third time. Shoot him and change the controller type to "Domino". As the game is ending, continuously press the Z on controller two very quickly. Keep hitting the button during the ending sequence and you will be able to shoot Baron Samedi in the head with the golden gun. Note: This trick works better when a turbo controller is plugged into port two.
Kill Trevelyan easily
The best way to kill Trevelyan on the Cradle level is to blow him up. Get the armor, then run up the ramp. Kill the first onslaught of men (the 3 or 4 on the top of the ramp). One of them should have a grenade; if this does not occur, start again. After taking the grenade, run down and power down the dish as usual. Exit through the back door and Trevelyan should be down the ramp. Instead of shooting him, switch to the grenade and aim it straight down so that it bounces down the ramp. When the grenade hits the bottom it will explode and kill Trevelyan completely, with no lines, chasing, or other nonsense. Just run to the helicopter to be picked up to complete the mission. This following trick works under any difficulty setting. In the Cradle, go to the bunker with the computer terminal. Go all of the way to the left of the door and turn around. You should now have your back to the wall, with the staircase directly in front of you and the door directly to your left. Shoot all of the men that walk down the stairs and out of the door. After about ten seconds you will hear an explosion, Trevelyan will start his "For England..." speech, and objective two will be complete. What happened was Trevelyan had dropped the grenade and forgot to run, thus killing himself. Now go in, destroy the terminal and leave.
Kill Xenia easily
Continuously fire the AR33 armed with a full magazine as she runs towards you. Alternatively, position Bond adjacent to the bridge and shoot her. She can not hit Bond at this location. In the Jungle level on the two harder difficulty settings, the best and fastest way to kill Xenia is to set three remote mines on the front of the bridge. (The front being the closest part of the bridge as you come upon it.) Run about half way across the bridge, until you hear the music. Then turn around and run off the bridge and to the right. When you are far enough away from the mines, turn around the face the bridge. (You should facing the bridge at a 90 degree angle). Natalya will run across the bridge. Xenia will cross paths with her on the bridge. When Xenia gets to the end of the bridge she will stop and look around. This is when the mines should be detonated. Since the explosion will not kill her, scroll back to the AR33 and hit her will approximately ten shots to finish her. If done correctly, she will not have a chance to fire back.
Multiplayer Spawns - Temple
This is pretty simple. In multiplayer mode, there are not only set rooms in which a player spawns, but a set spawning pattern. For the level temple, there are 8 rooms. The underground room which has a big hole cut into the roof, the main room which has a big hole cut into the floor, a big lower level room, a room on the right connectin the main room to the lower room (i call this room the best spawn ever, coz it has about 6 ways to go from this room), the room on the left connecting the main room to the lower level room (this room is called the dark room), then it has 3 rooms connecting off the otherside of the main room, the room to the left, the room to the right, and the room to the middle. I call the middle room the room of death, and the room on the right the room of death II, as these rooms connect for great multiplayer stand off's. Anyway, the spawning pattern is same for all characters, and is circular, it just keeps goin. This is the pattern - Room of Death
- Room of Death II
- Best Spawn Room
- Lower Level Room
- Main Room
And so forth. Just link it as a circle, and start wherever the 1st spawn is. You should be able to get really close to their spawning room after your first kill, and theyll spawn, run in and kill them. Sometimes the spawning pattern skips a spawn room if you get too close to the room which your oponent is meant to spawn in. Also, if your oponent waits a while before pressing "start" to respawn after a kill, the game puts them in the closest spawn room to their oponent as a "punishment". Try play liscence to kill pistols, 10 minutes, temple. Always proves to be a fantastic game
Protecting Natalya
The easiest way to protect Natalya in the control room is to take out all the tables, except the one that she needs. This will give you a clean line of fire on the guards.
Return into the vents
Begin game play in the Facility level in multi-player mode. Enable turbo mode and face the door. Press C-Left immediately after jumping on the toilet to pop back up into the vents. Note: Another way to accomplish this without turbo mode is to hold L + C-Right + Analog-stick Left + Z.
Same character in multiplayer mode
Set the number of players to "4" and select the desired character for player four. Then, change the number of players to "3" and select any character (including the same character that was chosen in the previous step) for player three. Now, set the number of players to "2" and select the desired character for players one and two. Note: Players one and two can never be the same character. Set the number of players to "4" and begin a game.
Save 006 from General Ourmov
You know the faked death of 006 in the facility level, well heres a way to prevent it. Get the Gold PP7 cheat and select the Facility level on any difficulty. Make your way to 006. When The alarm goes off, go to the main door where you came in from, and General Ourmov wil be the first person to come out. Shoot Ourmov with your Gold PP7 before he gets to the bottom of the staircase. And there, Alec will help you kill the enemy soldiers coming in.
Save enemy soldiers on the Train
If you want to save a few enemy soldiers, try this. First, earn the Invincible, and Infinite Ammo (if you want to try the hard way, get the Bond Invisible cheat). Then, select the Train level (on any difficulty). Make your way to the stacked boxes by the first train car door. Get the Rc gun. Once you get to the hallways with the blue floors, try NOT to shoot as many guys as you can. When you reach the rooms with the Green floors, DO NOT SHOOT THE GUARDS! Make sure some (if not all) the guards follow you in the room where the doors will eventually close in. Go in the room where Ourmov, 006, Natayla, and Xenia are in and shoot Ourmov and Xenia. Now, take out the RC gun and shoot the floor where you will escape from. The guards who made it will come in and start shooting you. DONT KILL THEM! Once Natalya finds the Janus base (depending on the difficulty), escape and shoot the mountains. If you killed Xenia, there should be about 10 seconds left. Natayla along with at least 4 guards will come out. Keep shooting so more guards will attempt to come out. Then when the train explodes (not the cutscene) escape with Natayla and the guards will come with you.
shot guns at the Cavern
when you get to the end of the Caverns an unlimited amount of guards will come,if you are lucky,a guard with a shotgun will come kill him and get the shotgun you can get as many as you want!
Silenced PP7s
There is a set of two silenced PP7s on the second bunker level. There is a guard with a safe key in the room with the two double doors. Go to the room with the safe to find the two guns and a GoldenEye operating manual.
Statue- Immortal Natalya?
Use 007 Mode for this one. In Statue, proceed through the mission normally, but in the end, kill Mishkin. The guards will shoot Natalya and you will have failed the mission. BUT she will still be standing. Odd. In Train, when I adjusted enemy´s health to 1000%, Ourumov killed her after 37 shots. Maybe the glitch in Statue is an error of the programmers.
Surface 2 shortcut (Agent)
When you start up, head directly for the radar tower. When you enter, look up and place the remote mine on the roof just above the door. The weapon should now switch away from the mine, so switch back to the mine and press A and B at the same time. The mine should explode and destroy the computer above, allowing you to complete the map on Agent faster.
Temporarily disable opponent's auto-aim
Disarm yourself during a multi-player game by selecting Down until no weapons are held. Your opponent's auto-aim will not function, making it very difficult for your character to be shot. This trick is especially useful when you want to make a quick getaway to grab more power-ups and don't want to face a better-equipped player.
The Tank
Find the tank
Begin a game on the Runway level (Level 3). Go outside, then move all the way to the left. The tank is located around that corner.
Ride the tank
Bond can drive the T-54 tank by climbing aboard and pressing B on the tower. Use the Analog-stick to steer, and switch to tank rounds to shoot targets.
Tank cruise control
Get into a tank and start driving. While driving, switch to the tank cannon. Reach the desired speed, then hold down the aim button (R by default), and release the Analog-stick. The tank will now drive in a straight line by itself.
Unlimited Enemies
In the levels, Facility,Runway, Surface I, Bunker I(alarm), Surface II, Bunker II(alarm), Statue(after janus), Street, Depot, Jungle(last resistance), Control(after), Cavern, Cradle, Aztec Complex.

That is basically every lvl in the game...
You must not be near where they are spawning, or else it wouldn't would, you can have some target practisin or blow them up on the meantime


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Bond walks through explosion
OK, enable the invincibility, all weapons, Bond invisible, and infinite ammo cheat. Go the Bunker 1. Go to the control room(the TV one). Do all the missions. Go to escape, but before you go out, throw 5 or more remote mines out the door. Detonate them, and QUICKLY run out. You will see Bond running through an explosion and running away.
Climbing person
on the cradle level goto the place where you fight 006 and get a person to folow you now shoot that person (make sure he's lined up with the ladder) with a powerful gun like a shotgun or cogar magnum if this works go up to the shed and watch him die it's funny
Cradle cutscene glitch
Turn on the Fast Animation (and I would advise the Turbo Mode cheat) and go to Cradle on any difficulty. Play the level, and kill Alec on the bottom platform. The cutscene where Bond jumps on to the helicopter will. play. But now Bond is faster then the helicopter. He will grab it, but fly away, leaving the helicopter floating in midair. The glitch also works with the slow animation cheat, except this time the helicopter leaves Bong behind.
Cradle trick
Send a person up the ladder while dying on cradle use a powerful gun to send the person into the ladder and they die in the shed

Easter eggs

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Bunker 2
In Bunker part 2, you can do the same thing as in Archives with mines and Natalaya. Complete the level, then go to exit dooor. Open it, but don't go out. Chunk a few proximity mines outside where they will run. Wait for a few seconds, the go outside. The cutscene will show the explosion, killing Natalaya.
Get General Ourmov's breifcase and the null gun
First, you need the Invincible, Bond Invisible, and Gold PP7 cheats. Then, choose the Silo level (on any difficulty). Make your way to the satellite room, and take the picture. Next, go to the hallway where Ourmov is in. Take out your Gold PP7 and shoot the General until he dies (with the Gold PP7, if you shoot him in the head, he'll die right away). Pick up the breifcase and the the null gun. Ta-Da, you won a breifcase with a DD4 Distovel, and the null gun.
Get General Ourmov's breifcase, a key and the null gun
First, you need the Invincible, Bond Invisible, and Gold PP7 cheat. Then select the Silo level on any difficulty. The work your way up to the hallway where General Ourmov is. Take out your Gold PP7 and shoot General Ourmov. When he dies, take the breifcase with a key, DD4 Distovel and the null gun. Ta-Da, you have earned the breifcase with a key, the DD4 Distovel and the null gun.


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Have 2 different guns at the same time
This only works for guns that you have have double of, and are next to eachother in the list. In some levels you can get a double Klobb and double Dostevel. If you have the All Weapons cheat selected however, you will have a lot more possibilities as all the weapons are double! So you could have an RCP90 and AR33 at the same time, or any weapon and whatever is next to it in the list.

To do it, bring up 2 guns and hold z until they run out of bullets and just make a clicking sound. When you let go of Z to let them reload, press A followed by Z very quickly as they disappear off the screen, then press and hold Z so that when they come up they will be firing again. Do all this very quickly. If you do it right, when the guns re-appear only one of the original guns you had seleceted will be out, and the other one will be whatever is before it in the list.
Have the last laugh with Baron Samedi
By doing this, you can kill him for good, and in hilarious fashion! Firstly, you need the all weapons cheat activated, as well as infinite ammo and invisiblity will help aswell.

Go to corridoor where Bond is chased by Baron Samedi in the cutscene at the end of the mission, kill everyone, or kill no-one if you're invisible. This is just so guards aren't running around the place. You need to place a trail of remote mines at the end of the corridoor that Bond walks towards, going up one of the columns, along the roof towards the other end of the corridoor, and then back down another column and towards the place baron samedi will stand and laugh at you in the final cut scene. The first remote mine should be at the foot of one of the columns towards the end of the corridoor. When you have made the trail place a PROXIMITY mine at the start of the trail in the middle of the walkway. Bond will set this off as he walks down the alley, triggering the trail of remote mines, which will go up the wall, along the cieling, back down the wall again and hopefully kill Baron Samedi from behind as he's laughing at you!
This might take a bit of practice, i.e. using the correct number of mines, and distance between them. If the trail goes too slowly, you won't kill him in time. If the trail goes too quickly you'll either kill him too early (as he's running after you which is still funny), or it will explode before he gets there and won't harm him.
Hidden characters
Enter the multi-player mode character selection screen and display the last available character (Mishkin or Moonraker Elite). Then, press the following controller combinations: Hold L + R and press C-Left. Hold L and press C-Up. Hold L + R and press Left. Hold L and press Right. Hold R and press Down. Hold L + R and press C-Left. Hold L and press C-Up. Hold L + R and press Right. Hold L + R and press C-Down. Hold L and press Down. Now an additional thirty-one characters will be selectable.
Invisible Bond
Enter this cheat on the cheat menu. If it is entered correctly, you will here a sound. This cheat makes Bond invisible, so enemies/soldiers can't see you.

L Button+R Button+C-Left
L Button+R Button+C-Down
L Button+C-Left
R Button+C-Left
R Button+Right
L Button+R Button+Left
L Button+Right
L Button+R Button+C-Left
L Button+Down
null gun
Make sure you have all guns and invincibility on, now go to bunker 2 and put REMOTE mines on all 8 floating computers. You should notice that mines and explosives are floating in the air. Now switch to the rocket launcher, then press start, near the bottom there should be a blank space and WAPPAH! You now have the null gun. Press start twice and you will have an invisible gun labeled NULL

P.S:this cannot shoot anything, it was a glitch that rare was aware of.
Paintball Mode
Go to the cheat menu and enter this code. You will hear a sound if done correctly.

R Button + Right
L Button + R Button + C-Left
L Button + Up
R Button + C-Down
L Button + C-Down
L Button + R Button + C-Down
L Button + R Button + Up
L Button + C-Down
Psycho smoke trick
ok here's how it's done-
Turn on invicibility,all gunz,enemy rockets
got to cradle beat th first objective throw a bunch of REMOTE mines on the platform before 006
gets there he should shoot them. a huge smoke cloud will appear.
Another trick-
shoot 1 mine trevalin should fly off
the platform.