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Diddy Kong Racing cheats, Tips, and Codes for N64. Also see GameShark Codes for more Diddy Kong Racing cheat codes.

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Diddy Kong Racing Cheats

Cheat Codes
Enter these codes at the magic code screen:

Balloons are All BlueROCKETFUEL
Balloons are All RainbowsOPPOSITESATTRACT
Balloons are All RedBOMBSAWAY
Balloons are All YellowBODYARMOR
Balloons are GreenTOXICOFFENDER
Bananas make you Slow DownBOGUSBANANAS
Big PlayersARNOLD
Computer can't use WeaponsBYEBYEBALLOONS
Horn Sounds DifferentBLABBERMOUTH
Infinite BananasVITAMINB
Maxed Powered BalloonsFREEFORALL
No Bananas Multiplayer ModeNOYELLOWSTUFF
Players can use the Same CharacterDOUBLEVISION
Start with Ten BananasFREEFRUIT
Two Players can Play Adventure-ModeJOINTVENTURE

some codes submitted by snath2000


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2 Free Balloons
When you go by the first world in Adventure there is a tunnel that leads to 2 other worlds. Before you reach the second waterfall go up the hill at your right there is a balloon there. Go down the waterfall and go to your left near mountain. There sould be a balloon floating there.
Better turns
You have to press the R button on the top of the controller. If you're in a hovercraft, it can make you turn sharp corners like on Pirate Lagoon but doesn't slow you down as much. If you're in a plane, it will make you turn more, for example when you are racing the dragon.
Boss Help
If you can't beat one of the four bosses, just stay close to them and use a speed at the end. That is how I beat the dragon and the octopus.
Easiest way of beating the dragon
At the start of the race, get a head start. Then for the rest of the race, hold A+R to go faster and it even gives you better turning.

Note: To pass the dragon easily, get two red ballons or get at least one blue ballon or over
Faster Speed On Speed Boosts and Blue Balloons
To Go Faster And Have A Good Speed To Help You Better,Let Go Of A when You Use a Balloon Or On A Speed Boost.Youll Have A Rainbow Speed Boost Making You Go All Up To 150Mph (This Helped Me On Wizpig And Other Bosses To Race)
Faster turns
when in any track (especially ones with shrp turns) just tap or hold the break (depending on how sharp the turn)while still holding the accelorator and you'll turn shraper and fster which can really help epecially in greenwood village (i hate that track).
Green fire!
This will make your fire green, when you go over boosters. When you are just over it, let go of the A button and it will make your fire go green.

To get green or other colored flames you must run over the speed(Blue) balloons more than once to get other colored flames, you can only run over it 3 times if it is the same color.
How to earn cheats solely from the game
Every time you beat the first wiz pig (Im not sure about the 2nd one) near the end of the credits if you watch closely a random cheat will pop up and the code to get it.
How to Find Dragon Forest
Ok so i didnt know where dragon forest was, so i decided that once i found it, that i would post it. ok so u see the dragon face in the wall in the main area? go from there (if you're facing it) to the left to the 2nd or 3rd waterfall from there. there will be an entry if you go through the waterfall. that is dragon forest
Icicle Pyramid
A good way to win Icicle Pyramid is to go to the top, collect balloons, if someone comes, go to the bottom, get the middle balloon, and shoot them. If no one's down there, go to the middle and shoot somebody. Then collect the two red balloons and make sure that person is still at the top, don't go ALL the way to the top, just enough so you can see him, or her. Then shoot, if two people are left, then go to a floor they aren't and collect two red balloons, attack and disappear, this works almost everytime!
Outsmart the Expert Computers
ok enter "time to lose" in magic codes then enter any other code in to help you slow down the computers(rocket fuel is considerd cheating!) i would pick "toxicoffender" or "bombsaway" make sure you enter"freeforall" then go into the charter selction screen choose any player. and go to tracks choose any regular track(except trophy race and extra challenges) choose your veichel and at the start of the race look for a yellowish/orange boost then time it just right wait for the orange boost then press a. you should be in front of everyone for a while. if there is no flame then you have to win using the zippers and powerups(which you need for the computers to be beaten anyway if you wish)Note: this only works half or most of the time.
Play as T.T. (RED CLOCK)
Play Time Trial mode in all the track and space world, beat record, restart the track and beat the ghost of T.T. When you beat the ghost in all tracks go to the character selection screen and T.T. will be playable.
Power Boost
At the start of any race hold down the A button right when TT says "ready". This will allow you to get an extra boost at the start of the race.
secret hole
in spaceport alpha,choose a car or hover.At the start,make a u turn to the right to find a wierd hole...
There is a short cut when you go to race the boss in Dino Domain. When you go about half-way through the track there is a wall with a bunch of bushes on it. Turn there and there is a tunnel that takes you farther ahead on the board(there also is a boost in there) If you are not too far behind the Dinosaur, you should come in first! Have fun!
Shortcut in greenwood village
When you just get into the race (about to enter the cave like thing) There's a well there in the middle of the track. If you go in the well it'll drop you into a hallway and when you drive out your back on the track!
Shortcut on Greenwood Village
At the start of the race, follow the track until you come to a well just before the tunnel. Drive through it and you will end up in a secret area in the tunnel.

Note: There will be a boost there so use the boost to get out and get back on track.
There is a shortcut on Cressent Island---go around the pirate ship and get back on the land.

Note: This avoids going through the pirate ship completely.

Note2: This works most effeciently with a Hover!!
Something Weird
Maybe it is not useful but it can give you a boost. You have to be in a plane and press A + R.
You can go side ways too. Move the joystick thingy to any side, and press A + R. It kinda looks like you are crashing.
Super Boost
When going over a zipper or using any version of the blue ballon, let go of the A button, this will make the boost green. However you must stay off of the A button for a full second, otherwise the boost will turn green, but it won't make you go faster than a normal boost.


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Collect the Four Hidden Keys
In order to unlock the T.T Challenges (and thus get all the T.T emblem pieces), you need to find the four hidden keys dispersed throughout the game's courses. They are found as follows:

Dino Domain Key - Where? : Ancient Lake, How? : Near the finish line, at a turn. You should see a ramp in the grass. This is where the key is

Snowflake Mountain Key - Where? : Snowball Valley, How? : After exiting the igloo-tunnel near the end of the track. Go through the row of balloons and, near the finish line, take a left before a candy cane and go up the hill there to a fence. Turn right here to find the key in a nook in the wall.

Sherbet Island Key - Where? : Crescent Island, How? : Soon after the start of the race, there will be a forked path. Take the left path and continue going until you see a rock protrusion (almost like a pillar) out near the water. Drive into the water (yes you can) and hug the left side of this rock structure until you come upon another nook holding, you guessed it, another key.

Dragon Forest Key - Where?: Boulder Canyon, How?: At one point in the race you will come upon a drawbridge with a suspicious looking bell on it. Hit a blue balloon (for a speed boost) and hit the bell. Turn around and you will see that the drawbridge is being raised. Boost up the raised drawbridge to get to a ledge that holds the key.
EPC Lock Up Display
Enter EPC on the Magic codes screen.

This cheat enables a slight resolution boost for most tracks (Whale Bay is one of them)

Note: Expansion Pak is required for this cheat to work.

Note 2: This cheat only works for the tracks mode.
Hidden Character
Play as Drumstick:

Collect all of the trophies and amulets. Move to the central area, with the red spot that leads to all other zones. Run over the frogs near the edge of the water. Then run over the frog that has a red bird perched on its head to rescue Drumstick.
More Cheats
EOLAOBFENRLONE- free balloon!
Fossil Canyon: This one is obvious. At the fork in the road, take a left. It's a bit shorter and safer.
Dino Domain Boss: This shortcut is on the boss of Dino Domain (the triceratops). About halfway up the mountain, after the place where you go past a large pillar on the right with two balloons, you should see some bushes on the right. Behind them is a tunnel that will almost assure that you'll win.

Frosty Village 1: In the part where you go past several large pillars, go either left or right off-road. You must make use of the three Zippers of both paths.

Frosty Village 2: You must use the hovercraft to take this shortcut without losing speed. Near the end, you'll see a large outcropping with three ledges on it on the right, surrounded by a lake. Underneath it is a tunnel. Go through it.

Snowball Valley 1: Like Fossil Canyon, take the left path at the fork. It's faster.

Snowball Valley 2: The other shortcut is not really a shortcut. Instead, you must grab one of the shield power-ups before the snowball area. Use it to sail right through the snowballs and gain some ground over your snowball-dodging opponents.

Crescent Island 1: Right before the tunnel at the beginning, you'll see a path on the left. Follow it to get a magnet balloon and get ahead.

Crescent Island 2: Using the hovercraft, go left around the pirate ship to find a shorter tunnel.

Crescent Island 3: Or, you can go on the ship and go on the right path next to the tunnel. Then hop right to go through the hole.

Crescent Island 4: The last shortcut here is found after the pirate ship. On the final turn before the end, make a powerslide/hop right to go around the pillar on the right. It's a great way to win at the last second(and it contains a Silver Coin).

Whale Bay: Use the whale near the beginning to jump over the pirate's ship and get a magnet power-up and jump ahead of you foes. Pirate's Lagoon: Near the end, use the Zipper to jump the ramp and get a Turbo power-up.

Windmill Plains: Go through the windmills at the beginning. Both of them contain a Zipper and a Magnet power-up.

Boulder Canyon: In the area after the indoor waterfall, you will see a red balloon on the left and a green one on the right, leading to the rest of the track. But grab the red one and you'll find a hidden tunnel behind it. It contains two coins and is shorter.

Greenwood Village: Near the beginning, you'll go through a village area. You should see a well. Hit the brakes as you approach it and drive over it. You should fall down to a tunnel with a Zipper in it. This is the shortcut.

Haunted Woods: At the fountain in the village area, take a right. It looks longer, but it gets you to the tunnel a bit faster (and it contains a Silver Coin.)

Sherbet Island Boss/Boulder Canyon: In both of these races, you should gain some speed if you hop over the logs with the hovercraft at the right angle. Be careful, if you go at the wrong angle, you'll crash into the log and lose speed!

Star City: Choose the Airplane, then go into Star City and look for the N64 railway train. Follow it for a shortcut. Note: Do NOT hit the train, or else it will go slower.

Alternatively, continue going straight when your in the glass room. When you exit fly high. Look for the Rareware sign (the letter R) and go right through

sound test - tracks
enter the sound test menu.these are the race track sound test:

08 darkmoon caverns
09 jungle falls
10 ancient lake
11 frosty village
13 fossil canyon
14 hot top volcano
15 whale bay
16 walrus cove
22 everfrost peak
22 snowball valley
29 genie's challenge
31 greenwood village
31 windmill plains
34 fire mountain
34 darkwater beach
34 icicle pyramid
34 smokey castle
37 crescent island
39 spacedust alley
39 star city
40 boulder canyon
42 spaceport alpha
55 wizpig race
57 boss race
63 haunted woods
65 pirate lagoon
65 treasure caves

NOTE:the numbers that appear twice,it means the two tracks have the same sound tests.
Space World
Space World:
Collect all the trophies and amulets, then locate the sign by the lighthouse. Approach the sign and honk your horn. The lighthouse will turn into a rocket and launch into space, allowing access to the bonus fifth world.
Unlock Adventure 2
In order to unlock Adventure 2, you must first collect all 47 balloons found in the game and collect all 5 trophies found in the game. Once you have done this, take on Wizpig in the Future Fun Land and beat him. Once the credits have finished rolling, you will now be able to select another option alongside Adventure, and that is Adventure 2!

In this mode, the balloons collected are silver instead of yellow, and all the racing courses are mirrored
wizpig 1 cheat
when wizpig is right behind you, he will hit you, making you go faster. To do this, you must know at all times on which side he's at. (You must be DIRECTLY in front of him.)