Donkey Kong 64 Cheats

Donkey Kong 64 cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for N64. Also see GameShark Codes for more Donkey Kong 64 cheat codes.


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Beat the jack in the box easier!!!
Alls you have to do is stay on the bar when you first get to the boss. And you wont lose watermelon if you are about to get hit jump off the edge it helps you a lot. When he stops bouncing get to the pads fast. I don't think you should do this when he is smarter though i tried it he just keeps bouncing on the square in front of you!!! (i hope it helps)
Beating K.Rool (extremely explained and bonus at end)
Donkey Kong- Dodge K.Rools shockwaves until barrels appear. Climb up the colored pole and get into the barrel. When K. Rool let's his guard down, kick his scaly butt! Repeat this 4 times.

Diddy Kong- Dodge K.Rool's boomerang glove until a Diddy barrel comes out. Get into it. Shoot the targets on the light above K.Rool's head, still dodging the glove. Repeat this 4 times.

Lanky Kong- Dodge K.Rool until pillars appear. Go over to 1,still dodging him, and press B. A barrel should appear and pads, too. Bust the barrel by pressing B. Lure K.Rool over by playing the trombone on the pad. Make sure that he will slip on the banana peel. Repeat this 4 times.

Tiny Kong- Dodge K.Rool's shockwaves until he cries in pain. Hop into the Tiny Barrel. QUICKLY, get inside the hole in his shoe. Dodge his toes, and when he lifts his toe, shoot it with your bow. Repeat this 4 times.(Note: The more you shoot the toes, the harder it gets.)

Chunky Kong- Finally, the last Kong! Ok, so K.Rool will turn invisible and a switch will appear. Ground Pound on the switch. Chunky Pads will appear. Go and turn YOURSELF invisible. K.Rool will now be visible, and hop in to the Chunky barrel. K.Rool will charge, but RIGHT at the last moment, do a Primate Punch. Repeat this 4 times.

Well, K.Rool stops, Candy comes out, and Funky shoots a shoe right at his butt! Enjoy the ending!

BONUS TIME! If you could collect 200-201 bananas, you will get a special video of K.Lumsy taking the Kongs for a ride! Make sure you don't miss it, because I think you can't see it again!

Hope this helps!~ Mini D1
Bosses - Info, Tips, and Strategies
Donkey Kong vs. Army Dillo - The battle starts with an armed armadillo coming out of a cage. Because this is the first boss, it is very easy. You have to dodge the fireballs that he launches at you, and when he gets smug and starts laughing, throw a barrel of TNT at his head. When he starts rolling, just walk around the walls, and avoid being hit. Repeat until he surrenders.

Diddy Kong vs. Dogadon - The battle starts with Diddy squishing a dragonfly, and then the dragonfly's giant brother gets mad at you, and starts fighting. This is a simple battle, much like Army Dillo. Dogadon will start spitting fireballs at you, and, again, when he gets smug and points at you, throw a barrel of TNT at him. Rather, rinse, repeat.

Tiny Kong vs. Mad Jack - This is a pretty hard battle, but once you know what to do, it'll be easy as pie. The battle starts with Tiny Kong walking onto a flashing panel, and a jack-in-the-box falls onto a panel. It mutates into a giant monster. You then must jump and twirl with Tiny across the panels, while Jack continues to follow. Once Jack pops out, check what color the panel he's standing on is. On the same color panel across the board, there will be a switch hit it. (i.e, he's on a blue panel, go to the blue panel with the switch on it) Continue until the 4th time. Here's where it gets hard. He becomes invisible, and starts jumping twice as fast. The only thing that gives him away is the sparkle trail he leaves behind. Do the same thing as usual, and he's a goner.

Lanky Kong vs. Puftoss - A kinda hard battle, which starts with Lanky finding a giant, angry Puftup. You must swim through the rings around the arena to make a pentagon shaped electrical field come up. Continue this process while avoiding attacks to complete this battle.

Chunky Kong vs. Dogadon - Dogadon's back, and much angrier. Do the same thing as the first battle until he pounds the platform, making it sink. This is where the battle gets REALLY fun! You get to become giant, and punch Dogadon in the face! You must be rather quick, or else you melt in the lava. Continue until you knock Dogadon into the molten goo.

Donkey Kong vs. Army Dillo - Army Dillo's back, and this time he has upgrades. Do the same thing as the original battle. But, after a few attacks, he will fly up, and come down, causing a shockwave. Simply high jump to avoid it. Repeat until he pulls out a giant bazooka. He will launch a huge homing rocket, and just go behind him to make it blow up on Army. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

All Kongs (if needed) vs. King Kut Out - My least favorite boss, this is a giant cardboard cut out of King K.Rool. When it pops up, hop in the cannon and blast him. Once his arm comes off, he'll put out an illusion cut out. To tell which is which, the illusion is much darker and transparent. After his other arm comes off, he uses Lightning Cut Out. This is when he pops up all along the map counter-clockwise very fast. To launch at the cut out, stand near one cannon and wait for it to come by. As soon as it comes by, launch towards him. Once his head comes off, it's over.

I'm not gonna do Krusha K.Rool, because I already have. Hope this helped!
Computer room with anyone
As any kong you want, go to the water near DK isles. Press Z to dive down. swim towards the rim of the island. While swimming towards the island rapidly tap B. This should cause you to go inside the island. Once you are at the center of the island swim up. If you start vibrating across the screen you have failed. anyway you should now be inside the island on the surface of the water. Go behind the waterfall and turn right. Now, keep tapping A until your kong disappears. Now press C-UP and/or R and you should go inside K rool's computer room. If you are still swimming it will look like you are floating in zero gravity.
Fall through the Crokodile Island
Go to the exit to Hideout Helm and then in the mouth of the robo crokodile, just climb up where his lips are and then you will fall slowly trough the whole Machine
Get in a hidden area!
If anyone has seen the cutscene where K. Rool pushes the button and goes in his secret room, well let me tell you that theres a way to get in there! To do it, get the Monkeyport technique by paying about 7 coins to Cranky in Crystal Caves. Now go to Crocodile Isle and go around it until you find a pad with Tinys face on it. Stand on it and press Z to Monkeyport to the top. Now stand on the Saxphone Pad and play your Saxphone. You will be rewarded with a Golden Banana, then a Chunky Barrel will appear. Now go down to DK Isle, and select Chunky Kong in the tag barrel. Now go to where the Chunky Barrel appeared, and jump in it to become Hunky Chunky. Jump on one ledge that is leading to Angry Aztec, then jump and press B, while holding foward on the control stick. After a little practice, you should go through the platform and under DK Isle. Go to where the waterfall is pouring and you will eventually start swimming. Swim close to the entrance to the Isle and jump and wiggle the control stick some. Chunky should turn invisible, if he is, then angle the camera a little more and you will be in K. Rools computer room. Jump once to land inside. Now explore this secret area!
Go through the Desert temple (DIDDY KONG)
If you're looking in front of the large desert statue go to the right where there is a narrow path, go to the front and head bash (A move taught by cranky, the scientist) through it, you should be walking in it with no roof or floor, to get out exit anywhere out of the wall.
P.S - Tested
How to traspass the original Donkey Kong Game Machine
Well, to traspass the machine of Frrantic Factory; the one in which you get the Nintendo Coin, first jump to the plage where there seems to be the buttons of the game, (jump with z + a, and then, when you are on the plattform, do the same, but without getting on the top of the machine.
If you do it right, you will traspass the machine.
This doesn`t give you something special, but you can get fun with it.
Location of some Banana Fairys
DK Isles - the island with one tree on it.

Go on K.Rools ship and the fairy will be near the Frantic Factory entrance.

Jungle Japes - behind the big picture of Rambi; first you need Dk to turn into Rambi behind Cranky's house with the coconut shooter. Then when you've done that, run down the hill until you get to another hill, but this time going up then bust the picture down by running and pushing a, b or z. The fairy should be there.

- When you have Diddy and Lanky Kong, go to the hill where you beat the boss and shoot the peanut shooter with Diddy. Then change to Lanky Kong and handstand up the hill, when you complete the mission a banana fairy should turn up.
Mini Game Madness!!
If you dont want the hassle of going through bonus barrels to play some mini games, then here is a little tip for you.
All you have to do is collect all of the blueprints and give them to snyde. After you do that, then you will have the choice of playing all the minigames that you could play during the game. Another bonus is that if you havent gone throught K. Rools Hideout yet, then the blueprints will give you extra time. Enjoy!
The Kongs attack!
Here is a list of DK's and friend's attacks:

Donkey Kong:
B+B=Overhead punch
A+B=Mid-air punch
Run+B=Swing kick
A+Z=Simian Slam:Slam punch,????,Belly flop
Super Attack=Swing and Slam the ground

Diddy Kong:
B=Tail swing
B+B=Tail spin
A+B=Mid-air Tail spin
Z+B=Chimpy Charge(If unlocked)
A+Z=????,Belly Back flop,Balance Slam
Super Attack=Super Tail Spin

Lanky Kong:
B=Left Karate chop
B+B=Right Karate Chop
B+B+B=Two Karate Chops
A+B=Arm Circles
Run+B=Strech Spin
Z+B=Handstand(If unlocked)
A+Z=Both Hand Slam,One hand Slam,Head spin
Super Attack=Handstand Spin

Tiny Kong:
B=Ponytail Whack
A+B=Mid-Air Kick
Run+Z+B=Slide Kick
A+Z=????,Two stomp,Stomp
Super Attack=Super ponytail spin

Chunky Kong:
B=Double punch
B+B=Far Punch
A+B=Mid-Air Spin
Run+B=Fist Spin
Z+B=Primate Punch(If unlocked)
A+Z=Butt Stomp,Belly flop,Arm Slam
Super Attack=Big Burp

Krusha(Multiplayer only):
A+B=Mid-Air Clap
Run+B=Fast Fist Spin
A+Z=Butt Bounce

There are the attacks! The "????"s mean that I don't know the Simian Slam. Krusha has fewer attacks and please don't use sware words!


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Army Dillo glitch
Whenever you're fighting Army Dillo in Jungle Japes, this glitch is easy. In Crystal Caves, it's tricky. Go where you can see the side of Army Dillo's shell from your screen. Move a little forward and you can see his body inside!

NOTE: Only when he's rolling can you do it.
giant guy crystal caves without opening clear igloo
I recommend having cheat mode on for this. First go to crystal caves,find the tiny Tiny barrel right in front of a wall with a hole in it, now you go into the tiny Tiny barrel and turn left( i think ) go to the area with the see-through igloo things. swim over to the one with Chunky's Banana and a teletiny pad. facing it from the igloo in the middle the way in should be to the right a bit. got to the front right corner (from middle igloo) wait for the water to go up and press either a+b or a+a i think a+b works better. you should start coming done from the air but land in side the igloo. it might take a bit of practice. for more help NEOPM me.<img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
glitch:walk underwater
(NOTE:this only works in D.K. isle but i'm not sure its the only place i tested it with.)when you do the swim through the wall glitch in D.K isles swim like you're swimming to k. Rools factory but do NOT exit the inside of the island just swim back and to the ground and your screen may get glitchy but it will fix and you will be walking in the island it might work for just a little bit though
go through walls!!
so you go to the 3# warp thingy on Dk island and there should be some water there go in to it and there should be some oranges go to the oppisit side and there is a wall that looks like its made out of rocks go up to it and dive and touch the wall press up C and you should change your camera veiw and then press and hold B and you should go through the wall.
note: if this does not work try moving a little bit.
note2: this will work in almost any area but it has to be under water.
Ice Maze Made Easy
In Donkey Kong's igloo room there is a revolving ice maze; if you get hit with it, you lose an entire melon, making this particular banana incredibly difficult - until I discovered this glitch. Go in and try it once, and after you inevitably die, you'll automatically reenter the room. Play your bongo blast right at the entrance of the maze. It will move just a little bit but then remain completely stationary, allowing you to navigate your way to the banana with ease!
Skip rareware coin and Nitendo coin door
This is a real neat cheat use bananaport 1 in hideout helm and you will see a bunch of computers.Go to the white blurry computer right of the running wheel.(must have diddy)as diddy jump and the very edge of the computer and you should be inside it.Then simply use 1st person mode to navigate your way to and under the door.
Walk underwater (more explained and tested) in DK Isles
Ok, first, if you know the "get to computer room" glitch, do the first two steps of that. Or you go to the point of the island and dive and press B a lot of times. You should be in the island. Dodge the black square. Look at the waterfall. Press A. You should float then land on ground. You can now walk underwater! To reset this and swim again, walk over to K.Lumsy's island or just K.Rools Island. Happy walking!

Easter eggs

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Enguarde on ship
In the Goomy Galleon lighthouse area, become Enguarde. Have the water lever up. Dive deep. Charge to the surface of the water just beside the ship. Enguarde will jump onto the boat and air swim.You must turn back into Lankey to get off the ship. Note: may take practice.
At the main screen (the screen where Donkey is holding a barrel above his head) just sit there. Don't do anything andd soon a bunch of Funny thing will happen in the background.


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Alternate ending sequence
Successfully complete teh game after collecting all banas to view the normal ending, with an extra sequence with K. Lumsy taking the Kongs for a ride. Successfully complete the game after getting all the collectables to view the normal ending, K. Lumsy sequence, and an extra sequence fearuring Cranky.
Banana fairy guide
2 Banana fairys = DK theater
6 Banana fairys = DK bonus includes Rambi and Enguarde arenas
10 Banana fairys = Boss rematches
15 Banana fairys = Krusha secret character
20 Banana fairys = Cheats for unlimited everything!!
Boss Battle
Find and photograph ten fairies witht he camera to unlock the Boss Battle option at the "Mystery Menu". This allows any Boss that already has been defeated to be fought again.
Cheat Mode
Find and Photograph all twenty fairies with the camera to unlock the Cheat Mode option at the "Mystery Menu". This allows unlimited items during a game.
chunky in fairy island
first, go to the Frantic Factory level and rescue Chunky. Then you can exit and use bananaport #4 to get back to all of the bananaports on the main DK isle. Use #5 or just swim to the Fairy Island. You have to make sure Tiny has not gotton the camera yet from the Fairy. Make Chunky swim in front of the fairy island so that he is in front of the entrance. Let him swim slowly up towards the sand in front of the entrance until he starts sliding. When he does, you can push the Z button so he will go back under water and go under the fairy island. walk him up a little and he should be in the fairy island. it will take a few tries, but once he enters, he can get the camera from the Banana Fairy. When he wants to exit, all you have to do is angle the camera so that the exit is to the left and Chunky should walk right out. if he doesn't keep trying!!! Its really neat!
Crocodile Hunter
Only in Multiplayer mode you must unlock Krusha(15 Banana fairies),then if your Krusha, you must run, run, run away from the Kong that's hunting you. If your the Hunter, get Diddy Kong or Tiny Kong because they're fast Kongs! Quite a fun game.
DK Bonus Stages
Find and photograph six fairies with camera, then locate Rambi the rhino, and Enguarde the swordfish to unlock the bonus stages.
DK Theater
Find and photograph two fairies with the camera to unlock the DK Theater option at the "Mystery Menu". This option allows all the animation sequences to be viewed.
Floor Glitch
First, you need Donkey Kong to do this. Second, this is in Crystal Caves. Go in, find the number 2 warp (if you've activated it*)and go on the plank near the warp point. Use your Bongo Blast on the music pad and go in. Now, you will see two light blue switches on the floor. Slam the one on the left. Next, hit the two yellow pads on the floor (Note: I don't know if you need to do this or not. Try it and find out!)and the timer will begin. Slam either the red or blue pad, slam the switch, move the Controller stick all the way over to the right, and keep it there until you fall through the floor. Now you are under the floor! By the way, the only way to escape (as far as I know) is to press Start and exit the level. What happens if you head too far into the black? I honestly don't know. *If you haven't activated the #2 warp, then all you need do is find the waterfall, go past Candy's shop, get up the stairs, go across the ledge and you're done.
Full energy from a barrel trick.
If you are low on energy, and there is a character barrel nearby, just go and jump into it and choose any character (even if it's the one you jumped in with). When you hop out again, you will have regained full health.
GameShark codes for level select

817444E6 XXXX

XXXX Digits

0000 - Test? Frantic Factory bit
0001 - Funky's Store (Jungle Japes)
0002 - Donkey Kong original game
0003 - Maze challenge (Mini Game)
0004 - Inside Jungle Japes Hill
0005 - Cranky's Hut (????)
0006 - Minecart ride (can play as Donkey)
0007 - Jungle Japes
0008 - Boss (Jungle Japes)
0009 - Jetpac game
000A - Kremling Kosh (Mini Game)
000B - Maze sneak (Mini Game)
000C - Somewhere in Fungi Forest....................................
000D - Room with DK isle picture (Jungle Japes)
000E - Racing the tortoise (Angry Aztec)
000F - Snides HQ
0010 - Room with Tiny captured (Angry Aztec)
0011 - Hideout Helm
0012 - Multiplayer Arena 1
0013 - Inside Building (DK) - Angry Aztec
0014 - Inside Building - Angry Aztec
0015 - Inside Building (diddy) - Angry Aztec
0016 - Inside Building (Tiny) - Angry Aztec
0017 - Inside Building (Lanky) - Angry Aztec
0018 - Inside Building (Chunky)
0019 - Candy's Music Store
001A - Frantic Factory
001B - Racing Cars (Mini Game) Frantic Factory
001C - On the way to a boss (Lanky)...............................................
001D - Room with Switch (Frantic Factory)
001E - Gloomy Galleon
001F - Inside ship (cannons)
0020 - Batty Barrel Bandits (Mini Game)
0021 - Skull and Pineapple eyes (Jungle Japes)
0022 - DK Isle (start spot)
0023 - Jump in barrel and hit three targets (Mini Game)
0024 - Inside the big structure (where gate was), with smashing things (Frantic Factory)
0025 - Barrel Shooting in sky area (Jungle Japes?)
0026 - Angry Aztec beginning
0027 - Race with Seal (Gloomy Galleon)
0028 - (intro - Nintendo logo, cube, rareware, etc)
0029 - Barrel Shooting w/ yellow area(Angry Aztec)
002A - Troff 'N' Scoff (level?)
002B - Swimming - dark area - red bananas (Gloomy Galleon)
002C - Keyhole Swimming w/ Big Clams (Gloomy Galleon)
002D - Crying Mermaid (Gloomy Galleon)
002E - Swimming in Ship - Yellow bananas (Gloomy Galleon)
002F - Inside of crack w/ paintings purple bananas (Gloomy Galleon)
0030 - Fungi Forest
0031 - Inside Lighthouse (Gloomy Galleon)
0032 - Mushroom Leap (Mini Game)
0033 - The Big Propellors (Gloomy Galleon)
0034 - Purple nippers on pillars (Fungi Forest)...................................
0035 - Beaver Brawl (Mini Game)
0036 - Cannon Shoot (Gloomy Galleon)
0037 - Minecart Challenge (Fungi Forest)
0038 - Inside Barn (Fungi Forest)
0039 - Inside Barn - Top (Fungi Forest)
003A - Inside Barn - Top2 (Fungi Forest)
003B - Inside Stables (Fungi Forest)
003C - Spider (Fungi Forest)
003D - Inside Barn - Conveyor Belt (Fungi Forest)
003E - Inside Stables 2 (Fungi Forest)
003F - Mushroom stomping (Fungi Forest)
0040 - Inside Giant Mushroom (Fungi Forest)
0041 - Stealthy Snoop (Mini Game)
0042 - Mad Maze Maul (Mini Game)
0043 - Stash Snatch (Mini Game)
0044 - Mad Maze Maul (Mini Game)
0045 - Mad Maze Maul (Mini Game)
0046 - Room w/ yellow big banana + bunches (Fungi Forest)
0047 - Chunky Room (Fungi Forest)
0048 - Crystal Caves Beginning
0049 - Kritter Karnage (Battle Arena)
004A - Stash Snatch (Mini Game)
004B - Stash Snatch (Mini Game)
004C - Rap
004D - Mincart Madness (Mini Games)
004E - Busy Barrel Barrage (Mini Game)
004F - Busy Barrel Barrage (Mini Game)
0050 - Score Screen ???
0051 - FREEZE
0052 - Race in Crystal Caves w/ Lanky
0053 - Chunky against Dragon Boss
0054 - Target in ice room (Crystal Caves)
0055 - Crystal Caves in Igloo
0056 - Crystal Caves Maze
0057 - Creepy Castle Start
0058 - Creepy Castle Ball Room
0059 - Crystal Caverns
005A - Crystal Caverns GET OUT room w/ banana
005B - Crystal Caverns room
005C - Crystal Caverns room
005D - Crystal Caverns room
005E - Crystal Caverns room
005F - Crystal Caverns room
0060 - Splish-Splash Salvage (Mini Game)
0061 - Locked up guy place (Klumsy)
0062 - Crystal Caverns Puzzle thing
0063 - Speedie Swing Sortie (mini game)
0064 - Crystal Caverns barrel room
0065 - Krazy Kong Klamour (mini game)
0066 - Bug Bash (mini game)
0067 - Searchlight Sneak
0068 - Beaver Bother
0069 - Ghosts (Creepy Castle)
006A - Ghost Train (Kart ride)
006B - ???? CRASH ????
006C - Creepy Castle room
006D - ???? CRASH ????
006E - Barrels shooting (not sure which level)
006F - Spiny boss
0070 - Basement (Creepy Castle)
0071 - Museum (Creepy Castle)
0072 - Inside Castle (Creepy Castle)
0076 - Teetering Turtles(Mini Game)
0080 - Stealth Snoop (Mini games)
0085 - Splish Splash Challenge
0098 - King K Rool Crashing
0099 - Story Cutscene
009A - Boss - Jack in the Box
009B - Kong Battle
009C - Kong Battle
009D - Kong Battle
009E - Kong Battle
009F - Kong Battle
00A0 - Kong Battle
00A1 - Kong Battle
00A2 - Interior area (Creepy Castle)
00A3 - Inside Castle (Creepy Castle)
00A4 - Inside Tree (Creepy Castle)
00A5 - Bash the Kremling (Creepy Castle)
00A6 - In a hut (Creepy Castle)
00A7 - Cheese place (Creepy Castle)
00A8 - Maze (Creepy Castle)
00A9 - Outside Jungle Japes
00AA - Outside Hideout Helm
00AB - Donkey's House
00AC - K Rools boat (from cutscene at start)
00AD - Outside Angry Aztec
00AE - Inside K Rools Ship (underneath)
00AF - Outisde Frantic Factory
00B0 - Outside Donkeys house
00B1 - Barrel of water - 60 seconds - Splish Splash challenge w/ nothing there
00B2 - Outside Fungi Forest
00B3 - Inside the sucken control room (Gloomy Galleon)
00B4 - Training - Pick up and fire oranges
00B5 - Barrel Practice
00B6 - Swinging Practice
00B7 - Creepy Castle area
00B9 - Car Race around the level (Frantic Factory)
00BA - Barrel shootout (Crystal Caves)
00BB - Barrel shootout (Creepy Castle)
00BC - Barrel shootout (Fungi Forest)
00BD - Banana Fairy house
00BE - Mutiplayer Arena 2
00BF - Rambi Arena
00C0 - Multiplayer Arena 3
00C1 - Outside Creepy Castle
00C2 - Outside Crystal Caverns
00C3 - Room with Snide HQ, (Top of K Rools Boat)
00C4 - Armadillo 2 - Boss
00C5 - Bug - Boss
00C6 - Fairy part of end cut-scene, see end credits with no credits parts
00C7 - Kong K Rool Puzzle Piece Fight
00CC - Kong K Rool Fight
00CD - Kong K Rool Fight
00CE - Kong K Rool Fight
00CF - Kong K Rool Fight
00D0 - Bloopers Ending!!!
00D1 - Find hidden Kremling (Hideout Helm)
00D4 - Rambi Challenge (Hideout Helm)
00D5 - Weird Cutscene of Isle main door..............................
00D6 - Inside K Rools Toe
00D7 - Kong K Rool Boss Arena
Get Past B. Locker With Ease
Once you get Lanky Kong, go to a DK Portal you can't enter. Stand in front of B. Locker and tap B. Lanky Kong's long arms will get you into the world for free and you won't have to spend any Golden Bananas.
Glitch: Chunky in Banana Fairy Island
You can enter Banana Fairy Island if you swim through the back then when you get in go up then go jump to the entrance then try and go outside and you will enter or you can go into the cage. Also if you get big with Chunky in Jungle Japes shell area do a long jump on the entrance then you can either go forward and be free in Jungle Japes or back outside then you will enter the shell!!! Chunky is really a glitch using ape.
NOTE: I played around then tested these glitches don't worry there safe
NOTE2:If you enter the shell you have to exit the level
Hidden Program Testing Room
This is really neat.


2nd:Go to Snides Headquarters and select the Bonus Stage Select.

3rd:Next press A+B at the same time

Now you should be warped to the Program Testing Room.You should see 3 pillars,a yellow baloon,and Donkey Kong sitting there just staring.If you walk in the darkness far enough you'll just be warped back.The only way to get out of this room is to reset your N64.
How to find 202 bananas
First you battle k.rool and when you defeat him, Candy the girl will come out. At that same time press c+left, b, r, l, c+up, c+down and the z button. You must press it straight away and fast when Candy comes out.
Krusha In multi-player
Find and photograph fifteen fairies to unlock the Krusha In Multi-Player option at the "Mystery Menu".
Multi-player mode
Go to the first level in adventure mode, where you find Diddy. Locate the big pad with King K. Rool's face in front of Funky's Place. Stand on the pad and press Z. You will be transported to a "battle arena", where you must defeat a group of small enemies. Once the timer runs out, you will receive a crown and have ability to play two multi-player games -- a third-person death match-like game, and a multi-player version of the Battle Arena.
Original Donkey Kong
Use a Gorilla-Grab to operate the lever in the Frantic Factory area, then play the original Donkey Kong game. Successfully complete all four stages, then play once more and complete the game to collect the Nintendo Coin. Then, find and photograph six fairies with the camera to unlock the original Donkey Kong option at the "Mystery Menu".
Passageway to #4 Bannanaporter
In Jungle Japes, go to Funky`s Hut and find the flower on the right. Stand on it and press Z + B to Chimpy Charge into the side of the mountain. If done correctly you will fall through the mountain and onto next, to the #4 Bannanaporter .If you did not fall right away and are standing on air inside the mountain, move around and you will fall near the #4 Bannanaporter. The screen will glitch while falling.
Refill health
To refill your health jump in a Tag Barrel to change your character when you come out your health will be full.
regen healty
When in need of helth jump into a barrel to change your character then select your character again. That chaarcter will have their health replenished.
Replay Mini Games
When you have found all of the blue prints with every character and have given them all to snide, if you go and see him you will be able to play any of the mini games you want.
Sudden Change in Size
Ok, you either need Tiny or Chunky for this, and all 20 banana fairies, for the crystal coconut cheat. I best recommend Tiny, though, because Chunky is harder. Jump into the Tiny Barrel on Banana Fairy Isle as Tiny. Swim across the sea to the DK Isle. Press Z on the #2 Bananaporter, making you transport to the Angry Aztec entrance. Now, head to the Crystal Caves entrance. Before you head to the "dead end," do a Pony Tail Twirl. You should not be at the Crystal Caves entrance, but at the pathway to the entrance of Angry Aztec. Keep going until you are at the vines. Try to swing on the vines. If done correctly, she should swing in her NORMAL size. This is because the game didn't support a 3-d tiny Tiny or 3-d huge Chunky for swinging on the vines.