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NFL Blitz 2001 (N64) Cheats

NFL Blitz 2001 cheats, and Codes for N64. Also see GameShark Codes for more NFL Blitz 2001 cheat codes.

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NFL Blitz 2001 Cheats

At the vs. screen, press Z, B, and A to change the icons below the helmets. The numbers in the following list indicate the number of times each button is pressed. After the icons have been changed, press the D-pad or analog stick in the indicated direction to enable the code. If you entered the code correctly, you will see the name of the code, and you'll then hear a sound. More than one code may be entered at a time.

As an example, to enter the code 5-1-4 left for infinite turbo, press Z (x5), B , A (x4), Up (with D-pad or analog stick).

Infinite turbo5-1-4 up
Fast turbo running0-3-2 left
Power-up offense3-1-2 up
Power-up defense4-2-1 up
Power-up teammates2-3-3 up
Power-up blockers3-1-2 left
Super blitzing0-4-5 up
Super field goals1-2-3 left
No interceptions3-4-4 up
No random fumbles4-2-3 down
No first downs2-1-0 up
No punting1-5-1 up
Allow stepping out of bounds2-1-1 left
Fast passes2-5-0 left
Turn off stadium5-0-0 left
Lights out5-3-4 down
Late hits0-1-0 up
Show field goal percentage0-0-1 down
Show punt hang meter0-0-1 right
Use team plays1-0-0 up
Hide receiver name1-0-2 right
Invisible receiver highlight3-3-3 left
Invisible4-3-3 up
Big football0-5-0 right
Big head2-0-0 right
Huge head0-4-0 up
No head3-2-1 left
Headless team1-2-3 right
Team tiny players3-1-0 right
Team big heads2-0-3 right
No play selection *1-1-5 left
Show more field *0-2-1 right
No CPU assistance *0-1-2 down
Power-up speed *4-0-4 left
Hyper blitz *5-5-5 up
Smart CPU opponent **3-1-4 down
Tournament mode ***1-1-1 down
Always quarterback ****2-2-2 left
Always receiver ****2-2-2 right
Old day stadium5-0-1 up
Day stadium5-0-1 down
City stadium5-0-1 left
Old night stadium5-0-2 up
Night stadium5-0-2 down
Future stadium5-0-2 left
Old snow stadium5-0-3 up
Snow stadium5-0-3 down
Roman stadium5-0-3 left
Grass field3-0-0 up
Asphalt field3-0-1 up
Dirt field3-0-2 up
Astroturf field3-0-3 up
Snow field3-0-4 up
Fog on0-3-0 down
Thick fog on0-4-1 down
Weather: clear2-1-2 left
Weather: snow5-2-5 down
Weather: rain5-5-5 right
Night game0-2-2 right

* Two-player agreement required.
** Only in one-player game.
*** Only in two-player game.
**** Two human teammates required.

Hidden Players
Note: Hidden players are only available in the Arcade mode.

After selecting Arcade mode, highlight Load and press the A button. Then highlight Player Record and press the A button. On the next two screens, enter the name and PIN number for the player you wish to use. If entered correctly, Lights Out Baby will be heard. The player-controlled character will have the head of the player whose code you entered.

Mark TurmellTurmel 0322
Sal DivitaSal 0201
Jason SkilesJason 3141
Jennifer HedrickJenifr 3333
Dan ThompsonDaniel 0604
Jeff JohnsonJapple 6660
John RootRoot 6000
Luis MangubatLuis 3333
Mike LynchMike 3333
Jim GentileGentil 1111
Dan FordenForden 1111
VanVan 1234
Headless GuyCarltn 1111
SkullSkull 1111
BrainBrain 1111
Demon (Shinok)Shinok 8337
RaidenRaiden 3691
ThugThug 1111
BillzBillz 0526
ZZZZ 1221
JimkJimk 5621
MarkaMarka 1112
EdEd 3246
ToddTodd 1122
MitchMitch 4393
JohnJohn 5158
JoshJosh 4288
RyanRyan 1029
BethBeth 7761
BrianBrian 0818
GrinchGrinch 2220
PauloPaulo 0517
LtLt 7777
NicoNico 4440
GatsonGatson 1111
GuidoGuido 6765
RogRog 8148
MontyMonty 1836
ShunShun 0530
GeneGene 0310
PaulaPaula 0425
DbnDbn 6969


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Hide Cursor
Press up twice on the play selection screen to hide the cursor. This is only useful when playing against other people.