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Conker's Bad Fur Day Cheats

Conker's Bad Fur Day cheats, Easter Eggs, Tips, and Codes for N64.

Older Cheats:

   (last update - Aug 22 2001)

Unlock different chapters

All chapters and scenesWELDERSBENCH
Barn Boys chapterPRINCEALBERT
Bats Tower chapterCLAMPIRATE
Sloprano chapterANCHOVYBAY
Uga Buga chapterMONKEYSCHIN
Spooky chapterSPANIELSEARS

Other Cheats

Fifty livesBOVRILBULLETHOLE submitted by Kevin Duhaime
All objects can be shotBOVRILBULLETHOLE
Easy modeEASY
Very easy modeVERYEASY
Use baseball bat
in Race Mode
DRACULASTEABAGS submitted by Kevin Duhaime

Play as the Pitchfork, the Paint Pot, and the Paint Brush
Enter "farmboys"
submitted by wizardmon5 (patamon622)

Play as Beardy
Enter "iarebeardyconker"
submitted by wizardmon5 (patamon622)

Play the one player game without taking any damage
Enter "Conkertheking"
submitted by wizardmon5 (patamon622)

Make Conker's shoes light up as you play the one player game
submitted by wizardmon5 (patamon622)

Play as the Panther King in Multi-Player Mode
Enter "ducttape"
submitted by wizardmon5 (patamon622)

Unlock Characters in multiplayer mode

Sergeant and Tediz LeaderRUSTYSHERIFFSBADGE
Zombies and VillagersBEEFCURTAINS

Comments from cuss words
If you enter the Cheat code screen (from the "Cock & Plucker" main menu), you can enter popular swear words and cusses and get commentary responses that are hilarious.
submitted by veebee

Unlimited Tails
When you get to the 2nd stage in Conker's Bad Fur day, which should be the stage with the Queen Bee, you will see a hook on a sign. If you happen to die, Death will appear and teach you about those hooks. After you first "near death experience", the hooks will have tails on them that give you extra lives.

That's all pretty standard stuff, but if you leave an area and come back, the tails will be there again. So you can actually get unlimited lives by grabbing the tail, returning to the first stage, and then coming back. You can do this forever and ever to get unlimited tails.

Extra money and chapter mode selection
Enter "CHOCOLATESTARFISH" as a code for extra money and to unlock all levels, including "The Heist" in chapter mode.

Matrix death animation in single multi-player mode
Enter "SPUNKJOCKEY" as a code. Use a chainsaw or katana to cut a Teddyz head off in the War level for a death animation that looks like something out of the Matrix.

Conker's Bad Fur Day Tips

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.:Dance with Berri.:
Want to see Berri dancing in Rock Solid? Well here's a way you can
1. Run down the path and you should find some stairs. jump on them then use the highest jump at the last one
2. you should find Berri dancing. Stand there for a while staring at her and you should start dancing! (It's quite funny to tell you the truth)
Submitted by: Helo on July 07, 2007
3 Keys
If you have a hard time at getting the 3 keys at the bat tower. (it took me a LONG time) First get the 1st key then 2nd. Then finaly, the 3rd key. To get the 3rd key, climb up the ladder. But, before you try to get the key on the left. Jump on the left where there is a lever. Pull the lever and the book shelf will open. Then, you can get the key, go in the opened book shelf, and you will end up at the front door!!!
Submitted by: R on April 23, 2006
Be insulted
Type {for example} Z in it won't work.T ype it in again and the devil will insult you by calling you a terrible name.
Submitted by: Aeiroman/ not aeiropastale on January 24, 2005
Capture the Frag. :]
If you are playing capture the flag... or heist, or any other mode where you can kill all other enemies to win, and you have no more ammo.
Take out a grenade, or frag.
KEEP it though, run to the person, and stand beside them... you will both blow up. If you have 2 lives and they have only one, you will come back to life and they will die, and thus you win the game.
Very very very effective on capture the flag as a "flag getter backer"
Submitted by: Travis777 on June 07, 2007
Cheese Smashing
When in the level "Barnboys, hover over a gap on the uppermost level of the cheese wedge pen. While in midair, a context lightbulb will appear over Conker's head. Press B immediately when this happens and Conker the anvil will smash a chunk of ground revealing a squirrel's tail worth 10 lives. I f you miss this oppurtunity, keep hovering and pressing B until it works. Have fun, you *@#$holes!
Submitted by: Jaxman on January 14, 2005
Conker does stuff
When you dont do anything conker will do stuff
Submitted by: super steve on October 29, 2008
Kill the "Dummies"
To do this you need to be in total war mode. When someone goes to the sewer area with the canister, stay next to the gas mask. When the count begins, get the mask, quickly run to a katana and wait, don't get it. After a little while the count is gone, get the katana and immediately run inside the glass where the gas mask is. If done right,you will be inside the glass with a katana. It's better than using grenades to kill the others while inside!
Submitted by: FierceDeityLink on August 15, 2008
Make a "Dummy"
Go onto total war, with 2 human players. You must both be Tediz, number of computer players doesn't matter. Go into the sniper room and hold down Z and jump to do a high jump. You can jump through the roof, and if you go over the wall of the room, on your last life, you can create a clone of yourself, or a dummy. This dummy can be used if 1 human character dies, while the other is still alive. You can not see your screen, but I have won using this method. Works best if 1 person hide in the gas mask spot behind the glass, while the "dummy" shoots.
Submitted by: Matt on December 26, 2005
Skip Introduction
tired of watching those long introductions when the game 1st starts? well in order to skip these, push
R, START, A, B, TOP YELLOW BUTTON, & RIGHT YELLOW BUTTON all at the same time & enjoy your game!

NOTE: try doing this 2-3 times!!!! =)
Submitted by: steven on June 30, 2008
The dead Raptors
On the multiplayer game Raptors, be cavemen

Have at least 2 people playing(recommended).

WHen you start out, head UNDER the frying pan.

THats right, UNDER the pan.

THere are secret spots where the fire can't hurt you.

When the raptors come to get you, they just keep running towards the frying pan, allowing you to whack them dead. Continue to do this to score big.


One person goes deep in the frying pan to attract the raptors attention while another goes to grab the egg and come back.

WHen the egg bearer comes back(close to the pan), the raptor entertainer kills them immediately.


-------: This tip will only work if:

A. You go under the pan deep enough. Failure to do so results in the raptors snatching you up and devouring you.

B. You must not panic and run out or run into the fire.

C. Reccomended, but 2 or more people make this easier
Submitted by: Conkerer on May 30, 2007
To piss of the fire devil thing you need to do this...
A. Insult him by typing in a insult.

B. Type in a curse word.

C. type in a wrong cheat like Z and enter it then enter it again.
Submitted by: blackwolf787 on July 14, 2007

Conker's Bad Fur Day Easter eggs

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Banjo's Head
Go To The Options Menu then look up at the top of the fire place there is a mounted bear head. It's Banjo from Banjo Kazooie, Banjo Tooie & Diddy Kong Racing.
Submitted by: djddjdjdjdj on December 02, 2010
do the worm
ok first do the dance with berri easter egg then instead on standing still by berri jump then stand still conker does the worm then dances with berri it takes 3 to 5 secs after jumping but he should do it
Submitted by: dill on May 24, 2009
Kazooie Umbrella in Chapter Select
First you must have already unlocked the Chapter Select Menu
then when you select it the door will open and there will be a umbrella sticking out and the handle is Kazooie from Banjo Kazooie and Banjo Tooie.
Submitted by: djddjdjdj on December 02, 2010

Conker's Bad Fur Day Cheats

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All Cheats
Chapter Codes

All Chapters and scenes unlocked
Enter WELDERSBENCH as a code.

Barn Boys chapter
Enter PRINCEALBERT as a code.

Bats Tower chapter
Enter CLAMPIRATE as a code.

It's War chapter
Enter BEELZEBUBSBUM as a code.

Slopranos chapter
Enter ANCHOVYBAY as a code.

Spooky chapter
Enter SPANIELSEARS as a code.

Uga Buga chapter
Enter MONKEYSCHIN as a code.

The Heist chapter
Enter CHOCOLATESTARFISH as a code for extra money and to unlock "The Heist" in chapters mode. You can also play the entire game in chapter mode, no matter how far you are.

Difficulty Codes
Enter EASY as a code.
Enter VERYEASY as a code.

Multi-Player Codes

Baseball bat in race mode
Enter DRACULASTEABAGS as a code.

Frying pan in race mode
Enter DUTCHOVENS as a code.

New death animation in multi-player mode
Enter SPUNKJOCKEY as a code. Use a chain saw or katana to cut a Teddyz head off in the War level for a Matrix-type death animation.

Play as "NEO" Conker in multi-player mode
Enter EASTEREGGSRUS as a code.

Play as Conker in multi-player mode
Enter WELLYTOP as a code.

Play as Cavemen in multi-player mode
Enter EATBOX as a code.

Play as Gregg the Grim Reaper in multi-player mode

Play as Sergeant and Tedi Leader in multi-player mode

Play as Weasel Henchmen in multi-player mode
Enter CHINDITVICTORY as a code.

Play as Zombies and Villagers in multi-player mode
Enter BEEFCURTAINS as a code.

More Codes

50 lives

Debug mode
Enter XFYHIJERPWAL_IELWZS as a code. Note: "_" indicates a space. This code allows the game to be played in debug mode on Nintendo 64 development systems. It has no useful function in the retail version of the game.
Submitted by: yuhdemon on October 12, 2004
Use gregg the grimreaper in multi-player mode.
Submitted by: Paul Averill on January 25, 2004
Play as either Weasel soldiers or weasel gangsters in multiplayer death match mode.
Submitted by: anonymous on February 29, 2004
when u go to "war" in "multiplayer", a good sniping location is beside the machine gun.(the following is the view as a squirrel). either get the sniper, or the shotgun. go on the left side of the machine gun. you will have a clear view of the middle pathway, three tedi towers(middle,sniper and flag). but it wont be as good a view for beside the big hill on your left. i will warn you though, watch for the tedi behind the machine gun. he has a shotgun and if he spots u,he will shoot. so i suggest when u move into position beside the machine gun, you shoot him. also, u may not be able to see the tedi shooting in the maching gun. for there is a yellow block ifront of his head. if you shoot the square block-like thing, you will get a point for a headshot. but if a tedi comes into the base, the guy in the machine gun will turn around by where u r standing. just run down the platform onto the left and help shoot the tedi. and if you dont want to sniper, another good place to kill a tedi trying to get your flag is more to the left infront of the blackness in the tower where the flag is located(where u go in and out). get the samuri sword and keep slashing away if you see a tedi(red dot located on the map)in the exact middle of your map. you should kill the intrudor. if u do not succeed, then go after the tedi going for your flag. good luck and have fun with this cheat and others you may have found throughout the game.
Caitlin McVicker....and if you'd like to get a hold of me and comment on this tip or you are stuck on something i will gladly try to help you, my email is caiter_bulldog@hotmail.com
Submitted by: Caitlin on August 28, 2005
Go 2 the skull in multi-player mode and u will be neoconker.
Submitted by: Paul Averill on January 25, 2004
play as cavemen in multi-player deathmatch
Submitted by: yehbuddy on July 14, 2004
how to get out of the rock club
When ur in the rock club u roll the big guy into a platform in the intrance 2 doors will open get drunk and pee the dancers to the hole press z for longer range then they are gonna break the thing conkers girlfriend is in.
Submitted by: sayiankeyblader on July 31, 2006
invincible in multi-player
note:you need two players to do this cheat.Me and my cousin found this cheat together.What you do is you and your partner(friend,family,ect...)
need to invade the other base.Once you invade their base,either you or your partner steal the green stuff(the canaster)while the other person go,s and stays at the gas mask.Once you hear the alarm go off,run and stay in the gas mask area.Once the glass closes,stay in and you will be invincible.
note:get grenades and kill your enemies.
Submitted by: mastergas on January 01, 2006
Use frying pan in race multiplayer mode
Enter DUTCHOVENS at the code screen.
Submitted by: Mr Sponget on July 14, 2004
Get every chapter in the game even the end cutscene.
Submitted by: Paul Averill on January 25, 2004
Go 2 the skull in multi-player mode nd u will be able 2 use conker.
Submitted by: Paul Averill on January 25, 2004
Unlocks normal conker in multi player
Submitted by: booma on July 26, 2005
xtra 10 lives
On the 3rd level (w/the big breasted sun flower) go to the lil' area with the cheese. one of the rocks in the back you should get the light bulb. when you press B there should be a tail. Its the only tail in the game worth 10 lives. enjoy!
Submitted by: mikeyd on November 28, 2001